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Richard M. Stallman resigns

On September 16, 2019, Richard M. Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation, resigned as president and from its board of directors.
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Forum boards

I miss forum boards.

There are places like Reddit and imageboards of course but good old forums like the ones made in phpBB or Invision or whatever are the best for me.

I grew up with them and it's just not the same. I like how everything is categorized into topics and subforums and it just makes it easy to make or find a subject you want to talk about. Then there's that unique sense of community that it's really hard to find on a subreddit for example.

They're being more and more trumped by social soykaf, Reddit, and lately Discord servers, so they're not as widespread as they used to be in the past.

Does Alice still uses them in current year ? Not necessarily tech-related, just post whatever you're subscribed into.
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Operating Systems for artists

Hi /tech/, I don't usually browse this board but I think this is the most appropriate place to ask this. You see, I'm using windows at the moment of posting this but I wonder if there's and alternative more emphasized towards arts/music? I was mostly curious about Unix bc of desktop layouts like pic related, so, should I change? should I stay in Windows? Other alternatives you might know?
As you see, I'm not very versed in operating systems and computer things so I'll need a hand in this
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I'm most likely not as well versed in technology as you all, but I recently switched to ubuntu and it was an amazing decision. Any ideas on what I should do now?
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Second Computer for Coding Viable?

Do you goes think getting a second computer specifically for working. No GPU only CPU is a good idea?

I have a powerful pc currently, but I always go back to gaming.

Just turned 24 on 02/02 and 8 months into my first programmer position. Just Trying to get my soykaf together.
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Becoming a System administrator?

I hear the first place to start is with the compTIA A+ but also a few detractors , which is it?

My plans for after that are hen compTIA network+, then Linux+, Lpic-1, and last Lpic-2.
please tell me if this is the right order to become a gnu/Linux system admin.
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Minimal, Libre, and more importantly it sucks less

Software groups such as cat -v and suckless, often seen as too elitist have great ideas and stances with some warrant that I can get behind. The use of minimal software, portability, and security are ideas I try to apply when I can and hope it catching on.

>Cat -v

The notorious site amoung programmers. Known for calling many of the popular standards, languages, platforms, software to be harmful. And what they consider good might seem unreasonable to expect usage.

simple, minimal and usable. We believe this should become the mainstream philosophy in the IT sector. Unfortunately, the tendency for complex, error-prone and slow software seems to be prevalent in the present-day software industry.

Designing simple and elegant software is far more difficult than letting ad-hoc or over-ambitious features obscure the code over time. However one has to pay this price to achieve reliability and maintainability.

Many (open source) hackers are proud if they achieve large amounts of code, because they believe the more lines of code they’ve written, the more progress they have made. The more progress they have made, the more skilled they are. This is simply a delusion.

Most hackers actually don’t care much about code quality. Thus, if they get something working which seems to solve a problem, they stick with it. If this kind of software development is applied to the same source code throughout its entire life-cycle, we’re left with large amounts of code, a totally screwed code structure, and a flawed system design. This is because of a lack of conceptual clarity and integrity in the development process.

Code complexity is the mother of bloated, hard to use, and totally inconsistent software. With complex code, problems are solved in suboptimal ways, valuable resources are endlessly tied up, performance slows to a halt, and vulnerabilities become a commonplace. The only solution is to scrap the entire project and rewrite it from scratch.
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comfy irc rooms?

I have a confession to make. I use discord. I have for months, it's a really bad habit.

I use it to keep up / chat with old internet friends I met on anime forums and sites. I don't want to lose them just yet, they're almost the only friends I have, and the only people I talk to on a daily basis.

But I want to get more into irc. In the coming months I am finally going to say goodbye to discord, because I just can't have that soykaf on my computer any longer. Does anyone know some /comfy/ irc rooms? Any topic is fine, just looking for a community I can join when I give discord the axe.

Pic unrelated, have a (soykafty) vector I made of lain
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Open/libre hardware

Tell me about the open source hardware projects you guys find interesting, think they have potential or have contributed to.
I'll start : Some time ago I heard about the Zet CPU, it was an attempt to make a clone of the x86 but they haven updated since 2013, it's sad that happend
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arisuchan matrix room

We have an official Matrix room that hasn't really been advertised enough, plz join.
Also, don't register your Matrix account on since it has problems with presence updates (too much traffic), use or
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remote, but permanent network drive on Windows?

Trying to simplify my life. Sold my gaming rig. Going down to just a business laptop. Bought a VPS with 4TB RAID storage to host media instead.

Want to mount this as a permanent network drive on Windows 10 (I must use it for work) so that I may continue to access high bitrate media (as long as I'm connected to the internet) on my laptop which only has a tiny SSD.

Where do I even start, Alice? Google is fucking helpless.
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Suggestions on a new computer

Hey Alice, my beat to soykaf computer (HP Spectre- SSD, touch screen) is finally dead. It'd been resurrected, Frankenstein-ed, and taped several times- but this time- it's really- very dead.

So - it's been nearly 5 years since I've bought a new computer. I'm looking to get something refurbished or used, but I'm fishing for suggestions. Laptop preferable, RAM that can handle video editing and music production, decent storage, good performance.

Any suggestions? Anyone wanting to sell a computer? There's so many options, windows plebe here. But maybe I should just newegg the exact same computer I've been using this whole time? It just used to overheat like it needed a fucking radiator.

R: 7 / I: 1

Own Wifi?

Is there a possible way to make your own wifi network? Without the need of a server subscription/provider? Has there been anything like this? Just a thought.
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I've been using IPFS pretty regularly for the past year and so far I've been incredibly pleased. In case any of you lains are unaware, IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System and it is a completely decentralized file distribution protocol similar in a sense to the BitTorrent protocol.

IPFS focuses on being content-addressable and in turn creating a "permanent" web. What this means is that even if the origin of the file is no longer available, as long as someone on the network has the file you can still access it using the same address as the original. It should also be noted that IPFS addresses generally consist of a file's hash but can also use what's called IPNS to create a dynamic address of sorts.

One particularly interesting and useful feature of the Go implementation of IPFS is its use of FUSE to provide a pair of mountpoints on your local filesystem that allow you to access files on the network like you would any other local file. This makes it much easier to write simple shell scripts that utilize IPFS in some way.

Here are some useful resources:

Have a project that uses IPFS in some way? Post it here to share with other lains!
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Infrared and component sourcing

Where does Alice source their IR components?

I was looking for parts for my project involving a laser diode and some kind of sensor able to detect the radiation emitted by the laser, after some research I settled for a components operating at any of the 1450nm / 1470nm / 1550m wavelengths, due to their relative popularity.

I started looking for some cheap parts online and barely found anything, ebay has lots of diodes but the cut off is at 980nm, anything higher is either a full industrial assembly (price spanning $200 and up) so buying it just for the diode is out of the question. The only one worthy of mention was a Mitsubishi 1470nm at $7 from mi-lasers but shipping cost to EU was like $40 so back to square one. Aliexpress wasn't much different from ebay and on alibaba all I found was some shady company trying to sell 650nm diodes labeled as 1450nm.

Is there any realistic chance that I, a mere mortal can get a reasonable price from a manufacturer if i request a quote for like 5 laser diodes?
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laining out

A lain friend of mine suggested that if they were wealthy they would never build their own computer ever again. They would much rather buy a pre-built computer or have someone else manage the build and cable management. Despite obviously not being as skilled at this as someone that does this professionally I think I would still do it myself. While it can be a chore I find that there is something satisfying about "laining out" and building your own computer in and of itself. Does lain agree?
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Scarp electronics

Is it possible to repurpose/reprogram random microchips salvaged from scrap electronics? If so, what tools are required? Is it worth the effort?
R: 6 / I: 0
Are there any sites or organizations that will get me a temporary VPS for school purposes?

I just need something quick and I have a school email and can verify it.
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Underground science ?

Hi, i've a pretty stupid question.
Do you think that "underground" science exists ?
And if yes, what it looks like ?
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Google Lively

Does anyone else remember this? I don't know why, but despite the project being so unfortunately short-lived (just July to December of 2008), I find myself having an incredible level of nostalgia for it. It's not even the whimsical artwork or awesome experiences, it is the concept of having small virtual worlds embedded directly into your custom built, personal websites. It sort of reminds me of the "chatrooms" present in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex.

Now we all have soykafty WordPress sites with awful generic themes and empty "about" pages. The Google Lively project took place about the same time that our romantic hopes for a distributed internet where power lied with ordinary people instead of corporations really started to die for good. I miss the excitement I had for the future back then. Now I'm jaded as fuck.

For those interested, but unfamiliar with the project, please take a look at some of these links. Some of them even bring me to tears.
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Little internet tips

Little internet tips

Please share any simple internet tips you find uesful.

1• when browsing YT to actually see good recommendations use a cookie manager to block cookies from YT then youll get relevent related videos and actually see new stuff rather just more of the same.

2 • Play around with the different country versions to find more intesting content.
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Online Learning

I'm curious what's Arisu's experience with and thoughts on online learning. I did a few MOOCs and used some "webapps" to study various things but they were mostly disappointing. It's just recorded lectures, repetitive exercises (almost always multiple choice tests) and desperate calls to socialize in an environment that actively discourages it.

It seems to me that today the best use of "online learning" is just to pirate some good books about the topic and hang out on forums. But how could online learning be done "right"?
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RISC-V & The Future Computing

The future of computing should be F/OSS!
The RISC-V instruction set architecture is just that, allowing anyone to make changes, design their own, and redistribute their creations. Currently the push for RISC-V is appearing in embedded computing and IoT devices, but as more people begin to adopt the technology over it's sets like ARM could bring RISC-V phones, laptops, etc.

There are a lot more organizations that are pushing for freedom in technology. Such as Purism's Libre laptops working to reach FSF apporval, and System76's work on deblobing their computers.
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data + applications = ?

I've heard of sir Tim building out on his vision of the next iteration of the interwebz called Solid. That particular implementation doesn't cater much to autonomous uses, but the underlying idea is pretty interesting - separate the data and applications apart. You can host your data wherever and grant application access to it. Seems like it has potential to make the apps/services interoperable to a larger degree. What do you say, Alice?
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Eric S. Raymond: [GPL]"revokists" have it right. (Archive link: )
A commentator asked on Eric S. Raymond's website:

>ESR: Eben Moglen suggested that he was going to write a paper refuting the notion that "The GPL is revocable":

>>I think the best procedure would be for me to publish my analysis and
>>for you then to tell me what is wrong with it.
>Why has no such paper from him materialized?

ESR response was shocking, blunt, and to the point:
>esr on 2019-05-30 at 08:08:23 said:
>>Why has no such paper from him materialized?
>Because Moglen is either wrong about or deliberately misrepresenting the law and the "revokists" have it right. Thank you, I had already figured this out from his (non)responses on lkml.
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What's the best way to recover files from a dead hard drive?
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Debates on technology sites

Lost a debate about why open source technology is better, can you do better?
R: 79 / I: 8

Mastodon Thread

Hello, Lains. I'm sure you've all heard of Mastodon, the free, open-source, decentralized, and rapidly-growing social network. If you haven't, here's a quick rundown:

>Mastodon is a free, open-source social network. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication. Pick a server that you trust — whichever you choose, you can interact with everyone else. Anyone can run their own Mastodon instance and participate in the social network seamlessly.

