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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1493977689860.png (15.73 KB, 306x185, 306px-Tor-logo-2011-flat.s….png)


Discuss News about the Onion Router, otherwise known as TOR. You can also discuss interesting .onion sites you find

Useful Links:

Main Website for those new to TOR:

Go to a random .onion site:

Feel free to reply with interesting sites you find, Important news, or an important site I forgot to put in here.


I want to make a sticker that says something like "In case of emergency: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion" and put it somewhere public. Any suggestions for the onion?


How do you balance privacy and customized experience?
I'd use tor for all my traffic, but i think i shouldn't install my personal styles and extensions.


Looking like every other Tor user is one of Tor's best features. You shouldn't even resize the window if you want to preserve this. If you really must use an extension, make very sure that it doesn't bypass the Tor proxy for anything.


I checked some exit nodes in my country. Some of them belongs to ISPs, so beware. Tor can't protect you all the time.


What country and what exit nodes ?


It's discouraged because it can undermine anonymity, but it is possible to modify torrc to exclude exit nodes or all nodes on a per country basis. Geo-ip is imperfect though and there's no way to know whether your state overlords are operating that exit node on the other side of the planet.


Some cool sites I found through

Daniel's Web Hosting Service: http://dhosting4okcs22v.onion/

orwell OnionMail Server: http://f6tch6hxjpazaowz.onion/

I'll get some more interesting sites later. In the meantime, feel free to share the sites you discovered



I won't drop my country here, but I believe it's a good pratice to edit torrc to block your own country ALWAYS, the Five Eyes as well.

I'll try to script something later to fetch as much data as I can from exit nodes and see myself what I can find.

Is there any public blacklist for exit nodes? I couldn't find anything.



I've always been paranoid about doing anything over tor. I dont know if stories of compromised exit nodes have been exaggerated but they've driven me to try to keep a low profile rather than wearing a black catsuit and hiding behind lampposts.


I use Tails for most of my web browsing and I host several nodes aswell. I think Tor can't be 100%ly trusted all the times (but let's be real here, what can?)

I think Tor is a good way to have some privacy and anonimity left in a time where everything is surveiled


Thanks for the chuckle


I use tor for probably 90% or more of my bandwidth on the Wired.

This probably definitely puts me into a black catsuit, and may cause the ears of all sorts of folks to perk up whenever I visit a site or dl a file, and may cause my isp to plop me down on a little register of naughty children, but the thing is, I don't do anything bad over my network.

If everyone using Tor is doing things that are perceived as naughty by those in power, than any tor user deserves suspicion. If thousands of people use Tor to check their emails and browse tumblr, and do other innocuous internet-y stuff, then those people who actually _need_ to be anon. blend into the crowd.

I am part of the crowd.


Thanks Lain


>lainchan has no onion service (not even osti d'applechan, tabarnak)
>chat is freenode, which makes it hell for tor users to connect
we gotta step up our game anons
should we make a thread on /q/ or /μ/?


You should post in one of the existing threads in /q/.


>>231 >>230
> i shouldn't install my personal styles and extensions.
Only true if you plan to use JS, which you shouldn't when using Tor. Sites can't detect which Add-on or CSS style you are using. Any extension you want to install should be free software and use the Tor proxy as well (it's better if it's offline-only and it doesn't call home, but for example HTTPS Everywhere needs to query the SSL Observatory).
> You shouldn't even resize the window if you want to preserve this
I didn't take this too much seriously because I thought that it was JS-only related, but now I discovered that sites can use CSS queries to get this information without JS:
If you use the Tor Browser and you use the default window size it's not an issue (as device-width is equal to the window size) but on Firefox my device-width is leaked. Does anybody know a way to fix this?



I make a pastebin like site but with client-side encryption, and I'ts available by TOR



gets all fucked up when JS is disabled.
also here are some I found
donexdeeosgvt67i.onion - email service
mgbyopkmzhiq4ftx.onion - git repository


was replying to


That's a really neat sticker idea.


File: 1499149421331.jpg (63.11 KB, 446x600, local23A.jpg)

>tfw i work for a small local isp and run a tor exit node in the employee colo rack


That would only be an issue if they controlled all the nodes you are going though, seeing as owning one they can't see either where you are going or where you are coming from.



A slight detail but I wish small local ISPs were as prevalent as they once were. Choice is limited these days. Thanks for doing what you do.


Just a warning, I loaded the site and randomly loaded CP. I haven't clicked close faster in my life.


maybe's .onion url


You're a fag.


is this some kind of ARG?


One of those puzzle websites

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