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Kalyx ######

File: 1493555974874.jpg (138.87 KB, 625x625, 9613d76051993e2b5a865a06c8….jpg)


Why are we sister sites with antifa communists?


File: 1493556069016.jpg (119.89 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0028.jpg) is a communist site?


File: 1493556877239.jpeg (108 KB, 564x1200, 1b8653af0cee4696b496cfd1f….jpeg)

>we are against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc., and any posts supporting or representing these things will be removed, as will any fascist soykaf (this includes National "Anarchism", "anarcho"-fascism, etc.) or any right-wing soykaf in general (this includes "anarcho"-capitalism and any form of right-libertarianism). Any violation of rule 4 will result in a ban, and likely a permanent ban.

have mods here even made any statement that they believe in free speech and anti-censorship, political and otherwise?



They don't even hide that they are a far left site. Who Cares just ignore it, its a fad that will die out.

They even ban people for talking about class war, says everything I need to know about their left, its just as bad as the far right. Im against facicm on both sides of the political spectrum.

But hey, the Internet's a battlegroup lains, the American civil war is playing out on the wired.


File: 1493569055256.png (665.21 KB, 1088x1132, bread.png)

Because there's enough cross-pollination with users of both sites to warrant it, as it was unspoken with .org and 0ch a couple months ago. 0ch was created by disenfranchised lainons last fall who had not only grown weary of the buy-out early-on, but also especially nostalgic for the anarchism generals on /cyb/ from so long ago. Seeing as /cyb/ no longer existed at the time, as well as the colossal failure that became of /civ/, the creation of a separate chan was deemed necessary. Dissatisfaction with 8ch's very own anarchist and broader leftist communities (leftypol) were also a major influence, but that isn't particularly relevant to this discussion.
iirc it's been decided to keep the topics of discussion for their respective sites separate; we want to gradually introduce hackers to the anarchist milieu and anarchists to the hacker milieu–as the former was what really kept lainchan's edge as a place for cultivating radical subversion among chan culture. If you're here for the schway pictures of neon-laden cityscapes, then that's fine. Just know where you are, that's all.
>Im against facicm on both sides of the political spectrum.
u wot m8? Read the fucking bread book.


Book means nothing when the left are becoming as controlling as the right.

Controlling language, ideas, and what we can talk about via LGBT activism, Being old left its always worried me.

don't get me wrong though, I know where I am, I know lainchan is part of the movement and outside of this thread ill keep my mouth shut.

I am truly sick of the modern political eviroment,


>when the left are becoming as controlling as the right.
But they're not? The "liberal vs conservative" dichotomy only exists because anything left of center is deemed reprehensible behavior; this article summarizes that fact within the first sentence:

Anarchism has always been trying to get down to the nitty gritty of the problems with which are endemic to modern political movements; much of it can come across as rather facetious, for sure. But you're gonna face similar sentiments no matter what chan you lurk in. Going back on what led to 0ch's creation, it was just as loathsome of the very brocialist vibes you've been complaining about as it was nostalgic for the good times we all were having on /cyb/ from back in the day.


Just font visit there, and dont discuss the topics here, its not hard.


that's fine, if you convice me over time so be it. Ultimately we will agree on a lot, I just disagree with some aspects of what happens theses days.

I know 0chan, I just don't visit there, I keep to lainchan because I like it here and its not in your face. Any Chan i go to will be the same, true.

Ultimately I fear the rise of corps and police states and how governments give up power and capabilities to them, im not an anarchist but I agree with a lot of your views in regards to governments. I just don't trust humans to work in such a system effectivly.

And I hate being called right wing for it when I advocate for strong workers rights.


File: 1493574797565.jpg (73.38 KB, 503x768, naivemarx.jpg)

Because antifa socialists are naive, antifa communists (i.e. anarchists) are a much better choice.Because antifa socialists are naive, antifa communists (i.e. anarchists) are a much better choice.


rest in pieces my post
Posting fails most of the time on .jp so I normally keep my post in my clipboard buffer. I must've pasted it twice.


Whats the diffrence?


Bread books an ok intro, but 0ch has much more modern sensibilities; Nietzsche is a better foundation to its thought.


I guess this is a place where people like me aren't necessarily welcome.

Where I am Anti-Fa isn't a thing, I've read the book and I understand it, states generally lead to corruption and over reach. I will refresh myself as its been a few decades.

