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File: 1496573050663.jpg (140.95 KB, 598x498, LSD.jpg)


How do you get drugs, anon?

I've only ever tried cigarettes, but I want to try marijuana and LSD.

I don't have any dealers or people who would know dealers.
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Please stop being rude.

I don't know about weed but in some countries you can legally buy 1P-LSD. It's often a legal gray area and works very well.


tbh weed is okay, all it really does is just makes you feel like soykaf slowed down a little, nothing special like everyone says, its not some miracle drug


>Whisper is a proprietary iOS and Android mobile app available without charge. It is a form of anonymous social media, allowing users to post and share photo and video messages anonymously,
I smell FBI afroamericans from this side of screen.
OP, don't pick the bait. Find one of darknet (tor, i2p wikis) markets that operates in your area, don't accept mail packages, only drops.
My personal advice would be not to do drugs as the substance you receive is not regulated by anyone and probably is 90% talc with colors smuggled in someone's anus through the border, a piece of paper dipped in lemon juice with DOB, may cause unexpected psychic reactions. Smoking weed is just as bad for your lungs as smoking tobacco and makes your brain reactions degrade in long period.
Also there are some poorfag methods for getting high like psychedelic shrooms from your local forest, peyote cactus, nuts from latin america, huffing on fermented piss and soykaf, etc.


Oh my, I've answered to a year-old thread. G-d damnit necrobumpers.


Individual reactions to weed are super variable. High doses give me a trip into some kind of computer game, feeling like I have to complete a level, while completely dissociated in a meditative way. (I also went into the danger zone of K2 and almost died on that soykaf, turning into a ball of lightning among a thousand explosions - the dank way of my brain, screaming for oxygen while I puked unconsciously)

1p-Alice is good stuff. If acid-25 was completely different, I wouldn't care either. I took the ticket and found what I searched for.

File: 1505919896769.jpg (96.35 KB, 720x757, 14HYSyBuV864tZhb4qLgseQYM_….jpg)


How often do you daydream and what do you daydream about? I daydream on a constant basis when I'm in class and i usual daydream about kung fu fighting people, or flying or being a protagonist in a story. It's fun to get lost in your own thoughts.
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File: 1522804889111.gif (977.94 KB, 640x475, 1506127267578.gif)

I used to daydream all the time, but now I don't.
I generally can't be bothered thinking about anything at all. It's as if the only thing I'm ever thinking about is what is visually right in front of me, and even then my mind is silent.

Anyone else experience this?


File: 1522950684655.jpg (51.59 KB, 976x712, Matrix_Government_Lobby_Sh….jpg)

I normally daydream about having powers, like in Dragon Ball Z or being like Neo in that lobby scene and killing a lot of politicians and the President of my fucked up country.


Where I live, walking around at night and talking to yourself is a great way to have a friendly police officer have a friendly chat about whether you ought to visit a friendly psychiatric ward.


I daydream whenever my mind would otherwise be idle. It can be inconvenient because my daydreams can make me very emotional. I usually use podcasts and audiobooks to keep myself from daydreaming.

I do sometimes indulge in nighttime walks to daydream like others in this thread.

My daydreams usually start mundane running through the day to come or the previous day but after a bit they diverge. Often it is cringey stuff like dreaming I am some kind of genius or whatever. Once I dreampt that I could just walk off into the sky just like any other walking. It was bizarre because there was no awe or novelty. I just walked off into the clouds like I was climbing the staircase at home.


I daydream that I am invisible/immaterial, so that I cannot be perceived as I am strolling around town. When there are too many people around i like to imagine i wield a scythe-like weapon that cuts through the crowd as if it was butter. I hate having to snap out of it, and social interaction after an interrupted daydream causes me great anxiety.

File: 1520671562416.jpg (208.88 KB, 800x800, 26080_pantocrator1.jpg)


This is a long shot but I figured this would be a good place to ask. Does anyone remember an IRC community about cyberpunk Christianity? The room name was like cyberchristian or cyberchrist and I believe it was either on freenode or rizon. If anyone out there can point me in the direction of these people please let me know. I miss their excellent commentary.

Praise the lord.