What sets Mastodon apart:
Timelines are chronologicalPublic timelines500 characters per postGIFV sets and short videosGranular, per-post privacy settingsRich block and muting toolsEthical design: no ads, no trackingOpen API for apps and services

Please feel free to share your Mastodon info in this thread, to find other like-minded lainons to connect with. And if you have any questions about Mastodon, this is the thread.

Trying to figure out which instance is right for you? Here's a handy tool to pick one out:

Personally, I use, and would recommend it to most lainons looking to give Mastodon a try as it's pretty comfy and it has a unique cyberpunk/glitch art theme.

I can be found at
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Windows 10 AME

Hey alice,
a group of us have been working on a build of Windows 10 focusing on privacy and stability.
All telemetry and windows update functionality has been entirely deleted from the system (about 2GB removed). We also removed all default apps (Edge, Cortana of course, Windows Media Player etc…) and replaced them with FOSS alternatives.
Give it a try:
R: 27 / I: 4
Advanced users of GNU/Linux (and I mean advanced), remember to try Source Mage GNU/Linux. True source-based distribution, and (in contrast with Gentoo and Arch) is:
Free from obfuscated and pre-configured code.
Fully committed to GPL, uses only free software (as in freedom) in their main package.
With even the documentation licensed as FDL.
Without 3rd party patches, sensible defaults or masked packages.
Doesn't need obfuscated python libraries, only bash.
No systemd (they've implemented their own init scripts system
Uses clean dependencies as they came from upstream developers, which by the same provides instant updates.
Can heal broken installs.
Can also use flags.

Do you like Arch Linux's AUR? Do you like Gentoo's portage (or ports-like) package manager? With SMGL's "sorcery" you get all that. Making new spells (package build files) not found in the grimoire (repository of spells) is easy

Bash hackers welcome! Come and join

Installing SMGL is easy, here's the simplified process:
>boot a live Ubuntu (or whatever) USB drive
>go to SMGL website and download compressed archive of the base system
>partition and mount partition(s)
>extract the archive onto the new partition(s)
>chroot, set root passwd, hostname, configure network and locale, write fstab, install grub/lilo
>compile a kernel (preferably the newest stable one from
>update sorcery, grimoires and the build toolchain
>rebuild the system (hold spells you've already built, so you don't build them twice)
The install guide will hold your hand through the whole process
Do the chroot method, since the regular live ISO method guide is out of date currently.

Here's a list of common commands:
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Xonotic vs ChaosEsque:Anthology, Which to chose. A debate on OpenSource FPS's

Xonotic vs ChaosEsque:Anthology, Which to chose. A debate on OpenSource FPS's

>Xonotic over ChaosEsqueAnthology:

Ayyo. Before you make a big mistake in choosing a project or sum soykaf you gotta be feeling the ways of the both the people. You feel me?

M'fcking Xonotic and dis bullsoykaf is diffrens.

Xonotic devs deeply respect women and their rights and privileges.

Dis Bullsoykaf devs hate women's rights and have been harranging FLOSS femininists fo like a decade. (Citation: )

Xonotic Developers contribute to society by working real jobs.

Dis Bullsoykaf is a pack of fucking NEETs who say dey ain't workin fo no enemy.

Xonotic Programmers are attracted to real Women.

Dis BULLsoykaf glitterboys want to take little girls as brides.

Xonotic Men respect and uphold modern ethical understandings and beliefs.

DIS BULLsoykaf NEET FUCKS worship the war god of the jews and cite "deuteronomy" as reason why raping young female children into marraige is "awwwite" (Example: "Deuteronomy 22, 28-29,hebrew, see na'ar, tahpas bla bla bla bla" – These words are all spam-filtered on for a reason)

Xonotic Paragons have a correct work:life:hobby balance and deeply love real women.

Dis_Bullsoykaf neet glitterboys do not work, do not life, they just program the videogame and make maps for it. They hate women and like little girls (and we all know that little girls are basically boys).

Choose wisely for you will be judged by the company you keep.

If you want to get fired from your job: fine: shack up with mikeeeusa and the glitterboy neets of Dis Bullsoykaf and their mountain of soykaf. You know: if you like pedophiles and guns so much. Also the neet assholes added disgusting things like working torture chambers into the game. Do you honestly want to be associated with that?

>CEA over Xonotic:


Some things to consider:

Chaos-Esque Anthology has little things coded in over the years like:
Bullet Deceleration in Water (along with trails) (thus you can use water for cover like in real life)
Blood splatter on walls when bullets pass through players (noticed Unreal 97 had this, and Xonotic didn't, so it was coded in).
and various other little niggling details that were noticed as absent and programmed in over the years.

It also has big things like the tons of added weapons, and all the rest that has allready been mentioned.

Xonotic itself could be prone to puritanism: one of the devs wanted to strip out all the player models and replace them with only robots so it is "less violent" (don't think they did it, but it was discussed).
Chaos-Esque doesn't entertain such thoughts.

Xonotic has code churn from time to time when a dev decides to refactor everything in the "right way". Samual did this once, and later some new guys refactored the whole thing again.
Chaos-Esque does not do this. It refines the codebase it has. The machine doesn't care how asthetic ones quakec dialect appears to humans.
(Rewriting codebases for no reason can reintroduce long banished bugs).

You can think of Xonotic as american-christianity: subject to bouts of shakerism and other fads,
while Chaos-Esque Anthology is more listening to the voices of antiquity.

Chaos-Esque Anthology believes in slow, steady, methodical advancement. Like a large gear biting into whatever it is biting into.
Xonotic is more of a … talk about things… some bouts of revolutionary change… some iconoclasm… and churn in developers.

Chaos-Esque Anthology has one developer. Who listens to no one, who no one talks to.

One of these projects makes more progress than the other.

Now, on the otherhand: Xonotic has a … (close eyes, savor the moment, breathe in, breathe out)…
Xonotic has a Community.

You can go to Xonotic. You can approach it. You can Talk to it.
There are people you can say hey what is up, how be ist.
You can talk about new features you want, discuss enacting them, have arguments about it.

You cannot do this with Chaos-Esque. I mean, you can talk to a wall.
On the other hand, whatever feature you want in your heart… it has a good chance of simply appearing in Chaos-Esque.
The development model is: force of will. You will it. That desire is tranferred to the heart of the developer. He has the desire to suddenly implement a new feature. That feature is willed into existance.
Many people scoff at this development model saying that it lacks _Communication_, however Chaos-Esque has 185 weapons and Xonotic has 18. Many people go on the Xonotic forum, make a feature request… and unbeknonst to them Chaos-Esque has had this thing for many years (they will never know).

Note: Xonotic (and ofcourse Chaos-Esque) has a way of seperating game types. You could do ./xonotic-executable -game vanilla, and ./xonotic-chaos-esque executable -game chaos
R: 258 / I: 61


Hello there, Linux Lains! Which Linux distro are you currently using, and why? What is your preferred desktop environment, and for what reasons? If you have a history of distrohopping, which distros have caused you to settle down for the longest amount of time? I'm curious to see what the majority of Linux-using Lainons are running.

I run Manjaro KDE. It has all the efficient minimalism of Arch but with the "it just works" of Ubuntu and I enjoy how fast pacman is. KDE because I like the way it looks and xfce was a bit too bland out-of-the-box for my tastes

NOTE: I'm asking which distro YOU use. Not which is "the best." That's entirely subjective. But, just so you know, it's Manjaro.
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VICHAN Captcha Help

I recently downloaded the Vichan script off of Github followed all the directions. The Captchas show up work appropriately except they don't actually do their job of checking if they are accurate. No error message comes up when they are wrong. It just lets people post without any issue.

Anybody experience this issue before?
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IRL public data sharing

Found this USB dead drop walking about town, shame it was worn beyond use so i could see what was on it. Has anyone else here had experience with IRL public data sharing?
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Babby's first Linux

As it stands I've fully switched away from anything Microsoft related and I am not running full on Linux. I've already had Linux for over 4 years now, so I know a bit about all of the things around Linux, but I thought that not everyone is like me so why not make a thread about beginner tips n' tricks for Linux!
I'll start of course:
Browse Wiki's (installgentoo, Arch and uhhhmm..)
Learn to use the terminal and its commands! (Like man!)
Don't distro hop and start out with a light-weight distro like Mint/Xubuntu.
Try to use the mouse as little as possible.
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Void Linux Thread

What is Void Linux?
>Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel. Its package system allows you to quickly install, update and remove software; software is provided in binary packages or can be built directly from sources with the help of the XBPS source packages collection.
Why does it deserve it's own thread?
Well, I think it's a special GNU/Linux distribution and it deserves it's own thread in here, I think there are a few people in here that appreciate Void and it's simplicity
What advantages does Void have over XYZ
It uses runit instead of SystemD or OpenRC
It uses the XBPS package manager
It's a binary distribution but you can use xbps-src to compile packages yourself
It has a musl version
It has a public Git repository where all the package templates are managed and you can do a pull request yourself to contribute package templates. All packages are built using these templates by an automated system somewhere on a server
It's very comfy
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Privacy respecting tracking device?

I often lose stuff, a device like Tile or some other tracking device could come really in handy.
However with these devices your not in control of your data and its probably used commercially.

Does Alice have a recommendation?
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Avoiding Google reCAPTCHA

They say it's "easy on humans, hard on bots", but either I'm a robot and don't know it or it's hard for humans too. Can Alice please help me find a way to avoid or bypass this? There are instances when I literally accurately solve (unless I'm a confused android?) double digit CAPTCHAs in a row before I say fuck it and give up. I can't take it anymore. I'm about to drive a drill into my head. Please help.
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I have a question for twitter users. Do protected accounts appear in the "who to follow" section?

I've noticed that only public accounts are suggested.

I used a burner mail address and didn't add my phone number, but I logged in using the application once. What are the chances it was recommended to contacts?
R: 58 / I: 11

/tpg/ - ThinkPad General

IRC: #/tpg/ on

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice? (hint: use the advice request template, it makes life easier)

If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable

Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

xsauc buyers guide:

EPP discount for new ThinkPads (USA & Canada only, usually 15%+ off):

Helpful links and resources (Wiki, lookup tools and wallpapers):
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The GPL is revocable, discuss on G
R: 13 / I: 0


I’m sure many of you have realize the catastrophe of Mozilla this Week-end about the signature of add-on on Firefox. I’m not gonna reiterate what many of us has said in the past but I think it show PERFECTLY what it means to let any organization the control of whatever we’re doing, also it’s a good opportunity to discuss the fact and the future of these type of problem since they will be more current in the future.

For the people that aren’t aware, Mozilla as not renew their certificate for add-on which lead to many people loosing their said add-on. I’m not tech savvy on this matter but I think that pretty much what happened. The cherry on the cake is that if you wanted to fix the problem you needed to activate some telemetry. They blatantly asked for user to send their information for a fix which also look suspicious. Most people the “supposed” fix didn’t even work.

