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Almost every single topic on /q/ consists of those from applechan criticizing for [insert reason here], but what of the silent majority of those that actually use this board? I understand that we are not the majority of lainchan users overall, but those that like this site don't seem to have spoken up about why they do so.

Personally I've found that focuses slightly more on intelligent and informative longform content (the average post length of /mega/ on applechan can be pretty sparse at times). I'm not sure if this is the work of stricter moderation (see or self-selection, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Why does lain use


I could have stayed on applechan, but there would have been a nagging feeling that something was off about it. It might have been the increasingly draconian rules, months where nothing was done, boards changed arbitrarily, the steady sunsetting of services, and ultimately the botched recovery from the wipe.

But the root of it is that a community cannot simply be bought. applechan had more discussion, I cannot say it was better discussion, but it seemed more established. But I knew we could do better.


I use both because I see no reason not to. I get useful discussion on both sites.


I personally identify as strongly with the 'punk' as I do with the 'cyber'.
I can without a doubt say that my activity on this imageboard would increase tenfold if an onion server was added.


Because I like the community, staff and boardlist more
Also the amount of projects that came and will be coming from this part of the community

What does an onion server add? You can browse+post from tor already?


Not him, but browsing clearnet from tor is not the same as browsing tor networks from tor. it is much more secure.


I'm not too knowledgeable on tor, but
>For example, services that are reachable through Tor hidden services and the public Internet are susceptible to correlation attacks and thus not perfectly hidden.
because we also have a clearnet side I'm really not sure how much a hidden service would add


A lot. When going to .onion you can be sure who you are talking to. When going through ye-oldie-DNS record you can't be as sure somebody didn't spoof the DNS response and used a "testing" Symantec certificate to do MITM on you.


But what does that add in this situation? Even in the theoretical possibility that you are getting mitm'd, all they could get is your already public post
I understand why it's useful for some sites, but I really don't see the benefit for lainchan


It's beneficial because we should want to be as resilient as possible as a community. Having an onion server as a cyberpunk forum/imageboard is being at the frontier. There's nothing to lose, only to gain.


the site is gone


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You dummy



Thonx Ales.


yeah i dont get it at all, both are so similar whats the point in it?
i love lainchan more since it has the radio with i listen to every day but other than color scheme i fail to see muh of a difference in the two sites.



I only use arisuchan, I started off using lainchan years ago, now I exclusively use/look at arisuchan. If you want to talk to me, you will have to come here.

I'm sure there are other similar people to me that are single-site only, and you can tell by the subtle difference in overall tone that you see on here vs lainchan. If you want to talk to me, or people like me, you probably want to chat here.



From someone who uses both, I'd say the main difference is administration. The lain admin's are pretty bitchy from what I've always seen and they're always against a "lack of quality" in the new threads. Besides that, and the fact the community is better here, it's mainly aesthetics…


File: 1563120033183.gif (599.55 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_omj3prQ0DZ1t….gif)

Pretty sure not a >"silent majority"

But anyway I use this site because I think it has the potential to become something really great, not because it already is.

Also because of good web design.


File: 1563130376303.jpg (47.66 KB, 630x630, 569176_1.jpg)

I have been a lainchan user from about the second month of its existence. My chief reasons for using any incarnation of the site were:
- lots of people with high enough IQ and interest in ideas and abstractions (instead of results, real world applications, facts, details, politics, etc) and a willingness to discuss these
- a convenient lack of social+herd norms and behaviors that make interesting discussion painfully slow
In my initial years I was also a big fan of SEL, but then I grew up while simultaneously grew tired of seeing new fans signal their fandom over and over again. I'm also studying/working compsci thus the topics are always relevant.

So why am I here more often than on
In its initial years, the one and only lainchan was rather colorful and wild. Kalyx was a (good kind of) mess and wanted to keep the site cyb and cool, allowing funky bullsoykaf to happen, while more competent staff did the site development for him. I really liked this old lainchan, slow as it was. As the site developed, so did some of its inside jokes which annoyed some new users, while older users got bored of seeing the same thread reopened for the sixth time by newcomers, so "quality" controls had to be done. I think it was okay overall for a good while, until Kalyx sold the place to Appleman.
Appleman is how I imagine autism, with his reddit spacing, overly literal interpretation and writing style, and his initial need to control fucking everything, which became on of the greater reasons for the schism.

I knew Seph from her then small AI discord before happened, so when she said she's making a new lainchan and Kalyx is on board, I was on board. It looked really nice from day one, and again I could feel the colorful and wild thing of a new place where everyone does their best to filter themselves and just post the best they can. I was vocally against renaming it to 'arisu' because of the hugbox it would bring (and boy was I right), but I suppose it remained under control so whatever. I feel that this place is more aesthetic, artistic and idea-based compared to so I visit it more often, but I find more threads that are irrelevant to my interests.

As for, its current state is somewhat annoying. The rules are often applied in a robotic manner, so covert trolling or brewing soykaf remains while posts with a raw tone and great message get deleted. Many users fail to comprehend the tone of messages and ask for elaboration in an infinite loop. Lastly, it has become the home of way too many dumb soykafs that think their political ideology is in any relation with reality. seems to work better as a platform to exchange code, pdfs, pictures, music, i3 configs, and other forms of content or knowledge than a place to actually discuss anything; i'd rather use it for work-related needs than my free time.


