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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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>speaks for itself
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File: 1502907588840.jpg (326.84 KB, 560x3844, 1494807941989.jpg)



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Whats this mate


An out of order series of pictures, that I had to use this thread to redownload, because they were initially somewhat corrupted


It appears they are in reverse order so read from bottom to top. It did throw me off for a while.

Pretty funny though.

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Junk, if your out there… what do you know about lainzine 5 and which site is working on it?



File: 1502477714179.png (186.93 KB, 703x1200, ENLIST.png)

hi hi

so there's enough content to fill a zine and the layout is pretty far along. junk is alive but just got a job apparently and has been all busy. intron (who's been doing the layout stuff) is busy with something too (i guess?) and moving forwards now is basically just putting the rest of the stuff in its place. have been poking people a little over email etc, but don't know what's up at the moment, honestly (and have no experience with whatever layout software, so figuring that out myself would be bit of an uphill battle)

so, in the meantime, updated styling on to hopefully look a little prettier and auto-adapt to screens on telephones etc. if anyone sees an issue with that still, would totes appreciate being poked about it



hey yeah, everything shmibs said is true, job is tiring as fuck but I probably won't have it in 1-2 weeks. also, school starts around then. I'll see what I can do this weekend and on my off days, or if I don't immediately sleep after work. That's what happened Tuesday, I slept for 12 hours and then went back to work. It's been getting weird.

There is no one site working on it because the lainzine is independent of them despite what people uninvolved with the project might say about it. If you want to get involved contact us from the site email.

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Any others lains at SHA? currently 8 and counting.


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File: 1502015296907-1.jpg (241.04 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20170805_161058.jpg)


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Who's the memester advertising on the barflood wall?


that's me + OP
we're using a Golang program to generate the commands ("PX x y color"), which is then piped into netcat.
We planned on optimising a lot but we never got around to it. It sends around 200mbit/s at peak, resulting in a decent coverage.


File: 1502193194964.jpg (199.67 KB, 1280x960, pixelflood-apu-lain.jpg)

>not using syscalls to let the kernel doing the werk for you
>creating over 9001 context switches
Are you even trying?


Oh my fucking me I'm so jealous.
Wish I was there.
I really need to get out more what the fuck am I doing to myself? I've essentially isolated myself from any possible contact with like-minded people due to a self-imposed security-model bordering on clinical paranoia.
That place looks like my dreams.

File: 1494431283952.jpg (46.46 KB, 400x400, puff.jpg)


Perhaps you'd also be interested in this. I sure am, as I love MUCKs.
A MUCK, MUD, or MOO is a type of text-only virtual reality. You can write your character, write rooms, write items, and program them to do different things.
On .org's /r/, whiteline posted the following:
>I have set up a LambdaMOO server, tentatively called LainMOO
>the address is port 7777
>SSL is now running on port 7797
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I signed up for Sindome recently. It's a Cyberpunk MOO set in a massive /cyber/ arcology called "The Dome."

Check it out:



I'm happy to have players. The introduction puzzle is currently a bit hard or non-obvious but I'm working on making it less grognard.


Hey I want you to know that I love MUDs and I will connect to yours to support it's userbase, but I will not have time in the next weeks due to real life occupations (ha ha, what is real life anyways).
I hope it stays up. This is such a cool theme for a MUD, it's as if Lain was created to be played in a MUD (among other many things).
Let's all love lain.


This isn't dead, i'ts just sleeping.



Pretty much. I've had a lot to deal with over the previous month. The server does have a new domain name,, courtesy of TheStranjer.

I'll also be more active on the server for a while going forwards.

File: 1500588839391.png (Spoiler Image, 126.12 KB, 1215x394, download me.png)


Snoop was a fucking hyak all along
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Oh damn. Did Kalyx get another password-reset email? Sheesh, that guy.


Chat got purged and locked down.

It was either snoop using Tsuki's account or the Tsucc himself.


Link to thread/archive of thread, please?



Thank you, Lain!

File: 1499427097662.jpg (760.89 KB, 1180x787, kim-jong-un-donald-trump.jpg)


As you might have heard, recently North Korea has successfully test fired an ICBM and along with it came a whole soykafstorm of geopolitical nonsense. And while it isn't confirmed whether or not it has the ability to carry a nuclear warhead, judging from the speed of their development i'd say it is highly likely that those features would be complete during trump's term in office.