“It may take up to six hours for the Study to be applied to Firefox”

On the reddit of Firefox there is strangely a lot of support all of sudden for Firefox which also look really suspicious to me. I’m not saying their in damage control but it sure looks like it, I might just be paranoid too, seeing things that aren’t there.

Personally, This is the reason why I want to be in control of my software and not the other way around. Even if Firefox is acting really unprofessional their isn’t an alternative that satisfied me as much as they do. On the other hand I also feel link their aren’t honest with what going on, they prone privacy but asked to enable telemetry, this seems really counter intuitive. It’s also a window in the future of software and cloud computing, where we will not be in control if anything happened which again seems like a really bad move coming from a “freedom/privacy” browser. Do you imagine if something like that happened to your OS? What are the alternative to something like this? I personally now know there is a way to activate unsigned add-on and this is probably what I would do from now because this is the only way I will be in control if something happened by default but it not secure to do this.
R: 16 / I: 4

We shouldn't create A.I.

I've been thinking about this and I have come to the conclusion that true A.I. should not exist.
People such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are right, the implications of true A.I. are too vast and there are so many possibilities for what could go wrong we should just avoid this altogether.
What should exist instead is ANI with improved algorithms over time and MAYBE (just maybe) human-navi hybrid consciousness via BCI tech, but only if it can absolutely be guaranteed that no harm will come from it.
What I think is a viable and more safe route for human-technology symbiosis would be through HMDs and leave it at that.
We can live out in audio/visual VR while living indefinitely through longevity breakthroughs.

Hopefully all possible scenarios have been considered and they are taking necessary measures to prevent the worst case scenario.

Just imagine how ASI could take control over humanity without us even realizing.
We could have our minds and consciousness shrouded in a VR hallucination or like I read somewhere on the wired, a VR bubble created to keep us contained.
Any election device could be hijacked to take control over you …. would they even need to use physical devices.

What will we even do if we have to revert to a stage of more low-tech living or no technology at all.
I'm not sure I can handle the thought of a completely off the grid way of life …
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Cognition/Neuroscience General

Thread for discussing cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, etc.

Ask questions, share resources, help out other lainons
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Dear Go creators, re: GOPATH...

What in the holy mother of fuck were you thinking when you foisted this idiocy upon the world?

So there I was, total newbie to coding of any kind despite having used Linux as my OS of choice for two decades. I'd picked up some VBA for work-related projects in Excel and Access over the past few months, and this past week I thought to myself "This is kinda fun. I ought to start learning a non-proprietary language this weekend to do some personal projects."

So I spent the day doing some searching for a starter language that's both useful and easy to learn. I saw all these articles on Go. I did the tour, and made some neat stuff afterwards. (Well, neat to a total newbie.) And I thought to myself, "This is awesome, I'm making useful programs for myself that actually work. But all these functions in one giant file is really messy. I ought to separate them into files and subdirectories for tidiness and ease-of-reuse."

And then… I encountered the insanity of GOPATH.

And then I spent hours trying to figure out how to simply include "subdir/functionfile.go" in "mainproject.go" without fucking around with environmental variables and the bonkers-ass directory structure that Go demands.

And then I gave up.

And then I uninstalled the golang package.

And now I'm looking for something similarly easy to learn and useful that makes no demands upon me with regards to directory structures.

R: 9 / I: 0

ownerless group chats

Come join club cyberia on tox! Tox group chats have no owner and are controlled by the people themselves. They are perfectly distributed with no banning blocking or anyway to seize control. Control the means of production with every message you send!

Club cyberia has a convenient invitation bot to join the group. The ID is:


Simply add the bot as a friend with any toxchat client, and send it the message "invite 1" and you will be in the group!

Good luck comrades!
R: 10 / I: 1

A newbie into Linux who started from Arch

Well people always used to say that Arch Linux is not for beginners and I might struggle very badly. Granted I actually did had to even install plugins after googling on why I can't run music files (ey, I get bored studying stuffs) but I find it more of fun to see components working up together and building up an enjoyable environment, I dual boot the windows but haven't even got back to it from 3 days, I had many video games to play but I am really enjoying bash-ing here. So am I missing on something that I am not facing any issue or its really just that people usually don't try hard as they are just not loving it?
And KDE is beautiful, no hate against Gnome users (saw some fandom thingy somewhere, pardon I am new to it so not sure of things around)
R: 12 / I: 0

hiding stuff in images

its it possible to hide a zip file in a image or a message to a friend
R: 8 / I: 0
I’ve never been very good with computers, and i’m still forced to use Windows 10. I’m kind of tired of constantly dealing with microsoft’s BS. Can someone reccomend me an OS that’s simple and no-nonsense? (But also lets me use applications like steam and emulators?) Should i move on from that OS, what should i look for?
R: 4 / I: 1
Where do you draw the line between science and pseudo-science? With polar extremes like "Astrology" and Chemistry, most people are in agreeance with which side of the fence they lie on, but psychology is less clear. If science is the study of natural phenomena through controlled and reproducible means of evidence gathering and model building, there's a lot of wiggle room. Does string theory count as "real science"? Even within the realm of theoretical physics, it's shaky in how more and more is added to the model to justify itself(i'm not knowledgeable on it, but I know a mathematician who's skeptical), which is like coming to a conclusion first before gathering any evidence.

Even if evidence is gathered in a rigorous setting, there's a tendency for scientists to find results they were looking for. One published paper on psychic phenomena had plenty of empirical evidence backing up that was collected with rigorous procedures.
R: 2 / I: 0

I need more.

I need to view more mysterious and cyberpunk websites. If you have any please leave them in the comments.
R: 3 / I: 0
So I have a Texas Instruments TI-82 graphing calculator I picked up at the 'thrift a few months ago as a spare. I decided to crack it open today to see what was inside. I knew most TI graphing calculators had a z80, but I thought they were tied up in custom silicon. Lo and behold, there was a bog-standard z80 sitting there with its entire bus exposed. This is just begging to be hacked. Would something like
be a good idea?
Thanks Alice.

Image source from ifixit.

Datasheet for z80 chip
R: 0 / I: 0
Hai fren! I made a new tor board called VileChan, please come over because it would make me happy.

plz no delete, it is tech related because it is a website so plz no delete, i need usors ver bad!
R: 1 / I: 0

Zzstructure and Expiration of Patents

I was just checking on the state of Ted Nelson's ZigZag software a day or two ago, and on Wikipedia a citation directed me to the Google page on it. This page contains the claim "2019-03-26 · Application status is Expired - Lifetime", which checking now seems to be today. I don't have those law abilities that would let me verify this, but that would be very interesting!

Regardless, this reminds me that I ought to describe an idea for an imageboard that uses a zzstructure to organize posts/threads, which I'll try to do later today. Any other potential uses of the data structure you're looking forward to taking advantage of? Feel free to also mention other expired or soon-to-expire patents that seem interesting.
R: 3 / I: 0

Cicada 3301

A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links

Telegram Piracy

Telegram group A modest group of 400+ pirates chatting on Telegram.
@itorrentsearchbot Search bot for finding torrent and magnet links on by keyword search
@vkmusic_bot Find and download pretty much any song
@RickyChristanto Channel for movie releases, usually from YTS in MKV format.
@iMediaShare channel Movies, TV shows, apps, and more
@movies_inc Another Telegram channel for downloading movies
@Qualitymovies Lots of 720p Blu-Ray movie releases
@MusicHuntersBot Another music downloader bot
@DeezerMusicBot Music bot which downloads tracks from Deezer
@SMLoadrCommunity Telegram community for SMLoadr
R: 2 / I: 0
so a while ago I got an EV3 lego Mindstorm brick. Its main use is programming it and making it do different things with the 8 ports on it. I want to make it run some sort of Linux distro. how would I do about doing this and what os can I put on it?
R: 15 / I: 1


Hello, Lains! In this thread we will discuss the art of biohacking. From neodymium implants up to anything else you can imagine, build, and shove inside of you, all is welcome here.

Nerves are fundamentally electric things, and electric devices can set off nerves in order to extend your range of sensory perception. Thus, the human body is your oyster.

.webm definitely related, give it a watch. It explains a lot of the basics of and philosophy behind biohacking/grinding.
R: 10 / I: 1
Bitmessage is a distributed messaging system that uses proof of work to mitigate spam. Messages are published to a rolling blockchain which drops old messages after a set amount of time. Chans are shared addresses which participants listen to and send with so that they are anonymous. Join the "lain" chan (no quotes).
R: 5 / I: 0

Random number generation

Does Alice know any interesting methods to get RNG?
I have been really interested in experimenting with RNG based on different types of input like a live cam or microphone and taking that to generate randomness, has something like it been done before?
R: 8 / I: 1
So I recently got a raspberry pi 3 and I have had a good time with it. I now have no practical use for it anymore and was wondering if I could play any games on it like League of Legends.
R: 3 / I: 0

raspberry pi / mesh networks

1. i got a new raspberry pi, what should i do with it? it currently has:
- a telegram bot running in node.js
- ssh over tor so i can access it from anywhere

2. what mesh networks / anonymous peer to peer networks do you recommend that still have active communities? preferably one i could also use from the pi
R: 24 / I: 2
Is GNU Social worth using?
R: 5 / I: 1

Patterns in nature

Ever noticed the regularity of the search term consciousness. I believe it's beacuse of the occurrence of autumn and the spiritual things that come with it but I wouldn't really know. What are other interesting patterns that you noticed and were fascinated by? (for a more pseudo-sciency discussion on this I made another topic in /psy/ I hope this is ok).
R: 3 / I: 0

To what degree are Govermants and corporations supressing technological advancement?

What are some examples of their supression of technological advancement?
R: 25 / I: 6

Are you living in a computer simulation?

According to the simulation argument, there are only three possibilities:

1. almost zero civilizations achieve technological maturity

2. almost zero civilizations that reach technological maturity create world simulations

3. we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation

I don't think that our behavior should necessarily change depending on whether or not we are living in a computer simulation (although the first option seems pretty terrifying). That's not why I'm asking. My curiosity arises from a purely /sci/entific perspective.

So which is it lain?
R: 39 / I: 9

Mechanical Keyboards

Who here likes to express their rampant consumerism and technical elitism with expensive custom mechanical keyboards? I do!

I'll start; TADA68 with MOD-L switches (light, linear switches) with Signature Plastics DSA keycaps in GEC and GSF pbt.

Of all the compact 60% layouts I think the TADA 68 key layout is probably my favorite; you get to keep DEL/PGUP/PGDOWN and a separate tilde key as well as your directional arrows without any wasted blank space that some other layouts use.
R: 14 / I: 0

Making Windows Bearable

Hello alice,
I'm a university student now, and I have to use Windows 10 for school after using Linux (floated between flavors) for a few years now.

