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Kalyx ######

File: 1502650414745.jpg (88.3 KB, 1420x946, Dougie.jpg)


Any of you lains watching Twin Peaks tonight?


I ain't feelin' the new season
I watched for about 3 episodes and it's good, but it's just not the same ( I watched the first two seasons about a year ago so I doubt I'm being blinded by nostalgia )

I just didn't really like how they dumped a lot of information on me, kind of ruins the mystery, instead of feeling mystically intricate, the new season seems to reel you in with a lot of incomplete information instead of aesthetics.


Watching it every night. Had to stop eating cherry pie while watching it though.

File: 1501577652173.png (90.59 KB, 600x600,


In this thread we discuss superstitions and legends and other mythology of the 21st century. Ive recently been thinking of the parallels of superstitions of the past and digitalization. Take hackers for example, the mystery around them is identical to what people would speak of witches in the past.
Take religion to some other place.
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Also, there was a time where giant aliens would freely roam the earth, and some of them (apparently the Annunaki) did some genetic engineering on the simians and thus humans were made. After having humanity enslaved for a few thousand years they waged an all-out atomic war and all traces of the ancient civilization (including Atlantis) was wiped and humanity had to start from scratch, with little input from the ayliums, who apparently taught us to make pyramids for god knows why.
Other theories say they'd still land their spacecraft around ancient civilizations, but for some reason nobody cares to explain, they stopped.


It can get more depressing than that, too.

My ex-girlfriend is currently in the middle of this huge depressive paranoid episode, because she's come to believe that random errors and tech failures are a hacker who''s been stalking her due to her career. Similarly, she doesn't know a lot about technology.

Her bank account did have some sketchy soykaf happen to it a little bit ago, I'll admit that, but she took that and ran with it, now believing that they "own" every piece of electronics in her house.


File: 1501972920967.jpg (109.82 KB, 1280x960, photo5780849053989448259.jpg)

>the government
>lizard people
>big foot
>what have you
"unknown" is the only thing we fear. death, we afraid of because of mystery that surrounds it. same thing goes with every other mysterious thing. only the names change with the culture, location, time etc. the underlying fear is always the same.


File: 1501982004913.jpg (988.87 KB, 936x1428, star-wars-iv-a-new-hope-po….jpg)

I think science fiction and superhero/comic books are a form of modern mythology.

Superheros could certainly be considered a type of god. Comic books usually betray the anxieties of their time, for example think about the relationship between superheros and radiation after 1945 and the rise of the Cold War.

If you strip away the futurist and technological elements of science fiction, usually it is dealing with present day social issues as well as ancient and primordial themes of psychology. The most obvious example is Star Wars with its structure of the Hero's Journey, themes of rising up against the "evil empire", and the Taoist and occult mixture that is the Force. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…"


I don't know, I feel like superheroes are sort of excluded because they are first consumer products, sold and marketed that by large brands which paid millions to have them ingrained in popular culture.

For a modern mythological hero, i would look at Che Guevara and MLK; larger than life humans whose importance as folk story characters and symbols of strength (literally the "mythos" of communism, the "mythos" of black liberation) far outweight the actual role they had in the history of the world.

File: 1496569905819.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x2448, Colossal_Cave_Adventure_on….jpg)


were any lainons around in the early 90s scene? i feel like i may be
a little older than some of us but it may also be that i'm just not
into the same areas of entertainment.

i came across an onion address a couple of days ago that had a lot of
ezines from the early-mid 90s and it brought back a wave of nostalgia
mixed with some embarrassment for how angsty a lot of it was. it was
fun to see the results of exploration and to also see what we got
wrong. it felt like an age of invincibility.

i grew up in a nearly-rural area in north america so i was slightly
behind the technology curve. my first computer was a tandy 1000HX
with a set of minix disks. i was able to learn minix and dos with
that machine until i picked up a 486 and an acoustic coupler second
hand as well. that led me to bbs'es around the height of fidonet,
which led me to the text based internet.

our phone systems were older so many of the hpvac files i found still
applied to my area and i spent a lot of time snooping around places i
didn't belong to meet other maladjusted kids, form groups, and produce
our own texts.

somehow over time, all of that faded away. while i carried jobs in
tech and studied tech in school (i currently do infosec related work),
i somehow became disconnected with modern tech. i almost feel like
there was a second wave of eternal september or perhaps i just ran out
of time and couldn't find the old haunts anymore.

i don't have nearly the time and energy i once had. i've started a
family and i carry a couple of jobs but i still prod around the edges
of the wired that i'm able to find, looking for pieces of those
cultures that once prevailed.

where did those communities go? what did they evolve into? what
is the current curiosity fueled technical front that's not been

i feel like some image boards, especially lainchan, have a little bit
of that vibe left in them and it's been a lot of fun consuming

i also feel like maybe the signal to noise ratio is higher these
days. people are more technically inclined and there are tiny
computers all around us. we definitely live in a cyberpunk
dystopia. back then the curious and creative were easy to find
because there was a larger divide between "us" and "them."

to wrap up my rambling, a quick summary ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I've also noticed a similar scenario where I currently live. Try to attend meetings of interest groups if there are any around? That's about the best I can recommend for socialization.

