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File: 1515008123949.png (857.91 KB, 600x1125, hand me the aux chord.png)


I used to download a lot of music from torrents, bandcamp, youtube rips, etc. and I just got a new phone, but when I backup and restored it none of the non-iTunes purchased songs transferred. I don't have any of the songs on my computer, and when I tried using the program I used to put them on my phone in the first place, it said I needed to buy the full version to transfer the songs to a different device. I tried other programs too and all of them were the same situation.
Is there any free way to do this? I need an answer soon because I'm going to give my old phone to my sister which means I need to wipe it clean.


Can you be a little more detailed? Are you saying you had itunes on your computer and your phone then.. is what? iphone.. android? I think it may be possible to transfer files manually from your phone to computer unless the app you are talking about encrypted your music just bcuz the people who made it are dicks which i doubt.


Just use a windows phone, you don't even need programs for this stuff.
I'm trolling but without saying anything untrue.


File: 1515513395301.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, kirino.jpg)

Sounds like a classic case of someone using both software and hardware that doesn't respect their basic freedoms. Unfortunately I have no advice other than to smarten up. Why are you using disgusting technology like this in the first place. Not only are you using nonfree hardware that won't allow you to transfer your data off of it, but you're using nonfree software that keeps vital functionality behind a paywall. Even though I think you probably deserve to lose your music, I suggest trying to jailbreak the phone, and using ssh or some other tool to transfer your files off of apple's phone.

Considering the prediciment you're in though, I'm going to take a wild guess that that isn't an option for you. Better luck (judgement?) next time.


this might sound batsoykaf to you since your used to downloading music off torrents but. I recently started paying for apple music and it synced all the music i've torrented and lets me listen to them all and all the music on apple music on all my devices. I think if you just pay for a month you can sync your music and then on your desktop download the music you've torrented to your desktop and then stop paying for it

File: 1515176690516.png (274.25 KB, 924x480, Screenshot_4.png)



there is something about both the music and the video that makes it feel uncomfortably uninspired.


It's Justin Timberlake. There's nothing authentic about him. He made his name in a manufactured boy band singing other peoples' songs, and has spent his subsequent career buying other peoples' songs and pretending to be an innovative artist. Hell, once upon a time the man bought the remnants of Myspace just to promote an album.

File: 1515115822517.png (2.55 MB, 1343x756, Screenshot_2.png)


Come to the Wired as soon as you can.

File: 1513286570822.png (212.92 KB, 680x680, 1498351479182-meta.png)


if the free internet dies, does Lain lose power/die???
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>limiting collusion and increasing competition drives cost and prices down, increasing net social surplus
this is the only real solution - make the corporations eat each other.


As long as the general public is okay with it, corporations get their money. General public doesn't care about lainchan, and anything similar with few visitors, only big ones. That's what makes them big, the general public. Anything with many visitors takes time and is not underground anymore, thus prone to bots, surveillance, stuff engineering and stupidity.

We might loose small, nice places because nobody really cares other than a few of us. As long as the majority doesn't lose its favorite small place (or doesn't care enough), this might go on. RIP some stuff.


dystopic, taking into account typical anon's hard drive capacity
also it steel depends on the boundless and fastIP-network


The network is very strong. In many countries it exists in the open because it is allowed to; if there arent active obstacles to its operation then why hide it?

Changes like reductions to neutrality and freedom, are unarguably bad. But they will have trouble killing the free net–they may make some people have trouble accessing it, and they will make it harder to find–but they will not kill it so much as push it into the shadows.

If there were a huge concerted effort to destroy the free internet, things might be different. But most of the people trying to hurt it are not out to mess things up; they're out to make money. Perhaps they dont mind hurting people, or destroying beautiful things, but that is not their motive.

Of course, this does not mean they should not be fought. But it is important to understand your adversaries.


File: 1514836059794.png (721.65 KB, 1080x746, 20180101_163849.png)

I think she is feeling bad cause of NN, today i run into pic related by random browsing.
Fuck U.S. governement, that country always was a cancer but at least on the internet there were a few cool burgers that prevented me from hating them as a category.
I hope they're not going to completely disappear now.

File: 1514164696100.jpg (127.08 KB, 720x480, Lain_s071.jpg)


Merry Christmas Lainons!

How's going your night, fellas?


It has been boring. I just cannot wait for the big day tomorrow.


sitting, alone, taking apart computers, listening to comfy music.

I think I am happy.


File: 1514226853416.jpg (331.78 KB, 1500x1500, 1514172243299.jpg)

File: 1496885091818-0.jpg (5.39 MB, 4553x1500, IMG_0521 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1496885091818-1.jpg (4.48 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0431.JPG)

File: 1496885091818-2.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2005.jpg)


Inspired by the old Vandwelling thread on oldchan, I figured I'd start off by showing my rig.

