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Kalyx ######

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Me and my fren have dreamed for years about constructing an immersive cyberpunk themed combat arena for airsoft and lasertag! with grimy streets, bucket loads of neon and a gripping plot!!! We're starting to make this a reality, we need to show this a viable business venture! We have a crowdfunder to raise money for building a prototype of the custom guns, as well as looking into VR and augmented reality!! Please consider supporting us or sharing with your friends, it would be greatly appreciated!! Heres our media handles, please consider supporting us!
if you want to ask any questions, feel free to!


Very cool, maybe I'll contribute (even though I live on another content).

The custom lasertag weapons seem like the most ambitious part, whats the manufacturing prosses going to look like?

Will 5000£ really be enough to cover all the costs? Arena, guns, property or rent, buisness licences?


the 5k is for producing 4 prototypes and experimenting with some 3d printing stuff. We'll be going to investors soon and hopefully getting some more funds! The crowdfunder kinda failed so were hoping to get the majority of money from the investors. We only need about 50k, which is doable. The guns will use audino and r-pis, we have a basic prototype but it needs a little tweaking.


Literal manchildren


Let's see you true to start a business from literally soykaf


From what I see in these crowdfund details, and in your short video, I doubt you will get institutional funding for this. Maybe if you have a rich aunt or uncle you are pitching it to, but no serious investor is going to drop money on this in this state. You need to brush up and polish almost everything you have here.

If you are interested I've worked at small startups companies as they were in the process of acquiring their initial seed-round funding. Post your business plan or post a throwaway email here and I would look over your documentation for you and try to help you out. No offense but you guys look like you don't know what you are doing.

If you want real investment you need things that given how shoddy this looks you probably haven't considered. If you have good this won't be any news to you. But you don't want just a business strategy which is what you have listed on here. You need in depth profit/loss projection sheets for sometimes multiple years out, you need cash flow projection statement sheets, capitalization tables for the investor planning, break-even analysis calculations specific to the investors. Umm what else, you need an opening-day balance sheet, and it needs to be correct or you will ruin your earning projections. You also probably need a production/ or in this case capacity statement.

If you are serious you need to have pre-estimated ROIs based on specific timelines and they have to be realistic. You also probably want to calculate up any business assets you are going to get that can act as a collateral in the long-term. You should come at them with what 'requested repayment terms' you think are reasonable. Don't let them control the narrative. If anyone gives you money without you presenting them with the kind of analysis and reporting I've been describing they are either. 1. your stupid relatives who know nothing about finance, or 2. they are scamming you.


OP here

Don't feed the trolls

Unfortunately neither of us have any funds for art/proper graphics. We have also considered everything we think needs considering. We're working on an investor pitch atm, if you want a copy of our business plan. feel free to ping us at: or use twitter DMs (link in the OP)

We've been getting similar comments from other people, and we're working on correcting our mistakes.

I personally doubt the investors will give us much, so were working on a a set of working prototypes for next time, along with getting proper art as well.

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