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Kalyx ######

File: 1530341041252.png (612.21 KB, 1200x1697, 1485168726610-3.png)


Am I projecting when I assume that for the most part Alice's each have some coveted ideas that they'd like to be able to discuss and brain storm with others; but don't out of fear of having their ideas stolen/not credited to them?

Or am I right to make that assumption?

Basically treat this as a survey and please post weather the above applies to you or not, there will be a bias of people it does apply to more consistently replying, so pls tell me if the above isn't true for yourself.

Also (and i'm pretty sure the answers no to this)
Is there a methodology that Alice's could conduct themselves by that would allow for them to share such information with limited/no worry?
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There's this: >>>/λ/422


The trick is to just regard it as public property.


>coveted ideas
Not really ideas, but I keep my software/game concepts secret, until they're complete

>Is there a methodology that Alice's could conduct themselves by that would allow for them to share such information with limited/no worry?

This is more interesting, I share my ideas sometimes but in a very general sense, where it could be interpreted as the mumblings of a silly idea guy. I dunno what it serves.


This actually. Fuck IP. The only ones who truly have the ability to protect their "intellectual property" are corporations. The concept was made for them.


I sometimes am afraid of sharing my one big idea, mostly for not being credited and losing the kind of omnipotence that comes with it.

However, the idea is obviously bigger than me which means I never had the idea, the idea is having me. In moments of clarity when I understand the idea clearly, it doesn't really matter what happens to me, as I am just a tiny part of, a specific case of the idea.

File: 1518036607503.png (13.2 KB, 160x160, Minetest_logo.png)


I made a Minetest server. It's in creative mode with some extra privileges granted.
Port: 30000
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Who ever made that room in the cliff, spectacular. I fell in love with that. So cool.


I'm closing the server down, but I'm uploading a torrent of everything you'll need to host it yourself. On Debian, minetest.conf belongs in /etc/minetest/ and .minetest belongs in /var/games/minetest-server/. You can get the subdomain for free on I unregistered it so it's first come first serve now. Otherwise, you can change the domain.


If you need some help setting up the server, I'd be happy to help. You may also want to check the corresponding thread on lainchan.

Sorry everyone!


wish i could have played with u guys.
muh computer dont run games very well


That was me. I didn't know this site existed until guy closed down the server. I'm thinking about rehosting if people are willing to play.


Can anyone seedthe torrent? I have no way of getting the map.

File: 1525954507864.png (1.14 MB, 1024x768, lain gl.png)


How is Glitch and Ascii art made?
post art and share pls
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Sorry I dropped contact by the way, my paranoia issues started getting to me after I gave you my name lmao


its ok, its been going good. C is pretty interesting. I want to make a front end for pacman but idk if thats doable. Im just going to have to learn more and get better i guess



File: 1529089072912.png (22.77 KB, 746x328, Screenshot_2018-06-15_22-5….png)

I am making a peer to peer UI application, does anybody have lain's ascii art? Not the ones that are just converted, those are too big. It'll be released soon, kinda like a social network or a chan, but more simple and p2p, I just need to finish implementing the encryption. It could be also any cute anime girl, idk. It would be fun the ascii art of a girl waving hand and saying bye bye when you quit the program. And a Lain to be in the top of the main menu.


i was actually interested in making something like this lately but my programming skills are subpar.

File: 1506384391275.png (1.09 MB, 1280x573, Firefox_wallpaper.png)


0ch seems to be down, anybody know what happened?
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>Zeronet already has an imageboard engine (which is also called 0chan)
>Here's the git repo for the zeronet imageboard engine:
>There is now a /anarcho/ on Millchan, post there if you want
Has anyone visited? How is it? Report back with screenshots?




I went to zeronet a while ago, it felt like it had little to offer over some other darknets, lots of fun animations, but very little community. Thats unsurprising; Ive been to a lot of such nets.

but this was a few years ago, perhaps I ought to revisit the place, a giant python contraption is probably better than the giant java piles some of these are built with.

Also >>1583, why cant you go there, alice? you have a computer, and doubtless savvy enough to get out to these spaces.


File: 1526458089800.png (102.92 KB, 1279x759, anarchoshitism.png)

I don't know what you want, it's completely dead there's only two threads with 0 replies each. Because you need users to generate posts and no one in this thread decided to actually post there.


Well the requirement of a bitcoin-based overlay network is kind of what makes it not attract a large following.

File: 1526172786290.jpg (199.39 KB, 1280x720, darling-in-the-franxx-17-3….jpg)


You could throw the dice and change the chemistry your brain has become used to, and risk having all the problems steroids cause to professional athletes. But I'm already accused of autism on the chans, and I would rather be autistic , than to develop Alzheimer's and forget who I am and the people I care about.