Signal-to-noise got lower and the expectations we have for the future have been beaten down. Too often is there hype for crap that never happens such that it just becomes this bland grind of disinterested optimism and apathy.

Not sure if the average "user" sees it or if they're too integrated into the machine.


File: 1498843207470.jpg (256.77 KB, 960x715, park.jpg)


Point 6 makes a lot of sense. Things are a lot more complicated now and I'm not sure I've got the time to put in catching up any more than I already have. I've kept up with enough to keep myself useful but that's about it.

There's a nuance to point 7, though. I think the criminality angle is much higher. Back when I was some punk kid in the telco's switches, if/when they caught me, I just received a stern talking to. Nowadays, you'll get jail time.

I do agree about computing power, though. I have more than I could have ever dreamed of having and it's cheap. There's no real need for me to steal computing power or network resources any longer.

Point 8 is also quite relevant. The closest thing I know of to shared computing these days is an IRC channel or maybe shell accounts (and even those are rare). Way back when, my friends would come over and we'd share my kit or I'd go visit them and share theirs. Now everyone's got a laptop and a personal tracking device in their pocket.


The media certainly caused a lot of trouble for hackers but not even hackers could agree that they were hackers. You had the OGs from MIT calling themselves hackers, the 2600 types calling themselves hackers, the Open Source folks calling themselves hackers, skiddiots doing the same. Then there was the war of cracker vs. hacker and so forth. Various colours of hats.

I enjoy lainchan quite a lot but it only goes so far. I'm not willing to participate in some of the social spinoffs from it where I might be required to use a name. Maybe there's more depth there. lainchan does scratch a certain itch for me, though.

Finding local people is very difficult and that's why I resort to the wired. I work in technology and not even my peers are thinking about things the same way I am. If they're not doing it for a paycheck (the consumer becomes the producer), they're doing it to slip into some mainstream idea of what they should be.

I don't mean to knock "normal" or "mainstream" because who's to say what that really is? It's just that they tend to not think beyond their next iPhone purchase or the next great webthing that they will build and sell to people for their data.

Keep poking around the wired and you'll find Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Can you go more into detail on the cryptic stickers/flyers you've made, or into the pirate box? I've been thinking of setting up a pirate box myself, actually: Just to see what might happen with it.



GREEtZ, OP. Used to run a ProBoard-based BBS around '91.

I long for the old days. I think there was a lot more fun back then. Creative. Also think the communities were stronger because they were smaller & more local, due to cost of long distance calls.

Kind of feel like the whole tech population has been pacified a bit by the corporations. I don't see a lot of personality anymore. All the self-proclaimed geeks I've met in the last 8 years seem 2 dimensional & cookie cutter. Almost a mass shift towards controlled zaniness & cold corporate professionalism. Probably coincides with cyberpunk losing popularity. Being angry/angsty just isn't seen as cool anymore. Everyone needs to "grow up" in this decadent world we live in now.

I dunno. Probably talking out my ass. Haven't slept much lately. This coffee doesn't seem to be working.



OP here.

I've not put out any flyers other than a couple of crypto party flyers. We had a good turnout (about 15 people) but I knew most of them.

The pirate box hosts things like technical guides/books, weird pictures, some music, and whatever else people decided to upload. It's on a busy intersection near a bar district so we get a lot of drunk selfies and things, which I tend to delete. I don't like censorship but I don't want people's bad decisions to haunt them.

There is a little bit of chat that goes on but it seems that most people just connect, browse, maybe leech, and leave.

It moves quite slowly but I enjoy it.



> I've met in the last 8 years seem 2 dimensional & cookie cutter.

I feel this a lot. People pushing their businesses or "personal brands." Everything is a money grab. The only grab I recall from back in the day is perhaps micro-fame. Maybe that's my rose coloured glasses, though.

File: 1499026885988.png (653.46 KB, 612x402, Capture.PNG)


so the other day I tried to get a good feeling about what Lain is really about seeing how I already feel as if reality is fake is it so hard to believe that we are in a computer ourselves? I don't mean to get all "Matrix" here but anything is possible it really does make me wonder.

I signed up for the TSUKI project back in January and just now the gates closed.
it's nice to find other who might believe me about this theory.

