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each post shares a dream (or two :) )

2017 April

I wound up in a ship under heavy rains and in stormy seas. An impossibly strong humanoid monster had killed several members of the crew and injured a few that we managed to bring to the safety of the ship's bridge (modeled like Hapsburg throne room without a throne). I was treating two crew members that the monster injured for a concussion. The monster managed to fuse them at the shoulders, creating an extra-wide twinned-human. The newly formed twinned-human was lost in an ecstasy of mutual love between heads. We then called the monster to slay it. It went immediately for the newly twinned-human, and so I charged it. Right before I made contact with the monster, several compressed file designations (.zip, .7z, .tar.xz, .rar, etc) appeared around it, layered over a bunch of hex. The dream ended abruptly.

2017 May

I woke up in sitting on a porch high above an Italian-esque plaza. I looked down at a single figure, slowly jogging up the center of the plaza. The figure started to flap its arms, slowly at first, then faster and faster until it came off the ground. It then stopped flapping and adopted a stance reminiscent of a yoga locust pose (like super man but with the arms placed behind the back and fists placed at the base of the spine). I got so excited I went inside in hope that I could tell someone what I'd seen. One of my old friends told me, "I didn't bring you here just to freak out and disturb the party." I then woke up in a bed in the middle of water, felt the fear of drowning, and then woke up again.


I had a pretty vivid dream a few weeks ago which I can only assume was heavily inspired by the Alien Covenant trailers but was never the less quite awesome.

It was to do with the colonization of a new world. We were the second colony ship to be sent to a new world that humanity had discovered among the stars. The first ship, had been some time before the second ship but the fate of it was a mystery as it lost contact after landing.

When we arrived we detected what was left of the original ship but no sign of human life. There as far as we could tell was no life on the otherwise natural world with one exception. These horrible fleshy spiders that lived in the forest.

When we land we discover the ships AI was still online and over the hundreds of years between the two ships it had figured out how to employ the use of the robotics to disassemble and reassemble the ship into a sort of outpost like facility that was totally under it's control.

The AI was friendly and personable and happy to have the company of the crew after so many years alone and he offered to do checkups on the crew since we'd come out of hyper sleep while people were woken up and as people were off exploring. One at a time they'd go into his facility and be sent out of sight off to the recovery room.

Only later did it come out that he determined that humans would struggle to survive on the world that was only 80% similar to earth and that as his tasking was to ensure the survival of the colony he determined it was necessary for him to harvest their biological matter so he could create animals and insects and they would most certainly thrive on the harsh world.

We suddenly understood the fate of the first crew that he had harvested but needed more genetic material to continue to make his creations. The facility was a biological 3D printer. He had already created only one species a fleshy looking spider but with the new crew he could populate the world with fauna and ensure the survival of the human race all be it in its twisted view of it from a genetic level.

I think the interesting thing about the dream was that as far as the AI went he was doing what he thought was best and didn't think we'd survive otherwise and didn't really see much difference in what form we survived in. Like I said, I think the Alien Covenant trailers played a big influence but it was still a fun dream to have.


I was in a restaurant eating with my family. I had left my shoes and socks outside so I went to get them. I ended up in this weird semi endless staircase with my brother. The goal was to make it to the bottom. I can't specifically remember how it was designed but I remember having to jump over obstacles and crawl and hanging while holding steps in order not to fall off. We met a bunch of guys who told us that we should just go back to the top and leave the place. Apparently some old guy got to the bottom and complained to the creator about how he almost died. We journeyed back as a group but got stuck somewhere and I woke up


Sorry, I don't remember my dreams at all.



i had a dream, where i woke up in a hospital, and saw someone i know among the medical staff give me a nod as if to confirm "yes, its a dream". i immediately understood what i had to do. so i jumped out of the like 4-story window, out of which the nurses looked at me running across the street in front of a cinema to find myself disguised as an old bald man. myself understood i was after him so he started running as well until the crowd picked him up and i had to force MYSELF through them to connect with myself, after which i woke up.

pretty matrix desu


The king was in danger. This much I knew. Little else mattered at the moment.

Our convoy was proceeding quickly, as quickly as one can saftely when driving down a winding mountain road that is. Motorcycles as the rear and front gaurd, trucks and cars in the middle. On either side the trees towered over us. A pretty site but I kept my eyes where they were needed; on the twisting asphalt ever emerging from around the next corner.

A few years later things had quieted down. My friend nudged me and I noticed him. An elusive expression on his face, sad but not. you know what I mean, standing a few paces behind our group. At the time I didnt know him then but I felt I did. Our house became our fortress, a comfortable quiet space against the darkness outside. The ceiling always a little too short in the main hallway. The amber lights glowing from their nooks.

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