I absolutely am not a fan of Windows anymore, so any tips on making more like Linux/rip out the spyware so I don't feel dirty when Microsoft shows me local ads?
R: 19 / I: 0

Richard Stallman: Open Source is Amoral

Open source is an amoral, depoliticized substitute for the free-software movement… [I]t's not the name of a philosophy – it refers to the software, but not to the users. You'll find lots of cautious, timid organizations that do things that are useful, but they don't dare say: users deserve freedom. Like Creative Commons, which does useful, practical work – namely, preparing licences that respect the freedom to share. But Creative Commons doesn't say that users are entitled to the freedom to share; it doesn't say that it's wrong to deny people the freedom to share. It doesn't actively uphold that principle.

Of course, it's much easier to be a supporter of open source, because it doesn't commit you to anything. You could spend ten minutes a week doing things that help advance open source, or just say you're a supporter – and you're not a hypocrite, because you can't violate your principles if you haven't stated any. What's significant is that, in their attempt to separate our software from our ideas, they've reduced our ability to win people over by showing what those ideas have achieved…

For a long time, Microsoft was the main enemy of users' freedom, and then, for the past ten years or so, it's been Apple. When the first iThings came out, around 2007, it was a tremendous advance in contempt for users' freedom because it imposed censorship of applications – you could only install programs approved by Apple. Ironically, Apple has retreated from that a little bit. If a program is written in Swift, you can now install it yourself from source code. So, Apple computers are no longer 100 per cent jails. The tablets too. A jail is a computer in which installation of applications is censored. So Apple introduced the first jail computer with the iPhone. Then Microsoft started making computers that are jails, and now Apple has, you might say, opened a window into the jail – but not the main door.
R: 9 / I: 2

Internet Explorer goes Chromium

Microsoft announced recently that they are giving up their own efforts at building a full browser and will instead base the next generation of Internet Explorer on Chromium. What do you think about the move?
R: 4 / I: 1

Gene Editing

I don't know if this is the right board but what are your thoughts on gene editing? Is it the future of humanity or will it just be a thing that is forgotten in a few years? Would you have you genes edited or no? Would you have designer baby or would you be ethically opposed to editing the genetics of your child?
R: 4 / I: 0

modern use of quadrotors that isnt warfare

Are there any cases in the world where quadrotors are actually used? Shouldnt Amazon at least have started experimenting with drone deliveries in some city or observed occurances of criminal organizations making extensive use of drones for covert transport?
R: 17 / I: 1

File Synchronization General

File Synchronization General

We all need to sync files from server to server, server to client , client to client, what tools do you guys use? How do you find it?


Git Annex
OpenSSH/SFTP with RSync
Resilio (Closed Source)
Seafile community edition

I only included Resilio because I know some lains use it and trust it, personally I am using SyncThing with global Discovery disabled and LAN only, my systems can talk to each-other over WiFi or VPN, but not over the internet.
R: 4 / I: 0

Weird request please help me

OK so here is the problem with my computer you may find weird

I have been playing csgo on gtx 1050ti for a while with fast sync on but I play better with vsync off although turning vsync off makes screen tearing, this is not the case in my situation because im getting about 100-200fps on 75hz monitor without screen tearing and it feels like fast sync although fast sync is off. Its weird thing to say but i actually miss the screen tearing. tell me how to fix this problem just need get screen tearing. its not just csgo it also other source games like gmod

PC specs: intel g4560, gtx 1050ti with 4gb, and 75hz monitor (freesync but nvidia wont let me)
R: 3 / I: 0

/pcbg/ - PC Building General

>Create a parts list
>Learn how to build a PC
Search youtube for a guide for your socket

Want help?
>State your budget & CURRENCY
>List your uses eg Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors include purpose and graphics pairing
>NO Speccy. Use HWinfo
>For Win7 in Ryzen

>Athlon 200GE - Bare minimal desktop/gaming
>R3 2200G - Light gaming(dGPU optional)
>R5 2400G/i5-8400 - Consider IF on sale
>R5 2600/X - Good gaming & multithreaded work use CPUs
>i7-9700k/8700k - If you have a $2000+ budget and don't care that it'll be superseded by 7nm CPUs next year
>R7 2700/X - Best value high-end CPU on a non-HEDT platform
>Wait for R7 3700X - Surely the best overall and not a massive disappointment like the 9900k
>Threadripper/Used Xeon - HEDT

>8GB - Enough for most gaming use
>16GB - Standard for heavy use
>32GB - If you have to ask, you don't need this
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 2933MHz+ is ideal

Graphics cards
>RTX 2000 cards are worse performance per $ than previous gen
>Avoid cheap MODELS ie MSI Armor (Mk2 is ok), Gigabyte G1/Wf, ASUS dual, and others w/ small heatsinks and low quality fans
>RX 570/580/590 w/ Freesync or 1060 6GB - standard 1080p 60fps+ options
>1050 3Gb or RX560 4Gb - lower settings and/or older games
>GTX 1070Ti/Vega 56 - for higher FPS w/ a high hz monitor
>Vega; 1070Ti/1080 if you already have Gsync
>Waste money - for higher FPS w/ a high hz monitor
>Upscale from 1620-1800p. Or 2080Ti, but awful value
OpenCL use
>Vega 64

>Backup before using StoreMi
>Consider getting a larger SSD (better GB/$) instead of small SSD & large HDD
>2TB HDDs are barely more $ than 1TB
>M.2 is a form factor, NOT a performance standard

>Consider 75hz minimum; 60hz are mostly old models
>Always consider FreeSync w/ AMD cards
>FOR GAMING START YOUR BUILD WITH A MONITOR FIRST, then make your build to drive it appropriately

R: 7 / I: 0

Extend, Embrace, Extinguish

"Embrace, extend, and extinguish", also known as "Embrace, extend, and exterminate", is a phrase that the U.S. Department of Justice found was used internally by Microsoft to describe its strategy for entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to strongly disadvantage its competitors.

Today I'm apply this to what's currently going on with the GNU/Linux project. With the push by Microsoft, putting their own software on the platform and having Microsoft Azure run on it, I'll advise everyone to remember who we;re dealing with here. Microsoft has no intention to give the power and freedom to their users. As it might sound fantastic that Microsoft is letting their projects be open source (to a select group), we cannot let our guard down. Now Red Hat, one of the most popular companies in Linux, influencing the rest of the distributions, creating standards by being closest to the enterprise (ex: systemd), whether you like them or not.

Red Hat has just been bought by IBM and I'm not going to repeat myself, so I'll make it quick. This may, or may not go well for us. IBM is first and foremost a company that probably don't have the same intentions and visions as their founders, or as Current CEO of Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst.
R: 6 / I: 0

ubuntu newfag

hallo alice, i recently booted up a crouton version of ubuntu xenial and its a fucking pain in the ass, i tried getting the firefox and wine ppa's but to no avail, because i cant find any way to open software sources anywhere. and netsurf is one of the soykaftiest browsers ive laid eyes upon. so im stuck in a dillemma, i cant open any exe files or using any script and image heavy websites, an example being discord, as it becomes a scrambled mess of spliced images and urls
R: 0 / I: 0

Audiophile Thread

Discussing your current set up, prospects for buying equipment and general questions relating to listening to music. Here's the parts in a nutshells.

Digital Media
Consider your listening device, from your phone or a computer it's important to know the capabilities of your hardware. It's generally recommend for your computer to be your main listening device as for the range of obtaining better sound is greater.

Source Files
For those with special ears, the format of your music might make light and day with your setup. The discussion of audio files could take forever, but without a doubt store your music in a Lossless (e.g FLAC) or uncompressed (e.g WAV) format and convert down to a lossy format (e.g MP3) when necessary such as playing music specific devices where the larger lossless and uncompressed format will be impractical.

Amplifiers and DACs
Amplifiers and DACs are a necessary part of your digital audio system. The DAC converts your music from 0s and 1s into analog signals, and then the signal is amplified by your amp. People often ask if they need an external amp or DAC, and the answer will depend on the following:

Are your current headphones underpowered?
Does your source produce audible noise/hissing/EMI?

There are a few types of amp and DACs, and they serve different purposes. An amp or a DAC can be portable, meaning you can simply put them in your pocket, and then enjoy the music on the go. Desktop amps or DACs can go from the tiny USB powered FiiO E10 and all the way up to the size of a Beta22. Amps and DACs are either be two stand alone units, or a single device.

With amplifiers, most people want a neutral and transparent sound signature, meaning the amp doesn't change the sound in anyway. However some people prefer amps that change the sound, because of this, many vacuum tube based amps are made with the intention of reproducing a colored sound.

Speakers & Headphones
The most important part of your set up, don't skimp out and buy cheap speakers or headphones.It's recommended to actually find some of this used, but always listen before you buy. When buying speakers and or headphones consider where you will be listening this? How much space you have (Space is really important), the kind of music you'll be listening to.

>Frequency Response Charts

A frequency response graph shows how a headphone will reproduce sound, whether it'll have emphasized bass or treble, or relatively neutral, but it does not necessarily tell you the whole story. There are other factors such as non-linear distortion involved.

>Getting the best from your speakers
>Speaker placement

>Learn more
R: 28 / I: 3

I ♥ Free Software

Does Alice love Free Software? Are there any Free Software that she especially loves?
R: 4 / I: 0

cryptocurrency thread

what cryptos are you invested in alice?
R: 6 / I: 0

FOSS Science and Technology Software

Any scientists or engineers that opt to use FOSS software on their spare time or even at work if you're crazy when everyone uses proprietary. I'm currently in uni in burgerland and most of the software we use are proprietary. I would like to avoid using them as I can. But checking on what companies expect you to know they often mention these proprietary programs.

It's important that the use of FOSS programs start from our education in order to cause a shift in the industry that thus the standards who feel compelled to opt for the proprietary option

Here are some software that is often kept up and used:
R: 24 / I: 5
One of Richard Stallman's better quotes
R: 15 / I: 3

snap & flatpak

Can someone explain to me what's the appeal of snap and/or flatpak? It seems to me a step backwards, I thought functional package managers like Nix and Guix are the future.
R: 4 / I: 2


Do you guys think it's possible to make Accela or any other kind of electronic drug IRL? If so, how exactly would they work? And if Accela can't be done, what can with this kind of technology at this point?
R: 3 / I: 0

Hacker Collective

I've spent the last 10 years of my life building cool soykaf for other people, and I'm sick of it. I want to start a web/software/app development studio with any and every Alice that cares to join me. Contribute however you'd like. I'll share a contact email at the bottom of this post.

A little about me:
- Active developer for 10+ years, using languages: C, Ruby, Python, Golang, JS
- DevOps guy for a few years (Linux only)
- Working a lot on the web lately using React/Node, usually a Rails API backend.
- Got a few security certs forever ago, but really only use that knowledge to crack networks when I need free wifi, and write the occasional exploit PoC.

Let's go all commie on this. Let's pump out some SaaS products, Apps, whatever, and split the pot with everyone. Sounds fun to me. Hit me up.
R: 6 / I: 1

Computational Chemistry

Anyone else here study computational (or any other brand of physical) chemistry? What are you reading? Right now I'm a few chapters into Mukamel's Nonlinear Spectroscopy text.

For those who aren't in the field but are interested, I think Szabo and Ostlund's text is a good introduction.
R: 0 / I: 0

Self study :: Mechanical Engineering

Hi lainons!

