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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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I check up on this once a year or so, just to see if anyone's figured out how to get in (or if there's even anything there at all). Seems like it's changed recently, and now there's this:

"NOTE: To login you have to have an invite from an existing user. There is no use in trying to beg, ask/request for an invite, we choose our new members with care.

HINT: Love Lain, accept and confine yourself in technology, accept your faults and imperfections, learn about post-humanism and transhumanism. "

I'm so fucking curious. Anyone know anything?
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my theory has been that this site is about pushing a philosophical incentive. the hint tells you to love lain and learn about transhumanism and all that bs and parts of the site (or maybe its a different but similar site idk this thing is kinda confusing) literally give a tutorial on how to enter what they call the wired. its basically just another way of saying astral plane or hyperspace or whatever name you want to give it, but they talk about using meditation, dissociation, psychedelics, and quite a few other methods of reaching altered consciousness. I think this is the supposed "login" to "the wired". clever it may be, it's still convoluted af.


>Love Lain, accept and confine yourself in technology, accept your faults and imperfections, learn about post-humanism and transhumanism.

Could the impossible login form be a message? A sort of koan, showing the way to truly "Love Lain"?


serial experiments lain





Before fauux changed the login page to what it is now, you used to be able to 'log in' with any username + pw: or something similar (it's been a while since I did it the first time) to that. it didn't lead you to anything but the 404 page, but it added whatever username you had used to log in to the 404 page.

With everyone saying that neocities doesn't serve dynamic content, I feel like maybe I'm misremembering something, but I definitely seem to recall that being the case….


your memory is fine, but that isn't dynamic content.

When you submit a form without any specified form action,
your browser reloads the page with the form fields added the query string.

To see try this out yourself,
go to inspect element, edit something as html, and enter in:
<form><input name="quoroy_ztroing" ><button></form>
Then, type something into the field and click the button.


I wanna be chosen im not begging I was just saying i would like to be chosen


Have you loved lain today


should we be worried or feel honored?


Good old days when the random counter was on and a comment on the source code about /a/



Well to be honest, I went exploring on this site as well. I have went deep and I feel to give you a link to what I have found. This is all I can give to support you on your exploration on W I R E D. I hope this might help.


welp we are back to node 1 i guess


When you use Inspect, Head to elements and scroll down to bottom.

(this is not a tested theory)





Not possible…
There's not a single javascript script in the login page. And neocities doesn't provide server-sided scripting.

What you're looking for probably doesn't exist, however Neocities makes backups of websites and you can easily find hidden information using neocities archive.


File: 1562538689237-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

I am lain iwakura


I don’t understand what that photo is


It is the wall you stare at when you're at the mental health level of a lain-fan


Too lazy to read this thread. What’s the status of getting in to the site?



There's nowhere to get into. It's a fake login form leading nowhere.



like uhh i had got in before before without login and i dont remembr how..


No, you did not. Shame on you for thinking you did. You just went to the 404 page



Posted on here several months back (red teeth gif) and have been working on trying to crack this site off and on since. I can safely say that the gnashing teeth is the end. Sorry guys. Nothing at the end of the rabbit hole other than a looping laugh and "You are such a loser"


File: 1565056960792.png (26.5 KB, 836x212, Capture.PNG)

faux has implied that he has some other pages still hidden somewhere that aren't using the same domain. he actually made a reddit thread a couple days back (it's deleted now) alluding to additional hidden pages again.
but other than those offsite "hidden pages" that may or may not actually exist, i would say there isn't much more unless faux starts editing the site again


File: 1565086838375.png (714.32 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (67).png)

There are three Unity projects you can download from his website. One is Club Cyberia, the other is PHANTOMa which when you make it out of the maze you are teleported into Lains room. The third I can't get to run properly and am trying to debug with Procmon and figure out what causes the .exe to crash. My suggestion, in PHANTOMa in Lains room you can see a familiar website open on Lains Navi. Extract the Unity game files and find more clues. Screenshot from in game.

Links to download games.
Scenario #1 is PHANTOMa and Lains room (as far as I can tell anyway)
Scenario #2 is Cyberia

If the downloads page looks like gibberish change your browsers text encoding to Unicode.


did anyone else find this? it keeps going everytime u click on the page


i dont know how to decode these.
what do they say?




File: 1565312948462.png (42.75 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (68).png)

If any of you were to read this thread you will find the answer to your question has already been spoken.
> did anyone else find this? it keeps going everytime u click on the page
Look at the homepage of Fauux,
>You are invisible.
>[Go visible]
Clicking on this will take you through images fauux has made.
> i dont know how to decode these.
If anything looks like gibberish change your browsers text encoding from Western (or anything else it's on) to Unicode.
> Scroll up a little bit Lains, this thread is long and a lot of your questions have already been answered.


i am searching user and id on this site, no clues


Now that's a nice looking site. Wonder what the relation is to


nvm I think it's by the same person. I actually forgot about this site, pretty comfy


Stop bumping this soykafty ass thread with "HOW DO I GET USERNAME AND PASS I WANT TO LOG IN XDDDDD". If you fucking scroll up in the fucking thread you could see that there isnt one



If you scroll up you'll see we're talking about more than just the static login page but I guess you didn't get past the "HURR DURR XDXD"
Most of the new posters haven't bothered to read past a few replies anyway. Regardless the ones who are curious about this know whats up, the rest of you well…



Well there is
>"I have many domains that I set up after the neocities page I did. Even domains directly linked to the neocities page, some of you have found the clues, most (99%) have not."
>"Thank you for your kind words.
What do you mean it is 'fake'? Maybe you have been looking in the wrong place, maybe there's a string of clues that give you a unique URL to follow… just saying ;)
What if this website is only the top of the iceberg, what if there are domains linked and intertwined, hiding in plain sight?
If you mean the visible login screen at the end of the page string thingy, it's just for show, as many of people have pointed out."

I guess we should use a different thread for the Fauux Rabbit hole instead of this one that OP focuses solely on the login page


in mobile when you start swipping the page up and down fast enough you start to see an image of lain.


please make me a user please


plese send me an invite


the fauxx log in site is only for display. its not a real login.


Learn to read the fucking thread, we already gave you answers.


javascript and a remote server friend

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