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We are currently seeking developers to help us build a new fork of vichan named arisuchan. We would like to apply changes from the live site to the latest version of vichan, backport important security fixes in the lainchan fork, and begin extending functionality and adding new features. Please introduce yourself here or in
on Freenode if you are interested. Thank you for your help, Alice!


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I'd been wondering if there was a public repo available somewhere. I may try to contribute PRs when I have some /significant/ free time.


Yes. We will be using GitHub for the repository and GitLab for the issue tracker. The repository does not yet reflect the custom modifications we have made on the live site, but this will change soon. Please get in touch with us on IRC. Thanks!

code repository

issue tracker


how will anyone contribute to the repo if they don't know it exists. /dev/ isn't on /all/ so barely anyone will ever see these


Why should I help with the project, if I cannot see the issues without logging in to another site. That's bad practice.


I have an interesting question.
The source code for the design of the database and the entire site will be opened or closed?



The database and engine responsible for generating the markup is open source.

The CSS is only window dressing for the rest.


quick reply doesnt show the reply button. running on a MBP 17" safari


can you post a screenshot?

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