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Kalyx ######

File: 1495107642860.jpg (126.63 KB, 720x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Album I've been listening to a lot lately. Post any music you want people to listen to, cyberpunkish stuff preferred.
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ooh ooh get some of this soy on that

so weird, so cool, so japanese


Nine Inch Nails:


Gunshots By Computer:

Capital G:

My Violent Heart:

Meet Your Master:

The Beginning Of The End:

These tracks are all from Year Zero by the way – it's a cyberpunk concept album that's 10/10 would recommend.


File: 1495210602055.gif (8.16 MB, 1500x1500, 2814 - 新しい日の誕生 - Animated ….gif)

Dude this is one of my favorite albums and top on my chill mix. I have the full album and cover art if anyone wants me to link it either here or on Volafile.

Also greetz ! Just found you guys over at this domain, I was part of the .org for a while and was mainly active in the Lainhaus thread, I abandoned ship when appleman took over, found you guys linked from systemspace.


File: 1495213807046.jpg (367.01 KB, 2048x1530, 28cYobo.jpg)

If you want some 80 style that's cheesy as fuck

I really have enjoyed listening to it. It has complete /cyb/ themes


File: 1495217525901.jpg (62.24 KB, 700x700, a3387687569_16.jpg)

Comme Un Seul Narcisse is a really good experimental ambient album. But for sure listen to the album as a whole if you want to listen to it.

File: 1494081423959.jpeg (55.51 KB, 294x475, rainbows_end.jpeg)


I just finished Rainbows End, by Vernor Vinge. It's a great novel imo, especially The Rabbit was quite entertaining. I recommend all of you to read it, even if you don't read that often.
As for other cyberpunk literature I've only really read Neal Stephenson. My favorites are Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash

So lains, what's your favorite cyberpunk literature?

>inb4 no gibson

I'll read some of him someday, I promise


File: 1494143202943.jpg (128.84 KB, 249x400, Idoru-Cover.jpg)

Not sure it's my favorite cyberpunk novel, but the last one I read was Idoru.

The premise is a little silly, but there are some interesting ideas about digital celebrities manufacturing fame. Plus, considering we now have Hatsune Miku and people marrying their dakimakura, the book shows a certain prescience.


File: 1494373133929.jpg (188.5 KB, 1520x1141, GUkAPM2.jpg)


>William Gibson shows prescience
news at 11


Hatsune Miku is really quite interesting from a /cyb/ perspective desu. In a sense, she is a manufactured product, but the corporate producers did not define her identity: the fans did. It was they who wrote the songs, they who made the MADs, they who came up with the personality of the characters. It's like the Touhou secondary fandom – except the line between secondary and primary is dissolved entirely, because there is no centralized source material.

Sure, the entire community is based on proprietary software, but the content that community produces (which is the actual centerpiece of that community) treats that content in a very non-corporate way.


I think to Kizuna AI

File: 1494651500446.png (1.82 MB, 1498x786, Finger men.png)


How would one go about planning ultralegal trade online? Any initial wired meeting place or advertisment would have to be semi public meaning that three letter agencies are probably lurking or getting friendly and becoming the other half of your super sekrit tox chat. Now you have given them the time and place to find you with evidence on hand. One solution is dead drops, but they're hardly secure and can still be fedded back to you. Depending on the nature of the trade it might not even be possible.
Is there any way to remove trust from the equation? I don't mind trust based trade sometimes, but cyberspace -> meatspace meetups are the optimal conditions for three letter men.


I can't figure out why you would want to meet someone you talked to online to trade drugs. If you don't know who someone is, if they don't come recommended, don't meet them with drugs or money and a written confession in the form of a chat log. I would tell you to stick to mailing drugs, but it doesn't sound like you're cut out for crime.

File: 1493282230049.jpg (292.45 KB, 1600x800, IMG_0086.JPG)


Post songs and albums
Is it finally dead since it hit the mainstream?
Will it ever be truly dead
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チェスマスター - 天使

this entire album is stunningly beautiful and dreamy the entire way through.


This is slightly tangential, but Vektroid produced a sweet rap album with Siddiq. I think vaporwave as a genre is pretty dead but as an aesthetic/concept it's still around and influential.

Siddiq and Vektroid:

Besides the essentials, one of my favorite artists is Nyetscape:


File: 1494028546687.jpg (60.13 KB, 1172x1200, a0414512508_10.jpg)

Surfing - Deep Fantasy:

Unlike traditional vaporwave music, this album is not sampled from anywhere and is original sound.