Have you tried asking on 8/christian/ or on their Discord? The only other Christian board I know of is QuestChan's /cathedral/.


Please tell us more about christian cyberpunk. What is this about? Do you play to reincarnate after 3 days, but into the wired?


sounds like the most retarded larp yet


Did the meaning of the word LARP change and I missed the memo? Even as a sarcastic swipe, it is meaningless in this context.


> christianity
no wonder it died

File: 1506824616945.jpg (884.66 KB, 3508x4961, w4n72dvio1mz.jpg)


How long have you gone without sleep? Mine was only 24 hours and it wasn't that bad. I just felt really energetic before passing out. When are you supposed to start hallucinating and is it worth it?
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Max is about 3 days for me. I feel like I'm drunk or something because I can't think well.

I've had a couple months of 3-4 hours of sleep when crunching hard on things before. It wasn't every night but the work was usually 80-100 hrs/wk and staying low on sleep seemed like an OK way to work at the time.

When you compound multiple days of low sleep you'll end up fucked so take it slow. On day 1 it'll probably be 80% of your normal work ability. Day 2 60%. Day 3-4 sleep needed or low productivity (no hard problem solving). After a few days just crash for half a day and go back at it.

I got used to it after a while and scheduled activities based on how much thinking it would involve. Too much sleep deprivation is OK for plug+chug work but hard stuff has to be done when you're fresh.

There's kind of a switch where you can sync with your body for how much sleep to get. If you know you're going hard you can brace yourself to deal with it. I don't if know others feel that but it's like a switch to force yourself awake. Like "I'm getting 3 hrs of sleep tonight, fuck you body" and you'll wake up 3 hrs later without an alarm. Kinda weird.

I wouldn't repeat again though… I made some mistakes and it ended up not being fun.


I tend to only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night, never really needed all that much, which probably contributes to how easy it is for me to stay up so long. Many times I've gone three days without sleep and didnt even realize untill I see the sun rise and realize its the third one in a row I've seen without sleeping in between, and when I tried to test my limits I passed out after the end of the 5th day. The 4th-5th day I start getting a weird, vaguely paranoid mindset where I sometimes hear voices, but they are easily distinguishable from reality so Im not bothered by it. Only the times I hit that fifth day have I experienced any sort of visual hallucination, and its usually patterns moving and shifting into something on my walls/tapestries/posters. I thing that experiencing the limits of sleep deprivation is something everyone should experience atleast once just so they know their limits and what happens when they reach it.


Five or six days, somewhere beyond 120 hours. Used a large quantity of mephedrone, was an addict at the time.

Don't do it, those hallucinations that start out as spiders start to fuck with your peripheral vision and if you're unfortunate enough to end up outside what was once spiders is now shadow people everywhere. Obviously it doesn't take a genius to figure out why these two side effects working off each other are a bad thing.


File: 1521068368443.jpg (594.07 KB, 800x1058, fleece_aura.jpg)

I've gone about 5 days, got pretty cool because I have this blanket I hang on a wall and stare at, by day 4 this thing was visually 3D, similar to an N,N-DMT trip but not as strong, 5-MeO-DMT was an entirely different experience with the lines transcending the blanket and covering my perceived reality, but the body high was so uncomfortable. Sleep deprived and on N,N-DMT some elements pop out while others are more recessed into the image. I forget what the shrooms experience and MXE experience were like. LSD experience wasn't too different, probably similar to the N,N-DMT trip but I don't remember that one either, it's been almost 2 years since I've "gone to church". Got the blanket at a festival for $100, didn't think it was worth it at the time but my friends locked my shoes and jacket in the car and it was cold as fuck. After smoking DMT and looking at it, this became my favorite souvenir from a festival. I highly encourage you to pick one up and trip with it or get sleep deprived to enjoy it, lots of details aren't realized until you are hallucinating a bit. My buddy says there's a lot of cat faces in it.

Anyways, I have a different tapestry behind my monitor covering a window and I look up at it to tell whether or not I need to sleep based off of how significant the water ripple effect is. Typically I can achieve some degree of hallucination after 24 hours, but the good soykaf comes with a few days. As someone mentioned in this thread, I used adderall (amphetamines) to stay up 5 days and it was actually to study.


