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Kalyx ######

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I'm a freshman starting out at university this year. I've been following this community for a few years now, rarely posting on the forums or lainchan back when it was run by kalyx.

Throughout high school I was the only one probably in my entire town that liked this kind of community and I pretty much expected no one else to care, but when applying for university I got really excited thinking that once I made it postsecondary I would find some people, for lack of a better term, like us.

Especially since the school I chose has a robust computer science and cybersecurity program. Instead, I visited every gathering, club, organization I've seen or read about that could have people in this niche and haven't found anyone. On the bright side, my school's cs department has a proud relationship with a prominent three letter agency as well as microsoft, google, etc.

Basically, are you out here, lains? Or are you only in the wired?
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It was the complete opposite for me.
When I started varsity 2 months back, i thought there was no such thing as an IRL Lainon, but, I found at least half a dozen right in the first week in a whatsapp group of the literary club of all places. I think I'm finally gonna enjoy school/college!


never looked for lainons irl, never found any.
there's only a handful of people in my degree program, the likelihood of any of them being a lainon is ridiculously low.


I know 3 other lainons IRL. We all moved over to applechan (and subsequently here after kalyx soykaf the bed) from /g/ when /g/ became soykaf.


Yeah but I'm not keen on going public rn


Literature student in a CS-heavy school. Not even the hacking group is /cyb/, it's all wannabe Google-employees.
I'm here though.

File: 1510688670922.png (1.6 MB, 975x1075, 1510636652803.png)


Arisu, please help me find a good domain name for my site where I'd do exercises from my uni programming course. I want to help people from my year because we have some useless bitch "teaching" us a C#. She literally does nothing except giving us papers with exercises and do not even try to explain things to people. After only if statements and data types she told them to write a calculator.
Will Arisu help me? Probably this site will be a nice project to do even after uni, as a personal blog about programming.


If it's homework you could get in trouble for it, I wouldn't recommend doing it.

As a side note, as a university student you have to get used to the idea that the main function of your "teachers" is to present the material and answer your questions. Sometimes they are nice and helpful, other times they are entirely useless. It shouldn't matter to you, you have to get comfortable with teaching yourself.


Actually I'm going to ask my teacher tomorrow if she's okay with that so I can be calm about IP.


Make it something personal maybe? Share it with specific individuals and emphasis on modifying your original code. Also talk to the Teacher about your concerns. It's YOUR money that's going the University, if you're not satisfied with the education you're receiving you're well within your rights to bring it up to the higher ups.


>After only if statements and data types she told them to write a calculator.

What more do you need?

File: 1510622775864.png (312.53 KB, 526x411, Screenshot_2.png)


>Install stayfocusd on chrome
>Block all the chans
>Left just arisuchan
>Lurk while learning assembler and assembler explotation.

Feels good.


File: 1510660644242.jpg (239 KB, 1500x733, Workstation.jpg)

It's nice to clean up clutter and stay focused. This is one of the only sites I regularly check too. Notifications from a ton of places really just got on my nerves and distracted me from work that really mattered, which is why I ended up eventually ditching my smartphone as well for a flip phone.

File: 1510178290953.png (954.95 KB, 1323x780, Screenshot_30.png)


What do you do to stay focused on what you do?
Tips are welcome.
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Methylphenidate, usually.


Modafinil to the end, alice.


I only do things I enjoy doing.


I do nothing all day and stay focused on doing nothing fine.


File: 1510436219317.jpg (74.76 KB, 250x335, enlightened.jpg)

a man of my own heart.

File: 1509571167627.jpg (1.96 MB, 2136x1424, 1508592187967.jpg)





File: 1509634356890.jpeg (24.87 KB, 490x800, received_326440281094959.jpeg)

Who doesn't want to watch a video about a pudgy and balding Allen Leech lookalike telling you about computer science?


don't tell me what to do

File: 1509372314350.gif (628.63 KB, 307x230, Pumpkin.gif)


Happy almost Halloween Alice!
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File: 1509480579738.jpg (510.47 KB, 1200x1277, 34577728_p0.jpg)

I've never celebrated Halloween before and there's not much point in starting when I'm already an adult. The most I've ever done is attending a costume party at the age of 9.

