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Kalyx ######

File: 1497761866176-0.jpg (63.81 KB, 567x720, fidlar.jpg)

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Hello, Lains. This will be the music recommendation thread.

Have a band you want others to get into? Bored and looking for new music? This is the place!

Please provide the highest-quality link you can find alongside each track, if possible.

I'll go first, with FIDLAR. FIDLAR is a Los Angeles lo-fi surf/skate/whatever-punk band with an affinity for partying and recreational substance use. Their name is an acronym that stands for "Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk!"

Cheap Beer:

No Waves:


Stoked And Broke:

Wake, Bake, Skate:

West Coast:

I Don't Give A Fuck:


Crackhead Ted:

I Just Wanna Die:

The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid:


File: 1497763814140-0.jpg (260.09 KB, 1000x1000, bullets.jpg)

File: 1497763814140-1.jpg (171.19 KB, 900x900, revenge.jpg)

My Chemical Romance:

My Chemical Romance. This band gets a lot of flak for being part of the "emo" scene that spawned during the mid-2000's, but if one ignores the stigma they're surprisingly good. Their first album, I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love, contains heavy Horrorpunk (think The Misfits or The Other) influences. Their second album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, continues this theme with an evolved style of music. Their Third Album, The Black Parade, is a concept album about the mental, spiritual, and emotional journey of a terminally ill man dying of cancer. Their fourth album, Danger Days, is a Cyberpunk concept album that takes place in the year 2019, about a group of colorful rebels fighting against the tyrannical (and all-sanitizing) Better Living Industries.

(bolding indicates personal favorites)


Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us:

Vampires Will Never Hurt You:

Drowning Lessons:

Our Lady Of Sorrows:

Headfirst For Halos:

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville:


Demolition Lovers:


Helena: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1497764084843-0.jpg (424.94 KB, 1280x950, tbp.jpg)

File: 1497764084843-1.jpg (1.69 MB, 4028x2256, killjoys.jpg)


File: 1497764265955-0.jpg (262.59 KB, 1024x1024, Conventional-Weapons-1-102….jpg)

File: 1497764265955-1.png (828.48 KB, 700x700, mgmk.png)


File: 1497778658759-0.jpg (37.44 KB, 450x338, ti.jpg)

File: 1497778658759-1.jpg (159.33 KB, 700x700, tigro.jpg)

Tigrova mast - tiger balm on english. I dont know what genre this is, maybe fast psychedelic rock?

>"The trio use a lineup of bass, drums, and microkork to create short, furious fast-paced instrumental pieces that crackle with raw electricity. The bassist thrashes out wiry basslines, sometimes kicking in the distortion to create crushing chords, and wraps it all around the awesomely complex drumming that locks into repetitive, trance inducing grooves. The microkorg is pretty much the lead instrument here though, unleashing frenetic calliope-core synth leads and futuristic klezmer shredding over the rhythm sections dense, muscular progpunk attack. This is pretty blistering soykaf throughout most of the album's songs, which end of evoking something similiar to a thrashpunk incarnation of Ruins gone gypsy spacerock. Tigrova Mast also inject bits and pieces of various styles of music into their songs, everything from pop-punk, Eastern European folk melodies, and disco are combined with their hardcore thrash/prog rock fury. As crazed and technical as this debut gets though, Tigrova Mast know how to anchor their tunes with some great hooks, and this is alot catchier than you might expect. Highly recommended!"

>Toshiro Mifune meets Omar Sharif in Abu Dabi. Blood, sweat, tears, heavy licquor, sufi mysticism and extreme feelings. Riding on the desert worms. Removing the layers of reality without photoshop!!!

Music video for Ko ide po selu dobije po celu:

Tigrova mast (2007) Full album:

Kobra Svlači Jaknu (2013) Full Album :


File: 1497827080304.jpg (241.81 KB, 1200x1200, a3932796674_10.jpg)

I'll do the opposite and bring up a band that I can't recommend because I know nothing similar to compare it, yet I absolutely love it.
THYX is an Austrian guy making amazing electronic/synthrock/sometimes metalish music (in English). Website's He uploaded two new songs to bandcamp (that I couldn't get because no paypal or credit card, sucks) and they're totally orgasmic, judging from the youtube teaser. Those are at
I hope you don't like it, or you'll be in that stage where you love it but can't just look up the genre to get similar stuff.

File: 1495741796286.jpg (75.25 KB, 794x579, TRUE_HORROR.jpg)


Streaman A Strange Day: The Movie, come join the fun, lainons.

File: 1493627994527.jpg (19.85 KB, 704x400, tmp_8729-vlcsnap-000861536….jpg)



>All are expressions of their distaste for two wildly contrasting yet equally unacceptable options: Le Pen's nationalism and patriotism, and Macron's links to the financial world and the establishment.

Gee, this sounds familiar.
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>And here I thought the reason they were vilified was, you know, mass murder

Do you think the years before the revolution were all sunshine and roses for the peasant classes? Do you think that the peasants were just generally angry and prone to murder for no valid reason?

