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I think insomnia is pretty /cyb/ stuff.
Do you suffer from it?
How do you deal with it?
How do you spend your innecesarily awake time?

also obviously this post was made during one of that nights


read till i get tired


>I think insomnia is pretty /cyb/ stuff.
no, really fucking how?!?


i agree with op.
if it's light i go random-walking the internet, and often find pretty unusual stuff.
if its' very interesting, or the insom is hard, i can spend the whole night doing cyb stuff(like disassembling custom VM, debuggin or coding some insane soykaf, etc.)


File: 1513238220098.jpg (398.94 KB, 1920x1080, 36614_serial_experiments_l….jpg)

I agree op. I'm not an insomniac but I still spend too much time awake. I used to just lay in bed and think about life. Now I'm mostly browsing the wired, writing or playing videogames.



I don't suffer from it, but i cannot sleep without listening to something. My head will start thinking none stop. I listen frequently to video essay and AMSR, sometimes podcast and read too. I do that until i can't keep my eyes open same thing when I'm on my Personal Computer.


I suffered from insomnia through a large portion of my life but it naturally disappeared once I got my soykaf together, which was socializing more, catching up with my studies, starting to exercise and coming in terms with my insecurities, which makes me think that my subconscious mind was torturing me in the background to make me improve myself.


File: 1513706098812.jpg (144.53 KB, 736x1129, 894176571.jpg)

I have type-1 narcolepsy, which means without medication I have no natural sleep rhythm. I can become wide awake and stay that way for hours at 2AM, or have a sleep attack while driving and slam into the curb without waking up until my broken brain decides it's time to be awake again.

With medication, I have total manual control over my sleep cycles. I have a syrup that I take when I want to sleep, and a pill when I want to feel awake. Both last about four hours, so I can mix-and-match as desired. I've binged the wakefulness pill for up to 48 hours with no perceived side effects or cognitive decline, and have sometimes slept a whole 36-hour day away when I was feeling sick.

My disability has turned into a biohacking superpower. If that isn't /cyb/ I don't know what is.


I am physically unable to sleep unless I take melatonin pills. I think my body has pretty much stopped producing it, not sure why, but back in HS I stayed up for a week straight when it first started.


Wow that's really fucking cool anon.
I always wondered how life will be like if we could decide when to sleep and when to stay awake by simply turning on/off a switch. What medications do you take, exactly?

Maybe you should see a medic. How many years passed since it began?


>Maybe you should see a medic. How many years passed since it began?

It has been less than a year, but it seems like a lifetime.



sodium oxybate to sleep, modafinil to stay awake. people without narcolepsy often abuse these drugs for similar effects as me, but if you're lucky enough to have natural sleep cycles it's not quite as effective.


mine is quite mild, but it's not as /cyb/ as you think. no one thinks it's cool and it's just a pain in the ass for me.


I don't think I have insomnia, I'm just bad at falling asleep at times… usually only when it matters. No amount of cheap, simple tricks that worked for everyone else works on it, and the world is not a drug store.


I've been struggling with it for a year, and it has been horrible, but I've mostly got it under control now. Staying up for 1-2 days was common, and at my absolute worst, I was awake for 5 days, got 4 hours of sleep, couldn't sleep the next night, slept again, then missed another night. I don't know if these tips will work for you, but they've worked for me:

1. Worrying about sleep and general stress are one of the biggest killers of sleep there is, as your pretty much stimulating yourself. If there is pain in your chest, it's probably because you have been worrying too much. If you're worried about some little possibility that you wont sleep, that's going to keep you up. Sometimes you don't even realize how worried you are. I realize that when you have anxiety, logic is thrown out the windows and it's hard not to worry, so the best way to eliminate worry is to study and find answers online. /r/insomnia can be helpful and sometimes unhelpful. If they tell you to be very concerned, they aren't being helpful.

2. Around 40~ families in the world have fatal familial insomnia. If your parents or grandparents didn't have it, you're going to fall asleep eventually, whether you want to or not. Your body will find some ways to adapt, and even if you're still not convinced, those people usually live for more than several weeks if not a year, the whole death from 10 days of being awake thing is a myth that has been spread for too damned long.

3. Exercising is good, but you may have trouble sleeping if you do it close to bed time. It also wont be very effective early in if your super worried about dying from insomnia. Eating an entire meal and bathing before bed can also screw up sleep, though bathing might help some people.

4. Don't spend all day trying to go back to sleep. Wait until your usual bedtime. Unless you are trying to sleep, get out of bed. You gotta train your brain to associate beds with sleep. Nap time and time spent in bed will cut into your sleep time.

5. Think about random thoughts that don't require much brainpower while you sleep. Lewd thoughts can be sort of relaxing to me, but if I have them when trying to go back to sleep, they after wake me up even more since sleep increased my libido. Soothing audio can work for some, but personally I tend to focus on them while trying to sleep, and that keeps me awake.

6. Regardless, if you can see a doctor, go for it.

7. Sleep mis-perception is a big thing among insomniacs, so take a breather. You may have gotten sleep and just don't feel like you did. Worrying can also make you feel even more tired.

8. DO. NOT. RELY. ON. SLEEPING PILLS. Try your best to at least go nights without taking them. Your body will adapt to sleeping pills, making it even harder to sleep. Benadryl will drain you Melatonin can also give you nightmares. Alcohol can also very easily screw up sleep, I can't count the times it made me not feel tired anymore. If you get super drunk, your body will rebound, which might wake you up early.

9. Caffeine stays in your body for 12 hours, so at the very least don't take it 6 hours before bed.

10. I personally don't do this anymore (probably should because it takes me like 45 minutes to sleep), but some people find it useful to dedicate 30 to an hour to "wind down" time. Install flux. Listen to soothing music, youtube has some good chillhop streams and mixes. Most effective way is to turn off distracting stuff, get away from the computer, get out a book or a classic kindle, and read for a while.


oh yeah, also:

11. When you've missed at least 1 night of sleep, it can be pretty hard to tell if your ready to sleep at the end of the day. Hell, after 2-3 days of missed sleep it may seem like your eternally wired to stay awake, and this is a horrifying thought. DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU. Just find a way to cut your worrying and stress, and go to bed at the usual time. You will fall asleep eventually, but still, see a doctor when you can.


Oh yeah:

12. Try to keep a set sleep schedule. Drastically change your sleep schedule can REALLY fuck you up. There were a couple times doing that kept me awake for several days, but a lot of that was from the worrying.

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