I had a girlfriend who smoked. The reason she didn't stop was that Alzheimer's ran in her family. My brother says, sure smoking takes years off your life but it's just some of the diaper years (The Diaper Years sounds like a TV show starring elderly Fred Savage in a few decades).

I don't think too many people would disagree with you, Alice.


tfw the op spoiled the ep for me lmao. super hype now though

File: 1525910132986.jpg (100.23 KB, 477x530, tousaka e-imagejpeg.jpg)


It is all because "flaming_transgendered screeching fag" later colored in a hippy mural and resold it, but that was after it had already been scanlated. (He actually tried to take down the black and white scanlation.) If you want it in color then you could typeset it again


File: 1525911738119.bmp (1.77 MB, 532x940, lain2.bmp)

yea same

File: 1523241049755.jpg (353.02 KB, 884x670, Screenshot (39)_LI.jpg)


Trying to look for lainshrines, specifically one which had a similar homepage aesthetic to Neocities, but had a warning to turn back. Clicking the link would take you to a spoopy page. But asides that, it had some good links, and the creator liked Yume nikki,so that's a plus. I can't remember the name of that site.


The word "lainshrine" has inspired me to make one. She is my personal deity of choice after all, might as well find a way to honor her.

 No.1573, maybe?


Ya, I'm pretty sure its, which is actually how I found this place. When in a proccess of trying to 'consume the truth' finding anything to understand the site better, I eventually found the Tuski website thorugh the authors twitter, then later found myself here after trying to find out how to get my soul back after the site shut down for the first time. Yeesh, why do I have to try prepare myself for every possiblity… dam open mind.

So yeah… also aparently the author of has posted here a few times, so theres that too…


Instead of a website why not print off pictures and make a little altar out of a table in the corner of your room? By "room" of course I mean storage container, 'cuz it's cyberpunk.

If you click return to index it gives you a warning

File: 1523378318281.png (516.31 KB, 589x1005, 26.png)


I was eating a bowl of rice browsing alicechan when I put my bowl down on the table to my left and took a drink of my diet coke that was, until I put my bowl down and picked it up, on the very same table all while not taking my eyes off of arisuchan.

When I put my drink down and picked up my bowl again it was covered in hair. What the fuck just happened?


File: 1523383204020-0.jpg (94.06 KB, 506x722, 1523135922603.jpg)

You got spooked by 13th level Nz'ela demon… I don't think you have much time left


File: 1523389594124.png (1.32 MB, 1009x1004, knights-emblem.png)

It may have been the Knights.


File: 1523797586747.bmp (3.95 MB, 850x851, shirts1.bmp)



This can be spun off into a Garfield comic strip


Your hair got in it you numbskull

File: 1524179427263.png (57.42 KB, 703x425, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-….png)


For good reasons, I have to start up as a sole trader in my country.
This gives pretty great opportunity to create a 100/big 100 emoji business name that doesn't suck.
I'll have to check local trademarks of course, but otherwise I'm taking suggestions
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YOBA Incorporated


GOAT Security
Yaranai Co.
Le Coq Évident


Alphabet Inc. is pretty forboding, i think.


>Yaranai Co.
I searched this one because it sounded familiar



Kill yourself, traitor.

Name it Poser Inc.

File: 1523269447242.jpg (45.04 KB, 500x494, 51w5A O29LL.jpg)


This is a thread for anyone who has a job recommendation for Seph, I'll start:
Seph if you live in the U.S. (and maybe if you live elsewhere) I can personally attest that selling boffer weapons ( at Renaissance fairs can be very lucrative; their easy to make and the cost of materials (where just talking PVC and pool noodles and duck tape here) and booking fees (50$ to 300$ usually) for smaller shows is generally cheap.
since you sell it yourself, and most of the income is in cash I'm sure you'll realize certain implications apply.

all in all, you can usually net around 500$ to 2000$ profit per show, not bad for around a week of work.

if you're not from the U.S it might still work but you'de have to look into the particulars.
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scam normal people with ethereum giveaways


>both have awesome web design
tsuki has great style.
arisuchan is not terrible.


Just don't try the boffer thing in Europe. The scene is very different, very segregated between steel fighters and LARPers, and very quality minded. The usual EU boffer is GRP rod core, EVA foam, and a dyed latex coating.


Go to Syria and work as a mercenary.


What do you mean?
(btw i should have noted i havent done it yet, but im most likely goint to btc this summer)

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