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Kalyx ######

File: 1565138289276.png (146.31 KB, 660x330, Screen-Shot-2019-05-23-at-….png)


Watkins said that 8chan "aggressively" complies with law enforcement. Why would he think the users want to hear that? Wouldn't most want their privacy protected, not everything handed to the FBI whenever they want?


they don't want their service to be raided

also, fuck pedos


File: 1565146481524.jpg (58.31 KB, 1008x720, coalgirls_serial_experimen….jpg)

I also fuck pedos. so basically he's bullsoykafting?


> I also fuck pedos

Because you're a child?

File: 1536620237288.gif (351.53 KB, 499x356, 2147e816f623999a9452965ec2….gif)


RIP lainchan. We're currently being invaded by /pol/ and 8chan. Hopefully this place is comfy enough to be a new home.
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If you have to fight back, the thread is already derailed. You cannot beat people with logic when they do not recognize or respect logic. Winning the debates is not important to them, all they care about it airing their opinions and having attention paid to them. All you can do is make them angry and thus make them look even stupider for passersby but that doesn't save the space from the invasion once it's occurred. Nothing does.


>nothing does
not quite. Pure hostility and mod actions can chase them off.


Implying arisuchan is a specifically left wing place….


File: 1563946805920.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 31FD7B0B-A174-4F32-BEA4-91….png)

Little do they know that will of the users of Lainchan is far stronger than /pol/ or 8chan will ever be. Lainchan will survive


File: 1564958475425.png (875.92 KB, 823x882, 34958935894389.png)

Cereal. Who is this "we" people are talking about? I'm not a /pol/tard but I'm also not some redditor pushing for SJW surveillance state.

File: 1564249507189.jpg (430.76 KB, 1413x2000, bx2pcnswd2e11.jpg)


How cyberpunk is Alice's current life?

Me: live in car, work manual labor, do tech stuff as hobby, live somewhere rural.

So I've got the poverty part down but thats about it, you guys?
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Yeah but calling it "social engineering" makes it sound like something new and elite. Other "social engineering" tactics used to fall under "being nice to people".




>permanent depression, frequent conflicts with someone's ambitions and social intrigues
>everyday coming from work from bustling neon raving district to old dilapidating suburbs, grandmas smoking on the porch in robes
>abuse of alcohol
>high-end deck that is unused
>eating the mix of high cuisine and cheap soykafy junk food


>Tens of thousands of downloads queued with no end in sight.
>Managing multiple aliases and profiles with over a half of dozen active proxy connections.
>Electronic devices used for consumed drugs.
>Cash only irl, obfuscated payment methods online.
>No physical contact with irl friends.
>Only trusted transaction with society is work, since the money comes every week. Actively avoiding everything else.
Too bad living in a VR world won't be /cyb/ since you'll be tracked down to how tight your sphincter is.


My life is not cyberpunk at all, but I know some things about cyberpunk. I suppose this is as low as lowlife gets.

File: 1564249202269.png (3.54 KB, 900x600, Russia.png)


Why Russians?

I mean it's cool but like did Seth just add a Russian board and the they just started showing up?

Does russian Алиса also participate in English threads. Or are we like to different parallel communities?


They are refugees from some Russian imageboard that was shut down.


They are in general good people.

File: 1563872390388.jpg (15.68 KB, 237x237, arisu.jpg)


We have a new server at
Now hosted on a machine with modern software and specs unlike the old one

New to matrix? Make an account and join in at

Not new? You know what to do.

Is e2e on? Yes, yes it is.


Just when I thought everything was fine the server started having crazy packet loss issues so now the server is down until I can get it going again on the new server as the networking issue couldn't be resolved.


It seems to work tho

File: 1508894470147.png (2.2 MB, 2732x1536, pippi.png)


I want to stop playing vidya and watching YT so that I can exclusively focus on my ECs and academics. As someone who has generally led an extroverted and distracted life up until now, how can I do this?
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Make a new Google account. Only watch intellectual content on there like Gregory B Sadler, Philosophytube, Cuck Philosophy, a variety news stations, lowkey news anchors, and news youtubers, etc.

Purchase yourself some readers or collections of text. Start slow and instead of watching tons of Youtube or only taking in academic content, reward/break up studying with going for a walk or watching normal youtube or playing vidya. Just take notes and track your progress so that you can get a sense of accomplishment.

Also, don't just study but make things. Write essays, poems, stories, make a website to host your content. Maybe host it on Neocities or instead build your own webserver.

It takes time and you need to go slow to avoid burnout. Spending time with others or forming study groups is also incredibly helpful.


>intellectual content on there like Gregory B Sadler, Philosophytube, Cuck Philosophy, a variety news stations, lowkey news anchors, and news youtubers, etc.
Except those are also a complete waste of time. Delete your youtube/google accounts and only watch videos when you actually need to, on a different front end.


I'd suggest using an RSS feed that opens links to a frontend like if you want comments, or just plain mpv for a comfy experience.


*RSS feed application


Theres a soykaf load of self help info out there but so much advice you'll get is just to complicated.

Keep it simple,
Just keep trying no matter what.
Even if you give up just stop giving up and try again.

Focus exclusively on spending your time productivley.

Variety is the spice of life and many old habits can be be replaced with healthier new ones:

Vidya > airsoft (good exercise and socializing)
YT > studying what ever topic interests you.
Pointless wired browsing > flashcards.

Not necessarily exactly what's above but you get the idea.

File: 1519678095341.jpg (28.76 KB, 843x428, cult.JPG)


How many lain cults are their?
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le based lain from da interwebz


There are more /cyb/ boards and sites out there, but I wouldn't describe them as lainist.



