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Kalyx ######

File: 1560347784130.png (407.65 KB, 582x447, z3z2v83tb6811.png)


A lot of cyberpunk franchises suffer from having too much Cyber and not enough Punk. Is there a spectrum of how much Cyber or Punk a cyberpunk book, movie, tv show, or video game is? Cyberpunk 2020 is more Punk than Cyber, SEL is more balanced between Cyber and Punk, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the modern Deus Ex games are a bit too much Cyber and not enough Punk.


Atari Teenage Riot is the perfect balance between the two.


Too much for what? The important parts of a story, including the message, are more important than tropes and genre checklists. How the "cyber" and the "punk" add to the story is what matters.


I agree with you, actually. I guess it also depends on the lives of the characters being depicted. You might be getting more of a Cyber than a Punk perspective if the main character is a cop or a detective working for a corporation, as opposed to a hacker working for himself (or a criminal organization).


If you look at punk (and other) subcultures in the contemporary real world in less advantaged countries you'll see something like this. Kids who don't get a permit for their concerts and even steal the electricity for it, that sort of thing. They're online too now. In North America there are still dirty kids riding trains with musical instruments on their backs like there always were only now they also carry sillyphones and keep a photo blog of their travels.

In cyberpunk fiction, the lowlife element is always there but as part of a larger mosaic. Think of the poor people living in storage lockers in Snowcrash for instance. Perhaps you're looking for stories told more from the perspective of the people living in the shadows of the towers of glass and steel. I can't think of anything offhand.


Thanks for mentioning these guys, I just started listening and they're sick.

File: 1504135163941.jpg (343.38 KB, 599x608, Cover1.jpg)


Twilight (Bôa album)
For those of you unfamiliar the theme song for SEL came from this album. If you have not listened to it already I recommend it. It is actually pretty great all around.

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Did you scan it yourself? Thanks for sharing!


>クリムゾン介錯 : 暴力的な反対意見
That was amazing. Every other hardvapour album I've listened to, sounds more "happy" than this one. Any other suggestions as dark and droney as this album?


try this
it's a bit closer to techno but it has a similar vibe, plus it's made by a lainon.


File: 1509657655763.jpg (66.16 KB, 330x330, R-1686401-1236887195.jpeg.jpg)

Here's Anomalies: Free Soup Special

Found it once on the Piratebay, lovely album. Since then never been able to find it again.



SHA1: 00dad1ae1963cf6540ac2d58296719210f61cae7


File: 1560246547536-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.87 KB, 236x354, C46813DD-EC87-40F8-911F-7….jpeg)

masterpiece electro/indie record
the flow and feel of this record is unmatched

File: 1559462191173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 581.33 KB, 1024x768, Hydrangeas.jpg)

 No.2598[Reply] in Malaysia. Contact me if you have what I need. I have what you need.


Very cool larp, how do we get to the next step?


>gives us a local IP


File: 1559506736174.jpg (342.41 KB, 1547x878, cyberpunk-futuristic-girl-….jpg)

>I have what you need.

Do you have love?

I need love.


Son, that’s your default gateway.

File: 1541891381407.png (20.16 KB, 335x368, 1535145514604.png)

The countdown is finally over
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Where's the Live Action in this?


yeah, what happened to RP as a term?


File: 1541959948912.png (10.82 KB, 700x338, 1319035415961.png)

The main page indicates that the website is supposedly "in maintenance" but you can still access every other page if you directly type their URL



But what's the point in going to the other site?
My old login code doesn't work, and I can't make a new accout.


What's wrong with "pretending"?

