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Hi /tech/, I don't usually browse this board but I think this is the most appropriate place to ask this. You see, I'm using windows at the moment of posting this but I wonder if there's and alternative more emphasized towards arts/music? I was mostly curious about Unix bc of desktop layouts like pic related, so, should I change? should I stay in Windows? Other alternatives you might know?
As you see, I'm not very versed in operating systems and computer things so I'll need a hand in this


People doing serious art stuff are usually on Windows or OSX because those are the platforms targeted by companies making professional art-making software and hardware.

As people posting after me will inevitably point out, there exist some usable or outright good free software that you may end up using, but all of those are available on Windows because they're that desperate for popularity and usage. You will also find that the more enthusiastic a poster is about hyping free software and consequently G-IBM/Linux to you, the less they know what art people need their computers for.

I'd recommend you to stay on Windows, as the fancy desktops screenshots you see are like the people of small villages were in the first half of the 20th century: in the rare occasion that a photo was taken of them, they wore their prettiest clothes. It is a lot of work to set up, and unless you limit your usage to the parts that work and look pretty, you'll be trying to make GTK2, GTK3, Qt, wxWidgets and a bunch of custom GUIs look and behave the same across Xorg and XWayland, and I can bet you they won't.


Thanks bro, I really don't know that much about tech and this helped me a bit


David Revoy is a relatively well known artist who is known for his devout usage of free software following an episode where Adobe fucked him over. His writings and tutorials might be of interest.
Krita is a pretty competent piece of software these days. GIMP is not and never will be. The device support on GNU/Linux is pretty lacking, and audio is a total mess if you're trying to produce music. But it's not at all impossible. If you want to do it on GNU/Linux, I'd use Ubuntu or Fedora because they have the best support in general. And I'd probably stick with a normal desktop environment instead of a riced out window manager.


Hi OP here, although I made this for arts in general but do you have anything more specifically on music?


You might want to look around here:


>Krita is a pretty competent piece of software these days. GIMP is not and never will be.
I don't agree with you on the last point. The purpose of GIMP isn't the same as Kritas, Krita is great for digital drawing, GIMP I agree isn't. But in other regards I think is a competent piece of software. It is true it doesn't cover every aspect of digital art software like Photoshop does for example (eg. drawing) but that doesn't make it incompetent to my eyes.


>People doing serious art stuff
>what art people need
Hey, drop your idea of "serious art".
Choosing not to use the fanciest tools doesn't make someone less of an artist.

I'm not saying OP should use FOSS, but it would depend on what exactly they want from their machine,
which they haven't really specified.

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