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As we all know, everything we do on the internet is collected by various organizations and used to create detailed profiles on individuals and their interests, fetishes, beliefs, etc. Let's imagine a hypothetical scenario where all these detailed profiles on people leak - how would the world change? How many governments would fall apart as officials are exposed? How many people would be forced to hide in obscurity as they're found to hold beliefs or do things that society does not approve of? Would society learn to forgive past digital transgressions?
Sorry if this thread is better suited for another board.


It would probably be less hard hitting if they all leaked. People would just not care as much "well I have this on me but look, literally all the people in the country do as well!" It would be a lot more constructive and powerful if someone held onto that kind of blackmail and leaked it out surgically a bit at a time. If an official is just one in a large crowd it will hurt them less to be exposed.

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