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Kalyx ######

File: 1564507844842.jpeg (40.56 KB, 562x437, ohwow.jpeg)


Can we do sharethreads here? I'm not sure if that's against the rules.
Normally I'd go to 4chin's /mu/ via, but it'd be nice to have a designated space that's, y'know… not 4chan.
The format that's used on /mu/ is nice, though. It's very organized, and things are normally shared via, so there's no need to torrent.

Is that something we can do here?


You start (:


I want to make sure it's not against any rules for sharing (potentially protected) files and data.

If a mod came in and gave it the okay, I would gladly start one. They're really fun, and a great way to discover new music, and I hope that if I start one people would be interested and want to participate. Otherwise, it's just some lone weirdo sharing some obscure music.


Lol, mods dont mind.



If this is something that can potentially be illegal in your country I would advise you, to not doing it. This website as an history with piracy unless our admin decide my judgment was wrong, This thread is free to proceed.

If you weren't aware, just to remind you,
you don't need to ask for permission. You can read the rule here




I went ahead and made a thread and started it off with some of what I have. I really hope this catches on. Arisuchan isn't really a busy place, but surely people here love music, right?

File: 1564508781636.jpg (153 KB, 1340x740, 1497858544388.jpg)


What happened to einchan?

File: 1494617728918.jpg (2.46 MB, 3264x2448, 2017-05-12 19.35.00.jpg)


What does technology have to offer society as a whole, and can a trans-humanist utopia be achieved without corporate oligarchs dominating the world? On the other end is there any sense in rejecting what we have already built in favour of regression? Can the mass death of that process also be justified? Let's debate!
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>To sum it up: the proliferation of random iterations is how Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>A concentration of people that dense is bound to have a whole lot of new growth
do you have a source for this?
japan has the largest urban areas in the world and one of the fastest shrinking populations,
so i find it hard to believe.
but if you have any evidence,
i'm open to it.


Eventually machines will surpass humans in every regard. Humans have a drive to make the world better for themselves, although sometimes they make themselves better, in a limited fashion. Better diets, better fitness and healthcare e.t.c. A machine is not limited in this way. The singularity is inevitable if some large scale disaster does not prevent it, such as Yellowstone exploding or nuclear war, since technology always advances due to natural human competition. However, when/if the singularity is reached, machines have the ability to improve themselves by a far greater degree than humans. Faster, more powerful computers make inferior ones obsolete, and similarly, just like cars made horses obsolete, the machines we build will make us worthless. What is the role of humanity in a world where superior beings do all the work, the fighting and the thinking. The singularity is the end of warranty for our species, history has led to this. Many governments want UBI, a sign that increased automation is already making many people obsolete. The world only needs so many thinkers, 7 billion is far to many when every labourer is gone. On your post-Darwinism point - evolution is slow, and ensure that life catches up with changes in nature. Different climates, food sources, etc. With the singularity surpassed evolution overtakes nature. We will reach an "end" before nature can stop that happening.


Outside the polis, there can only exist beast and men. Humans require an active society to function, and both of those systems seem to promote alienation. An interesting reading is Aristotle's treaty on Politics.


Technology defines itself by control. I don't see leading to anything else than control freak issues. Eventually the psychich fucked up version of it.

The mistake is to see it as progress (technology). If you take a rock and you make it a polished stone, what was before the result of endless of interactions with its surroundings has become something defined only by one will, one being, one force. That's why "progress" is a monotheism. The first stone had shapes more complex, you can see many things in it. It's the result of complex interactions that are inherently beyond man. Wether the polished stone is uninteresting to see, it's flat, it hurts the eyes that is round, but it's only what it is and that's reassuring.

The referential is always you, technology only exist in relation to us. Nature does not. Nature doesn't care especially about us. The sun isn't looking after us especially. But technology, it's only there for us, and by us. The light of the computer is only there for us. We walk around with little suns in the palm of our hands and those sun are here only for us. They are children without lives of their own.

That's leads us to physicality. If you want to apply this thought, that nature doesn't care about us and you are equal to other life on Earth, the only way to do that is to live in nature. Nature is diverse and there's infinite way to be in nature with just the human body, no reductive tools. The body is the higher tool. Nature a good home for it, it's on the same level, for obvious reasons - that it was created through endless interactions with it, it is it. But we have destroyed nature and now the only choice is to continue our way to this light of our own making. To find an exit.

