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Kalyx ######

File: 1551540162323.jpg (34.75 KB, 810x539, 2_Momo-4.jpg)


What can we learn from the momo challenge?
Popular opinion is that its fake but does the format have a potential as something real?

YT demonetized any momo related content,
And even if there was video that actually incited self harm/dangerous acts it can be asumed it would be removed relatively quickly. But what about future platforms; especially on a freer decentralized media network could something like this actually exist?

What are your thoughts alice?
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The worst is always more look at then the best a thing can do.


peeps are using it to scare children.
And I heard someone actually listened to this soykaf and commited suicide.


its a hoax. parents who fell for it spread the news and now everyone thinks its a lot more serious than it is.


It's obviously a hoax that got milked by so called 'youtubers' for views, I'm surprised it came back into the spotlight.

I think why these hoaxes got so widespread these days is that people don't do research on their own and just share anything that fits their view mixed with people not understand technology.

Where I live, police often has to announce that claims spreading through parental whatsapp groups or facebook are fake like a 'killer clown' trying to abduct children, a child being sexually harassed etc etc.


> I'm surprised it came back into the spotlight.
I think what happened is that it slowly seeped in into the mainstream via YT and Facebook.
Sure we've seen it some months ago, but it's only now that the masses actually got it.

File: 1552072390512.png (12.24 KB, 400x400, 0308110441.png)


I work in a chinese restaurant. Gotta go to work soon. No car only a bike. It's my daily struggle for money but at least I get free food.


Mind sharing some solid recipes here? A delighted cp would recall your anon self favourably.


Very cyberpunk of you 👍


well, that was my life last year. But it was a (tiny and super messy) japanese lamen/katsu kare restaurant in my case.

Cooking and table service workers unite!

File: 1514762092124.jpg (614.96 KB, 1454x2045, 6df317d4d56e98619e6e1e199b….jpg)


Happy new year, Arisu!
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File: 1546661386714.jpg (62.68 KB, 1619x1154, PIA19401.jpg)

My New Year's Eve was absolutely incredible. I haven't posted a personal update in a long time, but things are most certainly looking up for me. I'll try to share more soon.

I have a feeling 2019 is going to be an amazing year.

Thanks, Alice.


Happy new year lainons. Better late than never.


File: 1547376830005.jpg (38.08 KB, 960x535, lolaRossiy_by_AlexisAmant.jpg)

Happy belated new year! Let's see if the future is going to be weirder than expected.


o mah gawd is dat nepgear


Cool! glad your well (:

File: 1551220868673.png (70.99 KB, 251x178, 1542638319982s.jpg.png)


Hello fellow lolicons, neets, hikkis, and overall losers. Come over to so you don't have to use a .jp imageboard like a wap.
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I was all for it until the discord. Pretty pathetic anon.


go away


File: 1551395543384.jpeg (109.82 KB, 622x462, reallyoldfantasymoviesear….jpeg)

i am proud of this community


Seems kinda like a step back, not much of a distinct culture or porpose. Also the web design is soykafty.


no theres loli porn there

File: 1551154382469.jpg (41.98 KB, 542x675, angryburg.jpg)


does anyone here know about It's a similar cozy forum with cyberpunk and futuristic elements. It has links to this game
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They are pretty neat. Good people run it.


Hosting anything *punk behind cloud furaking flairy fence is hypocrisy


I followed the site for a short period. I too was led to it through the game which it was inspired by. The threads were mostly trolling and non-serious talk though. Endless threads about whether traps were gay and Windows vs Linux. I realized that for lots of people that that site must've been their first "image board" as they were utterly unaware of the usual lingo you'd find on them ("botnet", etc.). They made their own community, which is great ofcourse. But you'll find most of them are the "Discord"-type of user.


File: 1551201489360-0.png (324.94 KB, 832x633, odd.PNG)

File: 1551201489360-1.png (344.72 KB, 815x624, odd2.PNG)

yea found it while looking through the game files.
Saw some odd pics, & wanted to search for a code (second pic) & found an old thread of people talking about the code


seems to be my impression too
They say hosting your own website takes weeks of work. If this is the level of competence there, I'll stay away.

File: 1530247270593.gif (2.18 MB, 735x479, face.gif)


Terminal 00 may be traversed by way of probes. Current [probe] classification: 00. Penetrate the depths of our pain with that, dear traveler.

Do you guy want to help [ENJOY] ? It's attracted some attention in the Fauux thread, but there's a lot here and I think it deserves it's own discussion.


He is so far as I can tell, this site is in no small part to connect to the owner's book (

While I would feign to say that preculdes it from having interesting easter eggs and messages as the fauxx site, it seems to server a highly different purpose. Its interesting, I must say–had a bit of fun digging through it a while ago–but its pure and simple a different niche. Fauxx is an alter, this is a homepage.

Nevertheless it seems probable that Nicneven is a part of this region of the Internet, he probably looked at fauxx and had partial inspiration from it, and his twitter suggests he's a fan of Lain and Yume Nikki.


