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Let's get a good EDC thread going. This is my gear from about a year ago.
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lol not with a Makarov he ain't :-P


Clearly we need to add this website to the list of those infiltrated by the Razvedki.




You a mailman?


its not because its dangerous, its because we can


File: 1498688230132.jpg (1.38 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)

From today
Switching from a backpack to this, I have uni summer classes but I just need a notebook and writing supplies in my other bag

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If there was 2nd season what would it be about?
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File: 1497884924007.gif (151.18 KB, 200x200, 1454471721959-4.gif)

No I believe lain only deleted the memories of herself from everyone, she is still a vague omnipresent god of the wired in the background.


As it says in the series: she never existed if she was not remembered.


perhaps we can get some background stories for the characters involved in s1


what if lain remembers? the loneliness stemming from this immense isolation could make for an interesting story.


I guess I just feel like the last scene seemed suggestive of other possibilities. lain still exists, and meets arisu, who has a vauge feeling of recognition, if I recall correctly. This suggests two things, first lain still is somewhere, and second, she is not totally forgotten.

As such, we do not really know what the end state of the show and the world is. Did lain ever exist? Does she exist now? Is she only alive on the wired? Did the memories really get erased, or did she deliberatley allow arisu to remember?

Making a sequal, a good sequal, would be I fear, very difficult. part of the beauty of the story is that it ends, and that afterward we can imagine all of these possibilities from what we have seen, what taste we have witnessed. Adding a second section risks answering too many questions, which the first part carefully, and rightly, left ambiguous.

File: 1497837634795-0.jpg (712.83 KB, 1280x798, Maccari-Cicero.jpg)

File: 1497837634795-1.png (421.4 KB, 1024x756, objection-vector.png)


Being a community of hackers of sorts, it is strange that the subject of Law hasn't ever been mentioned.
Does any lain here know something about the legal system? Roman law? Any of that?
Perhaps I'm just getting ideas from The Rainmaker and Ace Attorney, but at least some of it seems interesting.
Anyway, does anyone here have a good pointer to maybe a book for someone who knows jack soykaf about this? I want to dig a bit into it and see if I like it.
Thanks a lot lains.

Also discuss Law here, but please keep your political views out, politics kills communities. And yes if you keep the conversation within technical terms, we can avoid spiraling down to calling others see-you-see-kays. After all, this is a forum of tech-savvy people isn't it?


Law is often mentioned indirectly in the concern about Free Software, and the GPL v.3's viral structure can be considered a kind of legal hacking, so it's around.
For books- Plato's Dialogues, Machiavelli's the prince, and the Tao Te Ching are good places to start. They each illustrate a different culture's ideas about legal frameworks by considering different rational focuses of moral consideration. Such a varied approach is a useful way to jump in if you're just starting to think about law, since it illustrates the way that law is a logical enterprise by extrapolating from crazy different premises.
Recently I've also discovered Eben Moglen, who's a lawyer and a technologist who gives very interesting talks.


I recommend Bastiat's aptly named "The Law". It's rather opinionated, but it lays down pretty clearly the basis of enlightenment legal philosophy, which formed the framework of America's legal system (and portions of quite a few others).

File: 1497830167348.png (1.44 MB, 1523x835, hhg.PNG)


My favorite book is A Scanner Darkly. The battle with drugs, the overreaching hand of corrupt establishments. "Lets give it up for the Big Blur".

"D… Substance D. "D" is dumbness, and despair, desertion-desertion of you from your friends, your friends from you, everyone from everyone. Isolation and loneliness… and hating and suspecting each other, "D" is finally death. Slow death from the head down. Well… that's it."

"The pain, so unexpected and undeserved had for some reason cleared away the cobwebs. I realized I didn't hate the cabinet door, I hated my life… My house, my family, my backyard, my power mower. Nothing would ever change; nothing new could ever be expected. It had to end, and it did. now in the dark world where I dwell, ugly things, and surprising things, and sometimes little wondrous things, spill out in me constantly, and I can count on nothing."

"What does a scanner see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does it see into me? Into us? Clearly or darkly? I hope it sees clearly because I can't any longer see into myself. I see only murk. I hope for everyone's sake the scanners do better, because if the scanner sees only darkly the way I do, then I'm cursed and cursed again."

File: 1497691006528.jpg (356.44 KB, 1200x1200, a1221825363_10.jpg)


Music? Anyone into any of the recent Waves?

At the moment I am infatuated with Makeup and Vanity Set, the music just seems so very punk.

By far my favorite track is

I do love we are at the point where we have a massive selection in music available to us.

Anyone know anything in the same vain?


The recentish style that I like the most is glitch IDM, like Access to Arasaka and Tineidae. But I stopped listening to copyrighted stuff so, yeah. I'm not looking for new music nearly as much as I used to, sadly.

