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Kalyx ######

File: 1529318794975.png (74.29 KB, 275x580, winamp_lain.png)


I don't know Spanish but after a quick machine translation it seems it's themed around Nick Land.


it seems cool, i already heard about that site but i didn't know it was A C C E L themed.
Now i'm from mobile and it's all messy, but if lain needs a translation for some part of the site in particular i know both spanish and english quite decently, i can translate it for you when i'm back on pc


I only started browsing chans in general back in '13 but didn't /z/ used to be the board you got redirected to when you were derezzed, was a big picture of a cock or something?

File: 1528746709487.jpg (5.77 KB, 300x249, space pepe.jpg)


How does one cope with living in an increasingly dystopian cyber nightmare and go about daily life successfully while daily observing more and more of the signs that "crazy science fiction" comic books have been warning us about for most of our lives coming to pass and knowing that there is no escape from this planet and that every day as you step from the past into the future it will only be more of the same and there is nothing you or any of your ilk can do about it?
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I can only drink so much.

I've been wondering similarly though. Which countries are still livable? I've been looking for someplace to go.

What parts aren't dystopian yet?


I know a guy who is planning on Iceland after getting his degree. It's got a political pirate party with some actual heft, one major mid size city, and have immigration programs for programmers.

The language barrier is too much of a turnoff for me though tbh


>there is nothing that you or any of your ilk can do about it.

This just shows that you are uncreative mroe than anything. I feel like most people who are revolutionaries that later become hopless blackpilled nihilists become that way because they use too many drugs and fry their brain and all their youthful creativity and ingenuity along with it. If you stay sharp you will see cracks where you can help fight this, if you let your mind atrophy, you will probably just end up depressed because you can't come up with creative solutions to the problem.


Sometimes you don't want to fight but just to live in a place where your side already won.


We have to put our minds together and build that place my friend, nothing in this life comes easy if you have 'wants' as gigantic as ours.

File: 1515119920553.jpg (9.07 KB, 300x168, seeyouspacememe.jpg)


Hey /cyb/, has anyone else received loaned company laptops before and found spyware or other surveillance processes installed by your own company? I recently got mine and I'm wondering what the possibilities are.
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I just don't understand the need for larping on an anonymous canadian maple syrup cataloging imageboard
If you want to impress normans with your leet skillz, just get your CISSP and walk around RSA


It's better to just assume corporate laptops are pre-owned.

Do any personal browsing on a personal smartphone.

Non-soykafty companies will have a guest network for personal devices, just route your traffic through a VPN.

Shell out for the unlimited data plan if you have a soykafty one :)


In my school, We all get one pre-installed with programs that are relevant to what we study. I came to notice quickly how dreadfully weak and slow the computer were despite it's components. Looking at task manager there was an insane amount of processes irrelevant to the programs. (No joke, even the Chromium trojan.)
I reported this, and actually got the reply "Yeah the heads that give out the computers pre-install programs so our students don't use the computers for bad."
Whilst I understand it's good to have in order for illegal activites to not be frequent, It still feels rather creepy. This webcam certainly has started to look like an eye. I make sure to always leave the laptop out of my apartment.


Format and reflash with your own OS, why take the chance?


File: 1528635062820.jpg (42.97 KB, 750x725, fff672b51acf5f1da180a9bb72….jpg)

>If you want to impress normans with your leet skillz, just get your CISSP and walk around RSA

File: 1528540440545.png (339.2 KB, 2282x584, nikto_out.png)


Anyone here pentest?

I'm working on Kioptirx lvl1 VM…

> nmap -sn $targetip

has shown a few open ports, one of them being 80
> Open browser to view page, Apache webapp running on port 80
> nikto -host &targetip -port 80
Shows that Apache service is out of date

My question is how to progress from here in order to get a reverse shell? My thoughts are to hop on exploitDB to get the appropriate script. Not looking for answers just want to see what's out there.

pic related
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File: 1528582402466.png (122.44 KB, 596x702, lp0n9ffdympz.png)


File: 1528593218474.jpg (14.04 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Nikto is out of date.

Browse to the site hosted on 80. Open the dev console (or inspect element). Peruse the sources, watch the different transfers in the Network tab.

Once you get a feel for how the site works, start playing with request variables. What happens if this equals zero? What happens if I submit this JSON payload without authentication?