What do you make of this ?
It is accessed by blog -> Archive -> Message. The post it is linked from gives some information:
A  mysterious  message  has  recently  reverberated 

throughout  the  Terminals.

Sender  /  Creator  is  [UNKNOWN]

Possibility  it  created  itself  is  0.0004% 

(Investigations  will  be  done,  and  dead  ARMs  are  now  being 
retrieved  to  pinpoint  the  message's  origin. Contents  were 
mostly  Class  D-^k{(Q)},  with  several  lines  of  outdated 
[Redacted]  as  well. A  pattern  was  found  repeating  within  the 
HEAD  of  the  message.  5,111,730  passes  were  required  to 
translate  it  into  RAW  data.)
Uploading  file  here:  [Message] 


File: 1549631383547.gif (1.16 MB, 250x300, dsd6.gif)

hello there, do you need help with this?
If your still doing it…


File: 1551137739543.jpg (7.04 KB, 180x180, cim-ra.jpg)


File: 1526817037610.png (396.66 KB, 514x614, jafshw.png)


The world of computing reminds me of the fracture that splits our society down the middle. On one side are the individualists who want to fall backward into a utopic society based on self-gratification, and on the other side are the pragmatists who view life as a process of labor, advocating a semi-collectivism based on cooperative morality. Is either right, or wrong? That these divisions exist is for the long-term view, wrong.

The left side view is that of people such as, say, those who support Open Source Software as a religious mantra. They would like a world that does not obstruct their social and personal desires, such as sexual freedom or drug use freedom or the ability to live outside conventional time management. They believe that if we achieve these things, society will automatically function in a utopic state. It sounds almost silly, but it has a vital strength: it believes in changing things toward something better. As the nerd community becomes further pinched by offshoring, contrivances of self-image will compensate. Apple users are a small but vocal and morally self-righteous section of this group (who seem to have forgotten that a "machine for the people" needs to stop hiding information and function from them).

On the right, of course, is the typical corporate employee. "We run Windows XP because it's the best option with a major company behind it," he says to your face, and you wonder why he's not embarrassed. Then you realize that he's right. His job's in the slinger if he purchases a new machine, and finds that in order to get a device driver he has to either (1) write it himself or (2) beg some guy with an identity complex to write it for him, usually in public on a newsgroup or mailing list. He doesn't want to put himself at the mercy of some of the total nutcases in the Open Source movement, and he surely won't use Apple. He is correct because Windows, with superior hardware management and very fast access to basic end user function, is what most people need and should have. They don't care of Linux has better multitasking; they don't have to beg for drivers, and someone is always answerable (and askable about) any particular function.

What crushes us is this division, as it blinds these people to their common interest. Both would like a superior tool. The nerds won't do anything for the prags, and vice versa, since the prags don't want to rely on the legendarily less-than-stable mentality Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I can't stand the web typographic. Why every single text paragraph looks like pile of orphaned crap? Why Why do old papers, magazines and books never had this kind of line breaking? All this reddit spacing and lack of tabs, uncentered titles. It's all tiresome to read. I'm glad at least arisuchan doesn't span the post blocks across all page width like other boards do, looks like soykaf on wide windows.


Basically, Varg Vikernes is right.


File: 1527684883155.jpg (6.86 KB, 185x272, images.jpg)

What happened to SR Prozak and over the years is a sad story. Their site was one of the first things I remember seeing on the www, and it was always creative and thought provoking. Eventually they succumbed to right wing ideology which they believed would eventually triumph over pussy liberalism and democracy because it was objectively provable according to their logic, so started spamming the entire internet with propaganda. When it didn't take hold as they predicted they gradually grew more and more bitter and isolated. I haven't looked at their site in ages.

Are you more concerned with the spacing than the content?>>1638


I just found after it was posted on the /b/ of a certain site. It's definitely a keener, subtler NatSoc than the ones you usually see these days.


It used to be an active community with a lot of contributors. They had podcasts before there was even a term for that (remember RealAudio?) and an active forum. It was also a place where different ideas were tossed around and hashed out. Over the years as they settled into the ideology they were most comfortable with and slowly realized that the rest of the world was not following them, they succumbed to the defeatism of everyone being stupid except them. Even if that's true, there's no point dwelling on it for a decade and a half. It also sort of shoots down concepts of "nationalism" when the rest of your "nation" are a bunch of losers in your opinion. Why continue to identify with that?

The original website was a lot of shock and gore images combined with some very interesting articles. There was a cool fiction series too about hackers which might is still around somewhere (the netzine it was part of was called The Undiscovered Country). The group even predates the www, and had a BBS community in the days of the dial-up.

File: 1549575392064.jpg (62.9 KB, 432x360, card-overwatch-7eff92e1257….jpg)


hey yall want to play some overwatch

File: 1549292571429.png (991.7 KB, 1365x663, bungei_ima.png)


File: 1546623154943.png (1.37 MB, 1919x942, Sieppaa.PNG)


I can't read this

May someone help?


Set the encoding to Unicode. In Firefox, press Alt, then in the menu: View -> Text Encoding -> Unicode.


It says "God is here."

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