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Ideas for new topics
If you start one of the WANTED threads, please collect your bounty let us know so we can cross it off!

You can also find inspiration for new topics by browsing the lainchan archive:


/cyb/ - cyberpunk and cybersecurity
Assange general
avoiding backtraces on images
beginner security questions
cypherpunks: cryptography
digital suicide: deleting your virtual self
encrypted synchronous communication (instant messengers)
NSA hacking tools
physical intrusion
physical security
post-quantum (computing) cryptography
practical countersurveillance
project x - titanpointe
linux hardening
online identity control
secure email providers
secure hosting providers
Snowden general
Vault 7
WHOIS damage control

/tech/ - science and technology
biological sciences general
cellular automata
chaos theory
computer anthropology and history
physical sciences general
limits of scientific understanding
mastodon social network
mathematics general
matrix protocol
mind uploading
neuroscience general: cognitive, behavioral, and neural sciences
show your bookshelf
space travel and interstellar colonization
study methods
the end: ultimate fate of the universe (physics)

/art/ - art and design
graffiti/street art
stream of consciousness thread

/cult/ - culture and media
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We are currently seeking volunteers from the community to join the staff and help moderate the board. New moderators will be assigned an "initiate" account with limited permissions, but will be expected to adhere to the same requirements we have of all staff members, namely having an active presence in the staff IRC channel and consistent activity moderating the boards. If you are interested in an interview, please contact me on IRC. Thank you.
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At this point /g/ is pretty much reddit too. It's already lost, anon.

File: 1568065746546.jpg (30.35 KB, 480x640, ratehaircut.jpg)


Show your face , Alice.
Here's mine :)
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I can't tell if you are trolling because you know this kind of comment will get our goat. I give the troll a 8/10, I'm definitely responding. On the off-chance you aren't trolling, I've gotta ask. Why on earth are you here of all places if you feel this way?


These were all posted to years ago. Most of them don't even hang there anymore. In fact, I think only phantasmo posts there these days.

Laughing-man books reviews were something else, got to read so many good books thanks to that lanky fuck.

Rant over to the few humans that will tras this thread.


>mods spamming new threads and necroing old ones just to hide their ugly faces from this thread
Give me a cyberpunk word for kek


File: 1568671816457.jpg (352.89 KB, 1080x1920, seph.jpg)


Hi Sophia

File: 1567990672035.jpg (67.31 KB, 463x200, pouet.jpg)


kewl site, barley looked around so, not even sure what its about yet โ๏∀๏ใ


File: 1568014143727.jpg (633.92 KB, 1205x798, amiga1200.jpg)

It's one of the primary sites for the demoscene, been around fir years. Revision in Germany is tge currently one the big demo party, scenesat is the demoscene streaming site.


File: 1496372090259.png (454.09 KB, 1899x943, Untitled.png)

 No.195[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I check up on this once a year or so, just to see if anyone's figured out how to get in (or if there's even anything there at all). Seems like it's changed recently, and now there's this:

"NOTE: To login you have to have an invite from an existing user. There is no use in trying to beg, ask/request for an invite, we choose our new members with care.

HINT: Love Lain, accept and confine yourself in technology, accept your faults and imperfections, learn about post-humanism and transhumanism. "

I'm so fucking curious. Anyone know anything?
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please make me a user please


plese send me an invite


the fauxx log in site is only for display. its not a real login.


Learn to read the fucking thread, we already gave you answers.


javascript and a remote server friend

File: 1568344956788.jpg (148.21 KB, 724x1024, 894ccc2ba3e2af85c1273795d6….jpg)


cough I'm going to post this in spite of the pessimistic little voice in my head telling me "Why bother" manly just to help myself formalize my thoughts, BTW Besides the fallowing being a list of things i dislike - - - to - - - -despise I'm not sure what else they have in common, IF YOU can tell what it is, that maybe there's a root to all these problems, then please let me know.

alright, things about online communities (any not just imageboards) I'm not a fan of:
1 # being unhelpful, discouraging, or answering a completely different question when replying to someones question. Like if you don't know the answer, or think the question is based on a faulty premise, or don't like how the answer might be applied, just, SHUT, UP,. you don't need to say anything. This problem is everywhere, and it is completely antithetical to productive discussion.

