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Kalyx ######

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Comfy Gondola thread!
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Is there some kind of resource that explains how to evaluate research papers? What makes a good study, what do the different statistical measures mean, how to spot methodical shortcomings, things like that.
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File: 1499820371531-0.pdf (13.73 MB, A._N._Kolmogorov_Foundatio….pdf)

File: 1499820371531-1.pdf (2.45 MB, Edwin_T._Jaynes_Probabilit….pdf)

File: 1499820371531-2.pdf (6.31 MB, [Nelson_Goodman,_Hilary_Pu….pdf)

In my opinion this is most relevant literature concerning this subject.



File: 1499820435851-0.pdf (12.72 MB, [Carl_G._Hempel]_Aspects_o….pdf)

File: 1499820435851-1.pdf (3.46 MB, David_Hume_An_Enquiry_conc….pdf)



Thank you, that's a lot of pages. Should I read them in the order they were posted?



These are some fundamental books on methodology of scientific research (I missed popper though which is sort of important). I did this course in college and this is primary literature in syllabus. We have read individual parts from each of this books and we did one complete reading of our choice. You have to know some basics of logic and mathematics to fully understand material.

Kolmogorov and Edwint T. Jaynes - probability, statistics (edwin is secondary since theres things like bayes theorem that kolgomorov dosent cover)
Nelson Goodman, David Hume - induction and problems of induction, philosophy of science
Karl Popper (not posted) - demarcation
Thomas Kuhn (not posted) - sort of criticism of popper

I recommend that you look at specific chapters and find things that interest you - since reading everything might be overwhelming.


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What kind of content is on the laintracker? i was wondering if it was worth trying to get in.


There's a wide variety of content on laintracker: ranging from programming books to movies. The current top 10 best seeded are:
Serial Experiments Lain [1080p] (Coalgirls)
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition
What.CD JSON Backup
Low Tech Hacking: Street Smarts for Security Professionals
niles collection of images of lain
High Res Backgrounds
Humble Book Bundle: O'Reilly Unix books
Alice in Cyberland
The Sprawl Trilogy by William Gibson


How does one get into laintracker?





What happened to lain tracker?

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Sharing is caring!

3d m0d3l5

whats something you'd like to share with Alice?

I'll start with volume one of the N-O-D-E zine:
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Yeah i just stumbled across it, your right in saying its more like 4.0, just becoming more widely adopted.


i watched it, it was pretty good, i don't really understand it for soykaf though.

first episode started out slow and didn't really give a soykaf about malice or any of the other dolls but I slowly started to worry about them as it went on.

yep pretty confused.


It gets weirder and cooler. It's worth watching the rest.


Oh sorry, I meant I watched the whole thing, yeah it did get better.

Do you understand what it was about?

All I can come up with Is malice doll was inhabited by a wandering soul, the fleshy part was simply a dream when the two entity's merged (malice + wandering soul) and them gaining understanding of there new merged consisnous and the last part is that after becoming this new status of life she met the criteria to leave what was an abandoned world and move on to a different dimension, probably whatever one the technologically advanced people who built this one went too.

But really it could be that or what ever the hell else you want it to mean. story's like this sometimes seems less like a sequence of events, and more like just a set of emotional values and thoughts loosely connected.


>Do you understand what it was about?
Oh heck no. But it was fun to watch. I think it's not so much about telling a coherent story as it is asking interesting questions. "What if intelligent robot servants of humans outlive the humans?"

I think it was also intended as a "tech demo" of turn-of-the-century 3D animation techniques. If you look up Visual Sciences Laboratory, one of the production teams behind it, you'll find that they worked on a ton of big-name console videogames. Final Fantasy X, many of the Dead or Allive games, etc.

Another one of the groups behind it (Soeishinsha Co.) worked on, of all things, the Project A-ko movies. Go figure, huh?

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a new era begins
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File: 1533033246125.jpg (3.08 MB, 1991x2486, chill.jpg)


File: 1535366307725.jpg (116.37 KB, 818x918, 5f29a7844fe964d0d411787e4e….jpg)


File: 1544905105146.jpg (988.65 KB, 878x1240, ffd85c1149337eeefe7fe11f15….jpg)


File: 1557510686788.jpg (200.18 KB, 900x1600, 1d3b5d81dd2c06db3987c8237f….jpg)


File: 1566757159161.jpeg (281.86 KB, 850x1364, 470a45f6e49ced92a60782dc8….jpeg)

File: 1565055958280.png (210.74 KB, 600x2400, 08chan.png)


8chan is down, uncensorable p2p 08chan get stronger than ever.
Download the zero net client (np installation needed) :
Go there :

No ads, no bans, no bullsoykafs.
And it's fast and works very well, everyone can create his own board.
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>decentralized = slow
>privacy protection = slow
>decentralized plus privacy protection = super slow
>you need both because the software makes you automatically cache illegal content like child porn
Why not just make your epic hacktivist cyber-elite darknet brewing soykaf board text-only?


I think the reason 8chan went sour was because the mods of the two most popular boards, /v/ and /pol/, decided to heavily censor everything and promote neetsoc ideas.


I think some people in this thread have assumed a certain demographic of users of 8ch to be the culture of the general whole of the site. To which I think is quite an irresponsible statement to make.