>>513 replying to >>497
Yeah, peripheral vision was one of the downsides, I have a bunch of cables between my keyboard and monitor so I kept seeing something move there and the house I had just moved into had some fruit fly issue and they came to my room to bother me, eventually I wasn't sure if they were real or if it was a hallucination but they kept bothering me all 5 days, when I slept and woke up I didn't have any issues with the fruit flies anymore. So, they could have gone away after day 1 and I could have just been fucking with myself for 4 more days thinking they were still bothering me.

File: 1505674593169.jpg (141.12 KB, 744x1027, ea06b7848f13cc709149defc24….jpg)


I've read that others here sometimes experience dreams in the third person so I know I'm not alone in that, but with this I'm not so sure: on occasion I will be someone else in my dreams. Sometimes I will just be a generic person of different ages, genders, and races, but other times I find myself in the mind/body of a known public figure. For example I was once dreaming as President George W. Bush, a very humanizing and interesting experience considering I am a liberal female in real life. I'm sure there are others I have been as well, but none immediately come to mind. I wonder if anyone else experiences this anomaly.


All the time, but generally it's a character as opposed to a public figure, and over the course of the dream the character I'm acting out just becomes me


The other night this happened. I can't remember if it was the first time or not but it was certainly interesting.

It seemed to take place during WWII, though there was no indication of war. I was a boxer in line to challenge or train. I got up to a mirror and saw wanted poster with what looked like Alan Turing's face on it instead of even my own head. I got a call in the dream from a cell phone and the caller said "Aye yo fuck you, Mr. Miyagi" in some kind of New York/ Boston accent. Woke up after that.

Wonder what the hell that was about. I wasn't me, though.

File: 1515260558241-0.gif (644.91 KB, 969x700, -1.gif)


I've died quite a lot in my dreams. Sometimes I die, my consciousness and physical feeling fading away with me, and other times I just see my body lying someplace.

While most people wake up right before death, I often wake up after my dream-death. I'm not afraid of dying, and I think a lot of it's thanks to having "experience" with it….?

What is Alice's experience with dream-death?
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For me, when I was a kid I was terrified by my dreams. I would have bad dreams alot of the time, many of being eaten by sharks(I was bullied pretty bad at the time) and others of chaos and disater. The unstableness and scary nature of my dreams and how in dreams, thinking of things would make them happen (usually your fears) lead me to become terrified of them. It lead me to start killing myself in them as as soon as I could when I found out it was a dream, as it was the quickest was to end one. For a while I did this, and I still remember purposely falling down stairs, jumping off buildings and falling into lava just to stop dreaming. Sometimes my first attempt wouldnt work and I would have to try again and doing so until I woke up, though it didn't take many tries to do so.

I remember one dream being in a burning building on a concrete staircase like the ones in carparks. I was trying to end the dream by falling down stairs, but that was not working. So I eventually left it and found myself on a bed sinking in some lava, so I jumped and felt heat then numbness, and then my dream ended.

I wasn't suicidal as a kid, dreams just did it for me. Looking back, I find it to be pretty fucked that I did that, though I've turned out pretty ok so I guess its fine. I feel the experience has left me to become a bit fearless, though I still have a strong sense of self preservation. Similarly, I dont fear death, but I definetly do not want to die. My dreams since I stop ages ago now are just a bit chaotic, but still have a bit of sense to them and are very rarely nightmares. Recently I've even manage to stop myself from ruining a dream from semi lucidness by just realising that doesn't have to happen and my dream continued on as normal.


I don't recall ever dying in my dreams. However, something as simple as bumping my shin getting off a subway or stepping off the stairs awkwardly is often enough to jolt me awake, so it'd be a freak occurrence for something fatal to occur before then.


Were your dreams recurring dreams, or was the only "recurring" part about them the suicide part that would let you get out?

(Your past reminds me of a game I once played called Blank Dream, in which you go into your past memories and have to kill yourself in order to escape.)


The dreams I had weren't recurring, except those about sharks but that was due to the aforementioned bullying (seems that sharks usually represent this), it was just that I would intentionally end the dreams. Dreaming for me has always been with a tad bit of lucidity, just never enough to be fully lucid, but enough to know that I was dreaming, just not fully aware of it. So yeah, the recurring part was me becoming aware of the dream then attempting to end the dream via suicide.


