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I miss forum boards.

There are places like Reddit and imageboards of course but good old forums like the ones made in phpBB or Invision or whatever are the best for me.

I grew up with them and it's just not the same. I like how everything is categorized into topics and subforums and it just makes it easy to make or find a subject you want to talk about. Then there's that unique sense of community that it's really hard to find on a subreddit for example.

They're being more and more trumped by social soykaf, Reddit, and lately Discord servers, so they're not as widespread as they used to be in the past.

Does Alice still uses them in current year ? Not necessarily tech-related, just post whatever you're subscribed into.


forums are still widely used on tor


>he doesn't use wakabb


How did Reddit come to supplant most traditional forums? The site is structured as a news aggregator, yet many communities have migrated from traditional forums to Reddit, and most new communities form on Reddit as well.


I visit many of them still. No reason to visit one or the other when I can visit all of them.


Anyone got good forums to share? I know the entire point is to keep them gatekeeped to ensure quality control but if you decide to share it would be appreciated. I used to forum a lot years ago until it got shut down.


File: 1566123915408.jpg (45.89 KB, 640x362, 13530690545802.jpg)

You either were too young or are blinded by nostalgia. Forums suck, and they still do. There is no meaningful conversations on forums because they quickly turn into a factions war where one gets control of all the boards and turn them into a insider trade.
The mods are arrogant little fucks, some kind of paleo-youtubers who think they are special and hang with their friend with their differently colored usernames, they have their bunch of lapdogs and don't hesitate to abuse their power as long as others cover their backs. You have the people who are not mods but think (and are treated as ) they're special because they have an autistic post count listed under their name, who flame every newfag who doesn't blow them with no intervention at all from the mods or the admin (because they are part of "forum culture" or something). And of course you have the attention whores and their stock of lapdogs who are everything listed before but worse and who'll work hard to cement the drone insider trade nature of forums while making sure every one of their posts contain "I'm a girl btw".
The worst is that post-2008 forum drama tends to leak on other social media so you'll see people writing long rants on Twitter, factions wars extending to Facebook, etc. So sometimes your real identity becomes entangled with that mess.
Those insider trades kill all added values to forums, and make sure everyone who doesn't agree with an oldfag queen or some asshole mod are trolled until they leave, making every thread a boring place where everyone writes "mods = gods". Let's not forget that forums are wayyy slower than imageboards and that only the boring threads are bumped. You can write a long, thoughtful post in a thread only to be discouraged because there is no replies still a month later.
With all of this, there is little to no surprise that forums are dead. Before the nostalgia insider trade, around 2012, I remember how every new 4channer was saying that they were tired to get abusedly moderated on forums and that they would never leave. Forums which lasted the best are the one who chose a minimalistic approach with quick discussions on short-lived threads, which is in the end kinda akin to reddit or imageboards.
If you want to lost time on a gud old PHPBB clone, go to KiwiFarms or something where you'll be able to be another cookie-cutter member.



I like how you're talking about mods being arrogant little fucks when you're acting like one yourself.

In any case, I'm fully aware of everything you've described, but I also think that you're overgeneralizing. I'm not blaming you because I know these soykafholes are the majority but believe it or not, not every board is moderated by angsty teenagers or attention-seeking whores. Good forums are niche but they definitely exist.

I used to be on a forum which was about arcade boards and stuff. It died a while ago because the majority of members naturally went on with their lives. It was online between 2002 and 2016 and I was there 10 years or so. I don't say there wasn't any drama in these 10 years, there definitely was like any community, but overall I had a very good experience and while there was of course some heated arguments, I don't recall a time when the mods acted in a holier-than-thou manner with a member. Maybe because the community, both members and mods, was mature enough to have something else better to do than to show off on an Internet website.

What I want to say is that tyrant mods and soykafty communities are not necessarily inherent to forums only. Maybe some attributes like post count made these people more prevalent on forums than anywhere else. But I also know that my experience with that arcade forum wouldn't have been the same if it was an IRC channel, or a subreddit or whatever, because of how different they are designed compared to these. Every section has its clear purpose and threads are easily searchable, unlike a subreddit. Like I said, a good forum with a good community is rare and if I was searching for a forum just to show off my leet posting skillz or to have a dope title under my username, I wouldn't have posted here and would have probably gone to Resetera or some rathole like that.


why do you think mods here are any different ?


>why do you think mods here are any different ?
The key difference with imageboards is they are anonymous and there's no implied social ranking so the kind of cyberbullying that >>2819 is ptsd'ing about doesn't really happen unless you go out of your way to identify yourself or sperg about the same topic over and over.

Alicechan seems chilled to me. Compared to the other lainchan which is so severely over-moderated you need to scan threads to see which posts have been silently deleted since the last time you looked before hitting the reply button.


>What I want to say is that tyrant mods and soykafty communities are not necessarily inherent to forums only.
Honestly, all this stuff happens to some degree on reddit, chatrooms, discord etc. Basically everywhere where there community is big enough.
But forums are much more well-structured and categorized.


Mods are inherently retarded , and the idea behind them too.
On a non profit anonymous imageboard where every individual can remove the posts he does not want to see mods are literally glitterboys.

(Enjoy reading this today because its gonna get deleted by tomorrow)


> You either were too young or are blinded by nostalgia.
> The mods are arrogant little fucks, some kind of paleo-youtubers

You inadvertently just revealed how young you are yourself.


Your inherently retarded.

Mods on the only thing that keeps community's from turning to complete soykaf.


I dislike the fact that you can't delete your posts or account. Sure, forum culture and communities are better than Reddit (everything is better than Reddit), but their technology is still ancient.


Forums are bothersome with signing up for accounts. Even when I think to post on phpfreaks or everydaysewing or vinyl engine forums, I always sigh with the thought of even attempting to post. Imageboards are nice in a sense that you don't need any account, you can just submit your thoughts instantly sans barrier of entry.


Reddit has a really fast and easy sign up whoch is its first attraction as a forum. But the main thing with reddit is that with the aggregate style of posting its a lot like a chan where threads die over time. Mix this in with voting and suddenly you have what is essentially a chan style forum but where users self moderate.

Its really good for small communities but the raw democracy ends up fucking things up even without the unabated homosexuality that is the average redditor

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