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I recently let go of some non-essential social media accounts to clear up my digital footprint and bamboozle the three-letter orgs a little, now I only post on anonymous boards. Then I saw the bigshot thread in /r/ and the digital suicide thing. It got me wondering. I think I will probably cut myself off the internet someday soon. I think it's only useful as a distraction and it's become something of an unhealthy habit on my part. Thoughts, agree/disagree?


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>Then I saw the bigshot thread in /r/ and the digital suicide thing. It got me wondering.
Digital suicide is referring to an attempt to completely delete one or more virtual identities. It doesn't necessarily imply that one is doing so in anticipation of disconnecting from the internet altogether. People may want to do this for many other reasons


i dont use any social media at all. The only way to really contact me is through SMS/Signal and my email. Sure i might miss out on events and stuff only announced on facebook, but i hold my ideals higher than that. I guess that its easy since i never used social media in the first place.

Ive never really kysed any of my digital identies other than going absent for long periods. In my definition, a digital suicide entails deleting everything and making recovery impossible of your identity.


I have an empty facebook account I use to keep in touch with a bunch of people from college.
Other than that I managed to delete everything or obscure it as much as possible. Only people who remember my nickname from when I was 13 might be able to look up old stuff but my name isn't mentioned and my face never shown.
I'm sure Google knows tons of soykaf about me but it's not accessible to normal human beans.
Feels good man


I deleted my social media accounts quite a while ago. I do have one online nick that could probably be linked back to me with enough searching (or with government/corporate resources) but I mostly use that for proprietary normal person stuff like steam.


I'm just happy to have one of thost common names possible among my ethnic demographic. Anyone searching for my name (even if they add my middle name, city, and profession to the search criteria) still won't find me even after going 50 levels deep on google. It's friggin' awesome being this invisible.

I've actually had people in real life think that I'm lying to them about my identity, because they can't find me on any social network or google search. One woman I briefly dated remains convinced that I'm some sort of spy.


I too have been doing this, OP.

I never was fond of putting my face out on the www, and never got deeply embroiled in the 'social media'. Over the last few months I've widled my internet contacts to nearly zero, and conducted through less visible means.

There is a part of me, which wants to create a new online 'normal' persona. I've been working on laying an irl groundwork for this, but its slow coming, and I need to be sure that if it ever fully manifests its properly insulated from my other life.

Sometimes I just feel so fake.

(also first post on .jp thank you admin folks <3 <3 xoxoxo)


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I wish I could.


I consider the internet to be one of the best parts of my life. What would you do in life without it?
The internet is simply both a tool and a community. You can have great intellectual discussions and perform great feats with programs, using it.
It all depends on what you want to do in life, OP. It might help you, but I think it's more likely to hurt you, to leave.


>>462 (moshi moshi, OP-desu)
The internet does wondeful things, ain't gonna lie! It's not that I think that it doesn't act as a great tool. The problem is that it's the sole property of a conglomeration of powerful and monied interests. This could only hypothetically change if the entire industry of internet workers formed a revolutionary socialist union with the aim of wresting control from said interests. Otherwise, it's just a way of allowing myself to become partially dependent on an appendage of the ruling class, and it clashes with my goal of becoming self-sufficient someday.


I think about this a lot, but the majority of online non-anonymous websites I have an account with, I don't use my real name and use my expendable email for it. I like to think that it'd be hard to find me from those but I'm starting to cut back and emailing websites for account deletion. It feels so liberating knowing that there's one less link to my real life on the internet with everyone deletion confirmed email I get back.


>the sole property of a conglomeration of powerful and monied interests
Well, those are just the websites you choose to visit. You could choose to visit websites made only by real people. You could also choose to use the internet but not the web: IRC, usenet, etc.
The web itself isn't capitalist, statist, or religious. Same with the internet, of which the web is just one single part.


not talking about the pages I visit, comrade. I mean all the cables and satellites and cell towers and modems that we all have no choice but to use if we want to use the internet. The only thing between me and the worst internet imaginable is a set of flimsy laws about net neutrality.


>I consider the internet to be one of the best parts of my life
That sadly only belies how soykafty yours and many others' lives are. The people of the world would grow truly restless at injustice were it not for this great big pacifier that makes their wageslave lives somewhat bearable. The world today is one that revolves around the internet, and there's nothing you can do to get back to where it wasn't vitally important because of its integration into everything. How many of us are just vessels for opinions we picked up from the internet? Be honest here (and yes that one was too). I would get off if I could, but I simply lack the will. Perhaps you don't but actually choose to stay, good for you if that's the case.