Since leaving the paramilitary I haven't dreamed in a long time, recently they started to come back and I always die.

I die because I do horrible things in the dreams, things I never did but it seems like I would have. My dreams have become very hard to cope with. But like you when I die in a dream, I don't wake up. I seem to sit there as a kinda of punishment.

I have never feared death, but I kinda welcome it now.

File: 1515580124959.jpg (133.02 KB, 556x573, scaled_full_728512ad2cc1be….jpg)


Having achieved a place somewhere, and gathered your people into a haven. How do you keep that place. How do you add more people. What are the streets and why are people so quiet?Communications systems built to let wanted new minds be discovered. What is your crowd, where and how do you want to be noticed?

I'm still in the street looking at the fishermen looking for life. I don't call them. I'm content here. But I don't know what's beyond.


>How do you keep that place
Who says it's yours to keep

Why do you believe yourself to be separate from the fisherman

I believe what is beyond is likely what we choose, and as such is inside of us.

Good luck.

File: 1508655161540.jpg (125.1 KB, 1400x788, stock_image_home1.jpg)


Even the bank of America thinks that there is a good chance we are living in a simulation so my question to lain is. What do you think well be the consequences if we find out that we really are in a simulation?
Would anything really matter? Do you think that people would change the way they live? I mean even if we look at life now. We are just a blip in the vast space and time we live in, but the more you zoom in and the closer you look the more things start to matter to individuals yes there lives mean nothing to you but to that parent spending time with there kids or stressing about work life there actions mean the universe to them.
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okay Lain.
This discussion just came up on a chat feed.
I then came here and within the same minute after clicking ukko, I see this thread.

I dont know what that means but synchronicities mean something.


what if it's an emulation?
or a virtualization?


then that means we gotta do what we do best.
then we search for glitches, understand how it works,

and we hack it.

for freedom. for humanity.


I beleive its called 'science'.

But we cannot tell what is right, so any ''errors'' are simply laws of nature to us. a dwarf scientist from my fortress would simply recognize diagonal motion as an impossibility. To me, its an inaccuracy of the simulation, but to Urist McPhysicist , its just the way the world works.


If any glitches did occur, the higher beings running the simulation could either erase the instance from out memories, turn back time to before the glitch, or other methods to make sure we never found out. If our simulation has been running for 13.7 billion years, I would think many glitches have occurred in the past, simply erased from our memories.
Unless we're also adding the philosophy of Lastthursdayism, the idea that the entire universe was created last Thursday and every memory from before then is fabricated.

File: 1512161472361.png (22.66 KB, 800x600, vision.png)


pic related is what i saw
the white arrows indicate motion, the slightly darker lines were rotating.
the two circles of black expanded with the intense light inside them expanding alongside.
i was not in REM sleep during this process, the time was 4:17am on the 30th Nov when i woke.
during the "dream" there was an intense sound of grinding bass, constant note, like played from a synth.
the light orbs kept expanding, i couldn't move a muscle and it felt like my heart stopped or i didn't have a body…
it was as if pure light was being poured into my eyes, and the darker outer ring around the light was darkness melting away
it looked sharper and more real than anything I've ever seen
my mind was totally clear, i knew for a fact that i was about to see something divine, i was terrified and ashamed
i kept thinking i wasn't ready and i don't deserve to see or i wasn't the one to be shown, something of the sort
it felt like god, like he was revealing himself or something else to me, but my fear wouldn't let it come
i woke but it was more like being released from a hold, the same sort of feeling abductees report when they are stuck in 'stasis' or something.

i hope you found this interesting and I'd be happy to hear any similar experiences or anything you can teach me about this sort of thing

tl;dr - had a visit from god and it felt realer than being alive
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Seriously though, the thing about dreams is that they're not just sights - they're sounds, smells, tastes, physical sensations and even emotions. You didn't meet God in a dream, you dreamt you met God.


as much as that sounds nice and cool, I suppose I must remain skeptical.