We create ecosystems of control, reduced environment where we isolate ourselves. We just want to be alone in the whole world, to feel that our surrounding only exists for us. That is the slow death wish to return to the mother's womb. Experiencing this trauma of birth is what it means to be human and we're just applying its logic on eon's lenght, on the scale of ages. It's like an archetype, a symbol, or, if you consider it alive (you are after all and it is within you), a spirit or a god. It rules our lives.

File: 1492421126082.jpg (28.69 KB, 300x494, Foundation-1.jpg)


http://clockwise3rldkgu.onion/index.php - Clockwise (supports ODPS! seems to be undergoing maintenance)
http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/ - Imperial Library of Trantor (appears to be undergoing maintenance)
http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion/ - Hidden book club (currently down) - Library Genesis (Tor users may have issues downloading because of a per-IP download limit)

So I guess this list isn't that helpful at the time of posting, but yesterday and for the past year everything has been up so hopefully it will all be back soon.

If you haven't read the foundation series by Isaac Asimov yet drop everything and do that right now.

(rebooting this thread on the new and responsibly run Lainchan, this is really sleek guys.)
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Thanks, Lain. I'm always looking for more reading material.

Also, there's this which I saw on /g/:
If you run this through your javascript console enough times, you'll get a working library card and you can download Ebooks (with DRM, but you can remove the DRM with plugins for Calibre etc.)





File: 1562434915014.png (14.08 KB, 409x381, logo.png)


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Found some info in English, basically the IP is free as long as you're a private person (not a company). So fangames and manga, etc., can be legally sold more openly now. Which is always nice, but I don't know how much this will change.


Oh yeah and you gotta be Japanese


And it's only until 2028 or something


File: 1562640394522.jpg (114.9 KB, 793x455, 1556508378692.jpg)


What is this?

File: 1562104706284.png (38.67 KB, 220x261, tux.png)


It looks stupid. It's goofy. The shadows on his belly were obviously made by a guy who never colorized anything in his life before. From what we hear, it's bad design "on purpose", it's a show of irreverence. Just like not washing oneself is social irreverence. It's public autism.
What's the point of even making a mascot if it's done by people who don't understand what are the purpose of mascots. Why are those ugly, stupid FOSS mascots even a thing?
Where will the worldview of people who believe in ironic ugliness lead us?
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oh it seems you misunderstood me; the kernel is changing, the logo of the kernel isnt.

`at least the kernel, didnt really' was meant to differentiate kernel vs distros and other stuff (redhat for example cares about and does an ok job with marketing itself).


>woman angry that the linux penguin is cuter than her
>wants it derezzed.

Vote for Pedo Joe Biden 2020: make Anime Real
(loli brides)


File: 1563378571848.jpg (75.83 KB, 600x399, penguin.jpg)

We have the technology to rebuild this mascot.


File: 1563510992148.gif (5.41 KB, 500x300, 1541736699204.gif)

You joke, but both the type of woman you're mocking and the type of man who makes the sort of post you did unironically both exist and it genuinely keeps me up at night


And there's nothing you can do about it.

File: 1563065418100.jpg (1.45 MB, 2048x2048, MAX_VOL_TWITCH.jpg)


//An Audio-Visual Event//



File: 1560307629747.png (379.35 KB, 480x800, __iwakura_lain_serial_expe….png)


Let's All (not) Love Lain
I saw this very interesting video about Lain and how by unironically worshipping, making a meme out of Lain, and projecting whatever they want onto her, the internet completely misses the point of the show and does her character a disservice. Bascially the video criticizes sites like this for seeing Lain and a complete disconnect from the real world as something to strive for. Because humans are only capable of perseriving our own internalized world, we need to be tied down to the real world to be happy because excessive use of technology seperates people from this tether and leaves us in a ditached void,. Therefore, the internet should be used as a tool and nothing else.