So, everyone's been ignoring NK all this time but now that they have ICBM's, what do you think is going to happen? Will a war actually break out or will this crisis fizz out like usual?
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>you are my enemy
This brings up an interesting topic of discussion. During a WWIII scenario, what would the general populus do with the internet? It would be drastically different than any previous world wars, as people now have friends across the globe. Would people completely disavow and sever any and all ties toward those people, or would they still remain in contact? How will this affect the general populus' opinion on the war? Will it become governments against governments against the people?


>governments against the people
this is what is happening now but I hope we would realize this and unite under one banner… but I know we are infinitely corruptible beings.



>During a WWIII scenario, what would the general populus do with the internet?

First, peering arrangements between backbone networks on opposite sides of a conflict would be severed. The populus would have no say in the matter. About the only way to communicate over the internet to someone in a enemy country would be by two-way satellite links, operated by a company in a neutral country or completely autonomously by the satellites themselves.

And you can bet your ass that the authorities in such warring countries would spend a whole lot of time and effort tracking down such satellite-internet users, because satellite links would quickly become a favourite tool of spies.


How come ISIS can communicate with the outside world?



Because insurgencies are completely different situations from traditional international wars between nation-states with well-defined borders.

File: 1496721792290.gif (964.37 KB, 500x300, 170601vxmibzzxizkj.gif)


Advice me a title.
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Not Lain


File: 1498517278025.jpg (109.41 KB, 640x818, 9088df705df76f4c66d739e848….jpg)

Bob Ross: The Man, The Legend, The Hero


Dave Holden



File: 1499478228309.jpg (507.43 KB, 1280x1280, stargarment.jpg)


can we get more traffic directed towards >>>/trap/ futa posts preferred

File: 1498902194785.jpg (33.44 KB, 260x400, 9781473217386.jpg)


Fuck, man.

Its over man.

My copy of neuromancer says 'The Neuromancer Trilogy' on the cover.


File: 1498917158818.jpg (86.49 KB, 600x680, the-oswald-band.jpg)

>My copy of neuromancer says 'The Neuromancer Trilogy' on the cover.

The correct title would be "The Sprawl Trilogy", right?


Hey Crash, sorry for the unrelated reply on this thread, but I was curious did you ever get my response to your original email regarding your 'I got some serious melancholic depression' thread in /psy?

My response came from my email "", and I also wrote a response in the thread itself too:

Anyways, just wanted to see how you were doing because I felt bad for the delayed response ;)
Please do keep in touch if you wish and I'm always willing to help however I can!


Names are randomly given to all anonymous posts, these two Cash Overrides are unlikely to be the same person.



>The correct title would be "The Sprawl Trilogy", right?

I'm not actually sure that that's ever officially been decreed by Gibson or his publishers. I think it's more of a fan term, albeit one that's pretty darn universal.

File: 1494089964639.jpg (38.89 KB, 220x287, Σωκράτης,_Ακαδημία_Αθηνών_….jpg)


please ignore economy and how it affects anything for the duration of this post.

do you guys ever feel like 'fun' has made the internet less fun? think of an internet like this:
- a library, lots of stuff to read, but you have no way to talk (discussion is separated at the least)
- academic, serious and on-topic - mailing lists or groups; well moderated
- group assignment or a school project; collaboration
- documented: every service provides good manuals of their use; they also document how they actually work, things come with source code attached; transparency, you may even look around on servers
- common sense and self-moderation; some purpose required: you can't just use the "school tools" for anything

things that are NOT present or allowed:
- for-profit activity, advertisement, buying-selling services or products.
maps, catalogs are okay thought (think of a commercial phone-book, but one where 'google headquarters' comes after 'goofy suits shop, town, country' and has the same font, etc)
- entertainment or humor
no youtube or any of its bullsoykaf (useful things hosted by sites locally); no vidya games (goodbye flash); no porn; no pointless fun-posting anywhere; no gifs; no parodies and ironies; no memes.
go out, make friends, have fun with them, joke about things with them.
- social stuff, politics
no public social media in any form. no facebook, no twitter, no such things as a public post. if you want everyone to hear you, message them one by one (and get derezzed for spam) or get on TV. if you want to be social, go out and find people, or a place where they assemble. if you want to talk politics, get out.
you can text-chat / voice call 1 on 1 or make groups chats/calls; something like e-mail for more professional/formal conversation.
- personal/identity stuff
no blogs, no neocities page, no awesome gif profile picture, no personal anime watch list signature. are you worthy of a wiki article? now you have one. are you not? fuck off, go do something with your life so you earn that wiki article, or be a cool kid in your hometown. if you have to look away from reality and customize your 'life' online, you see what actually needs fixing.
- bloatpetition
since there is time and organization, soykafty ductPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I don't remember wanting to fix it, wanting to change it, or cover anything in anything else. I'm a person interested in theory, what ifs and possibilities, not should and judgments of any kind.

