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I'm most likely not as well versed in technology as you all, but I recently switched to ubuntu and it was an amazing decision. Any ideas on what I should do now?


Throw your computer into trash and have sex


Just use it, don't ask for tips


What do you want to do?
Are you paranoid? Listen to The Privacy OSINT and security podcast and improve your privacy. Do you want to learn IT? Do you want to learn computer programing? Are you asking how to improve your linix experience ? What are you asking?


Op here, I honestly don't know what I'm asking in particular, just if there was anything in general I should do. I'm already using a VPN and Tor if that helps any.


Despite what the internet says, applying random ad hoc security measures without understanding what specifically you are protecting from whom is a recipe for failure.
Learning to use linux, technology, and various security tools as a hobby can lead to a carreer in IT and personal empowerment.
There is no written cyberpunk lifestyle. We have to make it up togther as a coomunity. I can't tell you how to live for you. But i can tell you a lot of 'escape the matrix' adivce is myth and not useful.
Cyberpunk/ Cryptopunk is a subculture yet to emerge.


Learn to use the terminal and then shell scripting.



If you're on arisuchan, I imagine style is your thing. Ricing you desktop is a fun pastime (and occasionally you learn something, no matter what the /g/entoo men tell you). If you don't know where to start, dzen2 and a bit of bash scripting should get you going. Try displaying something simple like the weather in your area, or your music volume or something.


Look for things that you want to
1) customize, like those cool desktops everyone shows in their threads
2) automate, thinks that you notice you do routinely and could maybe be done quicker
That would give you some ideas, from there you can search online or ask more specific questions


once ur ready get off systemDicks and unity, 14.04 LTS was the last good ubuntu


was ubuntu ever any good?

it always seemed to me like a `look, don't touch` sort of system like a windows for linux-users


anyone with sense uses xubuntu…


Early ubuntu did some things out of the box before anyone else did, helping many enjoy their first time on linux instead of "oh wow this sucks i'm out bye".

It is the distro equivalent of the that one nice person in the club who isn't too good with the activity but is very kind and makes you stay until you get to know what the club is about.


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Learn the UNIX tools quickly and mould your computing experience to what you want to do. A computer is a tool to achieve the ends you want, and as a good tool it must do its actions with as little impediment as possible to you.



don't listen to fags trying to make you install $distro, learn what you have first - coreutils, grep, awk, sed, ssh, all that good stuff


File: 1568733404154.jpg (141.69 KB, 842x720, 1567364440738.jpg)

What do you use a computer for now? What do you want to use a computer for? Can't recommend you much.

This is good. I would add a terminal multiplexer to that list. Tmux. Add any $EDITOR of your choosing. Vim is my go to but Emacs is fine as well. Knowing older editors comes in handy. Know the basic of ed/red/ex/ee.

Learning how processes work/communicate in C is a good idea. Plenty of learning resources on Github. It's first year CS stuff.

Know the basic of systemd. Getting an Arch install up and running is surely to teach you the basic. Write a systemd .service file. It gets a lot of hate but it is valuable software.

Anyone with sense knows you shouldn't trust Canonical.

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