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I hear the first place to start is with the compTIA A+ but also a few detractors , which is it?

My plans for after that are hen compTIA network+, then Linux+, Lpic-1, and last Lpic-2.
please tell me if this is the right order to become a gnu/Linux system admin.


There isnt a correct order.

Assuming your goal is to get a job as a sysadmin, my advice is this: look at jobs near where you want to work, and see if you cant find openings that look appealing to you, and see what these ask for or suggest is a plus. Maybe its Linux+, maybe its RHCSA. But whatever it is, maybe its better to try getting that first.

In the meantime, you dont need a cert to start applying places. If you have knowledge and experience, try to make it clear. Throw together a github or a blog to show your projects, and start sending resumes out. You might get lucky.

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