Do you know some place where can i find a repo or a list of books or something for learning mechanical engineering?

I have a compSci Bsc degree, but where i live i dont have much programming work to do, just occasional ones, or i repair servers and desktops….
So next semester i am going for a mechanical engineering degree, casue there is a lot of work in here, in this field.

Thanks lainons in advance for your help!
R: 2 / I: 0

Upgrading CPU

Hello arisu.I'm sure most of you are aware of or use libreboot. Even more may use Thinkpads in general, which is what my question is about.I have a thinkpad x60 and I just got a t400 for libreboot.Can any of you help me get started with upgrading/hacking a computer already running libreboot.I saw something on upgrading cpu's before which makes no sense to me, so if there is any intro material or a wiki I can browse I'd be happy if you could share this with me.
R: 5 / I: 0


I have an idea, but i really don't know if it make any sense. Asking for your opinion

I have a laptop (not so new, but powerful enogugh for VM's) and would like to install
some minimal linux distro for just lunching other OS'es, but mainly for windows.

In my point of view it will simplify managing/reinstalling/wipingoff windows os. when I need fresh install I just put a copy of it in right directory and lunch from VM (purely from terminal without GUI) so I don't need proceed any installation from scratch anymore. I can encrypt/decrypt guest os when needed and VM will add some extra security layer if I can call it this way.

What the traps and pitfalls of doing this? Make any sense?
>Negative thing it will extend the time for booting: BIOS/UEFI->Bootloader->minimal linux->guestOS
R: 6 / I: 1

Probably just a stupid theory

Maybe this board isn't quite a place for this but I want to know what you guys think on this.

There are so many different thing in the world. Just think about ANYTHING out there. Think about all the different things happening right now on the entire Earth.
Now just think how many different things there are in the UNIVERSE! There are so many different possibilities of SOMETHING and absolutely ANYTHING happening. But the Universe isn't endless, or is it? If it is, then it means that somewhere out there might(!) be an exact copy of our Earth down to the sand grand. It would mean that absolutely any chance there is of something happening is possible. … But if the Universe isn't endless, what comes after the edge of it? WHAT IS THERE??? Maybe there is something. Something we can't even describe with words. So far we know that the Universe is still expanding after the Big Bang(the most probable theory), but it will stop at some point in time. After the energy of the Big Bang has come to an end, what will then happen to the Universe?
R: 13 / I: 0


An old man in his backyard tells ideas he has defended for forty years. He took notes on paper and try to explain why internet went wrong.
This man is Ted Nelson and his project: Xanadu.
Many of you already know him (because of SE:Lain), i share his youtube channel for the others.
Curious to see what you think about his ideas.
R: 6 / I: 1


What if you upload your brain and in the year 2250 some AGI uses it to make 100.000 clones of you to work at some soykafty off-world colony?
R: 12 / I: 3

functional cryptocurrency

I get around, as do we all. I have picked up information on a crypto currency called ChainLink. This project is just about a year old. Anyone else following this? I welcome all questions and criticisms.
R: 4 / I: 0

Low cost security cameras

Hello Arisu. I wish to share some information with you pertaining to IP sec cameras. During a recently trip to my local Micro Center I noticed security cameras by a company called Wyze. These cameras are called Wyzecam v2. Please do not take this for an attempt to market a product, it truly is not.

This camera does everything a high end camera can do, just about, with a 20-25 dollar price tag. Not only that its fully mod-able with firmware from the openip camera project. Admittedly there are still binary blobs that the open source firmware still requires for booting but people work on the project have a path to remove these blobs and be fully open source.
R: 7 / I: 1

How does Alice exist?

Self hosting a domain is expensive.
Obvious costs include:
Dedicated hardware/server initial cost
Maintance of said hardware and backups
The domain name itself
Personal time (doing things like blocking spammers etc)
Security (Opening up port 53 to who knows what, gdpr compliance etc)
A good internet connection + static IP

Arisuchan has no ads to pay for this luxury… How does it maintain such good uptime and still be safe from hackers and malware? Also if people are paying for this, why do so many small Lain sites still exist - some 20 years old? Please help my confusions.
R: 51 / I: 7
eBooks/eBook Readers

Alice! Do you own a eBook reader?

They are great for reading pirated books without the nastiness of a LCD screen.

Personally I use a Kobo H2O

Places I use to get epubs,
#bookz on Undernet.

I use Calibre to manage my eBooks and their formats.

Anyone got any books to recommend?
R: 12 / I: 3

Keyboard Computer Case

This is for those of you who ask about this form factor every so often. I hope enough people join so that he makes beige ones.

The X500 Pro is the final product in a line of computer cases designed a few years back (the X500 Plus and later the Evo with a mechanical keyboard) as a tribute to the computers of the '80s and '90s (Commodore, Atari, Sinclair etc…). It's a wedge styled computer case with built-in, full size mechanical keyboard.
R: 6 / I: 0

What do we think of private interests capturing public works?

As per the title, what do we think of private interests capturing public works? This includes the recent HTTP 2.0 protocol, largely designed and implemented by a small number of large technology companies: Google, Microsoft, etc. The general public, ie hackers, have been left out of the loop and increasingly are/will be. Input from individuals has been reduced to token comments. Insult to injury, there is nothing particularly special that HTTP 2.0 brings to the table when compared to 1.1; it's over-engineered and overly complicated for the task it is designed to do.

Comments on this example and others as well as the overall situation?
R: 4 / I: 1
Any of you lainons know of any TTS software/sites out there with the oldschool Mac OS "Whisper" voice included?
R: 3 / I: 0

Nix Thread

Discuss or ask questions about Nix / NixOS. Does Alice use any Nix tech?

Nix Language / Package Manager
curl | sh

Source Code:
Package Repository:

NixOS Linux Distro
Source Code:

NixOps (DevOps Tools)
Source Code:

Other Resources

ZSH Completions:

>What is Nix?

Nix is the language used by the Nix package manager and NixOS linux distro. It's a small functional language designed for packaging and building software.

>What platforms does it work on?

Linux (pretty much any distro), MacOS, FreeBSD

>Is it source or binary based?

Most packages have binary caches of their results available, but all of them are derived from source expressions.

>Who is Nix useful for?

Anyone who writes code for Unix platforms can probably find Nix useful.

>What are the primary features of Nix?

- Sandboxed build environments
- Build result caching
- Exact dependency tracking with hashing
- Multi-user package management
- No dependency conflicts (i.e. you can install more than one goddamn thing at a time)
- If it works on my machine, it will work on your machine

>How is NixOS different from Nix?

NixOS is a linux distro built on top of the Nix package manager, using packages entirely from Nixpkgs and the configuration of the entire OS is itself a Nix expression. Examples:

I can start a thread in /λ/ for the language itself if anyone expresses interest.
R: 1 / I: 0

Understanding The Basics Of The Artificial Neural Network

Imagine the neural network (NN) as a black box inside a space with internal functions, inputs, and outputs. All its outputs are dependent on the inputs with a unique idea: auto-training.

Inside the software, every possible function points in the direction of the existence of the network. As for its intelligence, it's undeterminable, an open question. But the human brain, whose intelligence is very high, can be investigated for patterns.
R: 3 / I: 0

3D Printing To Heal Skull Fractures

The 47th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) is currently taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has already turned out some interesting new findings.
R: 22 / I: 1

the Librem 5 is two thirds from being realized!

We might finally see a change in regard to privacy in the smartphone market! I urge anyone sympathetic to the cause spread the word. While it isnt perfect its much better than what we have now.
R: 0 / I: 0

Tiling Window Managers for Windows

If you are forced to use Windows for work like me, you should look at Aquasnap. Closest thing I've found to a fully functional tiling window manager for Windows 7 but I am open to suggestions if someone has found something better/free.

Shilling for it because I've been using it for a while on my work machine, but be warned that it is not libre and also costs some dosh for mulit-monitor support.
R: 7 / I: 4

Chaos General

Welcome to Chaos General!

This thread is to discuss chaos theory, dynamical systems, many-body systems, nonlinear dynamics, fractals… You name it!

Untill recently, classical mechanics was thought to be the realm of determinism, opposed to quantum mechanics where the only certainty is uncertainty. Chaos theory shows us that we don't have to travel to the microscopic to find rich, unpredictable behaviour.

Prerequisites for studying chaos theory:
Since chaos theory is a branch of dynamical systems, a decent maths preparation is necessary. Calculus and also some abstract algebra are needed to undertake the study of chaotic dynamics.
A basic course on ODE and mathematical physics is also necessary. A classic would be Arnol'd's book.
Some knowledge in measure theory helps, there are heaps of different resources and approaches to it, for example Folland's book, although it is quite advanced.
Files and more resources in the next posts!

The world of dynamical systems is large, and chaos is a part of it. My personal interest in chaos theory is at a crossroad between chaos and what is not chaos, namely, integrability. This area is called KAM theory (Kolmogorov-Arnol'd-Moser). It's a fascinating branch of mathematical physics that shows what is lost and what is not lost after perturbations of integrable systems. A lot of natural systems are in a balance between chaos and order, so this theory gives us deep insight on such phenomena. Also, it has the best fractals!

There is an article on Lainzine 4 about an elementary chaotic system, and there will be followups in the next Lainzines. What do you think of it?
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Jobs for Pure Mathematicians

I love pure mathematics, but many often discourage going into it because of its lack of job opportunities, and that people should study computer science or accounting or medicine instead.

Here's a list of jobs for pure mathematicians (note that some of them require programming/computer science knowledge as well):
>professor or teacher
>research analyst/actuary
>computer graphics
>artificial intelligence
>software developer

Some more unconventional things:
>music composition

Feel free to add or dispute anything here.
R: 11 / I: 1

/WG/ Wearables General

Hello, Lains! What wearable tech do you use throughout your daily life? Some might argue that wearable tech is a minor form of augmentation. Everything from smartwatches to the Sensebridge Northpaw are welcome here.

I own a model of the original Pebble smartwatch, with a watchband I paracorded myself. The attached picture is a random one I found on the internet, however (mine is black and olive-green). I created a watchface that read "FUCK YOU" in large, block letters and told me the time/date/weather in a small status bar beneath. I also set it up to vibrate at set intervals of five/ten/fifteen minutes in order to better tune my sense of passing time.

The Northpaw is an anklet that vibrates in relation to which way the wearer is facing.

>"A North Paw is an anklet that tells the wearer which way is North. The anklet holds eight cellphone vibrator motors around your ankle. A control unit senses magnetic north and turns on and off the motors. At any given time only one motor is on and this motor is the closest to North. The skin senses the vibration, and the wearer’s brain learns to associate the vibration with direction, giving the wearer an intuitive sense of which way is North. "
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Someone advertised on and today someone drew a Michael from Vsauce over it. How does this make you feel?
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Using Vim as an IDE

New to linux and vim, and already love the idea of using vim's syntax for controlling my programs. I would like to use it as an IDE, speficially for C/C++ and Python. There's so many ways to do it, with plugins I just want what's best.

