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Kalyx ######

File: 1547107091661.jpg (136.86 KB, 768x543, cypherpunk.jpg)


Size 177.96GB. I dare to say contains among the best books of their fields and are supposed not to repeat. It is a extremely well ordered collection by topic, and if you compare the size you soon see its value. Topics range from mathematics, physics, psychology, self improvement, survivalism, the best science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, magazines, and more. Magazines takes about 75 GB and there are many youtube videos, documentaries and conferences so you can exclude these if you want to. All books combined takes about 40 GB or so. But i really recommend downloading other stuff too since you can't really find it somewhere else easily. Did I mention is well sorted and contains only the best books?


It has only one seeder left right now. Used to be many more months ago. Would you kindly share this torrent on places like demonoid, piratebay and other imageboards too? That would be good.




>It has only one seeder left right now.
I wonder why no one else is seeding a 177GB torrent featuring The Turner Diaries AND Full Metal Alchemist. Weird. Anyway I'm off to eat dinner, a hamburger milkshake.


File: 1547491650545.jpg (17.31 KB, 229x253, a26c1b90f7fd5b42bb354de70d….jpg)

>not seeding the turner diaries and full metal alchemist at the same time
What a flaming homogay.


You know what is the hardest part about all of this? The realization of how awful your taste is. We still love you regardless.

File: 1492405356097.jpg (24.59 KB, 250x350, D U N E.jpg)

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What are you lainons reading right now? I'm currently reading through the Dune series right now.
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File: 1547039799719.jpg (371.3 KB, 1200x771, steadman.jpg)

Any of you Lainons into Hunter S. Thompson/Gonzo journalism? If so, I think he deserves to be talked about more within this community.

If not, and you need a jumping on point, I'd suggest one of three books:

-Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas

-Fear And Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72

-Hell's Angels; A Strange and Terrible Saga


Reading "In the Miso Soup" by Ryu Murakami and enjoying it a great deal so far. Some descriptions are slightly more bare than what i am used to, it is a short book I guess but i cant help but wonder how it reads in the original language.


I finally got around to reading fear and loathing not too long ago and I love it. The exchanges between the characters become more entertaining the further you get into the book as you get clued into their inside jokes/mannerisms.


Do you know of any other good gonzo authors or titles? The only other author i tried (couldn't remember his name) felt like regular asshole hooked on cocaine.


File: 1547229924092.jpg (91.55 KB, 640x480, liberals got guns.jpg)

Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas is a bit of a mindbender, and quite depressing when he starts talking about the decline of the counterculture. I'm not shocked that the man killed himself later in life. His essay for Rolling Stone on the life and death of Richard Nixon is quite eye opening too:

File: 1533651883469-0.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1920, 1493335546359-0.png)


Lets share our most cozy musics

This one is turkish and cover of a popular song:


> Rummelsnuff - Salutare (Pankow XII-G-XXII FM Remix)


File: 1545950588285.jpg (417.68 KB, 1400x1400, Sakamoto_Maaya_-_Anata_wo_….jpg)

I've been listening to Yoko Kanno in the last week. It's so soothing, exactly my style.

Especially this one:
And this:

Also I found by accident the song I used to listen a few years ago! Couldn't find it on Youtube, but if you're interested, then search: Sakamoto Maaya - Tokyo Samui


CLUBZ released a new album, I really enjoy their sound


I first heard this from Mushishi (comfy anime), I always get a really comfy feeling when listening to it or playing along on guitar.

[Lucy Rose - Shiver]


Oh yeah!
I really liked stray from wolf's rain.

File: 1534938691462.jpg (58.99 KB, 640x480, 1383691214941.jpg)


Is Alice a Lost Future by herself, thrown into this present? She's closing herself from contemporary mainstream influence while her own culture and behavior seems more based off what she saw from older media.
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There certainly is a lot of basic ones but especially now in 2018 the artists have gotten quite innovative. I am not a fan of sped-down 80's city pop either (I would rather just listen to the OG, shout out to Plastic Love and Anri)

But just like any oversaturated genre there are more than a few diamond's in the rough. Those second two albums I linked sound nothing like "just taking the original slowing it down and uploading it". You would struggle to even identify the sample with them. Here are a few more that do A LOT more than just pitch down a pop hit. (If it wasn't obvious already I fuck heavily with Vaporwave)

It seems to me that the main reason we have a disconnect here on just how unoriginal vaporwave is, is because most people that do not listen to vaporwave have only heard the unoriginal stuff.


