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Kalyx ######

File: 1493420306645.jpg (59.72 KB, 1280x720, popmatters.jpg)


Because I know you're sick of that moody 3edge edm too. Post the aesthetic.

pc music:


I love this! Do you have more?



You'll probably dig the recent XCX mixtape since its produced by danny and his pc music friends.

File: 1493188996317.jpg (316.77 KB, 912x1375, 2864158-v_for_vendetta_ad.jpg)


How's it going lains, I've been meaning to watch V for vendetta, but from what i've heard, the original comic is better than the movie. I generally prefer books to movies anyway, so if anyone has a pdf/scan of the comic, it would be much appreciated
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File: 1493189515673.pdf (14.31 MB, V4Vendetta-10.pdf)

And that's all I have. Have fun, OP!


I rewatched V for Vendetta like a year ago. It's so bad. It reads almost like parody to me. Overly dramatic sword collector in a fancy hat kidnaps a women and holds her captive in his mancave until she sees the light.

The Wachowskis are such bad directors. They go over the top at every opportunity. Their first two movies (Bound and The Matrix 1) aren't so bad, but I suspect that it was like Lucas where they had more people to tell them "no" earlier on.


Much thanks everyone, this was just what i was looking for :)


Supposedly the author of the comic hates the movie, saying that it twisted his original message of anti-facism into right vs left anti-conservatism.


If it doesn't click for you, consider that there was no man in Room Five and that V was Vanessa, given a sex change and her memory wiped. The letter was to herself.

File: 1492835644751.jpg (32.34 KB, 700x700, a0914653527_16.jpg)


I've been on a real bender for Retrowave/Retro Electro/Horror Electro (or whatever the hell the kids are currently calling it) now that the Summer of Drum & Bass has pretty much ended for me and a group of DJ/Producer friends of mine.

GOST - Skull has pretty much been on repeat but plenty of Perturbator, Donbor, and others.

So what are lainons listening to at the moment?
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File: 1492893531876.jpg (541.57 KB, 1920x1315, Wallpaper 001.jpg)


Behemoth; Non Paradisi was kinda reminiscent of his last self-titled EP before signing on with Blood Music, of which was my initial introduction to his stuff;

I was wishing he'd've took more inspiration from his early crustpunk phase; maybe do more covers like

I just get the impression that he's trying so hard to fill someone else's shoes; that crunchy sound of his just doesn't mesh very well with the carpenter drop–leaves much to be desired for me.
>I don't really think it's a genre that lends well to DJ sets either.
Do you think all of these outrun artists trying to get more stage presence a la brut may extend the subgenre's life? It's hard for me to tell what's evolving out of its scene, but all roads seem to point to a fervent embrace of their metal/punk upbringings.


I've been listening to a lot of breakcore recently, and I think Machine Girl's breakcore stuff is my favorite. Does someone knows something similar? (Not necessarily breakcore tho). I really like how "colorful" his music is.

And here's some other nice breakcore I've listened recently <3

And just as a random recommendation, some days ago Wasabi Tapes released Pachinko Machine Music 2 and it's fucking crazy.


christ, it was a hell of a jump looking him up on youtube and listening to a 1998 track immediately followed by a track only a year or two old.


I've mostly been listening to lolicore, breakcore and some speedcore recently. Sometimes I just put on random j-core mixes on youtube, they tend to be fun.

I love weyheyhey !!

File: 1492712900696.jpg (43.97 KB, 600x399, 20120824_homemadekazoku-60….jpg)


What do you lains do for work? What are your future plans for income? I find myself at a crossroads as of late and I'm taking a great leap giving up the security of my current job to do something a little more spontaneous. It's certainly making me realize how tough it can be to truly budget and plan ahead since I had a guaranteed paycheck before. Let's exchange advice and become multi-million dollar lains.


I am currently in fulltime education, and do freelance fullstack web and programming on the side. It earns me a bit of extra pocketmoney which is nice. Next year I will continue working fulltime, probably still freelance programming.


I wouldn't normally post in this kind of thread, but this place needs all the posts it can get. I'm a hikkiNEET with no future living with my parents who dreams of hiring an odd jobs programmer to implement vichan for me.


I moved the thread from /r/ to /cult/. It seems to fit under the 'lifestyle' category.

Carry on.


what's the job your thinking of switching to?


I submitted an application to transition from active military service to a reserve component. I'd basically be working part-time while I go back to university to pursue a degree. So not a job per say, but definitely a lot more risk involved and possible debt to incur. I would be pursuing a cyber security related degree most likely (thanks to you lains).

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