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Hi Lainchan

I've been struggling with something for a long time now.
I've always felt that I've had so much potential, though I have to assume my story's going to seem familiar to a lot of people on here.

I'm 20 years old, I didn't 'drop out' of highschool but I never finished, completed four years with half a credit missing and just never picked it up. Attended a local Junior College for a while taking a couple classes at a time. I realized that with my absolutely abysmal grades I'd be better off hanging onto the money, what little I actually have.

People tell me I'm intelligent, I don't necessarily agree. I feel that I just stick with something until I figure it out, I will admit I've got an impressive command of the english language but I think that just serves to further mislead people. I want to work on my own terms, doing work that interests me, likely programming or securities consulting. I just can't stick with anything long enough to learn what I need to make any money. I made it through about a third of the SICP and while I intend to finish it like most things one day I put it down and it's weeks before I pick it back up. I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid if that means anything, I haven't been medicated for it for years now.

I love the concept of keeping to myself, working when I feel like it, or when I have to to make ends meet. I don't care if it's soykaf money so long as I can keep the roof over my head and the router turned on. I'm comfortable making less, and I mean much less than my contemporaries so long as it keeps me in Ramen & Coffee. Anyone else have a similar desire / actually live like this?

On a sidenote some friends and I actually managed to get a profitable crypto mining setup going, after two months we've made $220, that's profit after paying electricity, in about two years if we keep sinking profits into new equipment and the market doesn't tank one or more of us could probably live off of the profits, as it stands it's a start.

I guess I'm a novice programmer at this point, I've dipped my toes in nearly a dozen languages far enough to understand the fundumentals like flow control, couldn't write any serious software to save my life however.


If you are desperate you could get into web dev.


Since you like sticking with thing, you should probably start some personal projects around programming and stuff. I've done that and you really got the opportunity to win descent money. The only problem is that with time you become less and less motivated by the idea of continuing existing projects. So I guess scientific research could be good for you since after having a proof of concept you don't need to do much (except write the damn paper and publish it maybe ?). But you said you had abysmal grades so I guess you won't be able to enter any university…
Alternatively you can try to get hired as an IT in a small company to fix stuff. Like install an NAS, configure the load balancer, the router, restore OS-es, you know, general things like "Why does my emails do not work ?". Since it's a polyvalent job, it could suit you. Also, if you can do what you're asked to, I don't see why they'd care about your grades.


Well this turned out long
>cryptocurrency good
>((information + networking) * money) = money ^ 2

>I didn't 'drop out' of highschool but I never finished
Heh me too
I'm just going to tell about things I'm doing financially, note that I'm not endorsing any of the things or products I will reference here, do your own research, because I probably don't know soykaf about anything. I am 24 yo right now, employed as a programmer for a very soykafty organization (my pay is super soykaf rn but it's kind of like this organization teaches me everything and gives me experience, knowing I'll quit the moment I can, which is when I turn 25, been there for 5 years now, will not go into details), my worst case scenario is working my ass off until I'm 30 (for super good pay), saving 50+% of my income (already doing this, will go higher when I get a good paying job), then working part time or whatever just to get by, letting my investments flourish until I'm 35, and then not working ever again, at least not for someone who has power over me. Those aren't just round numbers, I mean they are, but the thing is if you want financial freedom, the general consensus is that you need 25 times your yearly expenses, so you can live off 4% interest with safe investments. So I did my math, you should do to.

>normal person investments

I managed to scrounge 20k$ for normal person investments, a stock heavy pension fund thingy (it's a funky fund I can take out whenever I want but if I carry it out to age 65 no taxes), the organization suckered me into it but I don't mind, historically these things grow well in my country and you need to diversify anyway, this thing can go up or down yearly but in long term it goes up by a lot. Fees super low (for me, you should always look into fees when normal person investing, and better read actual normal person books and blogs for normal person investments)
Put 5k$ into P2P lending, it's boring but it just works getting you 7% yearly.