While the vehicle currently isn't set up (comfortably) for it, I generally do no more than two-three weeks at a time living out of it, my goal long-term is to rip the canopy off the back and stick something bigger on it to live out of long-term.

Generally only have an approximately 1.8m * 1.8m space in the back to 'live' in currently with enough space for me (approx 185cm tall) to sit upright in. No toilet facilities, power is combination of alternator charging and solar feeding 2x 100Ah deep cycle batteries. Distributor block feeds 12v LED panel lights and a combination cigarette lighter socket, 5v 2.4A socket and 5v 1.5A socket. Cigarette lighter socket has a 150W inverter for running the laptop off of.

All my cooking unfortunately has to be done standing outside the vehicle so it's not good for long-term stealth camping in urban areas. Truth be told I try and avoid urban areas like the plague when operating out of the truck but when I move into it full time that'll undoubtedly have to change.

Internet access is generally Cellular, although I've been dabbling a bit with APRS and satcom stuff for getting information (albeit not internet) when I'm far off into the sticks. My long-term goal is to take my trade (telecommunications/IT/networking) on the road into far remote country areas and basically fix the fuckups that other predatory businesses push on them in return for diesel, food, mechanical work, or fuck, enough money to cover those items.

Anyone else living the hobo-truck lifestyle? Have plans to? With the cost of rent rising it's starting to get more appealing to disconnect from the rat race and play the game by your own rules.
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Can you post what model vehicle that is? I really like the utility bed you had on it too, did it come with that?


Fucking first-wordlers and their cheap gasoline.


File: 1507312700996.jpg (169.27 KB, 1024x768, e3e693cf4b96dea661e255af1c….jpg)

I'd love to have one of these oldschool japanese vans which look like the young jackie chan is about to jump out from. Unfortunately I'm a family man now. I can't just leave for days camping in my van hacking someones wifi, but it'll be high on my list to do when I get a 2nd chance at life.


I've always wondered: what are the options for bathroom utilities while vandwelling? When washing your clothes you can just go to a laundromat, but where would you go if you wanted to take a shower? I've heard some people suggest getting a gym membership for this, but is there some other way of doing things?


Someone's lawn taps and hose, when they're not at home of course
Camping shower
Wet wipes
Mall toilets (can easily wash hair in a handicapped bathroom, no one will bother you)
Public baths (a common thing in some countries, same as gym)

Though, public baths (onsen, sauna) have an advantage over standard showers: you can get full soaking and scrub yourself thoroughly, plus they cost less than one-time gym visits since not all gyms have all-country franchise chain coverage.

File: 1513642864474-0.jpg (1.73 MB, 4160x2340, 20171218_181645.jpg)


What does this symbol mean? It was a tattoo on someone's ring finger.

Sorry but pic is rotated wrong way for some reason


It means "every third moon I strip naked and do a spinning headstand to communicate ass-mediated code to the Gnostic reptilian overlords in exchange for getting to keep the True Truths of this wicked 'globe'"

File: 1512913411105.gif (1.33 MB, 500x375, hNNtcoy.gif)


Flat earth theorists?
Illuminati conspiracists?
Santa claus believers?


I bet all of 'em watched anime.


Well I watch anime and believe in 0 of those things
you better hand over your spongebob gif folder kid


File: 1512923108774.gif (480.07 KB, 500x250, tumblr_nvzttiFzDK1sgq8s0o1….gif)



File: 1511659915153.jpg (20.67 KB, 320x247, page_1_thumb_large[1].jpg)


Would anyone consider working on a Arisuzine vs lainzine?

considering the fact that whoever is working on the lainzine isn't working on it.
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Why do you think a separate zine would be done faster? If you are not satisfied with the speed, contribute to the existing zine to speed things up.


The most common excuse I hear about the zine taking a long time is that the creator is busy with other stuff, I suppose lack of submits could have an affect.

Maybe everyone is right, and it would cause more problems than fix…



I would categorize them as "excuses" they do this out of pure passion for our community they're not pay for it.

You can take a look at their Github page, you can see the submits if i'm not wrong. Plus they have to correct and polish everything out of these submits it's not an easy task.


I dont know all of the people who work on the zine, nor do I know them all well, but they are people with other things on their plates. Organizing a volunteer project with multiple people who are at the same time in school, work, et cetera, and who can never meet in person, takes time.

Even if there didnt have valid reasons for slowness, the quality of each of the zines thus far seems to earn the project credit. Would I be sad if they came out faster? no, but I understand why they dont, and I appreciate the people who contribute.


>Why do you think a separate zine would be done faster? If you are not satisfied with the speed, contribute to the existing zine to speed things up.

File: 1511268643030.png (179.43 KB, 1024x946, bear_suit_lain_vector_by_s….png)


There was a thread on lainchan where some lainons tried their best to make a rap. Anyone have some of them? Especially the duck tales parody, it was really awesome.

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