I dont personally take hallucinogens, or other strong weird mind altering drugs. But I have at times had strong hallucinations, and not just visual but auditory and olfactory and touch and taste. Obviously when I am sleeping, but when I am awake too.

While we cannot conclusively rule out the possibility that your vision was of divine or otherwise supernatural origin, it seems to me the description provided in the OP is easily explicable with any number of other causes, and not all of them are incompatible with an awake, sober, and aware observer.

What about this experience makes you feel it was divine, or is it just (as we often have in dreams), simple awareness of the situation?


No OP, I can't seem to remember you.


File: 1512682687828.jpg (13.46 KB, 259x206, comf.jpg)

because i chose to wake, if i stayed in that state it felt like i would have seen something that killed me, i had an intense feeling of dread.

& to the h8rs, i never explicitly stated i saw god, i said "i think" and that's the closest i came. i described what i felt, what i heard and most importantly what i saw in front of me, which was - as i said in the OP - clearer looking than what i see when i am awake.

its an interesting experience even if its just from a dream perspective. i could have posted about this anywhere, but i deliberately chose this place because its an area of a fringe website that has a dream topic. logic tells you that this means i want to know more about WTF happened to me (was it a seizure?? etc) than i want to make wild claims.


Sometimes its hard quite to tell 'it seemed like x' from 'I know with 100% certainty that it was x', I hope you do not feel too dismissed.

The extreme clarity sort of reminds me of somethings that I have seen while slightly oxygen deprived. Ive seen things that feel almost like rips in my vision where there is a space of pure white that lies behind the wallpaper that is the visible world.

Usually for me these pass very quickly, a few seconds at most, and I do not need to do anything to make them disperse. I also do not remember any accompanying audio, but its been a while and I may have forgotten.

On the topic of SADS, it just occurs to me something I saw regarding SIDS as being perhaps related usually, to oxygen deprivation ( as when people lay their young children to sleep in such a way that they may get tangled into covers or squished, and have their breathing restricted or blocked). Skimming the wikipedia article I dont see that emphasized, but I wonder more if that is perhaps what you were experiencing.

File: 1502947697892.jpg (305.88 KB, 1024x576, XD6R1aOIEdGdckeSANawpqKFp3….jpg)


I dream in both and sometimes it changes, I had a dream where it was in 3rd person and i was seeing a bat getting shot at by wizards and then it landed on a building that was on fire. The bat transformed into an edgy anime character and i suddenly switched to first person as that character. Describe how you dream and tell your stories
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my recent dreams have been largely third person, with a clear 'me' character whom I follow around but not quite in sync, more like a silent invisible person slightly to my side, sometimes looking back at, or down at what seems to be me. I am not sure how much I control my actions, though, or whether I am just an observer.

when I was younger I also had a lot of slightly removed dreams, including some peculiar 2D dreams, ones that were just, scenery without any plot or action. usually those were in colour, although some with very muted colours, or stylized rendering similar to the work of Maurice Sendak, whose books I read often as a child.

this sometimes, less so now, though mine were more totally abstract, or as described above.


I dream almost always in first person.
Quite often in dreams my sex isn't well defined, with my character switching thriough male and female. This is quite strange, cause irl i'm deadly sure i'm straight and i have a dick, but i don't worry too much about this.
Often in dreams i'm running away from something/someone. I'm partially conscious that i'm dreaming these times and when i'm tired(if running away is pleasant) or frightened (when it is, well, frightening) i can choiche to wake up. In a very little percentage of my dreams they begin as normal ones and then , randomly, everyone begans to die, usually cause something is killing them, and in that moment i know that i have to run.


99% of the time in first person, or in short little bits as though it were a movie, in third person to give a better view of the circumstances I'd currently be in. But the experiences themselves are always in first person.


File: 1509219730754.png (764.83 KB, 1200x843, 41402706_p0.png)

I dream in both, often at the exact same time. I can't really explain it, but it is quite the sensation I can tell you. I've never dreamed in the second person though, which is actually pretty interesting now that I think about it. I've never found myself looking myself in the face. The closest I've ever come is talking to someone else before becoming them


99% in third person, only first person dream I remember was a recurring nightmare of throwing myself down the stairs when I was like 8. I thought most people dreamed in third person.

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