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There was a thread on Applechan before the wipe about making a comfy /cyb/ space for VR.
We should have a thread about this.

High Fidelity -
JanusVR -
Decentraland -

 No.157 is a cool demo of the middle one I think.


There's a guy in the IRC who does a lot of work with VR, I believe he goes by alusion or alu. I did a CTF with him once, it was cool.


is that first one some kind of second-life clone? has that "offbrand-sims-with-silly-hats-and-broken-accessories" aesthetique.


The world could use another hat simulator…


It has probably the most active community of all social VR atm. Also has a desktop mode for those without headsets. Users can upload custom worlds and keep them private or public, custom avatars too. It's the best I've tried so far. There's even weekly gatherings to discuss cyber topics.


I'd prefer hotsauce over some lame VR stuff personally


hey OP, is there a specific board it was on? I'm trying to find it in the archive now



So it's like the chatroom they show in GitS:SAC?
I've really been missing that in my life.
I don't have any VR gear, though.


>virtual reality
what are the chances that it isn't venture capitalist bait, really?


So as in trying to bait the venture capitalists and then run with the money or?
It could be neat, and I really hope it will be more than VC bait.


Man I love VR,

I spend hours in it every day, def rate it.


What VR do you spend most time in?


Yeah, I didn't have much confidence in their project, but what little I did vanished when they started rattling off technologies that aren't anywhere near matured.


Anyone have any experience with the JanusVR project?
How is it?
It sounds pretty neat with the multiplayer and all the other jazz.
Is it somewhere near maturity and usability?
Is it worth it without VR gear also?


Janus is very comfy. Used to be active in the community back when it was indie. Guy who made it is nice.

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