Unless you are participating in a CTF, immediately stop using scripts and tools (short of dirsearch). Bad news friend: hacking sites require you to learn the sites manually.


You would be surprised but many of these are actually about reusing other people's exploits. Since the Kioptrix website recommends using Backtrack 3 or 4 to solve it I wouldn't be surprised if it was just about running the right tool with the right arguments.

I have no idea where's the fun in that, but I guess it makes beginners feel like hackers.



Right, I used nikto just because I didn't know what else to use to be honest.

I'm fine with using tools for enumeration/discovery, but I'd like to avoid metasploit etc. in regards to the actual exploit – not opposed to copying someone else's script though


gotta start someone arisu,

File: 1527353036319.png (706.36 KB, 1019x745, alice mail.png)


got lots May mail about policy update
can arisu verify?
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File: 1527589950661.jpg (118.8 KB, 1024x946, 1516036400814.jpg)

>not only allowing proxy and vpn ips for maximum transnationality and anonymity


Make a hidden service/eepsite for maximum anonymity and then ban EU IPs with kind heart.


>arisuchan may get fined for up to 4% of global profits if not complying
>EU takes over 4% of hosting fees
I bet Seph is happy


I think implemented this.


File: 1527899389463.png (13.58 KB, 719x83, eu_soykaf.png)

Yup can confirm this.

I think that the core of gdpr is pretty good but it's just too general which benefits big corporations and kills small ones.
Additionally they wan't to pass an extension to gdpr now which basically allows every company and institution to mine all non-copyrighted data inside the eu, if they just say that it's for "research purposes". (pic related)
Oh and they also want to mitm the entire traffic inside the eu to "prevent copyright infringement".
Here's the entire proposal if anyone is interested:

Soo.. Will VPN still be able to access or do we have to get a VPS/move to Peru?

File: 1516755044923.jpg (469.48 KB, 3000x2250, 1515502966625-0.jpg)


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i'm looking for a voice scrambler (like the ones used in mr. robot), any recommendations?


Microsoft Sam


no, i mean those devices that scrambles/jams bugs.



check out gbppr if you want to get more into that stuff:

everything you need is there. non linear junction detectors, sweep generators, voltage controlled oscillators, speech inverters, etc.

File: 1515620148811.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, neon_test_render.png)


Hey Alice,

I have taken the time to read the Board Guidelines ( and under "Please use a browser that respects your privacy and security" it says that "Google Chrome is literally a botnet".
After a bit of digging I was unable to find trustworthy information that confirms this. Sure, Chrome wants the ability to auto-update itself whenever it likes without any action by the user, is not fully open source and is made by Google, one of the biggest companies in the world. But having the ability to be a botnet doesn't mean that it actually is a botnet.
Can you give me a source on this?

I should add that I personally use Firefox, Google already has way too much data about me. I do not want to add even more by using their browser.
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File: 1526067935431.jpg (16.03 KB, 480x479, oneXcjf.jpg)

I use Chrome and Firefox for regular stuff (albeit no Facebook as well as several other social media platforms) and Iridium/Palemoon through VPSes serving as socks proxies for grey area stuff. Bad stuff gets VPS→Tor→unsecured IoT

I feel like you gotta have some kind of footprint, cause no footprint is worse than a plain one.

I very much dislike any movement or ideal that restricts my use to only one technology. To me, being unable to navigate or work on a system just because my beliefs prohibit it is the opposite of freedom. Anyone in a competitive tech field understands the value of being able to work a solution on a system/technology no one else is familiar with.

Basically, I prefer freedom of movement, and being able to adapt to whatever system I land on in the Wired.


By insecure IoT you mean soykafbox home routers with default password web interface in WAN or do you have your own botnet made of smart buttplugs?


>You are beyond salvation, keep using Chrome, citizen.
bad advice. no one is beyond salvation. OP should opt for a small browser like falkon.


would you preffer to switch to (in the case of the search engines) no search, or do you have a solid replacement?

I've tried getting away from ddg and its frustrating to say the least, there are some alternatives like startpage that are just alternates to google, a lot of ones I also fine. . . quesitonable and corporate, and then things like searx (just metasearch) and yacy (which is a pain and generally not great outside of a specific domain).