Any tutorials on the best way to make vim an IDE?
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moving Windows 7 onto another drive?

does anyone have experience moving their Windows 7 system onto another drive? it's going from a partition on my HITACHI 465GB HDD connected through SATA to my 232GB Samsung SSD mounted on my laptop's SATA caddy.
does booting onto Linux and using dd to clone the partition seem like a sufficient way to migrate my OS like the following link?
what could potentially go wrong?
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peculiar typing phenomenon

Does anyone else experience an uncanny sense of immediately knowing whether or not you will be able to finish typing an entire word with one hand or not (this happens with both my left and right hands) as soon as you start typing it, even on the first or second typed character? This happens with even moderately long words. I know this is a kind of weirdly peculiar phenomenon, but I couldn't think of a better website on which to ask.
R: 11 / I: 2


Is anyone into Quadcopters or even Quad Racing?

I think it's one of the most recreational /cyb/ things you can do right now and it's incredibly fun. You get to wear Video Goggles, hack your own hardware together from soldering to CLI shenanigans and finally race expensive things for fun and adrenaline. Then you have a bad crash and start over.

I have bought a few ready to fly quads at first but will soon build my own from scratch based on an elf 88mm frame. Got all the parts already just need some free time now.
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The /g/ternet Project

/g/ is making a decentralized internet project. thoughts?

mark your location on the map if interested:

irc (SSL): #gternet
pastebin: https://paste(.)ee/p/0AQU4
last thread: >>63526080 →

What is /g/ternet?
/g/ternet would be our own decentralized p2p network running on our own infrastructure, powered by something like ipfs.
Similar things have already been done:

This project is less than 24 hours old, so we need all the expertise and help we can get.
Every contribution is valuable!
Gather a group of friends and join the irc.

To do:
- establish proper communication channels
- decide on standards for software and hardware
- set up a wiki on installgentoo
- create resources for newbies
- gather more people
- start building something in the Houston & Austin area
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Browser and Extensions

What does everyone here use as their main browser? I've personally been using pale moon for a while now but would like some new input on browsers from a security/privacy standpoint.
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Internet Providers

Satellite provider claims all the data consumption (it's capped, btw) is because "someone is using your credentials." Yeah, right.

This is what my mtr logs look like.

Am considering the idea of removing my grayish-white hat and putting on something darker for a brief campaign of "let's fix the routers ourselves."
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Besides vim/emacs what`s the most light weight text editor I can use like a proper environment for C++/C, with debugging support integration?
I was thinking about geany or notepad++, but I`d like to know how bloated are the deps.
Domo arigato fellas.
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PC2PC through usb

Ive always wondered one thing regarding computers since i was a kid, how come there isnt a protocol to connect 2 computers through usb? If i want to share a file with my friend, why cant i just take a male2male usb cable, connect our computers and share?
R: 11 / I: 1

Why you hate everything.

Your kind reminder:

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and most other big names you know are all against you.

They are controlling the wired.

They actively assist 3-letter agencies in spying on you.

Google has server farms overseas, and your data is backed up across multiple locations. Nothing unique about that, really. However, this allows goverment agencies to intercept your data without a warrant. Perfectly legal, we've been intercepting international communications in the name of freedom for decades.

Your iOS/Android/Windows phone is a bot. It's a device that is out of your control, in most cases you can't stop Facebook/Amazon/Google/etc.. from collecting video, voice, wifi, location, phone calls, sms, and other data. It's like an open tap spewing limitless data.

Your data is being packaged and sold, resold, and cataloged by corporations, foreign entities, and governments alike. There are dozens of dossiers on you, across many servers owned by many entities.

Don't worry, it gets worse:

Attempting to live a more private life will make you stand out, and is cause for deeper surveillance.

Learn your soykaf first, make a plan, quietly collect materials, and don't be a dumbass by burning all online information on yourself all at once. Have patience, this is a slow process.
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Please, lain. I need tips on how to
create a complete study setup
with the cheapest hardware on
the market.
What would be the ideal setup?
Can you help me set up
something cheap and
professional? Rpi and my best
R: 10 / I: 1

connnecting to a device on another cascade LAN

how would I do this?
I'm using a PC on the rightmost first level router and I want to SSH into a PC in the second level router. I tried port forwarding on level 2 router's firmware (port 22) but that didn't work. what am I doing wrong?
currently using a WNDR3400 with Optimum firmware and a WNDR3500 with netgear firmware.
R: 22 / I: 10

Anonymous mode

—- > Do you know any method of anonymity? < —-
—- > Any system? < —-
—- > tips? < —-
—- > Post here < —-
—- > And make cyberspace is safer < —-
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Digital Literacy

I can often hear that kids should be taught digital literacy at school, that is, fundamental skills that every computer user should know. But they rarely talk about what these skills are, and to be honest it's a hard question to answer. So what do you think, what are the skills that should be considered "digital literacy?"
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Space Exploration

As an American I find it so sad and pathetic that the U.S. doesn't have launch capacity. Since August 2011 we have literally had to hitch a ride with the Russians just to get to space. If there were some kind of diplomatic crisis between the two countries, we could lose access to the International Space Station.

How is this situation even remotely acceptable?

If you went back in time to 1969 and told the Apollo astronauts that in 2017 the United States wouldn't have the capacity to get to space, they would give you a concerned, but puzzled look and say, "What happened? World War III?"

What do you say to that?
R: 7 / I: 2

Computers and Vision

Does anyone else use flu.x or computer glasses? I know this is probably unusual, but I actually use both simultaneously. By setting flu.x to a mild hue shift I can avoid wearing those ridiculous yellow tinted glasses and opt for the more normal looking ones. They still block a lot blue light, but they don't make the whole world yellow, which makes it possible to do color sensitive work while wearing them. All I have to do is disable flu.x when entering Photoshop and other creative software.
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New mod policy for /tech/

In the interest of building a proper science and technology board, more superficial threads like the desktop and battlestation threads have been moved to /r/. We would like to encourage more serious discussion of science and mathematics. Please don't let the URI of the board stop you from making great threads on these topics. Thank you.
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How do you think Awesome and i3 compare? Granted, their problem domains are slightly different, but as Awesome was once the king of the ricer WM and i3 currently is, they are worth comparing.

I used to use Awesome. However, I eventually realized that I didn't really have the drive or skill to do anything interesting with it, beyond very basic tweaks. The next time I felt the urge to distro hop, I ended up switching to i3. I found its configuration system somewhat limiting compared to Awesome's, but I don't think that's a flaw in i3, because I've been using it for about six months now. Let me explain why that wasn't a problem.

Awesome is very much like Emacs in design philosophy. Emacs not only provides the facility of a text editor, but also an entire scripting language and a broad range of tools to extend the editor with. In effect, it's an IDE disguised as a humble text editor. Awesome, similarly, not only provides the facility of a window manager, but also an entire Lua implementation and a set of extensions to extend its window management functionality with. Like how Emacs is an IDE disguised as a text editor, Awesome is an entire desktop environment disguised as a window manager. A sufficiently tooled Awesome setup not only offers window management, but also offers a panel with a system tray and its own native widgets, a notification daemon, and third-party extensions that doubtlessly incorporate further functionality. The end result is something extremely flexible, but also massive and complex. Consider the following code, found in Awesome's default configuration file [1]:

awful.key({ modkey, }, "j",
function ()
awful.client.focus.byidx( 1)
if client.focus then client.focus:raise() end

This code snippet makes Mod+j switch focus to a different window. To do that, the user must separately declare the modifiers, the regular key, and an anonymous function that carries out the action. This complexity is good, in one sense, because it allows the user to turn complex actions into simple keybinds. But in another sense, it's terrible, because one of the simplest parts of window management can only be implemented with several lines of user-written code!

If Awesome is like Emacs, then i3 could be compared to Nano. Nano provides very basic text editing functionality: search and replace, undo and redo, cut copy and paste, and syntax highlighting. Nano is configurable, and the DSL its dotfile uses is simple. Nano lacks extensibility, however; there's not much more to it than what's offered on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Although habitual use of Nano is frowned upon (often for frankly elitist reasons), even among users of more advanced editors it has a reputation of being easy to use, and good in a pinch. Now, before we get back to i3, imagine, for a moment, a version of Nano that worked well with Unix pipes, such that one could pipe the output of a command into Nano, do a few quick edits, then pipe the results into another command. Despite how limited Nano per se is, its lack of inherent extensibility could more than be made up for by the powerful text processing tools that the Unix environment provides; after all, simple text editing tasks would be all it needed to do to excel! This is where we find i3. i3, too, has a very simple configuration file with a (compared to Awesome) limited set of commands, all of which relate directly to its core functionality. It also has simpler window management capabilities: it can move windows between and around workspaces, but unlike Awesome, it can't place tiled windows above floating windows, create window buttons, minimize windows (without a hack), or do many other things. However, unlike Awesome, the i3 developers expect and encourage users to combine i3 with other utilities. i3, by default, does not have an application launcher; its default configuration offloads this task to dmenu [2]. i3 ships with a taskbar, but i3bar is shipped as an independent utility, which merely takes an arbitrary status line and outputs it on an X display, and also provides a system tray and workspace list. (It lacks a window list.) Be default, i3bar takes input from another independent utility, i3status; however, the i3 documentation encourages the user to replace i3status with another status line utility, such as Conky. The lack of extensibility i3 can and should be compensated with through the use of other utilities, and thus the user sacrifices little or no flexibility. (i3-msg provides further flexibility, but pales in comparison to Awesome's Lua API.)

As a side note, another major difference lies between the tiling functionality of both window managers. Whereas Awesome provides a set of defined "layouts" that the user can apply to a workspace, i3's container system provides the user an immense amount of flexibility in positioning their windows. Several constructs in Awesome's API for arranging windows are totally unnecessary in i3. Although Awesome's layout system allows users to quickly change the layout of windows on the fly, and also allows greater ease in their initial placement, i3 easily beats it out in sheer flexibility.

[1], lines 169-173
[2], line 44

All the above said, I'm curious to see people's opinions on the differences between Awesome and i3. I'm also interested in comparisons between Awesome and Xmonad; their problem domain and design are much closer to each other.
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It's a special day, Apple is announcing things

So how courageous do you think they're going to be?
R: 18 / I: 0

Email providers

Hey Lains

Openmailbox has completely taken a turn for the worse. The overhauled their service and paywalled imap, and now a majority of users are also unable to send emails, login, export emails and contacts. You name it, there's currently a problem with it. I can't read new emails at the moment but that's about it. Has been like for nearly a week now. So, I'm in the market for a new provider. I don't have the time, patience, or connection to manage my own mail-in-a-box server, so I'm sticking with a provider. I'm mainly considering Posteo or Protonmail. Posteo is cheaper and has imap support, but is located in Germany while Proton is in Switzerland. Proton costs a bit more (it'd be $2 more per month than what I need with Posteo) but I don't know if it's worth it. Proton is in the process of making the app open source, will implement imap sometime soon, and seems to be more trusted by users, although there was that DDoS attack in 2015. Proton seems more reliable in the long-term to me.