Thanks for the links man, bad morning is an amazing song. I agree that vaporwave has evolved from a meme (where samples where slowed down with barely any editing) to now where there is actual music being created.

It's hard to define vaporwave though, I think it started off as a satire of "strip-mall" 90's capitalism but people also refer to any sort of lo-fi, synth and electronic music as vaporwave so it does get confusing.


Usagi cute!


and it was cool michael jackson in his prime michael jackson


File: 1543450886522.jpg (54.66 KB, 500x522, 1521395155333.jpg)

Echoed 80s pop samples and adobe ae vhs effects are lame

File: 1542236281539.jpeg (262.04 KB, 868x1158, serveimage.jpeg)


Yoѕhitoshi ABe Interview:

They talk about his recent works as well as how he got into the industry and what inspired him, of course there are some lain bits too. Haven't seen this being discussed anywhere yet on our imageboard so please check this out if you haven't seen it yet. Also please excuse me circumventing the wordfilter for our favorite character designers name.


As someone who has very limited understanding of Japanese, it would be majorly appreciated if someone could make subs for this.


It already has subtitles.


I see, I suppose youtube-dl didn't scrape them


It doesn't do it by default, call it with
--all-subs --embed-subs
to get them.


Thanks, I could have just read the man page, but this saved a good 30 seconds of time.

File: 1539807186075.jpg (35.14 KB, 650x650, fffffat-reprezent.jpg)


Are there any current culture hacking groups that are out today. The only one I'm aware of is F.A.T, but unfortunately after the patriot act was signed to continue on in 2014 they decided that they have lost. And they're not wrong. As much as it sucks to know that the US government will never release their war powers I just have the urge to try.

I'm starting to create such a group at my university, but wondering if there's any more like them today.
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Culture hacking is influencing the enviorment around you through to cause change, usually to promote an agenda. For example F.A.T labs would have art projects such as hosing alleries just to spite Pisca photos


>>2263 then with e.g. their Random Darknet Shopper.


File: 1540766778297.png (236.76 KB, 738x455, Untitled.png)

Anti-Face Art
To promote the cause against facial recognition used in the public.


i dont really know if there is any real popular hacker groups anymore but hey good luck with the one at ur uni whats the name of it my dude


Don't feel like name dropping it right now, once I feel comfortable on where we are in members and a project worth while I'll definitely share it. Expect to see some projects that I've been thinking of posted on here for opinions

File: 1501132840483.jpg (78.47 KB, 506x421, descarga.jpg)


Dear Lainons, I share with you Serial Experiments Lain ripped in VHS!QYQFBDSA!4Ndk7Wb6eunQ2ioPJi_ovg

Unfortunately, with embeed ES subtitles. Hope if we can create a version with EN subs.
Credits goes to: Stigma.


embedded subs are ok since you can turn those off.
hardsubs that are actually on the video are a sin and should be smited as such

these are hardsubs :(
thanks though

File: 1493662869586.gif (791.69 KB, 500x268, FfWPE9N.gif)


Let's tack one off the bounty board and discuss the many cyberpunk anime that helped influence the genre and some many anime in recent time that should be watched. Below I'll be naming the well known series and films.
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File: 1499284362140.jpg (1.8 MB, 1920x1200,….jpg)

>Dennou Coil

I strongly suggest watching Dennou Coil.
Basic summary : near-future in Japan, children play around with augmented reality glasses, cyberpets and stuff around a city. They also collect bugs and glitches, learn to hack around and stuff. Starts off like a very light and attaching show, and turns into a captivating chain of events.


File: 1541677418140.jpg (179.23 KB, 1280x720, psycho-pass_01_city.jpg)

I've recently watched Psycho-Pass and really liked it. Nice action, story, ideas and a great villain. You should go see it.

Should I watch the 2nd season and movies too? I've read the 2nd Season lacks Gen Urobuchi and turned out pretty bad.


The 2nd season is exactly the same thing but worse. Don't bother.