I liked 8ch for its obscure boards, some of which might be dead now, as for some reason or another that site was the only place of congregation for those individuals with similar interests.


>>3497 8ch NS on /pol/ was 98% larpy, with several examples of known posters being teenaged jews.


Shalom, I'm not-a-jew please assist us in enslaving the (western) (and the rest-ern) world by helping us censor the noazis who resist us.

We don't need that resistance to global slavery garbage over here. (matter of fact we don't need it anywhere - only approved thoughts, and the thoughts that are approved are those that do not resist slavery)

What we need is more censorship, so only our voice is heard via the mass media, and thoroughly censored internet.

Those who don't agree with our slavery are evil haters.

Also know that hate (resistance to slavery) is responsible for censorship, not the slavers effort to enslave. We wouldn't enslave your free speech, if only you did not see us enslaving you, and say things about it….

And massed immigration (not-an-invasion), political correctness (not-slavery), and racemixing (not-taking-all-your-women-youre-just-an-incel) have nothing to do with mass shootings, it's all a bunch of evil haters who do these horrible things in the perfect and happy, sunny, and fair world we live in, which is totally free (not-jew-slavery) and fair and wonderful.

And anyone who does not think so is a noazi.m (oh and that's not extortion/PC terrorism/blackmail)

File: 1565149470771.png (105.06 KB, 600x993, Altchan Convention.png)


Pic says it all. Take care.
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>cyberpunk site which users tend to be left-wing
Speak for yourself.


Im just seeing this.
I use /po/. Please dont fucking do this to my board guys please.


8fugees not welcome, fuck off.


I'm not a leftist, I remember a couple of nonpolitical threads being derailed by anona crying that everything they don't like is reactionary and thus bad. I'm just talling fron my short experience lurking this site for some months.
It can been seen in this thread, their userbade is not liked here so they should fuck off and build a website instead of begging for it in a place where they are not liked.


based quads now if only i could get dudwheels off my home ib and to stop flooding it with fugging freddit

File: 1564521209640.png (985.14 KB, 1440x900, image.png)


Dear Ali-Sue

Did you ever quit a linux distribution over some small, tiny detail of bad engineering, lack of human attention or a weird little bug? I'm not thinking about big, general stuff like bloat or systemd, but just tiny stuff you didn't have the patience to deal with and just ragequit instead. I'm sure there has been some hilarious ones, and perhaps someone else knows a fix!

I know some of you use Debian, and every time I get autumn Touhou feels I give it yet another try (in honor of I fetch an installer, dd it on a pendrive (they don't do easy uefi boot), and see what's new (the irony is thick). Yet every fucking time while I'm searching in firefox for some keyword in some article to fix/customize something, or when I press backspace for too long in a terminal, I hear it: a loud fucking beep. These are the only times when I am reminded that my laptop, in fact, has a buzzer. I absolutely hate it, and every OS I had ever tried had this piece of soykaf disabled, used the DE's sound, a flash, or did nothing instead. But Debian just has to keep these little landmines of annoying sound behind every auto-complete, and in every text field. Fuck Debian.
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Try it in a lab first, to see if it's what you want, but
rmmod pcspkr
will get rid of any audio bells.


GNU was the first and has the biggest contributions - glibc, grub, gcc etc. which are vital. And without the philosophy you would have no fully-free OS, but lots of impostors who switch to Ubuntu and friends and get served the same proprietary crapware they did on Windows, incapable to realise why they switched in the first place.


I think the contribution of GNU is commonly misunderstood because people don't even compile their own soykaf anymore. When they hear GNU, they think userland applications.


>glibc, grub, gcc etc
These probably mattered in 1997, not today tho. Wake up.


They are still important, although Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. all work very hard to replace them with their spyware-able garbage.

File: 1564974029530.jpg (194.03 KB, 1280x720, Machikado Mazoku - 01 - La….jpg)


what anime are you watching this season, lain?
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I love it. It makes me feel all warm inside


What is it?


Lain aside, the last show I enjoyed was Fate/Zero. I can't enjoy anything made post-2012


Machikado Mazoku. very kawaii desu


I cannot remember the last new series I watched but I think I may watch Dennō Coil again. Haibane Renmei looks interesting so thanks to Alice for mentioning that.

File: 1497396032943.png (81.73 KB, 960x1047, 2017-06-14-011828_960x1047….png)


Here is mine.

Any critics ?

It is a mix between the css from and this : .

You can get it here :
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Bump for interest.

I've been thinking about making an internal domain that hosts a webpage like that. I want it to link to a variety of chans I use as well as my tech links on Pastebin. I plan on making this in HTML/CSS without any javascript for now.

I assume I can also just set Firefox to open the HTML file when I hope it by default. I'll probably do that then get a Linux domain up. I have a couple of PC's and two laptops that would be fun to manage from just one server.



Alice pls post code these all look pretty cool.



Just to get you started, I use for my home cluster (1 nas, 1 linux server, 2 laptops, 1 rpi) and it's worked pretty well. You really have to get into bash scripting everything though.


this is amazing


File: 1565267124082.jpg (60.38 KB, 650x434, krindž.jpg)


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