I don't personally post here often, but I suppose the general quality of discussion seems higher here, although I'm not entirely sure why that is. I find that when a community is fragmented I tend to get along better with the less members of the less popular fork. Perhaps a little bit of elitism goes a long way. Currently, I'm becoming more dissatisfied with lainchan on account of the fact that it seems to me to be in the process of adopting a more standard 4chan-style culture instead of embodying the values of SEL. I suppose I don't feel as much of a connection to the users of lainchan as I once did. If lainchan is the place for SEL fans who don't get along with the larger community, then arisuchan is the place for SEL fans who don't get along with the lainchan community. To a degree, I'm allergic to "the crowd," and lainchan no longer seems to be the haven that I once thought of it as.

It may be inappropriate to ask this here, but do you know of any other communities which I may find appealing?


>It may be inappropriate to ask this here, but do you know of any other communities which I may find appealing?
It's not inappropriate. If a link to another community is all it takes for someone to leave arisuchan, we're doing it wrong.


Never used applechan, but I found this place from… oh, maybe endchan?
But I found this place and liked the aesthetic. The discussions here are more informative, and I was intrigued by this communities unrelenting drive for pure cybersecurity. I like learning about this stuff in a community that's so passionate. I feel like I could ask a question and I'd get an answer that actually has some depth.

It's also a nice change of pace from Wizchan, which was my main for a while. That place just drags you along through this pit of sadness and body odor. I still go once in a while, but it's nice not being so entrenched in that community. Not only that, but the fact that I can't say I'm a girl is disheartening, especially when a quarter of the threads there are sexist drivel. It gets old after a while biting my tongue.

I feel like this community is small enough that it hasn't eaten itself alive yet. And the people here seem a little more genuine. That's why I keep coming back.


lainchan's moderation is confusing to me, I get derezzed and muted and posts deleted too often, i like their irc but the site is too restrictive. I can't make a joke, or post as anything avant garde or ARTistic, anything that isn't muh programming brainSTEM autist cryptofash haskall whatever edgelord gets deleted even if it was effortposting. I get it SEL is about puters generally but damn see some sun sometimes. I think what's lacking from both there and here is a FOCUSED chan on psyche and the mind. I believe that the divine most-subtle causal reality is the real reality, and that trickles down into the mind, and the mind informs matter (there is a scientific paradigm that supports this called the general theory of relativity). People don't seem hip to that and are stuck in 18th century clockwork-industrial reality and think that mind and awareness is a byproduct of matter which is demonstrably false and tiring to work around.


File: 1565634980134.jpg (112.46 KB, 600x650, 77033d23c66d2612f66d14dc08….jpg)

just install debian with i3
rice it
install wine and master all <2012 touhou games on lunatic
host the tlmc in opus with a cool animated music player written entirely in webasm
troll gnu kids online
help patrick release the next slackware
become the leader of the largest drug cartel in china, us, and russia
mentally condition your most trusted henchmen to partake in a grand public shooting with you where you kill hundreds of random people, but then sneak out of the situation while they fight police, and return to your home
when they break down the door, just sit there drinking green tea with your reimu doll, and tell them you did it all for zen and ZUN


File: 1565865217809.jpg (83.83 KB, 1024x576, RikkaRC.jpg)

>the fact that I can't say I'm a girl
You can't just say that and leave it at that and tantalize me like that. I know you'll probably never read this, but I have oh so many questions…

I would like to exchange contact if possible.


I feel you mayne. The thing is, arisuchan is not an imageboard. It's a powerfantasy of its owner, Seph, and her clique, that will do whatever she tells them to. Its their own antfarm where they get to be the bosses pretty much. Dont confuse arisu with actual imageboards.
Seph sucks, begs for anon's money because she's so irresponsible. Her little doggies on a leash, the mods, suck too.


You should work on your reading comprehension a bit, friend.


File: 1565892171859.png (93.58 KB, 308x220, How-Become-a-Schizophrenic….png)

I don't see why my post warranted these schizo replies? I already am a criminal mastermind with riced out gnu plus linux. My post was about finding a space with LESS of an anime nazi on meth mentality.


Obviously we're making fun of the schizo, which happens to be you with your weird Seph-focused drama-fetish. It is quite amusing to see you adjust the fantasy to fit whatever serious-looking random reply we produce for soykafs and giggles.


log out, obsessed freak


>I would like to exchange contact if possible.

Probably impossible.
I'm not special.
Regardless, pass the RC this way, my man.


File: 1566006514589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.33 KB, 980x723, Witches.jpg)

>I'm not special
But you are. Unless…
cue the running joke about witches and moddess

Anyway, should you decide to change your mind I'm missing the pen pal I got from there:


File: 1566014057821.jpg (7.64 KB, 211x239, images(2).jpg)



File: 1566027174649.jpg (35.5 KB, 540x427, jtem2u3ip9a21.jpg)


why that reaction

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