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Kalyx ######

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how do i stop wasting time /cyb/, help me plz


Now, call me an edgy jerkoff for emulating whiterose from mr. robot BUT:

I got a wristwatch that has alarms and I set an alarm for every hour during the time I'm awake and I segment my tasks into 1h chunks. Even with work.

I got a paper calendar and wrote down important dates and shoved everything else into my regular calendar.

I have a short attention span and that helped me a soykaf ton.


Schedule yourself you dummy.
Allocate some time for a task that youneed to do, no need to go overboard, do 30 minutes or 1 hour of it (depending on how taxing it may be) and do it even if you don't feel like it. Achievement lies in overcoming your own resistance and doing things in spite of not feeling like it.
Best of luck.


Pomodoro method used to work for me.

Then I grew a sense of motivation for my work and now I just do things.


Damn that actually sounds like a good idea (for me), i should start doing that…


You can't. But you can start wasting time on something productive or important.


You could try to cut down activities that waste your time but don't fullfill you. For example, after I've deleted my Twitter account I had more time on my free hands and can stay focused for a longer time easily.

Else you should wirte down what activities you like and try to do as much of them as possible and as less as possible of just laying around and staring at a blank wall, it's not easy but it's a start

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