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Kalyx ######

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Tell me about the open source hardware projects you guys find interesting, think they have potential or have contributed to.
I'll start : Some time ago I heard about the Zet CPU, it was an attempt to make a clone of the x86 but they haven updated since 2013, it's sad that happend


i find the librem 5 interesting. also, there was the socalfreenet that made better wifi networks with solar panels.

isn't x86 bad? people are all like x86, muh 64 bit but i dont see a difference, ive only heard bad things about them from professional sources.


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I like the HiFive1:

It's a development board featuring the Freedom E310, an open RISC-V microcontroller. They try to be as open as possible, but it's still not 100% since that is just not possible today. For some more details on this see:




PowerPC was pretty underrated IMO. Wish development continued on those.


You can buy a POWER-based workstation right now if you want (TALOS). Sure it's more expensive than x86 cause it's a niche product, but it exists.

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