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Kalyx ######

File: 1504377113672.png (234.28 KB, 1069x1849, lain-large.png)


I have a confession to make. I use discord. I have for months, it's a really bad habit.

I use it to keep up / chat with old internet friends I met on anime forums and sites. I don't want to lose them just yet, they're almost the only friends I have, and the only people I talk to on a daily basis.

But I want to get more into irc. In the coming months I am finally going to say goodbye to discord, because I just can't have that soykaf on my computer any longer. Does anyone know some /comfy/ irc rooms? Any topic is fine, just looking for a community I can join when I give discord the axe.

Pic unrelated, have a (soykafty) vector I made of lain


Most comfy irc channels are on smaller networks or are offshoots of existing communities. You really need to just search around yourself. #rice on Rizon isn't a bad place to start, though it has some uncomf now and then.


Smash The Stack''s used to be very comfy.


freenode/ is a good start, we tend to be pretty laid back :-)


theres never anyone there


nobody will tell you because of the nature of irc communities. you will have to find them yourself.


if you're one of the sorts of people that joins a chan, says 'hi' and /part's five minutes later you'll probably have a bad time on IRC is what I've learnt over the last fifteen or so years, unless you join part way through an active conversation. There's almost always people online.


File: 1504437879195.png (179.38 KB, 560x331, livelyimage2.png)

>Any topic is fine, just looking for a community I can join when I give discord the axe.
You're already a member of this community so why not join our IRC room?


there's mebious@Rizon, but they don't like the lainchan types, so don't act too autistic


File: 1504605717584.png (1.6 MB, 1300x3394, 1419870597971-1.png)

I can think of at least one person who tends be online all the damn time, unless shes sleeping.

But yeah IRC is an old protocol, with old ways of doing things.

Go in and say hi, and wait. People can be busy or away, someone will reply after a while.

Kinda like Ham Radio.


that's a good way of describing things actually.

Anyway, during waking hours of GMT +10 at least there's always people online ^_^



>But yeah IRC is an old protocol, with old ways of doing things.

This is one of the things that frustrates me about many tech communities using Matrix. (cough#fedoracough).

"Hey, join our awesome group of smart people using this cool new decentralized platform with a modern architecture and privacy-centric features! It's super modern and slick! Now go fiddle with frickin' nickserv, you noob, because we mandate that only people with registered nicks can chat, because we're actually just using creaky ancient IRC under the hood because a handful of influential old-timers refuse to use communicate over the internet with anything but ircII and mutt."


you have but to check under the hood and look how it's federated to see that it is anything but sleek.


File: 1504679033181.jpg (2.5 MB, 3456x2304, 3girlsandclouds.jpg)

I found a pretty comfy place, #lua on freenode. It's the room of

This site is the site that got me into programming in the first place. Just feels right hanging out there.


As far as comfy channels go, I mostly just hang around the channels for a couple other imageboards. Some of them are more comfy than others.

Freenode won't even let me connect because of my VPN.



I know it's not really. But that's the claim that Matrix advocates keep making to me when I point out its flaws.


File: 1504742386880.jpg (298.85 KB, 640x857, Mitnick-Wanted.jpg)


>vector I made of lain
well, it looks nice to me!

do you have a link to an svg or whateverformatitsin ? thanks!


File: 1504758266842.svg (591.44 KB, lainvector.svg)



Still is


[22:05] You are derezzed from this server- Your tor exit node must not allow connections to freenode (tor exit node ( Email when corrected. (2018/1/28 22.05)
ERROR: Closing Link: gateway/web/freenode/session (K-Lined)
[22:05] == Disconnected from server: Connection to IRC server lost.


File: 1517186268369-0.jpg (155.47 KB, 1520x1080, cOeU0.jpg)

File: 1517186268369-1.jpg (14.7 KB, 355x304, 41AUw0wNduL._SX355_.jpg)

>I have a confession to make
Luckily for you, the Church of Alice is forgiving and nice
>I don't want to lose them just yet, they're almost the only friends I have
Stop right there, criminal scum! You should not be using any chat client at all. It keeps you from feeling soykaf enough to finally make you go out, and find something to do in your local area which eventually leads you to meeting actual people nearby through these activities. Yet it keeps you feeling soykaf enough to be depressed and stay inside. It is not the brand that is wrong, but the entire genre.
>Cease, or the inquisition shall cleanse you


See the part titles "Accessing freenode Via Tor"


Daily reminder some of us live in the sticks, jackass.


Then grab an axe, hilly billy


Why not ask Seph to host xir own IRC server like guys at .org do?




What is a xir?