File: 1553770590140.png (64.32 KB, 283x288, aliendude.png)


So, I'm guessing that most alice' aren't normal people and I'm not either, so I was wondering about how your personal sense of morality and ethics stack against the rest of wider society.
What is the morally correct way to interact? is it alright to do certain things? should morality be disregarded entirely? etc. I'm mostly interested in whether there are things you believe in or disregard that contradict societaly norms and stuff like that! Also, does the whole "we are all connected in the wired" thing ever really affect your choices?
relatively new user, thanks 4 listening.
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fair point. guess I was thrown off by the use of the denotative language. reminder that I as well as most users of anonymous image boards am an autist who cannot follow any degree of pragmatism. ;)


sure, but neither could you about most things.
When you get right down to it basically nothing is really "pure logic", even what we mean by that is up to interpretation.
Like, I can't tell you a purely logical reason to get out of bed in the morning. There's not even really a good reason to believe that you exist: "I think therefore I am" is circular reasoning.
Morals should be practical and as such we shouldn't bother with whether they're purely logical or not, what matters is if we think they're good morals.


yeah but what you're missing is that i'm a nihilist and I don't think I exist


this might just be a semantic point and a little unrelated but, are morals always linked to your actions e.g. if I spend all day thinking about good moral behavior but don't actually do anything particularly good, would it still be fare to call me or anyone like that a moral person?
and what about the reverse, if I'm donating to charity and helping old ladies cross the street but the back of my mind I'm a real prick, what then?


if you act an asshole but are good at heart you're probably a self conscious person who views seeming cool as more important than integrity. if you're a cool person who's an asshole at heart you're probably a self conscious person who views being liked by others as being more important than integrity. either way all it is is slightly more layered morality. wether either is good or bad is subjective and depends on individual values.

File: 1555891548172.gif (195.81 KB, 1922x797, oldScreen.gif)


no one exists in this world
except for one
nothing is ugly or beautiful
known or unknown
but merely that one
every arrow launched
is from the same bow
every word uttered
is from the same tongue
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File: 1555891657146.gif (123.66 KB, 254x644, 1551940492580.gif)

where did it all go
the dancing the love and the music
could it be that none was there
or was but all
went to the vanishing point

it is better not to be skeptic
look at Moses' magic cane
one minute a cane the next a dragon

or was it a dragon first
and as it devoured the world
within its existence
it changed to a cane

every situation is
like an arrow
when it is gone my friend
seek and find it in the target

though a pearl
has stolen a grain of sand
from the nearby shore
a wise diver will seek it out
in the depth of the ocean floor


File: 1555891732524.gif (60.2 KB, 400x611, tumblr_stop_stealing_my_sh….gif)

once again
i broke free of the chains
of the wicked traps
of this world

once again
by your youthful love
i was saved from
this fraud-filled wizard
we call life

running day and night
i finally had to cut myself off
from this deadly routine
leaping free as an arrow
from the grip of the cosmic bow

now i have no more fear
of grief and anxiety
i've learned to compete
with death itself

i lived through my wits
for forty years
now at sixty-two
finally hunted down
i am free from struggle

bread becomes blood
blood transforms to milk
and now
that i have my wisdom teeth
i am in no need for more milk


pret's good.


*snaps fingers and plays the bongos" Pretty fucking neato.


fine and dandy
the good kind

File: 1553178558328.jpg (624.62 KB, 1000x750, 1495961335234.jpg)


Hello there, Alice, a rather new poster on this site and I will hopefully stay here for long. Anyways, what kind of cyber video games could you recommend to me? I'll give some suggestions while you polish your gems:
Shadowrun (SNES & SEGA)
Shadowrun Hong Kong
Neocron (Multiplayer)
Deus Ex
System Shock
NeoTokyo (Fun with friends)
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IDK if this counts but there's that point-and-click Blade Runner game.


File: 1554697612081.jpg (249.23 KB, 706x706, 2425.jpg)

Lesser known cyberpunk gems:
The Silver Case
The 25th Ward: The Silver Case
Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer
Tex Murphy series


If you like text games then I definitely recommend Sindome

File: 1553189301620.jpg (24.21 KB, 508x242, L-1094-1200430269.jpeg.jpg)


The most cyberpunk music genre off all (maybe? idk).

