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What's Alice's experience with mesh networking and file sharing technology? I hvae been considering trying to make a network of Raspberry Pis that host access points to a single mesh network, primarily for file upload and retrieval that allows for propagation of files to the other nodes on the network.


raspberry pi doesn't even have wireless module, except zero w and latest b+ models and they cost 50 trump rupees.
raspberry pies don't have multiple ethernet ports.
what kind of network do you want to build and at what capacity?
it you want it to be accessible by total lamers, the edge protocols should be probably web-based, interconnects between nodes however could be done with any sort of encrypted/authenticated ad-hoc mesh network.
you want a network that evenly distributes files among all nodes for redundancy and faster download speeds? look at nntpchan


is this for practical purposes or just for fun?
i have no experience.


The RPi also doesn't have a good bus for spinning disks


Mostly just for fun. Came up as an idea after a network that I rely on had total network failure.

I was going to use an external wifi card, and would only need one ethernet to go to a switch (I realize the error in that logic considering it's a mesh network, but it is at least decentralized).

Also thanks for the recommendation for nntpchan, seems like a pretty cool project.


so is it just a mesh wifi network that connects to the internet?
or like with a filesharing service integrated into the structure?


There are a lot of cluster file systems, I remember being quite satisfied with glusterfs' tolerance for nodes vanishing.

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