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Do you goes think getting a second computer specifically for working. No GPU only CPU is a good idea?

I have a powerful pc currently, but I always go back to gaming.

Just turned 24 on 02/02 and 8 months into my first programmer position. Just Trying to get my soykaf together.


I have my desktop pc and my laptop and used to work on both, but when I switched to work only on my laptop, and use my laptop as much work only tasks, my working speed went up, its kinda having your own "office" you need to have a designated space to work/study


There was a time went i had multiple computer for different job. It is practical in the sens where most your stuff is traveling with you.

The reality was that i didn't needed them so now I'm using Laptop only for work and do everything else on my Desktop.


You should be fine for most things as long as you get a proper CPU.
If you plan on doing anything intensive though (Think Machine Learning, Statistics, Image Processing, …) you will need a GPU because of its massive parallelization capabilities


Assuming you know to get a cpu with integrated graphics, then my answer is yes I think it's a fantastic idea. Personally, I don't have much experience pertaining to your question, but have seen the opinions already expressed in this thread echoed around the net quite a few times, in different capacities / pertaining to different subjects.

There seems to be this concept of compartmentalizing different areas of your life into work home social whatever whatever, and I often see people speak of seeing increased efficiency or focus. Someone in some thread somewhere said something about the separation between work and play to be crucial. Again, no personal experience in the area.


Have you considered a dual boot or vm ? These are less extreme ways to get a new environment for work that help increase the effort/friction to get away from your work.



In my experiences VM is wonderful, but it's to easy to switch back to your desktop. dual booting is wonderful because hard drive are cheap as it can be, but with newer hardware soykaf can happen.


Use an OS that's a PITA to game on. (Net|Open)BSD


>Do you goes think getting a second computer specifically for working. No GPU only CPU is a good idea?
Sure, why not. Assuming you're doing web or mobile dev.

I have a few desktop/laptops I dev on frequently. Two ThinkPads, HP laptop, MacBook, big desktop at home. Mostly use the ThinkPads. Unfortunately have to open the MacBook for iOS dev often.

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