No, there's a damn good reason the revolution happened. The French aristocracy and their allies in the Catholic Church were absolutely brutal towards the peasant masses. I have zero issues with what happened after the revolution. If I had access to a time machine, I'd go back to January 20, 1793, just so I could camp out to get a front-row seat for the decapitation of that motherfucker Citoyen Louis Capet on the following day.

The Reign of Terror was like chemotherapy for France. It was awful, but it was also necessary for the survival of the new republic. The Ancien Regime cancer needed to be purged.


I do not see any reason, besides emotions and bias, that you would see anything beneficial coming from the revolution. I understand that the thought of brutal executions of people that you oppose politically and ideologically might be pleasing for some; the outcomes, however, are an entirely separate matter.
If you count not only the reign of terror, but also, say, the slaughter of Vendee, you end up with a death toll of hundreds of thousands. Needless to say, you can hardly let the mob rule murder hundreds of thousands of people and end up with anything resembling justice.
To add insult to injury, it was immediately followed up by a tyranny that has practically introduced conscription in Europe (which, I think, is even more vile than the old-fashioned slavery) and bled another hundreds of thousands of men in pursuit of its imperial dreams, and another hundreds of thousands of other nations defending from their aggression.
The reign of terror was indeed like a chemotherapy, a chemotherapy that didn't take. It was not even tailored to the receptors expressed on the tumor in the first place, had no chance of a positive result. More like, a mixture of random chemotherapeutics, all in too high of a dose, and shoved in the patient's rectum in a singular incident.



>To add insult to injury, it was immediately followed up by a tyranny that has practically introduced conscription in Europe (which, I think, is even more vile than the old-fashioned slavery) and bled another hundreds of thousands of men in pursuit of its imperial dreams, and another hundreds of thousands of other nations defending from their aggression.

Even this was still better than theocratic feudalism under an absolute monarchy. The founding principles of the republic may not have led immediately to a happy democracy, but at least modern France is far more democratic than - for example - the United Kingdom. The UK still doesn't have any sort of true constitution to guarantee rights to citizens. The French would almost certainly suffer under the same "no rights, just privileges" constitutional-monarchy bullsoykaf that the British currently suffer under, if the revolution had failed and Louis Capet had clung to power.

If it weren't for his "genocide the catholics" thing, I'd put Cromwell in the same personal-hero category as Robespierre. Cromwell had some damn good ideas. If he'd limited his killing to artistocrats and clergymen, I'd be happy to raise a glass in his honour on Victoria Day.


>Even this was still better than theocratic feudalism under an absolute monarchy.
pretty sure the Bourbons were a much slower meat grinder. If casualties per annum is a positive measurement of worse/better, then all right; other than that, you've just stated that something is "better". You have every right to find something better or worse, but you've provided no objective, or even subjective, measure of "better" along with this claim.

>but at least modern France is far more democratic than - for example - the United Kingdom.

How so?
And, if so, it results in what, exactly?
How are things being more or less "democratic" of any concern to the people? Do you disagree that democracy is simply another myth legitimizing the government? Do you believe that being forced into the military by an elected leader is somehow better than being forced by an unelected leader?
That might be an entirely different discussion that you do not wish to take part in in this context, but you seem to be operating on an assumption that there is some sort of consensus that things being democratic is a value in and of itself. I see no value in being coerced in the name of collective over being coerced in the name of the individual. Actually, to me, the collective historically seems even more merciless, blood-thirsty and trigger-happy due to its impunity in lack of personal responsibility, but that is hard to assess one way or the other, so I will leave that as an unbacked, personal opinion.

>The UK still doesn't have any sort of true constitution to guarantee rights to citizens

which results in what, exactly?
I know that the difference between that and what we're doing is only in degrees, but isn't attributing the state of modern France and Britain, which is arguably any different, directly to the existence of a monarchy in deep atrophy, or lack thereof, a bit of a stretch?
How does Sweden or the Netherlands compare to France?


File: 1494611627234.jpg (3.93 MB, 3072x2304, archdiocese of Rouen.jpg)

Occasional reminder that Catholic Kingdom France was best France.

Nothing else will ever compare to the big blue blob.

File: 1494339807828-0.png (20.03 KB, 146x242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1494339807828-1.png (41.16 KB, 400x521, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey lain, do you know what these symbols might mean? Is it japanese?


The top one looks japanese


top looks like it's supposed to be 女 (woman)the other one has a 全 in the top-right radical spot, and there's definitely a 宀 over there on the left, but can't tell what the whole character's supposed to be; kinda messy…so yeh, could be japanse or chinese who knowsalso, looks like it was probably written by somebody who doesn't actually know whichever language, as the shape all weird and the stroke order is wrong for 女


hmm, and i guess, if you squint, looks like 含 in the left one, but that would mean whoever did it wrote one of the chars backwards, depending on which is the correct way.

and also a 无 in there maybe

but yeh, my japanese dictionary doesn't have any compounds starting with 女 that look anything remotely like that, and some radical searching fruitless as well, though am admittedly bad at that.


Images are not quite clear, but this is the best i can do. Also there is a missing part that can not be seen in this images. Maybe if we can see the whole image and symbols together it has some meaning.
Thanks for your help!

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