>Internet is what you make of it. You choose what content you want to interact with.
No amount of avoiding or not looking at the fat on one's belly will make it go away. Every layer (users, programmers, network admins, designers, researchers, manufacturers, hardware supply chain, hardware, cables and wiring, protocols, standards, libraries, OSes, server-side software, web browsers and other clients, whatever else) is adapted to fit in with all other layers. Even if you ignore or try to rebuild from scratch one or several layers, you will have to twist and adapt them to other layers that have already adapted to the old ones you're trying to rebuild. Users will want smartphones with messenger and snapchat or Windows PCs with Office and games. Webdevs will want HTML5, CSS3 and JS. Annoying weebs will probably want torrents, Arch, emacs and vichan. Everyone will want what they already know and worked on, and so even if the whole things is built from scratch, you'll probably get the same thing.

>You proposed an internet without politics (such idealism!) and you expected to create a thread without any politics. I admire your hope but not your foresight.
I admire your eagerness to assume, but not your skill at making the right assumptions. Now that you know >>143 is not OP, let's get to

>I know, I get it, you're pissed off because whenever politics shows up on the internet it fucks soykaf up and spoils a whole thread. Don't you see that I agree?

First off, people with a knack for abstraction can easily make the statement "the current political system affects how the internet works". They don't need to talk about how this or that specific political system works to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I respectfully concede. Sorry about that.


>do you guys ever feel like 'fun' has made the internet less fun?
No, but I do think the attitude of "It's the Internet, I don't need to care about the purpose of this particular website is!" has. Or in general, the treatment of the Internet as a singular venue that curates content itself rather than a medium in which domains exists as venues, each with their own curation process. It's the presumption that any large-scale media is necessarily one defined by a monolithic culture and set of values, even when it's specifically not presented as such.

> entertainment or humor

Try getting speaking to a librarian about removing all entertainment and humor and see what they have to say about it. Humor exists even in the most academic of settings, and such aspects of human culture cannot and should be simply excluded from the technological advancement of computer networks. If anything, we ought to create better avenues for creative expression so artists can display their work with those instead of the hacked-together mess we have now.

As far as removing commercial interests goes, I do think that is partly a technical issue and part of solving it will involve a system like SAFE Network or IPFS to distribute the load of sharing content and thus reduce the need to commercialize websites by reducing the need for commercial hosting services.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter just exist because people don't know how to set up a public mailing list or IRC channel they can access from their phone. This would as well be better solved by giving people better tools that help them host things on their own instead of relying on central media distributors.

Sounds like you want to be using gopher. Go ahead and do it, it's a thing that exists and which lacks the things you don't want.

The layers you describe go deeper even than the computer hardware, to the very human culture in which computers were developed in the first place. To attempt keeping material deemed less serious offline is just another way of ignoring it. The only difference is that personal expression is simply made more difficult if Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A lot of the things you describe, OP, could be easily done by simply removing JS and CSS from the web. The web would become much more like a library.
I'd like to retain all the fun parts of the internet like IRC, MUCKs, and usenet though. But to have the web become what it is, a collection of hypertext documents, would be neat.
>well moderated
Who mods the moderators? Where do they get their authority from? Have they earnt their respect? Mods destroy more communities than not, online.
>go out
I live in a place where people are utterly different from me in ways that are unenjoyable.
>e-mail for more professional/formal conversation
Email isn't inherently formal. I use it even to talk with my friends.
>no blogs, no neocities page, no awesome gif profile picture, no personal anime watch list signature. are you worthy of a wiki article? now you have one. are you not? fuck off, go do something with your life so you earn that wiki article, or be a cool kid in your hometown. if you have to look away from reality and customize your 'life' online, you see what actually needs fixing.
Pretentious. Now you imply some people are worth more than others.


anarchism =/= communism =/= stalinism

when the government outlives its purpose and begins to rot its time for people to take matters into their own hands.

Educate yourself on anarchism, the old people here in Spain who lived for a few years under it say it was the best time to be alive. I

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