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soykaf in hong kong?


…Yes? What about it? Couldn't be bothered to type more than four words?


Honk Kong youth is saying "Fuck Neo China", and that's a good thing.


Whats the progress tho? Whats actually being done? It seems like the citizens of Hong Kong are fucked.


File: 1567506938394.jpeg (462.99 KB, 1596x1069, e1564480210469.jpeg)

The HK youth are fucking stupid, that's what. Most of them on the streets are too young to have tasted the iron fisted treatment of being a subject of the British Empire that's anything but "democratic". As permanent residents (you read that right - residents, not citizens), the pre-handover populace were offered limited and revocable rights in the Crown Colonies while the holy grail of British citizenship is reserved for the white man and elevated natives. The lands are property of the British Empire and not its people.

What will these dumb kids ask for next? The US to bring them democracy (like how it happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya)?


I'm surprised there isn't more discussion on this. Seems relevant to cyberpunk.


Pretty pathetic when one's dreams are limited to either being ruled by the iron fist of foreign imperialists or mainland China. I think that if they rub two neurons together they can think of a third way.

Maybe mainland China should be more grateful towards Hong Kong.


>I think that if they rub two neurons together they can think of a third way.
It would be for the best as One Country Two Systems is due to expire in 2047 without any clear indication of what the CCP will do.
That can only happen if a strong political will can emerge from the chaos - which now looks to be a page out of Gene Sharp's playbook, drowning out all legitimate grievances in order to create a situation ripe for the entry and ascension of a new political clique (see: Ukraine).
If HK doesn't give up its pretensions of being superior to the unwashed mainlanders they will likely be excluded from mainland economic planning and eventually lose both economic stability and personal freedom.

>Maybe mainland China should be more grateful towards Hong Kong.

Not when Shenzen exists. HK is a thorn in the CCP's side. They may be able to fool and appease the mainlanders with cheap bread and circuses but the HKies know and are now demonstrating, perhaps in the worst way possible, that there's more to just living and consuming and won't stand for it.


File: 1567629806632.jpg (195.17 KB, 1000x730, 1565642973675.jpg)

Neochina's control apparatus is highly mythologized, so it is as impressive to see how people are operating, they are on the streets as in the Taimanin Square protests. There are many echoes about this period.

The problem is that sino-intelligence is not like it was 30 years ago. They operate as quietly as possible, taking names and faces in the dark, the times of the tanks have passed, but not the iron fist in the streets, which seems as healthy as in their youth and more intelligent. What worries me is what will happen once the media frenzy dies and the HK news is pushed more and more to the back pages, with people already identified and individualized by the central government.


The way China is talked about in western media downplays their power. Chinese control/police systems are incredibly subtle and sophisticated, you're exactly right with saying the days of tanks in the streets are past. Remember those ink-cannons the police were shooting recently? Remember all the headlines this past year about Chinese recognition tech? The West is still stuck in the cold war era, themselves, and how they look at China.


The surveillance tech is the nutty part. Their seeming aim for and current ability of, digital omniscience is a bit amazing.


ya, i was surprised it took so long.

Their demands include electing their own government,
not being returned to the UK as a colony,
so that history is not relevant to if they are or aren't smart.

It is easy to overestimating the role of the West in these protests.
Most of the protesters don't wave American flags, and not everyone agrees with those who do.
They are just trying to exert pressure on their government however they can.


The West™ is subtly trying to push the same surveillance state on its citizens that China alrady is, perhaps that's why that aspect is seldom mentioned.


China's surveillance state is way less effective than America's. Somehow, Five Eyes have figured out how to not only watch everyone's every move, but also to make radicals so incredibly ignorant and brainwashed that they don't even understand why or how they should stay safe.

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