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Anyone got any podcasts to recommend? Let us know about them, and include a short description, if you don't mind. I'm running out of things to listen to.

I'm still loving the British History Podcast most of all. It's mostly chronological and tries to get into all the detail. It sounds dry but it's super listenable from episode 1.

Science Vs has been my new kick. In my opinion it's a better spiritual successor to P&T's Bullsoykaf than that Adam Ruins Everything show. There's an old feed and a new feed though, so try to find both if you end up liking it.
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can anybody recommend a decent writing-related podcast? like, things for people who write.

tried this one:

but it ended up being completely genre-fiction-oriented and run by three mormon guys, so it's pretty limited scope despite such a long run and all the titular topics.

>A Life Well Wasted
oh, remember that one; only grabbed a few episodes, but was definitely nice


This is a great week to start the Social Engineer Podcast. The guest tells a story of when he accidentally hacked the wrong bank. Pretty entertaining, check it out.


I hadn't listened to Myths and Legends since the first few episodes. I picked it up again because of your post reminding me of it. It's much better than it used to be, he's really loosened up.


It's amazing how prolific the McElroys are. I love those two shows, plus Sawbones.


Every week I listen to Pure Decking and Defensive Security podcasts, mostly security and technology. Does any anon have any other similar podcast suggestions?


I use gPodder on my Winblows box at work and PocketCasts on my phone.


I listen to Dead Robot Society, Grammar Girl, and Helping Writers Become Authors.

File: 1509580081802.jpg (23.92 KB, 256x384, 32810.jpg)


For what'll probably be the last thing I make under this alias.


I like it

File: 1509555185373.jpg (55.73 KB, 650x467, f7Bekzqrbr5TugmaHf5s7n-650….jpg)


I've recently come across the game Localhost. Seems pretty cool, definitely cyb. Was curious if anyone here had tried it, had any thoughts on it, and if it would be worth checking out, since it's on sale currently.

File: 1508951117091.jpeg (35.8 KB, 630x630,


When do the books get bad? I've read the 1st and 2nd book and i liked them both. Should i stop there or keep reading them?


Dont let people on the internet give you a hivemind opinion, make one yourself.


File: 1508957399240.jpg (51.43 KB, 512x384, 1335206455299.jpg)

It's bad when you don't like it anymore. I imagine you want to keep the good feeling you have about it but if you really like the series, make it the favor of continuing reading until you consider the quality isn't here anymore.
In the worst case, you'll know why it became bad. In the best case, you'll be able to defend it.


Correct answer, even though I couldn't make it through the second chapter of the first book.

File: 1508937160405.jpg (74.07 KB, 500x506, LACA-15005.jpg)


Use this thread to discuss musical self teaching and to share knowledge and [free] resources that will aid practical and theoretical music fluency.


This guy is pretty good (if not just for this episode) to self learn, without music sheets.


Can anyone point me towards some good beginners tutorials for an aspiring classical pianist? There are lots of options and I have no idea which of them, if any, are worthwhile.

File: 1493365923842.jpg (179.36 KB, 1600x656, liam-reid-liam-reid-hacker….jpg)


I was talking to one of my classmates the other day and she offhandedly remarked that she didn't like computers and didn't use them. This caught me completely off guard as I've never heard anyone—especially someone in their early twenties—say something like this before. I was too stunned to know what to say so I lost the opportunity to ask her to elaborate.

I understand that I probably spend way too much time on the computer, but I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around what someone that doesn't like computers would do all day. Does lain know anyone like this? Please help.
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i personnaly do sword training, archery, tea ceremony. i think things like DnD\music are certainly better without computers. add swimming/cycling/etc. too.
most of the world still doesn't needs computers in any way.


This really hit the nail on the head for me. I just cannot seem to stop filling up gaps in time with political intrigue and it's not making my relationships better.


>I think the internet has a tendency to bring politics, socializing, working, etc. into the places we rest and relax and feel safe
oh fug why did I never realize this


hey, don't blame "the internet", please.
it's but a tool, you decide how to use it.


Honestly, I have no idea.
At least for me everything in the way of media consumption centered around the computer, socializing is done over the internet and there's work too.

I spend basically all my time not spent moving around or with other people in the 3D realm in front of the computer. Of course, we can expand the term "computer" here for any electronic device designed for information processing.

The reason for that, I think, is that everything is hyper-centralized, this device (or rather set of devices) does basically everything related to information. You want a film? Just type it in and you can go watch it. You want to listen to some music? A few seconds of searching and you got what you want. You want to read a book? It's right here. You want to know something? Just go ask the internet.

You know, it's both such a wonderful thing, if you think about it, how much you have access to these days and how different this must be from the way it used to be only 20 years ago, but also really terrifying to think that basically everything is united in this single point of failure, by virtue of the unbeatable convenience a search engine offers.

Well of course, but you can still use a computer to play them with people without requiring them to be physically near you.

