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Okay, hear me out. How easy would it be to hypothetically inject a RAT into the internal network of a branch of a department store or supermarket like WalMart or Best Buy? What could be hypothetically done with this botnet?


I've worked in a tech retail space with a large shop floor and have a suggestion. Use the floor computer - in places where they have these in my experience it's always an outdated sack of soykaf that is barely running the CRT placed on top, some places have multiple and there are always "favorites" for several reasons, generally boiling down to position (privacy, or near things that are useful to the job) or functionality (speed, network signal), so some will be left logged in, others will have no attention paid to them and so on. I was going to write a load more suggestions but this one knocks all the others out the park as it just requires not being physically watched when you stick a USB in the back. The ones at the last place I worked were still running Win98, but that was like half a decade ago.

You can also send a totally legit security update to managers via email, just keep going at a slow pace til you get one, if you do them all at once and they'll start looking for what you're up to.


File: 1521046408667.jpg (22.49 KB, 220x316, 220px-Stephen_Hawking.Star….jpg)

floor computers run a vmware style interface connected to a central server, typically password protected for the administrator.

>>how easy would it be?

very. walmart is one of the best targets for that type of attack.

>>what could be done?

you could change the stock of items (with admin)
hack the security cameras.

I love this type of imaginative threads.


Those two powers put together could enable some sort of mass-unchecked goods robbery, it's way too outlandish to ever work but interesting to think about. Maybe stealing bank info/company secrets through working your way up the network? I'm sure the security gets better, but just think of the possibilities.
Hmm, that idea seems sound.


File: 1521105264706.jpg (111.32 KB, 1043x586, petya.jpg)

Ransom some buttcoins off them by penetrating encrypted Gibson kernel.


>floor computers run a vmware style interface connected to a central server, typically password protected for the administrator.
Been a good few years (4?) since I've worked in retail with a floor computer so you may be right and lots of places could have upgraded, but even back then they were running Win98 so I really doubt everywhere has their soykaf together.


Couple this with an audio-loop that goes "LOOT!"


And with "this" I mean the picture. Fuck buttcramps.


I feel like it'd be too easy to get caught.


ur right, there are still places that have no security on their login computers


to get caught installing a worm on their network? you know how many tutorials there are on writing malware?


you could probably fuck around with loss prevention and distract them while a friend goes on a shoplifting spree with expensive electronics, like wheeling huge televisions right out the front entrance (regular employees are not permitted to confront shoplifters)

ideally this would be paired with social engineering as well, like calling them up and saying your teenage daughter was wrongly accused of shoplifting yesterday (at a time when a different loss prevention officer was on duty) and you demand to speak to a manager

just doing all you can to keep them busy, basically

then wait a month or two and re-sell all the goodies in a different area


also, be careful about Target

they have their own damn Forensics Division (to catch shoplifters) and probably wouldn't hesitate to fuck up your life over something like this



there are not any. you cant do it. its over

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