>Anyone know anything in the same vain?

Yeah, there's a big bunch of retrowave music, look it up and you'll find lots of it. The one I used to like was Dance with the Dead, but it goes over to the metalish side.

File: 1494517258583.png (13.36 KB, 732x434, bad day.png)


What games you been playing lately, /cult/? I've been playing a lot of the original rogue (well, GNU's rogue-clone). Classical roguelikes seem like a pretty /cyb/ genre.
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And, also, things are just color-coded in general which can be super helpful.


File: 1495258201152.png (322.81 KB, 1280x775, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.png)

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is very addicting, and it makes for a great game to spend only few minutes on before going out or something since I am terrible at it and die very early every time. Don't take my word for it, try it out yourself since it is foss.


I'm a huge fan of this game. Haven't actually played in a few years but have lots of good memories playing in school / on my laptop.


I've been playing EU4 with M&T2 mod. It makes it a bit more simulationist where you feel like you're a bit further removed from direct effects, for instance, estates control a lot of your development, but you have to keep the estates in control. I like it, some new flavor for an old favorite. It feels pretty unpolished, but it's worth it.


looks pretty good

nice to see that there's some roguelike players out there. I used to play alot of Rogue, Nethack and DCSS last year, but kind of didn't have time this year. Now I have plenty, so I'm trying to get back to video games and computers a little bit.

I tried Hyper Light Drifter lately, didn't like it. I also started to play Duskers, this game is pretty neat.

File: 1492431255195.jpg (441.96 KB, 950x1425, 38bd439560_w950.jpg)


>What is Urban Techwear
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing, focuses on incorporating functionality using textiles and construction techniques to protect the user from their environment, to allow flexibility, and add comfort. Built to be presentable, and last through the treatment of ones daily commute whatever it may be we believe that technical clothing should be part in everyone's wardrobe.
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File: 1496300632607-0.jpg (623.7 KB, 1487x1920, 030.jpg)

File: 1496300632607-1.jpg (616.99 KB, 1487x1920, 031.jpg)

File: 1496300632607-2.jpg (456.22 KB, 1487x1920, 033.jpg)

File: 1496300632607-3.jpg (522.45 KB, 1487x1920, 035.jpg)

File: 1496300632607-4.jpg (439.13 KB, 1487x1920, 036.jpg)


File: 1496300678458-0.jpg (426.96 KB, 1487x1920, 038.jpg)

File: 1496300678458-1.jpg (414.27 KB, 1487x1920, 039.jpg)

File: 1496300678458-2.jpg (426.67 KB, 1487x1920, 041.jpg)

File: 1496300678458-3.jpg (500.73 KB, 1487x1920, 043.jpg)

File: 1496300678458-4.jpg (372.09 KB, 1487x1920, 044.jpg)


File: 1496300742813-0.jpg (393.55 KB, 1487x1920, 045.jpg)

File: 1496300742813-1.jpg (418.15 KB, 1487x1920, 046.jpg)

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File: 1496300742813-3.jpg (428.31 KB, 1487x1920, 066.jpg)

File: 1496300742813-4.jpg (595.43 KB, 1487x1920, 074.jpg)


File: 1496300827454-0.jpg (509.39 KB, 1487x1920, 075.jpg)

File: 1496300827454-1.jpg (375.98 KB, 1487x1920, 076.jpg)

File: 1496300827454-2.jpg (375.16 KB, 1487x1920, 077.jpg)

File: 1496300827454-3.jpg (418.5 KB, 1487x1920, 078.jpg)

File: 1496300827454-4.jpg (509.17 KB, 1487x1920, 079.jpg)


I've got these shoes and can confirm they're incredbly comfortable. Walked around in them for like 6 hours the day I bought them with no comfort issues at all.

File: 1492614758836.jpg (41.56 KB, 437x598, b43fb4c60f8a0af050c79e3d92….jpg)


I've seen the topic of minimalism come up several times in cyberpunk circles, but I'm not sure I see anything particularly cyberpunk about it. I see it more as an aesthetic than a lifestyle and an expensive and pretentious one at that. Those that actually live "minimally" would probably identify more as nomads, but I could be wrong. I'm not very materialistic, but I do like my stuff and am not ashamed to say so. Lain's bedroom was anything but minimalistic towards the end.
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>expensive and pretentious
That it is. I prefer function over beauty, and many minimalist setups aren't very functional.
Why not let go of life, then? Life is unnecessary. There are no needs in the universe, only wants.


>an expensive and pretentious one at that.
You've got it completely wrong. You are probably thinking of wordpress template tier minimalism, which behind the scenes is a soykafload of javascript. That is obviously not minimalism. Anything that is pretentious or expensive cannot be minimalism.