Where I live the government used to work within the confines of its Democracy, it did some bad things, like all do but now its become a tool of mining corporations who don't care about anyone but themselves.

The workers have been trampled on, companies are given free reign to do what they want, and our strike laws now prevent us from doing it without government approval.

The police force has not regard for our privacy or rights, they only just recently broke the law regarding spying n journalists themselves and instead of doing anything came out and said "our bad no harm done"

I guess I see cyberpunk not as anarchism, socialism or communism, its always been about working around the crap that has built up and being free regardless of the system. The one thing that will really make people dislike me is I am a strong nationalist, I don't believe in racism, but I believe that pulling together on a common identity is a strong motivator for people to work and improve. I also believe that we should show people for the fools they are through information, not violence. Make them outcasts, not heroes.

At the end of the day that's just who I am, I have lived on this planet for many decades, and what works against me is probably a large cultural shift in the left and punk communities. Racism is becoming more common in the left, and I cant stand it.

If you don't want me here, I'll happily go.


File: 1493581464337.png (127.26 KB, 626x800, t3_4q1f75.png)

>Why are we sister sites with antifa communists?
I shouldn't have to tell you that affiliating with a website does not imply that one website approves of all of the content of the other or that the staff of one website agrees with all of the political opinions of the other. I also shouldn't have to tell you that the moderation policies of one website do not apply to the other. If you don't like 0chan, don't go to 0chan. It's as simple as that.


File: 1493583277867.png (54.32 KB, 1024x1024, ironfront.png)

>I just don't trust humans to work in such a system effectivly.
With that in mind, you ought to give another one of anarcho-santa's books a read:
Anti-fascist action was essentially built off of a Luxemburgist foundation. That is to say, it emerged after the death of Rosa Luxemburg in 1919, a prominent libertarian socialist who is widely known for her criticisms of authoritarian socialists at the time such as Vladimir Lenin. Her teachings were later applied in an effort to organize against the looming threat of soviet invasion and nazi encroachment. The antifascist circle, still used by anarchist affinity groups today symbolizes anti-nazism, anti-monarchism and anti-(state) communism. With that in mind, antifa are mostly libertarian socialists; most people's conceptions of socialism stems from a vague understanding of authoritarian socialism like marxism-leninism and all of its derivatives. All libertarian socialism is, is stateless communism; setting up a "commune of communes" if you will. There's a lot more to talk about here, but if wish you continue the discussion then I suggest starting a thread on 0ch.

tl;dr read the bread book if you haven't already;
>Racism is becoming more common in the left, and I cant stand it.
I think you're just giving into the aforementioned conflation of the left with that of liberalism; neoliberal capitalist institutions have done a bang-up job appropriating social movements for their own gain, offering faux improvements in exchange for jack-soykaf–as you've so eloquently described. Central to the "cyberpunk" life dives head-first into /feels/ territory; the streets finds its uses for things. But many of the things expressed here aren't inexplicable; the general sentiment has always been that for whatever reason, it is. Am I the only one who remembers the "cyber-nazi" generals? That's the logical conclusion of a community without any means for radical self-expression.

Again, I want to emphasize that we have no intention of shoving this down your throat. If you wish to learn more about anarchism and its relation to /cyb/ topics then simply visit 0ch; otherwise, don't and post your schway diy project to /μ/. :3


I want you here.


File: 1493588959550.png (381.35 KB, 500x743, M1JyRtC.png)

>iirc it's been decided to keep the topics of discussion for their respective sites separate
You dodged making a statement on anti-censorship. Does the moderation stand by anti-censorship and free speech or not? Will users be derezzed for disagreeing with the moderation's personal politics? Will I be derezzed for posting this image? We have a right at least to know what we're not allowed to say before we're derezzed for it, like the poor sop who was seemingly derezzed for not knowing Seph's pronouns.

Don't try to misportray the issue. None of the right leaning political boards are uncomfortable sharing a space with the left at an administration level. The issue is affiliating with a board who is explicitly anti free speech, enforcing its ideology via authoritarian control. This is not cyberpunk (except in its dystopianism), it doesn't belong on any anonymous imageboard, and while an affiliate site MAY just be nothing more than an opportunity for easy traffic, it does warrant at least a statement from the moderation regarding their position on censorious politics.