2 # being cynical, snide, D o o m e r, ""realistic"" isn't cool, its called being a loser, and trying to spread around your pathetic give-up-on-live-itude to others is just another symptom of your utter worthlessness.

3 # (an inability for some to be able to explore new ideas and/or cultures.) and/or (an inability for some to be able to create new ideas and/or cultures.) basically the inability to conceptualize and implement original thought, whether independently or with others. and this ties into my next point!

4 # X would work if every body got on board with the plan, everybody agrees X is a good idea, nobody does X because everybody believes that nobody else will do X, just like they believe, and in the ultimate feedback loop from hell a great idea that everyone thought was a good solution is never done, spiting in the face of collective logic.

5 # ~ NoT YoUr pErSoNeL ArMy ~ and similar attitudes. how about instead, a new methodology, i scratch your back, and you scratch mine. help each other out, Always, if you have the expertise to contribute, and at least sometimes when you your self have to learn something new to provide help.

6 # Cringe this, cringe that, HOW ABOUT !!!BARF!!! because this attitude makes me so sick to my stomach I come close to puking. "oh yeah I'm so much cooler than others, cringe oh yeah let that sweet sweet dopamine flow, I think i just moved a couple points up the social hierarchy"

Well that's whats coming to mind at a moment, I'll update thiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


> NoT YoUr pErSoNeL ArMy ~ and similar attitudes. how about instead, a new methodology, i scratch your back, and you scratch mine. help each other out, Always, if you have the expertise to contribute, and at least sometimes when you your self have to learn something new to provide help.

NYPA is a specific response given to people who show up expecting to recruit a bunch of 1337s to back them up as they raid someone else's website or otherwise infringe upon innocent lives. Personal army requests have zero to do with helping others; they are made by people too lazy to fight a fair fight.


in its proper usage that's true, but it gets thrown around in inappropriate contexts too. While I'm not going to help Alice dox someone, I'll happily enlist in a personal army for the purpose of say: liking & subscribing to someones YT channel to give it a boost, or participating in a prank on another site, or hopping in and trying out new software that's only just been released, or joining a dead community that only just cropped up. A big part of our strength is in our numbers.



>1 # being unhelpful, discouraging, or answering a completely different question

This is because people find it fun. Like they honestly find it fun to give people nonsensical or funny advice. I think it is just dumb people who come home from work or other stressors and want to have a little fun. No big deal. Much worse in anonymous places obviously.

>2 # being cynical, snide, D o o m e r, ""realistic"" isn't cool, its called being a loser,

Very true but you shouldn't dismiss it so easily. There are a lot of times I'm sure I came off that way to someone online who was about to put vast amounts of effort into a completely worthless project they won't finish. At the same time I give enormous amounts of time and effort into helping people work on projects that are objectively worth it. YOU have to judge if a person is telling you something is unrealistic or dumb because they are a loser who wants to put others down or because they are an expert that knows something is dumb from experience. Both happen with equal frequency, you be the judge.

>3 # (an inability for some to be able to explore new ideas and/or cultures.)

This is just everyone. Reflected equally IRL and in online communities.

>4 # X would work if every body got on board with the plan,

It wasnt actually that great of an idea or they would have done it. They would have gotten on board. Often people have a really hard time distinguishing stupid ideas from good ideas. This is a good metric for if an idea is stupid or not, if nobody does it or participates it was not a good idea to begin with. Even if it was a good idea, it was not a good idea in the context of THOSE people who were talking about it.

>5 # ~ NoT YoUr pErSoNeL ArMy ~ and similar attitudes.

Most people with a real life don't have time. That is all it comes down to. No mystery here.

>6 # Cringe this, cringe that, HOW ABOUT !!!BARF!!!

Cringe is cringe, and with time cringe things will be loved. It isn't a bad thing. Disco clothes and 80s neon looked cringe to most normal people during the time period. Cringe is often something different and bold that stands out from what is conventional. It is thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I agree with everything you said OP.