File: 1541709925747.gif (1018.01 KB, 245x165, animatrix.gif)

Animatrix. A prequel series for the matrix trillogy. Explains a lot more of what the series of events was that lead up to the movies, tells interesting stories and shows how life for free people living on the planet after the enslavement looks. It does not have a continuous plotline but rather is a collection of stories. Their symbolism and scenery are really good, the plots have a lot of variety. Though I did not like the animation style in some of the episodes, I still recommend it to anyone that likes the themes of robotic conscientiousness, very dark dystopias and obviously The Matrix.


> Starts off like a very light and attaching show, and turns into a captivating chain of events

My thoughts exactly. It comes off as a cutesy but enjoyable kids show and starts getting darker and pretty complicated. Someone once described it as if Miyazaki wrote a cyberpunk series but there's much more to it by the time you reach the end.

File: 1528819271838.png (255.56 KB, 620x916, unkn123own.png)


Hey I was wondering if anybody here has a spare invite to the music tracker Redacted,if so it'd be nice to get one!
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You have no idea what you're talking about. I literally can't find anything in your post that is true. Have you ever even been on a private tracker like OiNK or What.CD?


can you share the theme?


sent ;)

ok if you're a lazy soykaf, you can fuck yourself honestly



No one will give you an invite because it's against the rules to give invites to strangers, and if you are staff on a private tracker it will result in a permanent ban for the inviter because it puts everyone on the tracker at risk if you invite some random MAFIAA shill.

Just do the interview. You might have to sit in the queue for a long time but it isn't difficult if you can read and sit through a test.


dear saito
it is strongly advised even by RED themselves not to give invites to randoms. you give invites to friends if anyone, you need to be able to trust others, and i cannot trust you based on this post you made anonymously.

File: 1505180523366.jpg (41.63 KB, 345x395, nothings.jpg)


Just finished the series, and I would be interested in having a discussion on what people think happened with Lain at the end of the show.

I have a personal hypothesis, although my mind is still confused about all the things that happened over the series. Let's get started.

If you recall (I'm sure you do), people only exist if others have a memory of them; yet Lain wiped all memory of herself at the end. However, when Arisu should be April despite the voice acting meets her, there's a vague recollection. How is this possible?

If you're familiar with the work of Julian Jayne's; specifically ``The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind``, you might know about the idea of bicameralism of the mind. TL;DR - at one time an area in the right side of the brain gave early humans the "voice of god" since they did not yet have consciousness. This voice was responsible for what we see as "the gods" in ancient literature. That voice gave them something to accomplish when they were under stress or weren't sure what to do. You can read more by looking up "bicameralism psychology" with the search engine of you choice, if you care.

I think that this idea can help us understand how Lain can have erased everyone's memory of her yet still be present in the world. She hasn't really been forgotten- with her position as "goddess" of the Wired, she's now taken a place in the right hemisphere of the brain that was previously unused in modern society. In other words, people still remember her, but not on a conscious level. This remembrance, even if other people aren't aware of it, is enough to keep her around.

I'm sure there are other hypotheses out there and I'm interested in what others think.


That is really an interesting connection to bicameralism. I had always interpreted her dim recollection of Lain at the end more as the "last dying ember" of a fading memory, but now I want to rewatch the series. Thanks for writing this up and sharing.

Less original interpretation: the phrase "everyone is connected" seems like dependent origination (Buddhism) in which objects have no internal essence and are just products of a causal web of relationships (sometimes mistaken to mean nothing is "real").

Lain's identity crisis seems like the realization of "anatta": there is no Self if everything is dependently originated. This explains why the end of the series has that "attaining Nirvana" vibe to it. Lain unlinks herself from the The Wired (samsara) and ceases to be "recognized" since she is outside of causality.


File: 1505269276812.jpg (8.92 KB, 261x163, cannotescape.jpg)


Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of the Buddhist undertone to the end of the series. It seems to make sense with how things work out. I'll offer another interpretation.

Lain's monologue in the beginning of Episode 13 is her coming to terms with the way her physical body has another "voice" inside her head. She's not really aware of it at this point, but knows that something is wrong.

Lain is the first person to become "conscious" in the sense that we know it. Throughout other episodes, we see people who do things and don't understand why - take the shooter in Cyberia as an example. He's seen the "Club Lain" as an abstraction (a god) and doesn't really know why he's doing what he does. It's just a voice, or command, in his mind. This is the first time that we see the ability of Lain to affect the real world by being present in the right brain. When she speaks to him it drives him mad, outside of the Accella.

All that being said, I can't argue against the Buddhist interpretation either. Good post.

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