File: 1563894136623.png (1.31 MB, 635x872, 1563761759202.png)

Lain's phenomenon as a deity is tremendously interesting. Nowadays it is very similar to a highly sectarian homebrew cult, where you go to the forest, light a couple of candles, sip dirty water with unnamed mushrooms and dance naked until you fall to the exhaustion. It is faith to the lowest common denominator, where you have the image of someone attractive enough to desire it, false enough so that your conscience does not sink into fanaticism with enough will power and real enough to believe as individual and collective. Having a website anywhere is all you need as a temple and everyone does what they want indoors.

There is no unified universal system, due to the tremendous level of symbolism and hermeticism of the series, a Japanese trend that can be seen in From Software's video games, no one can have the last word of what Lain stands for. It is like a second discordant renaissance without Eris but the image of a near mute little girl from a japanese animation series from the 90s. What does Lain represent? Whatever the sectarian wants. There are people who orbit around her image to create underground societies and discuss the modern world, the technological advance of the 21st century and the promises of the future, using its tender image as a beacon in the storm to find each other in the darkness, others use her to create ponzi schemes that allow them to amass tremendous amounts of money at the expense of people's belief and faith, others simply like aesthetics. It is the hacker cult par excellence, in the same way that McKenzie says in "A Hacker Manifesto" it is impossible to define something that struggles not to be definable, so there can only exist an arrangement of narratives tending towards that touch with infinity looking for the best possible approximation to a truth.

We are entitled to do whatever we want with reality. Knowledge is for the taking. Beware of wolves.


>so there can only exist an arrangement of narratives tending towards that touch with infinity looking for the best possible approximation to a truth.

Well said, lain. Anti-dogmatic religions are the only way to really apprehend this universe.

File: 1561329174308.png (573.23 KB, 651x488, pileofstickers3.png)


What stickers do Alice have on their laptop/desktop? What do they mean to you?
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Ronsonol lighter fluid will remove any residual adhesive from a sticker. Will not work on a guitar though, as it could damage the varnish


I have some weed stickers, grinch stickers, and a cute cat on my tower. I wanna get some stickers for my thinkpads tho

My desktop isn't what's interesting though. My door is covered in a variety of philosophical, technical and related terms, and political slogans. I would post pics but it's all hand written.


I have no stickers. I don't like displaying stuff I like to other people.

Besides, I don't really care about what the computer I'm currently using looks like, as long as I can work with it.


I used to be like that too. then one day I woke up and I was putting some stickers on. With that once clean surface marred, my inhibitions nolonger carried any weight with my conscious and more stickers found their way to be stuck.

Mine are all pretty generic. an old lainchan, fsf, serial number stuff. its fun. One day I'll get a new laptop and wonder whether I'll hold out.


Depends on what the interest is. If you see someone with a Johnny Cash or Slayer sticker and even though that's your favourite artist, it's not mentionable because lots of people have that interest. If I saw someone with a Lain sticker or t-shirt that's something a lot more specific. It could be a starting point for a conversation, and a conversation could lead to something more.

> I woke up and I was putting some stickers on
So I know what you meant there but that sounds like you have a sleepwalking problem d:

File: 1492621872352.jpg (735.88 KB, 1920x1080, desktop.jpg)

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The quintessential /tech/ thread. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
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you win the thread, i wish tails would boot on my laptop


File: 1558595109911.png (399.6 KB, 1920x1080, 1558595090_0004_23.05.2019….png)


>2017/06/12 (Mon) 16:58:29


i think i used to use that same wallpaper


File: 1563403925555.png (327.08 KB, 1365x767, My desktop.PNG)

>Not using autohiding the taskbar

Yeah, y'all don't understand the concept of having multiple computers. Only one of mine runs Windows 10, not just because I got bills to pay, but also because I need to constantly use Windows to learn more for my IT job. I also need Win10 for FL Studio, sure I do use DAWs on Linux, I just work best in FL.

Unfortunately, Linux is mostly used for servers and Windows is used for desktops so that's what I have to study.


File: 1563271865746.jpg (1.67 MB, 2000x2500, praise Lain 2.jpg)


The Autism of System Space has gone too far. The aggressors on their autistic cult site have doxxed our Initiate Chan without reason, their actions leave us no option. We must expand and take our Lebensraum. We will not let these cyber-attacks go unanswered.

Initiate Chan is filled with peaceful soykaf-posters, we mind our own business, we praise Lain. Yet the Euro-cucks of SS refuse to let us soykaf post in peace. Leave our posters alone, or we will answer in return.

Let's all Love Lain-
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File: 1563328838935.png (95.26 KB, 206x214, 1538777848149.png)

Lame, why should anyone care?


File: 1563337360213.png (109.68 KB, 248x317, yeahrip.png)

Some nazi idiot board with five users got doxxed? Top kek


Something that strikes me is how this generation has managed to dominate irony and post-irony to create a pseudo religion. Is this what happens when everything that is good has abandoned us? We create our own idols, we create altars for them of whatever material and then we worship them.

It is as if worshiping gods were written in our DNA, a code from which we cannot escape not without effort, and if by those tiny possibilities of life we achieve it, what sense does it make? Not all philosophers have been against deities and I myself can be in heat for one or even two or three. Hierarchical systems are dangerous, and we well know that the reason most of us are here is because of our affinity for disobedience.


initiate is the most cucked place I have seen in years, and I had seen many.


I am kinda baffled by the sheer idiocy of today's memes. Reddit's rage comics were thoughtful work compared to this post-ironic garbage.

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