It's a kinda forgotten genre actually. Usually it receives the 'nu-metal' treatment, for being soykaf music for edgy teens, skidies, etc.
Besides that I think it's one of the best electronic music genres. Atari Teenage Riot is great, their solo works has lots of variety also. Christoph De Babalon is a DnB god, releasing solid stuff almost every year. Shizuo is a breakcore classic. And still from DHR label we have lots of underrated goodstuff like Curse of the Golden Vampire and Sonic Subjunkies.

Outside the DHR label, I recommend the japanese label Fujimi Industry Records (very good DH and also gabber, speedcore and experimental stuff) and the band Machine Girl (best punk band of the 21st century IMO).

Does Alice like some Digital Hardcore? Any recommendations?
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Personally I really like Vein, which is an up and coming grind/power-violence band with quite a bit of electronic influences. The Full of Hell-Merzbow Split was pretty great as well if noise is your thing, although Merzbow took more of a back seat on the album.




This n0thanky0u band has a track called Infornography.
Maybe they are Lainheads lurking here somewhere



I stopped listening to Death Grips after NO LOVE DEEP WEB. I'm not very found of industrial hip hop (even them, I prefer listening to Dälek or B L A C K I E). But I read that this EP and the Bottonless Pit have an electro, digital hardcore feel and are pretty different from the prior albums. Is it true?


Bottomless pit is the catchiest death grips albums, and it draws from a lot of rock, mostly metal, on a lot of the track. And Gabber is a gabber mega-mix the death grips boys threw together, absolute bangers with stefan shouting at you, it got me back into death grips 8/10

File: 1525334727582.png (259.75 KB, 314x464, box-of-papers.png)


Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon a collection (a rather large one) of old papers. They're sorted into three categories in large manila folders: Spirit, Machine and Synthesis (as titled on their collective folders).

The Machine one in particular intrigues me, it's the designs for what appears to be a computer, circa ~1980's, but has some weird features. For starters, it doesn't use any processor I can identify, and some of the documents appear to describe what I believe to be the CPU. It's got a lot of modernish features like a significantly reduced instruction set, and deep pipelining. I can't seem to find any reference to any of this online anywhere, it seems to be original work.

The Spirit collection appears to be a translation of Buddhist-esque writings, talking about rebirth, nirvana and some conception of the soul. I've yet to venture deeply into these documents, they seem very lofty and esoteric.

The Synthesis collection is just strange, I have no way to describe it. It bounces from computer code (resembling LISP, although I can say with confidence it isn't any LISP I've ever seen) to koans and back again.

These documents are all visually degraded with age, some of the text is faded, some pages are water damaged, overall just a strange old collection. My initial hypothesis is some buddhist-leaning programmer or system engineer devised all of this material, but to what end I don't know. A lot of it is vague, yet intricate. The designs and code in particular appear to be robust on their face (I have some background in computer science, although a lot of this does admittedly go over my head), while the spirit texts seem coherent and intelligent. I should note I'm only basing my observation that it is intended to be "spiritual" based on what is written on the folders that contain these texts, rather than merely their content; there may be something more to it that I'm simply missing out of having not read them all yet.

All in all, the collection is in a rather large file box, it takes up an entire shelf now on my book case.

I think I'll begin transcribing the documents for publication, and I might try my hand at working out and writing an emulator for this mysterious machine. There's no disks or any kind of digital copy of anything, so I'll likely take some time for either project to bear fruit.

Would other Lains be interested in this sort of content if I were to publish it?
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File: 1550674016663.jpg (9.27 KB, 425x333, fss notebook.jpg)

Couldn't be government. In those facilities, all notes are written in green FSS notebooks. Pic related.




Can confirm this. We used these for a Weapons Log in navy bootcamp :)


Yeah we had a lot of those. But also some legal pads. Mostly those though.


Why do people keep bumping this thread?

File: 1552665713464.png (385.32 KB, 600x450, vlcsnap-00104-e15341173734….png)


How does work? (does it?)


There's a git repo for it somewhere

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