0chan, FYI, isn't simply anarchist. Cultural marxism is not an essential element of anarchism - there's nothing inherent to anarchism in their personal opinions on race, gender, sexuality, "ableism" etc. besides their general association with the contemporary left


File: 1493591658805.jpg (71.84 KB, 735x1102, 1d3b77dc80fa843ebdadc9c1e8….jpg)

What are you talking about? She specified the reason for his ban and it had nothing to do with pronouns. Also you make it out like they're censoring left and right. One obnoxious guys posts were deleted. One obnoxious guy was derezzed. They asked him to stop advertising his script and he didn't so he got what he deserved. What does that have to do censorship, free speech, or politics?


You won't risk getting derezzed for posting images that are relevant to discussions found within their respective boards. That however, is typically left in the hands of whichever moderator is present at the time (outside of /q/). Not all of us share the same political views; not all of us live within the same timezone, either. We do discuss how to go about moderation for posterity's sake. "Free speech" does not come without consequences; maximizing the freedom for discussion while also mitigating possibilities for derailment is of the utmost importance.
>is not an essential element of anarchism
Cultural marxism is a myth perpetuated by conspiracy movements since before the dawn of socialism; brushing aside the entire frankfurt school because some alternative news pundit told you so does not mean it isn't relevant to anarchism. 0ch is an explicitly anarchist imageboard, if you cannot discuss these topics without resorting to unfaithful arguments then it shouldn't come as a surprise that you were presumably derezzed there. There's very little room for political discussion on lainchan by design, if you cannot argue in good faith while maintaining meaningful discussion as per the rules, then you simply aren't welcome here either.

Chin up, chummer.


Dude im disagreeing with them right now.

I get where you coming from, neoliberal capitalist institutions are the bane of my existance. Ill give the breadbook another read.

0chan has a lot of things I diagree with at a fundamental level, Bash the fash for example. But that's fine ill stay here and post /cyb/ and leave 0Chan to their own devices.



this is such a petty move.

> i'll be proved right1!! if I put up offensive crap against the ethos of most of the community

And Cultural Marxism is a neo-nazi meme.


Fucking THIS. If you haven't already noticed on another thread there's a lovely new feature on lainchan;

Beware of discourse spread by an army of sock puppets.




File: 1493620496447.jpg (38.96 KB, 500x700, 19250ee391c627e36450b98d61….jpg)

>muh conspiracy theory
Sorry, slip of the tongue, I meant to say "marxist social theory."

>You won't risk getting derezzed for posting images that are relevant to discussions found within their respective boards

>That however, is typically left in the hands of whichever moderator is present at the time (outside of /q/).
What does this mean? Would posting a Trudeau reaction imagine be less likely to be derezzed than posting a Hitler one?

Your personal politics does not define the community, asshole. If you asked me, the community's politics are defined by radical openness to not just all politics, but all posters, backgrounds, walks of life, etc. Your "offensive crap" is meaningless on the internet, policing the internet is not cyber, it's dystopian.

He seems to have been b& for also giving his archive to applechan and not only .jp as requested. Or if you take Seph's word for it, for calling mods close-minded. We don't know for sure since mods deleted the whole thread, deleted the ban and deleted all discussion pertaining to it. This is censorship.


>What does this mean?
It means that moderation is typically up to the discretion of whoever gets to it first; it means that there's no guarantee that a moderator's personal politics won't influence the process due to the immanence of the whole ordeal. This is why the banlist is public (as it was on .org contrary to what >>432 said) and the team itself isn't diluted with the same political opinions. It means that any holier-than-thou statement on "anti-censorship" and "free speech" provides nothing but false reassurances for users that probably weren't welcome here in the first place. We're both repeating ourselves here; you're just going to have to trust us.


Why would anyone trust you when your team has performed extensive deletions and there is no kind of public deletion log? Why would we care at all about a ban log that only lists ban reasons and not the post that was derezzed or who made the ban?


As far as I'm concerned the deletions were in fact warranted; I'll have to double-check with the modteam just to be sure. On .org we normally got around this by banwarning people so it showed up on the logs. It'd be a good idea to keep that practice up for the sake of maintaining trust.


All the deletes I have seen have not been at all warranted in my opinion. I have stated as such on /q/ and had my posts deleted for it. I've seen others users have their posts deleted for the same. I do not believe these are warranted deletions either.

An explanation for non obvious deletions would be nice, but deleting even all requests for an explanation too? What is the reasoning?