I think that it's useful to make a distinction between satisfaction of different needs. For instance, in order to live I need constant access to food, water, shelter, and a community. Generally, when people are talking about "needs," they refer to these conditionals.

I agree, but many use "minimalism" to represent something else - generally an aesthetic of emptiness. Except emptiness, and empty space isn't necessarily minimal.


With anything you get glitterboys and their version of things, Here's mine
Just have what you need or adds something to your life
Throw away soykaf you don't need or haven't touched or thought of in a while
A set number of plates, cups cutlery etc
I do like a minimal color palette


my gf is really into "konmari" which is a Japanese method of decluttering/organizing. basically involves folding stuff and getting rid of / donating nearly everything non-essential. it's apparently pretty trendy. she's cleared out most of our closet, and overall created a lot more space in our apartment, so i find it to be a beneficial philosophy. i know very little about it, though i got her the book written by the creator of konmari.

minimalism as i see it involves getting rid of non-essential things as a everyday philosophy, rather than pursuing a certain superficial "minimalist aesthetic" through purchasing/acquiring.

File: 1495048479639.jpg (619.63 KB, 1234x777, hackmud-found_users.jpg)


So there's a few out there, Uplink being the most prominent but there's also HackNet and Hacker Evolution among others. I just picked up a copy of HackMUD which, while I haven't finished the tutorial yet, seems really promising. The music is shway and the aesthetic is really something I can get with. I believe it's a javascript-like interface, though I don't code so I couldn't say.

Anyway, the most promising feature of this is the apparent multiplayer in which players can steal each others scripts and money. That's the entire reason I bought this.

I realize I sound like I'm just shilling it but I had a lot of fun with it so far and It's got me excited so I wanted to share.
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File: 1495159825319.jpg (425.57 KB, 778x4000, Cybergameslist.jpg)

I was going to add some of these but I see you beat me to it. I've personally played Hacknet and Hacker Evolution. Yet to start on TIS-100. Really good games. I'll attach a cyberpunk games list which might have some elements of hacking in them. Either way, matches the aesthetic.


i havent seen this game mentioned much, probably because its not out yet but it looks hella schway, unfortunately its only going to be available on windows though its made with unity so there may be hope for a linux port yet.

not really sure how well it fits into the cyb aesthetic/cutlture but seems to draw from it at least a little bit.


have any of you guys logged into telehack? that thing's a little interesting


File: 1493705055703.png (193.36 KB, 1200x675, Screen-Shot-2016-11-25-at-….png)


Need to fill my pocket with woolongs.
Lets share some interesting documentaries pertaining to technology, security and cyberpunk culture.
Here's a few that come to mind and probably already have seen:

>Beyond Human

Transhumanism and Robotics


An introduction to the term Cyberpunk, exploring those self proclaimed cyberpunks and the creator of the idea, William Gibson

>Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

Exploring the hardware ecosystem that emerged in china and has put a staple in all residents lives living in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

>Philosophy and the Matrix

Diving deep into the iconic cyberpunk film "The Matrix", going through its influences and philosophy that lead to its creation.

Please, share some more.
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>this is not a film
While I'm not sure this falls into the right topic it's very enjoyable and interesting. It tells the story of an Iranian filmmaker who has his licensce revoked and is facing prison for creating media critical of the government.

> Citizen Four

I don't think I have to tell much about it, it's the film about the Snowden revelations.

>Deep Web

documentary about Silkroad


File: 1495043831742.gif (181.15 KB, 400x324, no.gif)

I have held onto this file for a while, I feel this would be an appropriate time to share it. I can't seem to find a link to the complete file but here is a preview. I am uploading the complete file right now and will post when its ready.

I found this when google had a media archive which was publicly accessible, i had only learned about it when i heard about google shuttering the service. This was the only thing of value I found.



>Steal this film I & II
Two documentaries which follow the extralegal Hollywood seizure of The Pirate Bay's servers and the experiences of the original crew and then the societal and legal implications of P2P now and in the future.

>Popaganda: The Art and Crimes of Ron English

The story of how the street artist Ron English hijacked corporate ads with his "Billboard Liberation Front" and how he balanced it with his art and his family along the way. This isn't so much cyber, but it is definitely punk/low-life. Something a little less dreary than all the other ones here.

>Revolution OS

Documentary about Linux that has aged a bit now but is still worth watching if you haven't seen it.


>>Philosophy and the Matrix

I remember reading this as a kid, it was pretty good. if i remember rightly it fucked up more than a little though in relation to Baudrillard postmodernism, etc. having said that my memory is terrible.

I could be wrong. sage for terrible memory.

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