>I'm going to stay at home and eat candy.

That's what I do everyday


File: 1509481663935.jpg (136.69 KB, 877x1199, 5fgl66zj7aqz.jpg)


I always wondered, do these girls also have ordinary human ears under their hair or no?


Happy Halloween. Spooky month but not a spooky day.


I think in Touhou they have "extra ears" but it's not an universal rule.

File: 1507347728610.jpg (349.76 KB, 2560x1600, r8PjKIn.jpg)


Not sure if this is the right board but let's discuss and share stuff about stoicism. I like the concept of thinking and dwelling on the worst possible future and not being fazed by whatever happens in life. Which philosopher should I start with?
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For Stoic philosophy, Plutarch has always been a favorite of mine. Particularly the confluence of Stoicism and Middle Platonism we see in his Moralia.


Start with yourself.


Moved the thread from /cult/ to /r/. The title "miscellaneous" should not be taken to mean low-quality.


It's good to read Seneca if you, like myself, like stoicism. I would add, that stoicism is not pessimism, but you already know that. Do not dwell too much in the worst case scenario. The usual human is stoic when confronted with a bad reality, and epicurean or edonist when the pleasure is right next to him. Casanova was really stoic in prison, and I admire him for that, he never gave up. Then, when he was free, he was edonism made human, without letting his underlying stoicism take over his life, making him live with no pleasures etc. But I'm digressing now.
I'm now living in my house for at least one year and a half cause my family and I have no money for a trasportation and I can't see my friends and girls like that,. I miss everything. I miss sex so much, I miss beer, I miss laughing with my friends, but I have found little pleasure even in my home. Thank god I can steal wi-fi. I'm hoarding PDF and books so I don't have to rely on wi-fi. See? a little part of stoicism. Enjoy philosophy my friend!


I'm also interested in Stoicism. Decided to buy "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius yesterday and I'm enjoying it so far!

File: 1507943926247.gif (989.98 KB, 500x328, b8b9bddf7a817229a4a8425652….gif)


Hey, Alice. I wanted to stream SEL for everyone tonight like I said I would, but I'm dissociating really hard and am not really in a state of mind to watch it myself. In light of this, I won't be participating in chat or streaming from my typical streaming setup so the quality will be reduced.

If you don't mind watching it in 540p, but still want to watch it together, I'll be streaming it at [web player] or
[your media player] for RTMP/Flash (4s delay) and multicast to [web player] or
[your media player] for HLS (30s delay).

I'm not in a mood to argue about Flash and I'm not going to explain why we can't do HLS on arisuchanTV at the moment.

Anyways, sorry to miss it and maybe I'll watch it with y'all next week… I want to do a SEL "study/analysis" group anyways (post on that soon)!

I hope you enjoy it together!


Thanks. I forgot about how esoteric this show was.


Get well soon

File: 1495883956047.jpg (43.02 KB, 610x364, 1969_(Stargate_SG-1).jpg)


I know, I'm about two decades late. But I'd never seen it before. I mostly like it.


I'm about halfway through the first season, and I gotta ask… when do they stop using the tired old "Oh no, we've brought back some mystery disease from that random planet we just visited, will we be able to find a cure in 45 minutes" plot line?

Because it's getting a little stale. And if half the entire show is "let's spend time looking at computer monitors and pretending we're solving medical problems to save on the show budget because bottle episodes are cheap" nonsense, then I feel like I should stop right here.


It's all about the Vorlons….
And a little bit about the shadows….

I guess it was the first heavy CG show (ever)…


Got my shows mixed up - doh … too much breakfast crack!


Season 2, about half way though, like any series.


Be sure to start Stargate Atlantis after season 7-ish and watch it in tandem with sg1


They move on, don't worry. It's a pretty good show, albeit a bit campy. But it's fun.

It's been so long since I've seen season one I very nearly forgot Daniel had longer hair.

File: 1507508510296-0.jpg (45.49 KB, 829x500, ipod.jpg)

File: 1507508510296-1.jpg (55.24 KB, 660x403, qq84vcinutnwgugdd7c6_tumb_….jpg)


post 2000's nostalgia


File: 1507590768986.png (107.97 KB, 633x412, aim.png)

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