There's bound to be more crosspolination. That's why not liking the community there is a legit reason, because that community will start coming here.

Saying "don't go there" won't make them not come here.


>What is the reasoning?
It's an attempt at consolidating discussion; I'm trynna hash it out in devchat atm.


>deleting discussion is consolidating discussion


>personally attacking or provoking users is somehow conducive to meaningful discussion


>implying all the posts you've been deleting were personal attacks or provocations
don't be disingenuous. nigger.


Cyberpunk is anti-authoritarian.
Anarchism is anti-authoritarian.
Between the two chans there is not only cross-pollination of posters but also of mods/admins.
That this would surprise you only shows your lack of understanding of the literary genre that you're doing a terribly bad job at pretending to appreciate.

A quick glance of your posts shows a very distinct and aggressive fixation on being a condescending bigot (a very authoritarian / non-punk trait), which so far has involved such classics as being triggered by non-male pronoun usage, defended the unlimited rights of /pol/tards and lunging racial slurs - at the admin!

Most chans would simply ban you for teh lulz while simultaneously mocking your jackass and I can't honestly find a reason why they shouldn't.

Take you and your infantile parody-made-reality ideology back to the containment-chan you came from you unloved stormweiner and stop trying to astroturf every chan in existence to your terms and conditions.


>That this would surprise you only shows your lack of understanding of the literary genre that you're doing a terribly bad job at pretending to appreciate
What the fuck are you talking about?

>a very distinct and aggressive fixation on being a condescending bigot

Stop projecting.

>being triggered by non-male pronoun usage, defended the unlimited rights of /pol/tards and lunging racial slurs - at the admin!

Don't strawman. I'm not "triggered" by non-male pronouns, I just believe it's inappropriate to state pronouns on an anonymous imageboard or for mod to use it as a capcode. This was just my opinion in a fairly varied debate that was entirely deleted from the board. That doesn't make me a racist or some soykaf.

>defended the unlimited rights of /pol/tards

I didn't defend anything. I requested a statement regarding freedom of speech and anti-censorship. Yes, I do personally believe this is important but not because it gives "unlimited rights of /pol/tards".

>lunging racial slurs - at the admin!

This is simply to test their freedom of speech rules as they are avoiding making clear statements on the boundary lines. I made a request if using slurs like "nigger" or "glitterboy" is a bannable offense earlier that was ignored.

I appreciate you offering your opinions to the conversation, but don't act like you command the board or can define who I am or what I believe for me. Your dishonest strawmans are not productive. If you believe you have something worth contributing, address the points directly.


File: 1493791811258.jpg (1.14 MB, 680x1671, pretending.jpg)

> This is simply to test


For people who claim to be anti-fascist, leftists sure love to police language to the n-th degree.


File: 1496134208467.jpg (806.16 KB, 1920x1080, 1495747209044.jpg)

>we want to gradually introduce hackers to the anarchist milieu


I only hated the Anarchists on old-lainchan because they kept brewing soykaf. It's good that they have their own imageboard now.


Fuck you too, kalyx


>call yourself an anarchist
>talk about 'non male pronoun usage'

sounds pretty neolib to me

the only anarchism is AWA
Stop tacking idpol onto it



>I'm was only pretending to be retarded.


It's irresponsible for you to force your politics on your userbase.


File: 1510777487491.png (908.04 KB, 780x673, 1475224755422.png)

How can the admins have the audacity to fetishize cybersecurity lifestyle while being actively authoritarian?
I'm left as left gets but policing people's posts on the basis of their political alignment is sickening.


>Does the moderation stand by anti-censorship and free speech or not?
nigga there's a word filter for every other word, it's obvious they don't


Some of the staff/mods are Anti Communist, pro free speech. All the mods are not the same


First off this thread is old and irrelevant since is no longer "sister site with antifa communists" (more like egoist anarchist, but sure)
That dude's no longer a fucking mod you slug-like fuck look at the fucking date of that post for fucks sake
>schitzoid /pol/ opinion piece for an image
>rambles aimlessly about soykaf without context
Take your meds and go back to your fake news safe-space
At this point it appears they've all been linked straight from /pol/; clueless together.

Mods you might as well remove this thread to avoid future confusion.


>Mods you might as well remove this thread to avoid future confusion.
Valid point. The thread has been saged.

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