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op here again.

i´m really interested in finding bugs and jamming - especially how to detect hidden stuff and how to jam speech/audio. so if you have nice resources or software for me, please post them here. maybe we can collect informations for further investigations on this topic, so it might be easier for others to get into it.

what are types of surveillance?

at first i would differ between:
a, military
b, law enforcement
c, civil

than i would go into scenarios:
a, long-term
b, short-term
c, near
d, distance

what are types or techniques of detection/countermeasures?

+ noise generators
+ bug/microphone detectors
+ jammers
+ rf analyzers
+ ?



i'm looking for a voice scrambler (like the ones used in mr. robot), any recommendations?


Microsoft Sam


no, i mean those devices that scrambles/jams bugs.



check out gbppr if you want to get more into that stuff:

everything you need is there. non linear junction detectors, sweep generators, voltage controlled oscillators, speech inverters, etc.

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