File: 1494443167888.jpg (272.66 KB, 1200x1200, a1495627925_10.jpg)

Found this some days ago and it's godly. Love its cyb atmosphere.


File: 1494476800786.jpg (75.85 KB, 700x700, a2386125437_16.jpg)

Makeup and Vanity Set

Anything Brigador

Brigador is /cyb/ as fuck

File: 1493933668130.png (783.79 KB, 2618x1119, lz4covers.png)


Hi, this is intron - cover artist for Lainzine 4 hoping to shed some light on these images posted.

So you may have seen one of these covers being posted about on .org. The attached image sums up how this thing went from a .org sticker to a .jp cover.

More in depth: back in Nov 2016 I approached Appleman1234 on .org with a prototype of a possible sticker design to help promote the site. Additionally, I asked his thoughts on what he thought Lainchan was to get some direction on the artwork. At the time he was still getting a feel for .org but I saw he had a very positive outlook back then - I can only hope that deep down he still feels the same even today.

However, it was decided then that stickers had too much overhead to produce so he had suggested that this could work as a cover for Lainzine. So, I got in touch with editorial staff at Lainzine 4 (Junk & Stopwatch) to get their thoughts on the design. After some tweaks, it was approved and submitted Dec 2016… yes 2016. Quite the delay there that I hope will be mitigated in future releases.

Fast forward to April 2017. Lainzine 4 finally comes out with the .org cover attached BUT shortly pulled after some mathematical typos in one of the articles. (the editorial process is another topic but errors in a technical article needed to be fixed as per the author's request). The initial release happens roughly around the delete/fork of .org/.jp - an event that is not possible to ignore.

To reflect this, I initiated and performed the change from .org to .jp which was then approved and included in the re-release for Lainzine 4 - May 2017.

I expected some controversy but whether it's .org/.jp/both or "Lainchan" omitted completely, people will find a way to take offense. As the fact still remains that Lainzine (as a whole) would not exist without the collective efforts of some admins at .jp. Go read the past issues and you'll know who they are.

>anyone can make x

but you didn't.

Hey, the more zines the merrier! At the end of the day, I'd still work with all Lainons regardless of the .org/.jp fantasy larping but I don't believe it's possible to make something non-partisan apart from just… not making the thing.

Will the cover change?
I presented LZ4 staff with options to run with the .jp change or re-release with .org. I feel editorial decisions are important but of course, they are notPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i don't like the cover variant idea. lainchan is bigger than one site, so says the homepage. i think the best way to express this sentiment is to simply list both sites. removing the suffix would work too, but imo this leaves the question of which is canon lainchan open for debate… when in reality there is no canon lainchan.


where can we find more of your art?


Variant covers may not bear any semblance to the book content as I've seen this with comics offering like 10 diff covers. Some can be pretty random or cater to a specific niche or
a e s t h e t i q u e
but there's always a main/canon cover otherwise, there's nothing to vary.

Maybe there could be a variant for each site but how can you represent .here and .there without dividing up their tastes and still be relevant?
Maybe a 2 part cover that makes a bigger image when placed next to the other one?
One side might not like their image, one side might want to go on the left, etc, etc.
Vary the cover why not vary the contents too? This type of thing comes up as well and we might just end up back at the split…

Apart from design and potential problems, getting just one edition out is a soykaf ton of work in itself and this volunteer zine is understaffed as is. Maybe we'll get enough cover submissions to make it happen but my initial feels are that differences between .here and .there need to be sorted out first along with addressing all the contribs. I know people want answers but there's only so much I'm aware of at this point.

An art thread just opened up so I'll post something there for you dear lainon.


dont make a separate cover for .org lmao, possibly dont even slap .jp on cover or anywhere either really.

all it takes is ONE reddit (or something else but most likely this) post that will garner a soykafton of attention (and seeing how this is really pretty good it might happen easily) and voila - apple's cesspool now looks like heaven compared to this place with its relatively slow posting and influx of new (soykaf) people

but defo dont feature .org on cover or anywhere else imo, no matter how you feel about what I wrote above.


I get what you're saying and I feel that also goes for the contents of the interior as well to be consistent. I won't assume I'll be doing the cover for the next one as submissions are still open but that's def in consideration for LZ5.

IME Redditors can be fickle with the whole karma thing and innocuous posts can reach critical mass for random reasons. I can't control what happens once a thing is released to the public but my feels are that traffic is just a numbers game. (Speaking from experience I know that people rarely follow through on links or even care about backstory) Retaining quality members is more important but can also be a mystery in how that even happens. People just decide to stay and well, it's not always easy to explain why.