While I don't know if this video is right about the "true" message of the show, and I disagree with its conclusions about technological development, I do have to say they're right about people projecting whatever they want on Lain for the sake of escapism. Look at systemspace and its copy-cats.
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File: 1562774079578.jpg (230.58 KB, 850x851, 5846E9CD-D7FD-484B-B99C-B8….jpg)

>whatever system you are confined in or whichever way you're wired, you're valuable.
Except, at the end of the show, Lain's classmate who committed suicide was brought back to life in the real world, and this is shown as a good thing. If her being in the wired was just as good as her being in the real world, why would that happen? Does nobody remember the last ten minutes of SEL? The wired is severed from the real world, and it's shown to be a good thing. Those two agent guys are a lot happier as power line repair men. Rather than some kind of "agents" they're repair men, for a tool. How do you explain those last ten minutes?
>where he says people using avatar of lain don't
understand made me cringe so hard because clairly this guy love SEL and simply want to gatekeeping saying "you don't understand lain"
His point was that people using lain avatars were no different than the fake versions of lain that existed because of people's false perceptions in the wired. Those other versions of lain were portrayed in a negative light, if you remember.
>Lain needs love
Yeah, which she got. From Arisu. A real person, in the the real world.


>Yeah, which she got. From Arisu. A real person, in the the real world.
You and I are far more real than Arisu. We aren't fictional.


I'm not talking about anything except what I think the show tried to convey. I don't have an opinion on what the actual internet is and what it can do.


and I'm talking about what SEL means to me.

I think that you're making it out to be anti-Wired in some way. As if The Wired entering real life was a problem. It doesn't seem like that to me, it seems like the show portrayed the birth of a god, which is a messy affair. Lain is fractured between her meat-self and her wired-selves, and then there is also Masami and the Knights who try to control The Wired, which Lain is the god of. Over the course of the show she comes to understand herself more, and to unify her self into a cohesive being. Out of love for humanity, she uses her powers to remove herself, fixing all the ills that her birth caused.

The show's tagline is that "everything is connected". The Wired is a tool, yes, but there is no indication that it is removed from the physical world at the end of the show. The fact that Lain is able to project herself into the physical world to talk to Arisu again shows this. It's just that Lain is no longer fractured and Masami is no longer causing trouble.

I think the real "message" of the show, besides the baseline feelings it evokes, are that The Wired connects us, but rather than turn that into a solipsistic "The Wired is the only thing that is real" viewpoint, it connects us as real people, and that when we put on fake faces on The Wired we are trying to reject this connection and it causes bad stuff like, say, the alt-reich. How many of those kids think they're being ultra badass anonymous internet warriors by posting racist memes, I wonder?


The main ill caused by her birth was the wired fusing with the real world though. Time became subjective, dead people lingered as ghosts, individual people lost their sense of identity, kids stopped living normal kid lives. Maybe you're right and the real world and wired didn't actually separate, but that's what I gathered. It's not like by undoing her existence she changed the nature of the wired in any way. As for how she is still able to interact with people, that's the most abstract part of the show, but it's implied that she doesn't do it through the wired because she's all alone there.

File: 1560197281687.jpg (234.84 KB, 850x926, sample_1dea9d0b41d503fa4a4….jpg)


Requesting radio/podcast about /sec /tech /diy /pr /sci or other cyberpunk with female DJ and calls from midnight paranoidal lunatics.
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Privacy, programming, pretties, etc.


Pirates, of course


File: 1560347336987.gif (556.76 KB, 500x375, Max.gif)

Darknet Diaries
2600 Off the Hook
Malicious Life
Security Now with Steve Gibson
CYBER by Motherboard
Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast
OSINT Podcast
Paul's Security Weekly
Pure Decking (Galaxy 15 Radio)


I know these don't fit your search parameters, but they're good for anyone looking for security podcasts, so might as well list em.


Oh wow! Thankyou

File: 1539080986943.jpg (45.98 KB, 312x499, 51FvavS4IYL._SX310_BO1,204….jpg)


I think he's a cyberpunk, albeit an analog one.

New book, The Revised Boy Scout Manual.

Cutup Machine if you want to play along at home:

Fun fact: he wrote a screenplay treatment for Alan E. Nourse's book The Bladerunner. The title got transferred to the adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Language is a virus.
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File: 1561863471940.pdf (924.96 KB, 1945 And the Hippos Were B….pdf)

I have a bunch of pdf's of his stuff. incoming…

1945 And the Hippos Were Boiled


File: 1561863499868.pdf (521.46 KB, 1953 Junkie.pdf)

1953 Junkie


File: 1561863525857.pdf (456.59 KB, 1953 Queer.pdf)

1953 Queer


File: 1561863543745.pdf (913.65 KB, 1959 Naked Lunch.pdf)

1959 Naked Lunch


File: 1561863623585.pdf (451.62 KB, 1961 NT 1- Soft Machine.pdf)

1961 Nova Triology 1- Soft Machine

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