You may wonder, "What happened to Anon's collaborative and can-do spirit of years past?" Ill tell you what happened. They all grew up, got jobs, got husbands/wives and are now making a positive impact on their meatspace communities and workplaces. Theres only so much you can do on an imageboard. There are only so many hours in a day.

With all of the "good people" gone, that leaves all of the late bloomers (yes I still have hope for many) behind like crabs in a bucket.

Rise above, keep learning, keep loving.


> A big part of our strength is in our numbers.
I'm not sure who this first person plural refers to. If there is a "we" there must also be someone who is not we and I wonder who both are.

I also reject the implication earlier that being realistic is just an attempt to dump on people. Maybe if you set goals that have more than a snowball's chance, total strangers online who owe you nothing might be more inclined to risk wasting their time with you.

File: 1565398459021.jpg (33.81 KB, 300x450,


Hey. does anybody know how I can get a chinese phone number? (:
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oh…. thanks sooooooo helpful!


I thought that was the proper punchline and was just playing along. Similar to this one:

> Q: Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?

> A: Practice!



Where? To China?


Just search for a chinese simcard online. There are hundreds of online vendors. You can buy unlocked phones that will take Chinese sims at literally any walmart. You take the sim you bought and stick it in the phone. Couldnt be simpler bud.

File: 1547660478770.gif (61.39 KB, 400x400, 00probevoice5.gif)


Might as well, anyways, this site has 301 pages in total, I wanna search it.
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File: 1563657133933.jpeg (168.9 KB, 750x780, D87E24A5-9CD8-4388-A2C0-B….jpeg)

Angus is back in the discord server


this site had a ton of binary too, which has the same pattern of it not all being decryptable at a glance, especially considering all the repeating sequence and random 3's thrown in. Managed to sort through the stuff and obtain this so far, with some holes in what appears to be a one-sided dialogue:

"Do you think they can hear us?

There's a chance… Albeit one that's as improbable as they can get. An echo of an echo of an echo of a song, if you would.

Say no more. If there's any hope of getting through, I'll take it.Now, where to start…Her song… Finally, I can hear it completely. As the Tower is battered, while my blood runs pale, over the screams of my sisters… Yes, I can hear it… even now! And in doing so I've heard the echos of Their voices as well… It's all so much. There's too much to say, and none of its truth can be shared without hearing it. The vibrations must be felt yourself. Each word must fall through you. Eternities all compounded into a melody, the Cosmos given a voice all its own! Ah, yes, I can hear it… Which is why I'm taking this chance.

You may not hear Her song, and you may never hear our own, yet I'm going to sing it all the same.

Even if this voice of mine is warped and disfigured, even if nothing reaches you and I forget what I'm singing for, who I am!"

apologies for reviving a dead thread my guys, but I'm trying to figure this out mostly on my own without joining the discord server yet. I'm worried I'll get spoiled from most of the fun.
Here's the page I got this binary from, lmk if you want the raw info for the decoded binary ->


the second gibberish part could be run through a binary decoder twice over to give you:
"Revel in this holy, scarlet night.
Eat all beneath this starlight.
Taste blood, and grant us a Key.
Reveal the Gate, answer this plea.
Erase the ONE with your soul.
And ne'er allow it to be whole.
Tress un ellass, sol onset."

I wonder what the last verse means, if it's even a verse at that


OMG OMG that is like SO AMAZING
Can I please please pweaseeee get the invite link to your discord ? :3 :3


unfortunately, i have to tell you that angus left again.

File: 1567309110093.jpeg (233.89 KB, 1200x630, sMoKBfFQyh1u0zV2KmWLYuEy.jpeg)


Alice awakes.

July 17
3217 ¤

Everything hums, static, motion-blur, breathe in, breathe out, l o n g b l i n k.

You pull the covers off yourself, carpet comfortably squishes around your feet and in between your toes, vibrant rose light pours in to illuminate a small room: bed, desk, mirror, kitchenette. 2 doors. You stand up.

Good Morning, please vist the lobby for a free complementary breakfast.
Room service is also available at cost.
And remember all services may be accessed by keyword:Service, Thank you for staying at Royal lune.