File: 1506589182476.jpg (270.88 KB, 1000x600, kaneda.jpg)


"The Deliverator's car has enough potential energy packed into its batteries to
fire a pound of bacon into the Asteroid Belt. Unlike a bimbo box or a Burb
beater, the Deliverator's car unloads that power through gaping, gleaming,
polished sphincters. When the Deliverator puts the hammer down, soykaf happens.
You want to talk contact patches? Your car's tires have tiny contact patches,
talk to the asphalt in four places the size of your tongue. The Deliverator's
car has big sticky tires with contact patches the size of a fat lady's thighs.
The Deliverator is in touch with the road, starts like a bad day, stops on a

Walk? Ride? Drive? We've all got to get around the Sprawl one way or another. This thread is for talking cars, bikes, or whatever else you alices use to go A -> B.
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File: 1507907078645.png (4.16 MB, 2560x1440, 24d961c846d26d1ebf8f1eb85f….png)

Hiro is that you? Seriously though, it sounds kind of neat.

I tend to just plain walk, use public transportation or bike. I can't get myself to trust ridesharing.


Bike & Feet©. I hate public transports, and biking inside a 25km~ perimeter is faster anyway.

I'd like to get a motorized vehicle to travel where a bike couldn't do it anymore but I'm stuck between getting my driver license for a car and getting all the financial trouble associated with owning one or driving a (small) motorbike and leaving the relative safety and comfort a car provides.

This very evening a woman crashed just in front of my house, damaging at least two parked cars and another driving one. They all waited outside for HOURS until a tow truck could get their fucked vehicles, one at a time. Every time I bike in town I see people crashing their cars live or on the verge of fighting when it already happened. It's as much of huge money waster as it is stress inducing. I have the idea a motorbike would keep me safe from most of those situations, but I'm surely wrong


Im saving up to fix my car but ive also been thinking of buying a pedalling bike to get around, since without my car i havent left the house much. Then again, i live in a city with suvs and trucks so i dont want to get runover



Yeah, ride sharing as its generally implemented just weirds me out. Especially the dependence on phone apps, which in turn means dependence on either Google or Apple. Walk or transit for me. Fortunately in my city, that's actually practical.

The only ride share platform that I might use is Libretaxi. It was developed by a dude in Russia to organise carpooling and shopping trips for his neighbours in a small Siberian town.


Public transportation around here is soykaf. A 15 min trip in a car takes an hour using the bus. Plus missing a bus or the bus being late makes it an even longer trip

File: 1504736929463.jpg (20.31 KB, 495x495, 08ac951c8d6d3c069cf1cfb9c9….jpg)


When you play a vidya game are you looking simply to waste time, have fun or challenge yourself?
What would you say is your favorite in each respect?
>waste time
probably any multiplayer game that you enjoy, its easy to get sucked in as long as you arent getting btfo in game
>have fun
that really depends but its usually a SRPG or a flavor of the month game
usually a shoot em up or danmaku game, i play a lot of touhou
tl;dr thinly veiled recommendation thread
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I play vidya mainly to have fun and challenging myself.

I'm having fun by experiencing the game itself , its atmosphere, story, and most of all gameplay mechanics.

Challenging myself and having fun are two closely linked notions for me. Usually, when the game is difficult , it forces me to use all the gameplay elements offered by the game and think about all the various ways to beat the game. Therefore, it is much more fun to play.

Some examples in this case are the SMT games. Man, I love those.

> wasting time

Any multiplayer game wil do the trick.


I took a break for 2 months early this year, best decision I ever made. When I returned to them I managed to cut a lot of the garbage I was playing and really focus on the quality stuff.


I play more H3VR than anything since I got my vive,

Running around in the mini arena taking on endless bots with autos is great fun, I love it wayyy too much.


Really varies on what I am up to.

>waste time

Any management game, may it be Dwarf Fortress or shipping stuff around Eve Online. The hours fly by so fast. This and about 1 or 2 Visual Novels per year.

>have fun

This would be some oldschool platformer. Valis or the more recent Shovel Knight do the trick. I suck at them so ultimately there will be me cursing at my TV for hours, but once you beat them it was worth it.


Danmaku are great or anything you need good reaction times for like Osu!


maybe you just need better friends?

File: 1505883899103.jpg (79.07 KB, 750x463, Cyberpunk Horror.jpg)


My friends and family stopped liking my posts. I'm 91 years old, and that is a death sentence for me. My mind is not yet gone, but if I don't keep getting Likes, I have little value in society. No role to perform. I'm just sitting here sucking oxygen.

I remember when things were different.

>Nurse walks in.

>"Mr. Alice?"
>I knew it. They're finally going through with it.
>They're treating me like a baby in here. Google colors. Primary colors.
>Even the blanket has red, green, yellow, blue. Primary colors.
>"Mr. Alice?"
>I say, "Yeah?"
>"It's time for your injection. This one's going to put you down for a nap, okay?"
>Yeah right. I'm not going to wake up again.
>"Oh, you were born in 1990?"
>The wireless speaker in the room pumps out Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind.
>Needle goes in.
>"This will sting a bit."
>Am I going to wake back up?


>I just watched Black Mirror and wrote a fanfic on it: the post




I have no mouth and I must scream. No seriously.

File: 1505732668880.png (88.65 KB, 256x256, AIXI.png)


Does Alice play CSGO? We are interested in starting an arisuchan competitive group. Nothing too serious, but competitive is a lot more fun when you have a full group. Let us know if you're interested.

P.S. Even if you don't play CSGO, you're welcome to join the arisuchan Steam group.


That is pretty cool lainon. Thanks. I will join in a bit.


File: 1506694542040.png (616.81 KB, 625x477, bluntsfromthecrypt.PNG)



CounterStrike is still a thing? Of course it is, nice to know tho. Used to put in at least an hour daily last decade. Era defining imo.

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