File: 1518863296873.jpg (1.29 MB, 3600x2141, crossover.jpg)

A bit of a tip from OP for anyone interested: irc rooms are everywhere. I've picked up the habit of joining all the irc rooms of all the tech sites/projects that I keep up with, along with a few others that I see mentioned around. IRC is a lot slower than the IM I'm used to; not so much because of sparsely populated channels, it seems to just be a culture thing. Typically brewing soykaf is frowned upon, which is upsetting as I've gotten really really good at soykaf posting after all these years.


It's a pronoun. Like "their" in that it's gender-neutral, but it's explicitly singular so you have less ambiguity. Pronounced like "zeer."

They, them, their.
Xe, xem, xir.
"Zee", "Zemm", "Zeer".

I'm not super fond of the weird spelling, but it's the one that's stuck, and especially in the internet age when you can't know someone's gender just by looking at them or listening to them, it's a very useful tool.


File: 1518903769245.jpg (989.51 KB, 1280x960, shakespear1.jpg)

English already has neutral pronouns for people. You just listed them. They, them, their. Hell, even friggin' Shakespeare used the singular "they" in his works of fiction. And if a word usage is good enough for him, it's good enough for me.


You can't stop womanchildren from wanting to look special. Not even Shakespeare can.


Although I appreciate what you're trying to do, singular they is already in the language and does what you want it to do. Rather than alienating people by using obscure language it seems more useful to use words that already exist.


I'm quite fond of the IRC chat zone called "".

Be warned though, it's rather gay.


How do I into irc? Like a program I need to download?who


hexchat is great for "My First Client" and if prefer using a gui.
If you like terminals, irssi has been my goto.
If you like remote clients, you can get "The Lounge" from github, node-js server you can access anywhere on the web, has a high footprint though.

if you want some sort of messages persistance though, you'll need to setup a bouncer, ZNC is fairly well known. It's basically a server that relays the messages back to your client for when you go offline on your home PC. If you trust someone to host one for you that's great, otherwise you'll need to have a linux server to host it on with a considerable uptime


you first get a client, as described in >>1852

After that, you need to connect to a network, in irssi you can connect to freenode (one of the larger irc servers) with a command like

you can join a channel (like arisuchan) by then typing (after its worked about a little):
/join #arisuchan

You can also change you name with
/nick <newname>

you can join multiple networks, and multiple channels if you want. Its overall quite nice.


>you can join a channel (like arisuchan)
We need to promote the #arisuchan channel more.


Isn't putting your own channel on some big network's server that frequently bans IPs and forbids Tor connects defies the whole purpose of decentralized independence? It's just like discord in different form. And why should we use IRC with 512-byte message limits, absence of sane file transfers, i.e. simple images and end-to-end encryption when XMPP exists? Let alone, what about asking Seph to host our very own chat server like appleman does.


>simple images and end-to-end encryption when XMPP exists
XMPP/OTR does not support end-to-end encrypted group chats.


File: 1527687505401.jpg (57.3 KB, 640x360, 160491522.jpg)

>Let alone, what about asking Seph to host our very own chat server like appleman does.
I would be willing to do this if a) there were sufficient interest and b) there were volunteers from the community to moderate it. I've been pretty busy here in CNX so I don't have much time to handle it myself even though I would like to.


>forbids Tor connects
it doesn't


we still have the matrix server

for those interested


Matrix is extremely bloated xmpp for hipsters. Why do modern kids love everything bloated, insecure and running in browser?


>running in browser
because sadly we have given up on people supporting linux otherwise, or not following EEE (lookin' at you, discord & google {talk/chat/hangouts})


I've got prosody running
if more than a few people are interested in xmpp chat I'll open up signups


xmpp registration is open.


If you're into torrent trackers and dubstep, drum & bass, jungle music I cannot recommend #deepbassnine more! Loads of fun people competent in many subjects.


Are you only using riot?
Matrix is the protocol, not the client. There's a handfew of matrix clients, and a majority are compiled desktop applications, Riot gets the star of the show only because it's maintained by the same team behind the protocol



I'm so sick of people saying "IRC is slow that is just how it is"

This was not the case previously. I used to frequent lots of channels sit in them all day long and chat for hours on end. Now everytime I try to find a new community it feels lucky if I can find one decently long conversation every 2-3 days. I am not in some weird timezone, it just feels like everyone with any energy to chat is using slack/discord/other soykaf platforms I don't want to use. Ugh.


That's why you use OMEMO with XMPP nowadays.


Can OMEMO support a usecase similar to an IRC channel or chatroom?


File: 1550867969524.png (54.31 KB, 250x188, 92ntSUV.png)

no way that bullsoykaf becomes a thing


that is a nice vector, it is certainly not soykaf


>XMPP/OTR does not support end-to-end encrypted group chats.

BULL! I use OMEMO in XMPP mucs every day.


>>1128 is a pretty comfy matrix room.


they're right though, OTR (v3) doesn't support e2ee group chats, that's why you use OMEMO

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