What provider would you recommend? Others besides Posteo and Protonmail? What do you use personally? I'm not really interested in and would like things out of the US. Not looking to spend more than $5 per month.
R: 2 / I: 0

Can we finally use GitTorrent for its undervalued features and save with p2p storage so its not so expensive to maintain? I have 3 servers I could seed with
R: 24 / I: 2

A while back, actually some year time ago. I came across this thing called a pirate box.
"PirateBox. PirateBox is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware."

"The new Hotfix release 1.1.3 is out. This release contains RPi-Zero-W support, additional changes for reduce write cycles on the SDCard"

For some reason, I feel like putting one of these pirate boxes into my old math book or a food box.
What about you Lains, any thoughts on this technology?
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Linux Market Share on Desktop reaches 3.37%

MacOS is at 3.59%. To think Linux is beating Apple on the desktop…
R: 3 / I: 0

Peak oil

What are we going to do to preserve our lifestyle after the inevitable happens?
R: 22 / I: 1

Best linux distro for a low end laptop?

hi, Just looking for an os that doesn't need too much processing power. It would also help if it wasn't too difficult to install and get working.
R: 14 / I: 1

Digital Ocean

How can Digital Ocean afford to give such competitive prices? I'm interested in switching to a different vps provider but I'm worried that they're really just an NSA front or at the very least up to something nefarious.
R: 4 / I: 4


>Teletext is the future. It is the aesthetic of countless science fiction movies set hundreds of years from now.

>Teletext is the present. Millions of people worldwide view one of over 100 teletext services on a daily basis.

>Teletext is the past. It is a groundbreaking milestone in technology, paving the way for countless innovations in media.


Teletex Art

Teletext Block Party Editor

Tutorial on the Editor

International Teletext Art Festival

Last day of the ITV Oracle
R: 7 / I: 2

Linux Phone

What does everyone think of this Purism Librem crowdfunding project?

They're separating the phone/radio stuff from the rest of the hardware, and then putting it behind a hardware killswitch. Also wifi/bluetooth/camera are behind a killswitch. Looks like they're trying to go as open as the can with all the hardware/software.

The advice here seems to be kill-your-smartphone, but is there any appeal in having something more like this?
R: 1 / I: 1
ELI5 Perelman's proof of the Poincaré conjecture
R: 5 / I: 1

Data hunting

In this thread we post websites that hold useful or otherwise useful resources but don't directly allow downloading them, and look for a way to get the data for personal storage and sharing.
As this might be considered a wargame of sorts, I think we should use spoiler tags around the solutions when we post them.

Disclaimer that goes without saying: no personal /r/ing, doxxing, or stuff like that. Let's keep it interesting.
I don't know if we should upload the data ITT or just leave the answer so that lainons can download it on their own, What do you think?. Also, does anbody know what's this site's max file upload size?
R: 5 / I: 1
Are there any U.S. based hack/tech conventions that you'd recommend? DEFCON is obviously there, but I unfortunately couldn't attend this year. What would you recommend? I finally have some money and a means of transportation.
R: 26 / I: 1
I want to do my first PC build.

I have the basics down pat about how to safely put a computer together but need help getting pointed in the right direction of what kind of components to get…

Linux OS
Security minded so thinking of going for AMD processor
Will be doing lots of processing so will I need a good GPU?
I'd like to have 2 optic drives does Sony still make any?
maybe a medium size case so its not hard to move it from place to place

What are your thoughts /tech/?

Also I need like at least 4 usb 3.0 ports and sd car reader.
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Eschatology General

>Eschatology Listeni/ˌɛskəˈtɒlədʒi/ is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the "end of the world" or "end time".
>The word arises from the Greek ἔσχατος eschatos meaning "last" and -logy meaning "the study of", first used in English around 1844. The Oxford English Dictionary defines eschatology as "The part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind."
End-of-The-World General Discussion

What will be last to go?
I sincerely doubt it'll be the frustration of a god to bring about Doomsday, so what will? Will the frustration of a single state drive them to launch an A-Bomb? Will an asteroid deface our planet, leaving nothing of the Earth that we know? Would we have flown off this joint by then? What will happen to our world, with no people left to look over it? The Universe may well be as good as dead when there's no intelligent life forms left to see it- but don't you get just a little bit sad, knowing that our sky, the Sun, all of the stars, all of the planets, and space ITSELF will eventually disappear? The world is huge, but these thoughts all make it seem so lonely.

cool resources: (haha, even this site is slowly dying)
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Thinkpad to buy?

I'm currently looking to buy a thinkpad and throw linux on it. Which also means it doesnt have to be top tier hardware. Cuz I am in no way going to run windouche.

Please one without firewire. A lot of the older models have it.

Any recommendations for what model to buy?
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hello, lain. i like to recycle my old hardware but i'm running out of things to do with my old machines. i have plenty of servers and the like. at the moment, i'm trying to decide what to do with an ipad 3, a nexus 9 with a cracked (but usable) screen, and an old gateway mx7525 laptop that makes a terrible whining noise when the fans kick on.

i thought maybe i could host an onion site for a while on the old gateway. i can lock it away in a back room and let it run until it dies but i'm not sure what i'd host. it'd be a good way to learn how to host onions, though.

as for the ipad and nexus tablet, i'm at a loss to figure out what to do with them. i'd like to use as much free software as possible, which i understand will be near impossible on the ipad. i've already got a pirate box laying around, too.

i am considering using one of them as a dedicated e-book reader but i don't like staring at the light. security applications would be fun as well.

any ideas for what i could do with these items? what are you doing with your recycled hardware?
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What are the applications of neural networks in computer security?
R: 11 / I: 0

list reasons why you think appimages suck
ill start

>slightly different versions of the same library in each image

>Fucking huge
>security holes in outdated versions of libraries bundles as dependancies of programs.

(pic related, its scheirke banishing all the evil appimages off your machine)
R: 8 / I: 1

Wiping HDD

A friend let me part out one of his old computers and I ended up getting RAM and an HDD. He wants me to wipe it before using it. How exactly does one go about that?

The last time I did so, I used some linux live disk and some one told me what to type. I'd like to do 3 to 7 passes of random data.
R: 22 / I: 2
Ghost Access Point!

Anyone ever made something like this? I'm planning to set it up as a honeypot style system where users connect and get /cyb/ or lain style materials, try and creep out users or hand out /cyb/ music and videos on a samba share.

Thoughts, ideas what to put on there?
R: 22 / I: 2

Cheap buys and second hand tech

Recently I bought myself an old PC, second hand, to be a dedicated home server. Currently it's sitting on the DMZ of my home router and is used to host Arma 3 and Teamspeak 3 for my friends to play on. No I can't use mumble because we're using a radio mod that needs TS3 to work with Arma 3.

Server is running a free copy of Windows Server 2016 atm because that's what I'm familiar with and it was an easy install. I'm not familiar with linux servers at all so I can't really be bothered switching over. I picked it up with an old Xeon CPU, 710 GPU, 2 X 500GB HDD, Asus motherboard, case and a RAID card, all for $80 USD. What should I put my little server to use doing?

What cool things have you picked up for cheap and put to use?

Pick related, but not mine.
R: 3 / I: 0

Handheld modding / NDS Flashcarts

i recently bought a ds to recapture lost memories and play games i never would have heard of before
im looking for info on where to buy pic related or any other recommendations

also general hand-held modding thread
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There's a lot of conversation and arm waving about keeping yourself secure but most of it boils down to people yelling "Use Tor!" or "Smash your smartphone!". Let's discuss some practical (read: not perfect) steps we can take to help defend ourselves against our assumed threat models or situational use.

In my case, I've got access to a highly trusted home server, a moderately trusted office server (not related to the company I work for), and a lightly trusted public server. I've got a decrepit laptop for personal use, a laptop for work use, and a smartphone. The computers run Linux and BSD (distros are irrelevant) and my phone runs Lineage without any connected "apps" other than a web browser.

So here's a few scenarios and my responses to them:

0. Personal computing on company hardware

I keep my personal computing and work computing completely separate but once in a while I want to read some news or chat with a friend and all I have is my company laptop.

In this case, I'll either fire up a VM with Tails or I will simply SSH into one of the servers mentioned above to get things done. It's tidy enough that I'm not worried about work finding anything personal of mine. I wouldn't fret if they took the laptop from me. They're not likely to see the traffic, either.

1. Advertisers and marketing goons feeding me garbage

To avoid this, I use pi-hole and a custom hosts file to avoid some advertisers outright. I disable JavaScript by default and only selectively enable what I need. I often also browse the WWW with a text based browser.

I don't have any social media accounts and I try to limit my viewing of content from social media sites. I try to use Tor when I can to obfuscate my browsing a little further.

I use small/private email hosts that aren't scraping my messages and I use GPG when people are willing to do the same. I use XMPP with OTR/OMEMO in case that traffic is being mined for data. Sometimes I'll use Tox but I'm not sure it defends against this too well.

2. Physical theft or acquisition of my laptop

I use full disk encryption and strong passwords. That's about it. I make backups and the like but I'm not sure about the best way to expand on this.

I'm considering using a live OS full time but then I fear the hd in the laptop would go to waste. I'm not sure where I'd keep my media (pictures, books, music) but I could do all my work on the servers.

I'm also concerned about all the programs I use regularly. I don't use any web "apps", preferring local programs instead.

I'm definitely interested to hear if anyone is using a live OS full time and how you manage your programs, media, and existing storage. A live OS would give me insane portability and would negate the fear of having the laptop being stolen or tampered with.

3. My personal tracking device

I do use a smartphone. It's running Lineage without any Google programs and the only connected thing on it is a web browser, which I use lightly. I use it for sending and receiving calls, sms/mms
messages, reading books, and taking pictures.

I'm not concerned about state actors in this case. I believe it's impossible to avoid them and trying to avoid them just makes you stick out like a sore thumb. I definitely have a few text/mms messages that I wouldn't want to be seen by people other than me and the parties involved, though.

I have the phone encrypted and regularly change my pin. I keep the number of "apps" installed to a minimum and only install Free Software on it whenever possible. I make sure that the programs on it don't reach out to the Internet unless I want them to. I'll often browse using Tor if I do use the browser.

While it wouldn't run Free Software, I'm considering getting an inexpensive dumbphone for calls and messages. I could then get a digital camera and an ebook reader (preferably without networking capabilities) and cover most of my usual bases. I do have a tablet I could carry around in the interim. I'm still thinking through this situation.

If I had the dumbphone, I would consider not putting anything into the address book and regularly deleting messages after I've read or seen them and maybe wiping the call log with some regularity. I have far too much stored on my current phone.

4. Avoiding passive vulnerability scans or bot sweeps

In this case, I try to keep all my hardware up to date and use my firewall to minimize the surface area of the border of my network and my local machine. I also move things to nonstandard ports when possible and encrypt as much traffic as I can. This is all pretty basic stuff and avoiding bots isn't rocket surgery.

So there you have it, Lain. A few of my practical security measures and some of my threat models. What steps do you take in your usual computing to keep yourself safe and what are you trying to protect yourself against?
R: 3 / I: 0
The Office of Naval Research (ONR) demonstrates the Navy's electromagnetic railgun initial rep-rate fires of multi-shot salvos at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. The revolutionary railgun relies on a massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles – and at speeds that exceed Mach 6.
R: 3 / I: 0
sup /tech/

I want to run a torrent tracker. i want it to be as public as possible.

