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Imagine growing up in a world of computing where your opertating system spys on everything you do, as does the government and marketers. You stick to a select few sites such as Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, etc where you have absolutely no privacy. You can be derezzed for the least little thing. If you fuck up badly enough the police or government agents get involved and away you go to prison. You over pay for your data, soykafty low quality computers, and mobile devices. Services are a constant expense.

How did we get here? What can we do to turn things around? All this bad stuff will be normalised within the next decade.


Why doesn't this say fuark?


Get involved in open source projects, promote self-hosting and decentralized infrastructure. Governments and corporations will not do it for us, be goddamn proactive.


File: 1499652964895.png (65.96 KB, 1200x1200, Telecomix.png)


Decentralize everything.


Encourage people to create and learn.
The matrix (media, government, schools) encourages you to be a consumer mostly - this is how we 'got here'.

It won't end unless doing and building cool things is valued more in comparision to buying mass-produced goods.


How do you stop anything that gets big enough to be significant from getting swallowed by the system or spectacle or whatever.


File: 1499806822883.gif (2.03 MB, 320x130, pbay.gif)

normal people don't need real pcs anymore (unless gamer), tablet or phone suffices.
for """cloud"""-work (word processor, etc), information retreival and communication there's platform lock-in. are there other uses?

logical next step would be to overpromote consoles over PC gaming, maybe ban graphics cards because illegal cyroptocurrencies. maybe have some new gen of chromebook-alike tablet-laptops that lack real pc features like local file storage or non-whitelisted software as phones and some tablets already do.

censorship of alternatives by the information retreival systems round up the idea.

the only thing that comes to my mind that protects us is piracy.
you have to know most people don't care. BUT: people still want to not pay for movies and series - mainly because not all of them are available on another lock-in platform. in this way everyone is a "criminal" and will try to find ways to avoid total submission to the system. this is fully serious: most people will only care about freedom if it gives them free stuff. and free is what capitalism can't compete with.

let us promote piracy and breed a new generation of freedom-loving pirates. who's in?


Counter them on every aspect. If a photo sharing app has a rainbow photo filter, make yours include a fully customizable gradient filter with dozens of presets (including rainbow of course). See the criticisms people make of the main one and create an off-brand version that is even better. Then it needs to be advertised to the public. This could be done via a viral marketing campaign or other mass marketing tactic that is still respected by the public.


yea but the average consumer prefers simplicity over extra features. those of us who spend time on messageboards and imageboards and value tinkering and stuff will be happy with customized gradient filters, but the average instagram user couldn't give fewer fucks if they tried. they'll eat up the rainbow one cuz it's easy and they see their friends and social media celebrities use it and think if they do too they'll get more followers


And what is stopping someone from focusing on both features and simplicity? The average consumer doesn't mind extra features as long as their use/implementation is easy enough.


File: 1504919182048.jpeg (70.38 KB, 600x960, vra.jpeg)

>Imagine growing up in a world of computing where your opertating system spys on everything you do, as does the government and marketers.

This is one of the most haunting parts of all this nightmare, to imagine how normalized things that some of us can still see as terrible will be for those who came to a world already like this. Not that it was that great a while ago, but this latest version of soykaf is something else, honestly.

But one thing always on my mind is how weak we're being on the part of subversion. There's great work in the parts of trying to substitute the sick system, but very little to actually undermine it. Up until the 90s, people really studied the ways propaganda, manipulation, commotion, really worked, and worked from the inside of those languages to break several instruments of mind-numbing.

I'm not saying there are no efforts in this direction, and that nothing was done. But with all the resources we have, in terms of both information and propagation, seems like something much bigger could potentially be done, but the way it should be done, how to really affect people and wake them up, at least a little bit, to what's really going on, hasn't been found yet.

Maybe it's because the web of symbols, ideas, ideologies, is so saturated, that even when we can go outside of it a little bit, we still can't get enough of an outside view to gain a perspective that would clearly show the anatomy of the monster so we could attack it. And it will just get harder as, like stated on OP, more and more people are around that can't even remember how things were before this specific configuration of things.


my floppy copying isn't based on a political agenda

general use computing will exist as a minority use case, but will exist. someone has to build the apps / software the rest of society uses, and lightweight development systems simply don't exist

there are a few cloud based development environments at the moment but they're far limited when compared to a desktop environment


"development environment" can be achieved with terminal + server, or as you call it, "cloud"
this is basically how most of heavy development is done today, web servers, 3d rendering, video encoding, cross-compiling and so on.

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