What do other alices use for searching the web ?


if you are using a modern computer (doesn't matter what OS), your hardware is likely tracking you at a deep level. people in here thinking they are clever or hidden for using firefox and a vpn are wasting their time; further reinforces that this is a hobbyist board. if you want serious information on cybersec I suggest you get it elsewhere

File: 1499152335650.jpg (130.5 KB, 1200x1200, a1352018473_10.jpg)


I was listening to atari teenage riot yesterday, as one does, and decided to go check out what alec empire has been up to and maybe purchase a record from him if possible. Anyway, that's not the point; what i found out is that a) he has created an atari teenage riot imageboard(!) and b) it's literally populated entirely by three spambots, one of which posts links and the other two presumably reply with what seem to be posts culled from the comments sections of random blogs. It's kind of a remarkable collage of net content

It's located at, and I encourage the reader to "look but don't touch" unless you have something similarly cool to contribute
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>To be honest, I do not find music too intelectual
>I don't find food to be too tasty
Do you see what I'm getting at?


File: 1524576310230.png (5.67 KB, 262x192, images.png)

>purchase a record


>implying alt-right idiots don't make the environment tense and can discuss stuff on a decent intellectual level
>implying actors are craftsman

oh boi if you're one of them you already proved yourself wrong.

i hoped arisuchan was going to be better than applechan…


doesn't the imageboard have any kind of spam-preventing measure?
To see it invaded by bots is pretty /cyb/ but also sad, it seemed to have the potential to become a good place


File: 1526989464205.png (813.45 KB, 1018x633, alec.png)

i made an interview with alec a few years ago. kinda liked him, he actually tries a little too hard to be some kind of an edgy cyberpunk, after a beer and half an hour of chatting he's an alright guy. probably noteworthy that he does gigs on corporate partys lol

File: 1520459930242.png (4.46 MB, 1920x1200, 1513562071027.png)


So me and a friend (hi miek if you're out there) are going to do a course in his school about the evilness of social networks, their habit to fuck you in the ass when it comes to privacy and the fact they are a filthy instrument of da Capital to control the masses.
Basically we need stories, data, single episodes of privacy violations to use as an example, statistic and maybe some articles about political influences and market mechanics behind social networks.
Do any of you lains have some interesting links to share?
This thread should be more or less like the fuckfacebook one but less specific and more elaborated.
Thanks in andvance to everyone.
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This is my favourite article on the topic, read it carefully. I think it's very important to point out that the surveillance is not some accidental byproduct, but the main use-case, even for regular users.


Just remember Facebook gets billions of emails every week. Billions. You're insignificant to them and expecting a human to read yours and get back to you personally is very entitled.


Social Networks are actually very powerful and useful when it comes to free press and media.



You should probably indicate it's a double edge sword. Social media can help people who don't have power, but it's also even stronger for people who old it already.


just point out how twitter is shadowbanning people left and right for "wrongthinking". you don't have to be a rightwinger to find that horrid since the wind can change anytime and it's not like twitter is some minor online community, they actually are influencing the public.

File: 1522671382513.jpg (73.82 KB, 1275x697, mywholelifeiscoldbitterhat….jpg)


hey guise i was looking for a way to bypass audible membership. For example, disposable adresses.
Either way i am accepting knowledge of any free audiobook services of any language
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wow rude
OP asked for 2 things:
1) Bypassing Audible
2) Any information on free audiobooks
nowhere in that was there even a hint of "self-identification."
The part about torrents was nice, but asking OP to stand up a tracker was pointless. they're just looking for audiobooks.

as for OP, I'm going to +1 torrents, there's also a filebot in #books on applechan irc. hope you find what youre looking for.


god dam wordfilters.
lain chan dot org irc.


Not really a cool trick but you could use the app: OverDrive. The app lets you borrow audiobooks for 28 days, (which you could probably rip anyways).

You only need to get a library card (which is free if you live in the state) and register it with your overdrive account. Then you would be allowed to download some audiobooks. And it's all legal !

…Or you can pirate the audiobooks here:


Not op. But audiobooks are notoriously hard to get in a timely manner. And if the book is a relatively unknown title, you'll never see it on the trackers. And I collect audiobooks as a hobby. audiobookabb and audiobookbay are great places to torrent, but they still suffer from the same symptom.


File: 1526944091660.jpg (105.45 KB, 1079x498, Smite-Thoth-Chibi-PCLaunch….jpg)

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