File: 1493140909436.jpg (66.31 KB, 620x372, hyperface.jpg)


ITT: Post /cyb/ clothing with practical applications such as anti-surveillance, techwear, etc.

This image is part of the Hyperface project. The Hyperface pattern works by feeding facial recognition algorithms a fuckton of false-positives in order to obscure your face, and can be worn in many styles ranging from bandannas to t-shirts to hats. Some would consider it a new form of civilian camouflage.
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File: 1493141236067.jpeg (25.5 KB, 660x330, Thermal-proof-Hoodie.jpeg)

Stealth Wear, anti-drone thermal-proof clothing. These will hide you from thermal imaging.

>Items are fabricated with silver-plated fabric that reflects thermal radiation, enabling the wearer to avert overhead thermal surveillance.


plenty of tactical soykaf is IR treated as well so that it doesn't stand out under night vision which I've had a chance to test out with some gen3 nods. A lot of brands do stuff in everyday colours so you don't stand out being the only person in the crowd wearing multicam.

not gonna save you from thermal, but not all adversaries are going to have true FLIR and a lot are just using IR cameras or NOD's


So the drone can't see my tits, but everything below that still lights up like a beacon?


IIRC the material was very expensive to produce, so you could buy a full jacket but it was expensive


Pretty sure that pic is to demonstrate how effective the material is but those drones can be pervy af tho.

File: 1493776688202-0.jpg (5.27 MB, 5312x2988, 20170503_033718.jpg)

File: 1493776688202-1.jpg (6.66 MB, 5312x2988, 20170503_033649.jpg)


Thought I'd make this thread. Here's a pic of my journal, and a piece I wrote. It's meant to be spoken-word.

the hardest thing I had to give up
Pray, wish, or hope
that you won't
lose your identity.

Ask who
you'd be without irreverence or
piety. then imagine losing
that too. Imagine falling forward
abruptly, into
lies or the truth, to slander, to
gain or lose your infamy.
or the slow widening of
a closet door + dissolution of

I'd love to see any pics or excerpts from your journal, if you want to share.
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I keep a tiny journal to write down my tasks in, I also used to use it for a self discipline program that I was following but I lost interest in it after a few weeks because I couldn't make time for it. (It would probably be in my best interest to pick up were I left off now that I'm less busy.)

I'd like to keep a larger diary for my thoughts but I'm dreadfully self conscious and I am petrified by the possibility of it falling into the wrong hands and having someone read about my emotions.


I get paranoid about this sometimes and write my notes in code. Then I spent a long time trying to make uncrackable codes in my journal, that are also easy to write in. I know one-time pads are uncrackable, but it's very hard to do that when I'm not a computer


Maybe you could invent your own shorthand, or refer to things symbolically, or include fake journal entries among the real ones? It doesn't obscure the message, but it seems a bit more practical than a OTP.


>invent your own shorthand, or refer to things symbolically
I already do this somewhat, but usually it's furiously writing down exactly what I hear in meetings. I'm a pretty good note-taker in that regard
>include fake journal entries
I'm worried that doesn't give me plausible deniability.. but it sounds fun! maybe I'll try it.


File: 1494079915174.png (5.41 KB, 376x213, tmp.png)

This thread inspired me to start doing this as well. At the moment I use a file on my computer, but Ill get an actual booklet soon

File: 1493864540912.png (290.64 KB, 896x896, yKZHuK5Y.png)


The release date is apparently coming soon, but it's mostly just a schway cyb trailer with QT. Enjoy


The Diesel commercial is also pretty great.


oh, huh; looks kind of pretty, but… something about engineered foods? couldn't really tell much from that.

File: 1493000959189-0.jpg (15.74 KB, 250x138, Orphan_Black_Intertitle.jpg)

File: 1493000959189-1.webm (1.34 MB, 1280x720, orphan-black.webm)


I got into this about a year ago, but got through the second season last month. I'm not sure if I'll see season three, I think I liked S1 better.
Is anyone else watching this show? Should I keep going with it?


op, what is this thing? you've probably gotten a bit further in by now; is it worth watching?

also that OP is very BBC


it's a TV show I kinda like. The premise is that Tatiana Maslany is several clones - she plays about 14 different characters in total, the main one being a british con artist with a punk aesthetic who gets wrapped into a conspiracy after she steals the identity of a woman who turned out to be her clone. It kind of has a cyb vibe.