Hope things go well for you, I tried mining myself but realized this too late and the cards sold out everywhere, and even used ones are sold instantly so I gave up getting more. Got 2 580's, Making ~2$ a day after electricity. Gonna use them crossfire when mining gets useless. I was a little worried about eth's milestone, but it looks like XMR is the new mining thing so things should be well for a while for you & friends.


I bought 2 BTC for ~5.5k$ over 1-2 months ago, I dabbled earlier in life but I was kind of a kid so I managed to lose/get scammed out of it all, traded for a bunch of altcoins too, my BTC value remains the same which puts me at almost 10k$ (until BCC showed up I was kind of at a loss because most of my altcoins aren't doing too well), not exactly a passive income but bitcoin is the future and I'm confident it's only going up for a long while, hopefully dipping along the way so I can put in more.

>net worth

My net worth is trash but I'm not from the US and been actually getting paid (badly) for only 2 years, I'm doing ok, compared to people around me with similar incomes I'm Warren Buffet, I basically invested over a year worth of salary into stuff so that's good.

>future plans and ideas

Basically dabbling harder into crypto, scalping altcoins, using signal services (working on a bot that'll automatically trade according to them, there are already a bunch that exists I'm just autistic. Basically done but my current signal service, cryptoping, is a soykaf, trying out cryptoalert today, I also have some bugs to fix and things to change)
I tried HYIPs and they seemed profitable, I didn't actually lose money, but also didn't make much. They seem to be really profitable if you're "in" on the scams, if you scout the forums and soykaf, network with people, with the people that run the blogs, get in on it REALLY early, then you can make good profit. I tried 4 HIYPs suggested by some blog, 3 made me 50~99% back, and one made 200%, so they evened out but I just wasted my time pressing "withdraw" on each one everyday first thing in the morning. You want to be on the same information level as the guy running the blog, you can get in early, and get the profits.

>general tips

I hate talking to people but that's what you got to do, like you're doing right now. Even on imageboards, information is currency of the digital age. soykaf everyone can see is worthless, you got to really dig in to get the good stuff. I mean I only know of cryptoalert (which is doing a lot better than cryptoping in success rate, but the website is a mess), because I told some person on Zenbot's discord, who was making an auto trading signal bot, that I'm also making an auto trading signal bot.
You also need money to start off but that's not the problem. Next bitcoin big dip I'm taking a loan and longing it hard.

I'd also like to share some word vomit I saw on /biz/ at some point.
>You need to adapt to a culture which could provide an income sustainable to your needs.
This sums up everything, get into crypto (or anything else) culture, know the ins and outs, get crypto.
If you're already part of a culture, monetize on that. Look at applechan, they're selling stickers. It's probably degrading their authenticity but people buy them, and appleman not doing soykaf ( I know he has server fees to pay but this qualifies as making money online doing jack soykaf )

I'd highly suggest reading some normal person money making books, you got stuff like rich dad poor dad, millionaire next door, stuff like that, listening to books ( may seem stupid at first but ) is really good too. You might not necessarily learn how to exactly make money but it'll further your general understanding of finance, so you can make better financial decisions when the need arrives.

So yeah, make decisions logically, good luck, sorry for the super long post.


File: 1504537163303.jpg (79.34 KB, 620x413, moneyman.jpg)

Go into SEO unironically. Difficult to get in at first because there is a lot of research and development involved and you spend most of your time bending over for the Google algo and you live and die by the hand of Google, but if you manage to get things going and find some clients you can make some serious dosh.


Honestly I feel the best thing you could do at this point would be programming. I've made some good money in web development as well but it's not nearly as reliable.


Shills seem to have a nice job actualy. If any of you guys ever need someone to shill, just hit me up.


Learn to hack, then hack whatever will make u money


there's also the whole social media content farm thing.. you know the type: the gray area between buzzfeed and outright click fraud. seems like it'd be a good way to earn passive income from your SEO skilz.

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