You wait for a bell to ring in your head telling you the where,who,what,& why ….silince.

Amnisea? Really? What now?

[My commentary outside of the story will go in [ ] brackets.

Alice, I'll do my best, and try to keep things fun. Please post what action you'de like unknown-name character to take, I'll pick my favorite response. I'll try to at least reply to the story at the end of everyday, and give a heads up if otherwise.

o(≧◇≦)o enjoy!]
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You remember something; rustling through the nightstand and dresser drawer, looking for a syringe. Some part of you looks on at your self in disbelief.

wait did I even use heroin before, what the hell am i doing


you almost fall on your ass in shock as you 180 around to see who spoke.

A dragon, iridescent, opacity 87%, his eyes capture yours in a stare.

"Claude we where attacked, that much we can be sure of cause there's all the signs that an intrusion took place, I'm missing most of my memory, hows yours?"


File: 1567526090309.jpg (14.85 KB, 400x296, 0c7.jpg)

"Yeah, no memory left, no idea what's going on. But I must say, I don't think giant dogs like you are normal, that much I remember, I think…"


>get cancer


The dragons eyes narrow.
"I'm Gnod, a augmentation to whom you have been connected to since birth,
Not a dog, and entitys like me are quite typical. our security was broken through, which means that that even now we might not actually be in control, and at any moment further alterations could be made to us. even worse I cant find any indication of how we were compromised, and while its possible that who ever broke through completed their objective and then left, it isn't likely. under the circumstances our first move should be to make our way to a mendiver who might be able diagnose our current condition and create a solution."


>mom finds the crustacean cumstash

File: 1567380328961.jpg (399.03 KB, 1000x1415, 90f0bf4b0c8c4570deb747abae….jpg)


What are image bourds actually good for?
If you just want to banter: IRC, tox, telegram, discord etc…
If you want to work on a project: github,, individual project site etc…
If you want to learn: youtube, dozens of coding sites, free university courses etc…
Posting images, that's what image boards are good for. Besides that theres no real practical application. Anonymounity? 90% of the time no body cares anyway, they'll forget your user name in 2 mins, that is, even if they read it in the first place. Sure you can chat, make, and learn on image boards, but it isn't actually conducive to any of those activities. Especially compared to the alternatives. Even look at 2ch/5ch witch you might say has reached the pinnacle of what a image board can be, what have they actually ever accomplished? Is it proportional to the massive amount of time and effort people put into the site? I dont want the above to be true, but I'm beginning to think my affection for image boards has been rather arbitrary.

prove me wrong, please do.


>Anonymounity? 90% of the time no body cares anyway, they'll forget your user name in 2 mins, that is, even if they read it in the first place.
Anonymity isn't just about keeping what I do today quiet. It's also about trying to keep it quiet for a good long time. A frequently-used pseudonym is bad for that.

Two years ago, no-one gave a damn about the weird ramblings of PsychedelicWarlord, a founding member of Cult of the Dead Cow. No-one cared about digging up the identity of some kid who did a little phreaking, wrote bad teen angst poetry, then vanished off the face of the earth after a few years.

Nowadays, PsychopaticWarlord, a.k.a. presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke, is not terribly happy about his past being dug up like that.


Why it's brewing soykaf! You don't have a username so people can't single you out, categorically ignore you or anything similar. You don't have to keep a reputation, you can be absolute batsoykaf retarded trololo in one thread and be serious and constructive in another. In any scenario where you have a username, your genuine effort could be ruined by your fun time, thus you'd feel forced to behave. Besides, half of the places you mention aren't appropriate for either 1 liners or walls of text.


>If you just want to banter: IRC, tox, telegram, discord etc…
But you need specific chats and contacts and so on. I just log into discord and I dont really see anything, same with telegram.

imageboards however are always there for you, you want to talk - talk, you want to observe - observe. also there's certain timelessness to imageboards, but also ultramodern events are inevitably going to be discussed. if you want "right here right now" discussion or experience, i cant think of a better place than imageboards. e.g. active shooter somewhere, or some other HAPPENING - imageboards are always good for that, especially big ones, which are otherwise soykaf.


to commune with the zeitgeist

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