I think the world is just a bunch of nerves and wires because of all the "glitches" I see often sort of like de ja vu when you know something has already happened but never did or the feeling of waking up from a dream that felt to real.
Things keep changing for almost no explanation and it's really starting to bother me.

does anyone else experience a "glitch" in they're life every now and then? I'd love to hear about them in the replies if you have any.
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They're larpers, only in it for the edge factor.


What do you mean, LARPers? Are there real life activities? I thought it was only online.


I presume that he meant larpers as in people engaging in make-believe, people in it because it has an aura of coolness. Not actual live-action roleplaying.
Non-literal usage of "larping" is pretty common.


I've seen it used to mock activists on the streets but using it to criticise online groups is just stupid.


It's not really criticizing them, it's what some of them are doing. There might be some people who actually believe in the project, but some might be "LARPing" in the same way that kids go on halfchan's /x/ and talk about how they fought demons in the astral plane, etc. In the way that they pretend it's real and tell others that it's real, but any onlooker knows that they're making it up.

File: 1498100864793.jpg (132.5 KB, 960x1280, photo_2017-06-21_22-05-44.jpg)


I purchased some decent titanium coated knifes for the kitchen today.


Sell me on titanium coating; why would I want this over straight 1095 carbon steel?

Also, how do you go with sharpening,etc?


That is one beautiful set of knives. I have a really soykafty knife set but look forward to buying a nice new set when I move out of the place I'm currently in. The person I live with currently would just ruin them.


I'm guessing the titanium is a cheaper way to harden the steel?


If those are made out of steel, you would sharpen them like any other steel knife. The titanium coating, depending on who does it, is just a way to prevent rust or to market to people who aren't familiar with knives.

Real titanium knives built from blade smiths such as Warren Thomas aren't sharpened normally like steel knives. You strop the flat edge, provided it's chisel ground, and that's it. Users have reported that the aggressive carbide edge can sharpen itself when you cut into cardboard.

I don't use titanium knives since I don't like how it holds a such a toothy edge, are more expensive depending on who you buy it from, and have a weird feel to them, especially if the guy knows whats he's doing and fuses it with carbon fiber the lighten the overall weight.

Personally I use Bob Kramer's production series chef knives from J.A. Henckels and they're quite a joy to use. If you wipe the blade down consistently and strop the edge, you'll be fine, whether it's carbon steel or stainless steel. Don't cut acidic stuff and leave it on the counter for hours, otherwise it'll rust and you'll have to buff it out with steel wool and rubbing compounds.


File: 1500759862854-0.jpg (273.34 KB, 600x600, DDC0129-OV125-2.jpg)

File: 1500759862854-1.jpg (302.68 KB, 600x600, DDC0150-OV188-5.jpg)

A titanium coating does nothing to harden the steel; actually, there's a misconception that titanium is superior metal to carbon steel in regards to making a knife.

There are two ways to see this:

One, the person making a titanium knife wants a lightweight, low maintenance knife, can bypass trivial metal detectors, (think the ones that are at bars and concerts, not TSA or CBP ones) that is rust proof, and has a extremely aggressive cutting edge due to edge being carbonized. Like I said in the previous post regarding coatings, the only time I've ever seen anyone advertise or market a titanium coated knife on a carbon steel or stainless steel blade, is to make people think you're getting a superior product when in fact you really aren't.

Number two, a manufacturer could use a better coating such as zirconium carbon nitride, PVD chromium nitride, diamond like carbon coatings (commonly known as DLC), or Cerracoat except I've only seen that on knives that are in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars range. Or firearms. At that point, you'd have to be doing some serious abuse to the knife to wear off the coating. I've never seen that on a kitchen knife either; those coatings are normally put on heavy duty folding knives, or outdoor fixed blade knives.

Titanium has a better strength to weight ratio then steel. Whereas steel can hardened more to achieve a knife edge that can split hairs, titanium can't be hardened as much. To compensate that, normally guys blast it with carbides to make an extremely aggressive edge that's excellent for cutting rope, cardboard, or people if you're buying the knife for that purpose.

File: 1499109555247.jpg (217.87 KB, 1400x857, WilliamGibson.jpg)


>What is Urban Techwear?
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing goes one step further, focusing on incorporating functionality, using advanced textiles and construction to promote breathability, stretch, and waterproofness to name the least. Now Urban Techwear, refers to the presentability of such technologies. Often choosing function over form, however practical for a commute through the urban sprawl.