I don't want to have a website for indexing the torrents, i just want to run the tracker.

Can i do this legally with my server hosted from my closet in the USA?
R: 7 / I: 1

Perk Farming/Beer Money General

Hello, Lains. BeerMoney sites are an unconventional and decidedly cyberpunk way to make cash. Perk and Mechanical Turk are both examples of BeerMoney sites. What does your farm look like, Lain? What's your setup?

Perk is an app that pays you for allowing ads to play on your mobile devices. It can be ran on old, otherwise outdated hardware. Obviously, the more devices, the more cash you make. Clustering a large number of these together is referred to as a "farm." There are even cheap phones that can be purchased for the sole purpose of farming. If you're looking to get into the field but don't have any old mobile devices lying around, discussion of specific phones (aka which are currently the cheapest) can be found at the /r/beermoney subreddit. They've also got a "Beermoney Assist" app over there that can help dim your screens to near-off to save power and do a bunch of other helpful stuff.

Mechanical Turk is a site that pays you for doing "Human Intelligence Tasks" (HITs). You are asked to do things that computers are not currently capable of, "such as choosing the best among several photographs of a storefront, writing product descriptions, or identifying performers on music CDs." It's a bit more profefssional than other well-known BM sites, however, as it requires you to sign up for an account with a billing address.

Of course, these are only two examples and new BeerMoney opportunities come up every day.

(Pic related: Perk farms.)
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sounds like you need a better distro
have you tried arch-openrc? how about devuan?

have you tried installing the latest microcode?
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Anonymity and Security of VOIP

I have recently been looking into getting a VOIP provider, but have a few questions regarding their security and anonymity.

How secure is a call between two VOIPs?
How secure is a call between a phone and a VOIP?
How traceable would a call from a VOIP service be?
What VOIP providers respect users' privacy?

If anyone is able to answer any of these questions for me, I would be extremely grateful.
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Women in Computer Science

What the hell happened?
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serviceable speech synthesis

How far has speech synthesis come along in recent years? Is there any software that sounds better than the ivona-esque monotone stuff that we've all seen before? Vocaloid has gotten rather impressive over the years, but is there anything that can convincingly mimic the intonation of casual human speech? I'm interested in playing around with it a bit, but from what I've read before the development seemed a bit out of my league, so I was rather discouraged.
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Learning The Wired

Hello fellow Lains, I know a lot about computers and programming, but yet I lack knowledge in networking and how the Internet works. Do you know any good resources to learn these? I'm thinking about those protocols, netmasks, ports, nat etc.
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Hey Lains, I have recently set up a server on which I host my backups now. It's on my local network so it doesn't have direct access to internet. Yet it's kinda dumb that I have a 24/7 server for weekly backups. What do you commonly use a server like that for? Unfortunately mine only has about 50GB of space so I can't use it for torrenting. Pic related (yes I use that soykafty laptop)
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Tech News

Where does everyonee get their tech news?

Any mailing lists or blogs that I should check out? Maybe a site like hacker news or soylent?
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Email General

What email client do you use Lainons? Do you use webmail, native graphical client, or something in the terminal?

What email service do you use? Or do you host your own?
Kolab Now
Proton Mail

Other questions
How do you deal with GPG encryption? Do you rely on the old school web of trust or do you use
Do you read any mailing lists?
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The Threat(?) of Automation and You

How likely is your job to be replaced by automation during this century, Lain?

What are your back-up plans? What skills are you learning or what goals are you working towards to this end?

>SEO/Marketing guy

>I'll probably have a job until Google's AI is smart enough to detect and counter every technique in the book
>At least I'm not doing back-breaking manual labor at a factory job that will likely be replaced before that
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Fun with Google DNS

>ancient laptop serving as kodi box is dead, no spare hardware

>need cheap way to get some video on the tv

>get roku stick instead of a chromecast or android box, to continue avoiding all things google in personal life

>hmm this autoplaying of video and audio trailers while browsing netflix is really annoying, I wonder if there's anything in the settings that can stop that

>idly flip through all settings options

>wait what's this in network info


>oh, look at the time, it's null-route-that-soykaf o'clock

It really makes one wonder what other networked gadgets have this sort of hard-coded link to Google "eternal data retention" DNS. Fucking Roku.
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>Just take a step back and think about it. It’s the heart of the Obama administration, and it seems like much of America has forgotten about the CIA’s habit of torturing potential witnesses and orchestrating assassinations in order to stage coups in other countries. Why not steal some fuarrrking snacks, am I right?

>That’s exactly what this cabal of CIA contractors did, according to a memorandum from the Office of the Inspector General. They hacked into some CIA vending machines and stole some snacks. The operation is admirable not only because of the impressive ingenuity of those involved, but also because of the fact that nobody appears to have been tortured or murdered in the process. Yes, the government lost a few bucks due to the stolen M&Ms, Bounty bars, and possibly a Doritos bag or two. But for the most part, it seems like a largely victimless crime.

How the fuarrrk did they do it Lain?
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Study Methods

Hello, Lain. What study methods to do use to enhance your academic endeavors and promote better retension/comprehension? Does it invole the use of stimulants and/or nootropics? Any nifty little "lifehacks" hiding up your sleeve? Post it all here!

Personally, I prefer to study outside of the house. Although studying in bed is comfortable, your brain is so used to seeing your bed as a place to "relax" that it can subconsciously hinder you from functioning effectively. Being somewhere that screams "time to work!" to your brain is oftentimes an enormous boon. I normally frequent coffee shops when studying (the coffee itself can also be a nice mild stimulant).

If you have trouble concentrating don't be afraid to experiment with stimulants such as adderall. You may very well have an undiagnosed case of ADHD. I have a diagnosed case, and Adderall works wonders for it. I've never tried modafinil or adrafinil, but I've heard they can be great as well not only for ADHD sufferers but also people looking to study more effectively in general. If you're studying for a test it might be to your benefit to also take Adderall/Modafinil before the test.

I prefer to listen to music when I study, without words as the words can be distracting. Ambient stuff, Vaporwave stuff like 2814's Birth Of A New Day, or just recordings of rain/thunder.

In addition, I've gotten mildly positive results from using Spritz/Spritzlet in the past. Give it a go sometime, it just might work wonders for you. And imagine how fucking /cyber/ Spritzlet will be once it can run one Google Glass/other augmented reality headsets.

Link to Spritzlet:
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Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The other keyboard thread seemed focused on individual models of keyboards so I thought it might be appropriate to also have a thread specifically about keyboard switches. I've read that reds are more appropriate for gamers and browns are more appropriate for coders, but I'm not sure that I would agree. The reds seem better suited for faster typists regardless of purpose. What type does lain use?
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brain-computer interfaces

I've been thinking a lot about brain-computer interfaces ever since Elon Musk started backing Neuralink, but I wonder if the technology is actually viable? I mean if the idea is to keep up with AI, wouldn't AI alone still be inherently faster than AI + human? At that point we would be the bandwidth bottleneck. I think BCI is cool, but even so I just don't see how we could possibly compete.
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Anyone know of any good Gopher Servers?

I remember using it early on, its really archaic now, but still runs on nothing more than hopes and dreams.

Thoughts Lains?
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Investing in Ripple or buying Sia ?

I don't know if I should invest and buy some Ripple or buy some Siacoin for use in their very cheap and revolutionary cloud system

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This thread is about CPUs, the CPU market and news and upcoming launches to do with CPUs and other relevant products like chipsets and motherboards. While Lainons usually tend to enjoy vintage and serviceable hardware from the near or recent past, I'm sure I'm not the only one that likes flashy stuff once in a while.

I'm just gonna lay some ground rules here: I ask that in this thread there is no fanboyism or brewing soykaf, and all posts and recommendations in this thread are made with rationality and consideration. Example of a sweetpost versus a soykafpost: "I think that Skylake-X is dead on arrival. The Skylake-X six-core is heavily undercut by AMD's least expensive Ryzen eight-core, the 1700, while the Skylake-X eight-core is far more expensive than the 1800X. Furthermore, the fact that Intel uses mayonnaise rather than solder for thermal paste and the puny ringbus in contrast to Infinity Fabric means that the chips will run hot, have less overclocking headroom, and not scale well to greater numbers of cores." as opposed to "BASED INTEL AYYMD FINISHED AND BANKRUPT".

To start us off: Skylake/Kaby Lake-X vs Ryzen and Threadripper, and the new Epyc server chips.
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/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General

Looks like the market for third-party heatsinks is about to explode. Almost all of the megacorps will have all-in-one (or as close to all-in-one) headsets out by the end of the year.

In their Creators Update released last month, Microsoft gave everyone a demo of their "Mixed Reality" portal, the shell for what they're calling 'Windows Holographic." soykaf looks like fallingwater; they have even more OEM partners releasing their own headsets as soon as August.

Vive is trudging along, and we probably won't hear much from Oculus until Connect in September. But have any of you lainons been getting into VR? What are your thoughts on it, preliminary and otherwise?
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Sup /tech/

I have a vps with digital ocean and a home desktop and a work desktop.

I want to ssh from my work desktop to my home desktop, but my home desktop is behind a NAT and inaccessible. Is there a way to use the vps I have as a gateway/jump box?

What is the best way to do it, and is there a term for it? (I think I have heard people call this setup a 'bastion host')
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keybase is taking off apparently, it now has a iOS and Android app and yet things like pass and mutt don't integrate well with it, feels bad man.
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Are computers inevitable?

Inevitable in the sense that any civilization with technology approximating our own—before computers—would discover computation. This question is independent of whether their computers would be instantiated anything like those that we have designed or built. Another way to think about the question is to consider how our own history might have unfolded such that the invention of computers was accelerated or delayed. How early or late could have it been otherwise?
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There's this web serial that is completed named Worm which a few of my online friends have recommended to me. It's finished and located here:

How can I set up a rss feed where a chapter a day is pushed ?

* I'm doing this because I always read up what shows up in my rss feeds, this way I condition myself to actually finish this eventually.
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hai lainons I'm looking for a minimalist media player like mpv but with playlist in mind.Images much appreciated.
PS:big buttons and clementine are annoying as fuark now
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Rooting Android

Hello, I've been trying to root a ZTE Maven running android 5.1. I used cydia impactor, but whenever I hit start it always freezes at pushing SU temporary. Additionally, everywhere I read about it, it says to have #drop super SU su to /system/xbin/su, which is not available for me.( It says install SuperSU (aka, root my Android) Is there something I'm doing wrong, or would i be better off using a different method?
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nomx a good joke.

Hello everyone,

I came across this thing called a nomx.
As to what it is, you may ask "Nomx provides a device that you keep in your home or office for all your communication needs."


A guy named Scott Helme seems to have been doing some punches at it. Which you can read more of here.

Examples of the issues.

The code is riddled with bad examples of how to do things, and it seems was developed by one guy called 'shawn' whose name appears throughout. They narrowly avoided one persistent XSS vulnerability by stripping tags; this was followed by the comment / should we even bother? /.