>also that OP is very BBC

sorry, didn't mean to shill for BBC there - I pirated the whole thing, I swear. I just dl'd the first intro I could find, and torrented everything I've seen so far.

I haven't gone any farther past season 2 yet though, I don't think I'm gonna, at least not until exams are over.


no, just meant bbc-esque style in the opening / intro. they're kind of distinctive, seems like.

also, sounds pretty interesting! might take a look after exams too


wow, you actually totally sold me on this show. one of my friends has been trying to sell it to me for a while now, but she didn't explain it very well. this sounds so sick, im going to watch it soon.


whoa, thanks. I didn't include much a description cuz like, I didn't want to spoil anything. once you take a look, tell me what you think!

File: 1492412274352.gif (21.02 KB, 305x354, LainDressSlow.gif)


Until further notice, I've decided to release copies of the lainzine on here, through twitter, and the lainzine mailing list. That includes Volume 4.

I have not personally found much disagreement with Appleman, or really any reason to be angry with him. However, I think he wasn't put in a situation he was prepared for. How Appleman approached has already been spoken about, the necessary changes are also spoken for, and it's not a topic I plan on pursuing.

My disappointment with lainchan began about a year ago. Kalyx brought in many different sorts of people to as a balancing act of sorts - he tried to get as diverse a range of opinions as possible to take advice from, and he tried to balance all the sides against one another. If this doesn't sound stable, it's because it wasn't. It wasn't long before opportunism emerged in many ways. The first was probably "backupgate," which is some old drama in which someone hinted at couping the site away from Kalyx, but generally about backups being made of the site. I of course did everything I saw necessary to save the site, although I definitely made some mistakes. But it's water under the bridge.

What isn't water under the bridge is the incredibly recent opportunism I've seen in members of the staff - really, the only members of the staff still remaining after most of the old guard left. There are at least 2 members of the staff who wanted to seize Kalyx's reformatting of the site to drastically remake to fit their own standards. I have this quote to demonstrate how its gotten over there:

4月 16 15:54:19 <k> I actually figured that
| it was also because it is a good chance to make large
| changes.

4月 16 15:55:33 <k
> I'd feeling a little
| optimistic about "the event" because of that. We don't
| have to bring back every board, we can make large
| changes without incident, and it also helped remove a
| lot of the mods that don't care about lainchan without
| having to deal with the drama of talking about it.
4月 16 15:56:14 <l> It's similar to surviving a
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you assumed that my choice on where to release the lainzine controls where it gets talked about and where threads are made. That is simply not the case. After the lainzine is released, people are free to make a thread about it on any platform of their choosing. I simply won't make a thread about it on .org until further notice.

>he had no power in the situation

he did. I created a board, and another admin deleted it almost immediately. In addition, he said "we didn't add those boards because they were too vague," which was his personal opinion. He presented that information as if it was site policy. Appleman actually agreed with me that he shouldn't have done it, and that there should've been a review of the post. Posting under a staff username instead of as Anon ## Mod is his way of saying that it's his personal opinion, but nobody outside of the staff knows that and he's still using the authority of the ## Mod tag, so it becomes very easy to see his presentation as site policy.

More importantly, I was not comfortable with the way changes were made by the staff privately instead of openly where the community was aware. I had spoken with appleman before he bought the site about a mechanism for transparency (specifically, adding trusted members of the community as VIP positions in staff channels, which is what Kalyx did). It was discussed at a meeting and considered a good idea, but never became implemented. It seemed to me that discussion among the staff created a bureaucracy of sorts that seriously delayed / blocked most of the changes being made that were actually proposed at that meeting. It allowed particular individuals to raise a fuss about changes to be implemented and slow them to the point of nothing happening. This is one of the reasons why I'm boycotting .org.

The structural problems are not appleman's laziness - actually, quite the opposite. Appleman would take on more work for himself, without delegating power to anyone else. He also put himself as sole maintainer of all the services by way of the VPS. I saw this as a major point of failure and it's ultimately what brought lainchan. down. Kalyx had some delegation issues as well, but they weren't as bad and I found them manageable insomuch as I could put up with staff members I disliked working with. Like I said earlier, my desire to leave lainchPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Also, I recognize that I assumed you were told by somebody else that I was holding the lainzine hostage. This is because a certain IRC user was spreading FUD about my actions, saying that I expected people to follow me here. He also said that I would fail because people would stop submitting to the lainzine if I only released it here. He was quite vocal and aggressive about these views, so I was running on the assumption that you got that info from him.


not everything is about politics.


I hate to meme this but where is the zine at now?


being uploaded to teknik as we speak.

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