>Guide to Urban Techwear [Under Construction]
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File: 1500232350963-0.jpg (2.53 MB, 4962x3509, 0042.jpg)

File: 1500232350963-1.jpg (2.13 MB, 4962x3509, 0043.jpg)

File: 1500232350963-2.jpg (2.49 MB, 4962x3509, 0044.jpg)

File: 1500232350963-3.jpg (2.42 MB, 4962x3509, 0045.jpg)

An interesting interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara, designer for White Mountaineering. A brand that doesn't use a lot of advanced materials, but has been incorporated into technical ensembles.


I often though of the whether the name "techwear" is any good. It's been twisted and perverted over the years to the point where functionality and practicality isn't considered. The name techwear holds too much baggage and it should stick with more solid definition of technical clothing and leave Techwear for those who want to play with an aesthetic.


Looking at the industry the word "Techwear" isn't popular, the only ones using this word are new brands capturing the utilitarian design.


Recommendations for durable pants that wouldn't look like trash or completely out of place on a dude in his mid-late 30s? Some slimmer cargos seemed doable but they're always cotton and would look out of place in my area.

I'm often moving between urban areas to wooded areas in the same day. I do a lot of active stuff in places I'm not supposed to be. Temperatures in my area go from below 0F to over 100F seasonally, so I'm willing to look at two pairs of pants weather permitting.

Any tech fabrics that are breathable/flexible/durable that won't leave me looking like a navy seal larper?

At the moment it's just jeans or a pair of outdoor research lightweight pants I can sinch up to half-calf.

Related to the thread: Levis used to make these dress pants they called "action slacks". Probably the most technical clothing I've ever seen. They were liquid resistant (just beaded up), flexible, and didn't wrinkle. Great for if you're in a corporate are and need to bail quickly or get access to difficult places. All while walking away looking totally normal.



Ignore the hipsterish promo material, they're legit; cino or regular slacks, bit of stretch to them so you can do hoodrat soykaf without splitting and showing your arse to the world.

Their blazer is pretty good too; but be warned they're not colour or material matched with the pants if you want to wear it as a 'suit'.

I found they run a tad tight around the waist. I'm normally a fat cunt 38" in most brands including TAD but 38's in Bluffworks were way too tight.

Speaking of TAD, they do some slimmer ripstop pants that aren't full blown cargo's as well.

File: 1499825218153.png (127.06 KB, 640x448, cbc.png)


Hey guys!

I've built a very minimalistic repository of knowledge from out community.

Right now it contains a collection of recipes from a couple of our users, but I plan to extend it to contains all sorts of guides and advice about trying to live as fruitfully as we can.

check it out!
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What if the file is an image (such as an infograph), or contains images (.pdf)?


Why do apostrophes come out as ’ in the theater etiquette guide?



Firm no images rule. Never seen an infographic that couldn't be explained in a paragraph.


Not showing up on my end. Are you running windows?


What about very lengthy documents, such as The Well Cultured Anonymous? Can those be uploaded as .pdf?

File: 1499652505854.jpg (94.05 KB, 400x267, pita_bread.jpg)


i recommend learning how to make these, great with hummus or salmon spread. make a bunch at once and freeze the dough, and thaw as needed.


pitas yummy af, good taste op


File: 1499664165751-0.jpg (104.06 KB, 634x432, level-beyond.jpg)

You can't say you learnt how to make them and not post a recipe.


That could be an areppa, even easier to make than pitta and almost as good (variety is best though)!

File: 1499336655662.jpeg (26.95 KB, 640x640, lain.jpeg)


Happy Birthday, Lain.


File: 1499348875646.png (510.58 KB, 675x675, SEL pic 44.png)

Happy Birthday, Lain!


Happy Birthday, Lain. \(^v^)/


One love only for lain.


One love for lain only.


happy birthday lain !!

File: 1494705174226.png (22.29 KB, 480x480, glitched.png)


I just created a new channel to share my love of idm and introduce more ears to the genre. I really don't hear how any other type of music could better qualify as cyberpunk. I hope you enjoy what I have so far.

Please share your favorite idm/glitch tracks as well.
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Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed the playlist!
Lets all love Lain!


File: 1498650921950.jpg (23.28 KB, 360x360, genus-inkasso.jpg)

Pic related is some jazz & experimental influenced idm. Genus Inkasso also released other workpieces on different labels. Just search Youtube:

Official download link to pic related:

I'm very fond of Divtech's material. Let's see if this (hopefully) find it's way to the Glitched radio station playlist.


Sweet Trip's Velocity:Design:Comfort is a masterpiece of idm and, surprisingly, shoegaze. I cannot recommend the album enough


Are you glitched "admin"? I can play some live sets if you want… Tell me how to contact if thats needed…
I love this station.


Yes. I made both the Shoutcast radio station and the YouTube channel. Can I listen to samples of your work?

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