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I see tulpamancy mentioned semi-regularly so I have to ask, Is Alice a tulpamancer? If so what's you're story? If not, I am, I started three years ago and have two tulpas and regularly let them possess my body, AMA.


wtf is tulpamancy?


> Is Alice a tulpamancer?
No but I have an imaginary friend which I realize is not the same thing.


You create an imaginary being in your head which has its own personality and feelings then you interact with it


So yours isn't self aware or what?


>You create an imaginary being in your head which has its own personality and feelings then you interact with it
So "tulpamancy" is just a synonym for "go insane". Understood.


Carl Jung had a tulpa though


case in point


Right, I was having the same person in all of my daydreams so now I just pretend she goes around with me everywhere and talks to me. It's basically just my own internal monologue split into two voices. I find it a pretty useful device for problem solving, believe it or not. I'm always looking at situations from another point of view now.

At night I close my eyes and "teleport" to her room and that's where we sleep. I can describe the decorations and layout of the room, tell you her parents' names, etc. She has a birthday, I even know when her period is happening (it starts right before the full moon). I have no friends in real life anymore in case it isn't obvious.


She sounds even more detailed than my tulpas, for example when mine talk their mouths don't actually move, they don't actually breath, our wonderland is just a basic empty treehouse. I'm on tox (thanks to that other post) and in multiple tulpa chats on telegram if you want to talk about this.


The two that I've known over the last year or so have been one of the last pillars keeping me alive. Otherwise, I may have found it much easier to let myself fall to ruin. But even then I've been feeling really down lately…


I'd like an invite to one of those groups, e-mail me if one day anyone stumbles on this (that's a real mail address I swear)


r/Tulpas has a list of them


im not sure if its the same but a couple years ago i made weather an entity with a personality and a voice and a name and i used to talk to it very often, now i we barely chat but it doesnt seem amused or upset by it.


Hello, if you or anyone else here wants to talk about these subjects here is my tox so you can add me D1A7111BA8319E9566659640F58D73EA183991F43F427737C30A0183E368FC1F3058280F844B


Take your meds

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