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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Any one knows good resources on cracking wireless password without bruteforce(beginner friendly)? I want somewhat up to date and reliable resource so duck-ing it on the net isnt working


>Without bruteforce
That's not how it works, you HAVE to bruteforce wpa2.
If that's not what you want your best bet would be to make some lockpicks and do a bit of recon, or you could just try asking them.


that is how it works, it's called KRACK attack.


Unfortunately, this flaw is already fixed on any good modern router. From the other side, I see my neighbours running 2009 d-links, so that's should not be a problem. From the other side, their passwords usually are so easy, even my celeron is cracking it in 10 minutes with common dictionary.

HowTo: there are tons of information in google.

The other way to crack wifi without bruteforce is to create FakeAP, i.e Fake Access Point, clone of your target WiFi point to which its user will reconnect after you will send him deauth key. When the user of your target wifi point tries to reconnect, your fake point asks for a password, user has no option except to type his usual wifi password, woila, you're in.

HowTo: search for something like 'Fluxion', it's very easy and does not require any skills. Script will lead you what to do.




There is a solid example here from a real pentest: under the section "Real World Example: Attacking the blindspot(s) of a target’s perception(s) on multiple levels"


that link is blocked by cloudflare, could you provide an mirror or something?

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