File: 1496321550192.jpg (114.34 KB, 550x705, COMMIES GET OUT REEEEE.jpg)

>he entire industry of internet workers formed a revolutionary socialist union with the aim of wresting control from said interests
fucking leftypol holy soykaf


0chan, excuse me


I see. Those too are not inherently part of the internet, but are only part of the internet today, but need not be part of it tomorrow.
Even if my life didn't suck I'd be grateful to have good discussions online. I would choose to stay, no matter what. It's like teleportation, but for ideas.


Come down to >>469. We're actually discussing fully P2P meshnets there. Keep in mind this will require more work on the part of the end user than, say, using Tor, and therefore it will be difficult to spread it around and encourage more people to participate. Besides, because it's completely separate from the internet and there's no public data, you basically have to find other people and exchange data with them in order to get a connection going. Finna be a slow process.


I don't really care much about meshnets, myself. They seem interesting, but I'd rather make the regular internet good by defeating capitalism. The problems we face aren't tech problems at all.
Polite sage for being a downer.


>defeating capitalism
man I'd love to, but god only knows how. besides, what use would a socialist society have for a centralized internet unless it were an authoritarian mockery pf socialism just like every Leninist dictatorship of the 20th century?


Why would an anarchist society have a need to eliminate the internet? There'd be no need to, as there'd be no great enemies to worry about.


centralized internet, I said. An anarchist society would probably set up a meshnet.


The internet is TCP/IP. A meshnet is not the internet, while it is still very interesting, I'd use both the internet and a meshnet simultaneously: I'd never leave the internet.


As a world goes anarchist, many big and important internet servers and connections would go ingored and unserviced. A meshnet set up by these anarchists would grow quickly as the adoption rate climbs. What would be the point of clinging on?


Why would they be ignored? Some other people will also still appreciate the internet. You also underestimate people's willingness to avoid change. If they can continue running the internet with the same expensive equipment, why switch to a meshnet?
I don't see a single service being ignored in anarchism. New options will come into being, but it might take centuries for old ones to go away.


I don't know if cutting the internet off entirely is the answer, but I did just that.

As an experiment last year I decided upon moving into my apartment that I would not pay for internet at all, and I never did. With the pervasive nature of public wifi now it was almost never once an issue and I got so much done by not having it in place as a distraction to my reading/coding.

You can ask me anything, but really having internet at your house is totally unnecessary. It was fantastic and forced me into a habit of reading/writing/coding when I got bored instead of surfing.

I would recommend it for anyone.


The problem with "digital suicide" is that it's not final - as in, you can un-suicide yourself again if you feel like it. So, it's not a good term to call it suicide. And yeah, I know, the only way to be sure this can't happen is to commit suicide yourself after removing all digital things, but please don't do that.


i can't code without looking up documentation, errors &c.


Just download the manual before going offline. Or buy a physical copy.



If you have to look at documentation constantly you are doing something a little wrong. I can go for 3-5 hours without having to look at documentation.

70% of writing is simply planning/designing how to implement stuff. If I have to look up something I just use the language or library spec which I have downloaded for reference already. Anything weird is a good excuse for a stopping point to wait until I connect, or a excuse to go get a bite while connecting for a sec at a coffee shop or something. The short walk-break clears your head.


I am in the process of getting rid of non-essential social media accounts as well. I'm thinking of getting rid of my Google account, but in doing so I'd undermine my ability to use Android. Should I just start over with a clean one that isn't associated with my real name?


>I have an empty facebook account I use to keep in touch with a bunch of people from college.

I've deleted my Facebook account and then recreated it multiple times intending to do exactly this. But then I end up getting roped into some stupid political argument.

I think I'm going to stay off permanently.


install Lineage OS without GApps


root phone
install linageOS
install Fdroid

i use LG g2 with linageos (no gapps!!!!) phone runs like mad, battery life is also great (like 4-5h OST and 3-4 days idle) even white older battery like mine


one day before I lain out and get an incredible system I plan to leave behind everything besides my important files and online friends and start anew. no windows, no more exceptions. a libre system built entirely by me and a new name. I honestly can't wait to leave all my social media behind, but I'm waiting until I not only get a new system but also move elsewhere. I want to make sure I'm not still being tracked.


In this day and age it's not wise to cut yourself off the internet completely,
I think there should be a balance but removing yourself from it completely is just going to put you into a box, A box where you'll be only watching the programs on TV for your news, These programs are usually what the goverments decide to throw out to the general population therfore it's not wise to just use the TV for news.


keked at the image


What's your story?


>you aren't as good as me at coding

poor response. if the guy needs help, there's nothing wrong with that.

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