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File: 1512192057843.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x1280, 38657697942_afa33e03f2_o.jpg)


Get high…
Get above yourself
Look down upon yourself
Until you're inside of yourself
Look to the front or the back of yourself

To the back or front of yourself
It's inside yourself
And then you see your own head
And know yourself is yourself

'Cause when you find yourself
You're gonna find that yourself is only yourself
And the self that can only be yourself
So when you're infront of the back of yourself
You're gonna find that your mind is in the center of yourself
And God is nothing but yourself

And when you reach for yourself
You'll know that yourself
Is the only thing
That can happen to yourself
So that nothing can put you down

File: 1493601597797.jpg (496.33 KB, 1280x1024, brunettes_computers_serial….jpg)


my fav dream was when i turned into a hawk and flew over the ocean most trippy experiance :) all 1st person

ive only had 1 dream with smell it was gross imagine a bigger version of fredburger from grim adventures of billy and mandy and he smells like putrid vomit u.u first ever smell in a dream and no i didnt vomit in rl noor was i around vomit.
as far as touch i can sense it but its never severe like painfully
ive had dreams where i hold my breath and float ushually in 3rd person

ive had 2 dreams tht i knew i was dreaming 1st i was young watched the office thy said eat pickles with penutbutter and tell yourself over and over agin tht you will lucid dream well eating the picklypenutbutter
it worked i turned myself into a superhero flew around 3rd person but after awhile my supervillian kiked my ass flew into a dumpster and felt tht i lost control over my dream. like i knew i was still dreaming i just didnt have full choice in what would happen.
2nd lucid dream i was walking in the woods 1st person when i looked down at my body i was naked soo i instantly thought wtf wheres my cloths then it hit me im dreaming so i decided to fly was amazing trees just wized by me.
its crzy cuse now i never float by holding my breath i can just fly. my hawk dream was after my flying naked dream and is the only dream tht ive changed shape ive been thinking more on how i dont wanna be myself in dreams and have a avatar i think about tht i hope to change into. i kinda did recently in one dream but still didnt feel perfect but i did cause some cool exploshions like dbz attacks in tht dream.
i think this game i been plying called secondlife helps me alter my dreams also i use to use a crystal wand tht id put intent into before going to sleep then put it under my pillow.
i have reacuring places a school a city and a forest where its like a volenteer camp/nature hippie campus place.
i also have a big fear of car doors when dreaming like the doors gonna swing open on the highway and ill die.
ive had dreams where i have to drive cars yet i never owned a car so im allways like wtf i cant drive but i hve to in my dream for some reason so i do and im scared the whole time.
oh just remeberd ive had a dream i think before my flying one where i levitated maybe a foot or less of the ground in front of some ppl and everyone was shocked like some magician blane soykaf xD
ive had one dream tht i was on a bus and ppl where floaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1505048796502.png (723.37 KB, 1000x664, elite four.png)

I was on the scene at some sort of military facility. It was extremely busy, and there were soldiers and pilots running around everywhere. There were fighter planes lined up for takeoff, and in the center of it all was this large craft. It looked like a rocket ship, but I knew for some reason that it was a missile.

I realized I was following a group of officers. I forget if I was one of them or just a passerby. Trailing the others, we approached the missile and the leader opened up a hatch on its side. Out of a small cockpit, a beautiful girl in some type of space suit emerged. She saluted me and gave me a smile. I returned the gesture, and I was overcome with a want to cry.

She didn't say much before disappearing into the cockpit again and closing the hatch. Her gloved hand appeared in a little window making a peace sign, and then an alarm started sounding. The officers broke into a sprint toward a nearby bunker, and I followed. A moment after we made it inside safely, the missile rocketed into the sky, and the squadron of fighters took off with it. I felt terrible–I guess I had a crush on the girl in the dream, and now she was going to die.

I think I dreamt this because I was reading about some of North Korea's actions and their livestream from last night. It was intriguing, to say the least. Everything was very vivid, a little more colorful than real life but accurate enough that I believed it was really happening until I woke up.


My dreams go from what the fuck, to what the literal fuck. My dreams both confuse me, and amuse me. I keep a dream journal writing down every detail I remember.

I dreamt I was playing the classic Doom back in 2007, and I basically I got sucked into the game. The place looked fucking real when I got sucked into it, and I was fucking demons in the chest, yada yada, you know how Doom is. But, when I got to the final boss. soykaf was weird, the dream devolved to make it look like the classic game, and as I know it. I was back at my seat. Then, uncontrollably I got up from my seat, go to the fridge, than drank a green liquid.

The what the literal fuck dream I had is more weird. This was actually 2014 I had this dream, and I had a dream where I fell in love. Basically I was at an unknown mall, meeting a girl my age in it. I remember her name being Veronica, and we connected very well, we stayed together, talked about our life, we had a full conversation, the dream felt like it lasted an eternity, but an eternity I wanted to stay. When I got up, some reason I started to cry, and felt heart-broken, even though. I knew it wasn't real at all. A false sense of love.


I'm also trying to keep a dream diary, but usually fail to describe the details well enough for the description to make sense later
Do you have a sort of system of how you write things down (like in bullets or just a long description or something)?


Last night I had an interesting dream. Here's some background to begin with.
First of all, most of the time I have what I call "semi-lucid" dreams. Meaning that I have a sort of intuition that I am dreaming, but I never change anything, I just play along, and my intuition is more of an awareness of the "dream logic". A consequence of this is that I don't really fear things that would be dangerous irl.
Second, there was recently a somewhat strong earthquake where I live, there was actually quite a bit of damage but I never saw first-hand any real damage, where I was nothing much happened beyond general hysteria. However, after that happened I did get kind of paranoid about earthquakes in general, and I'm (and the people I live with) are alert for the seismic alert.
Now in my dream, I was walking just a block away from my house and an earthquake took place, people got out to the streets, and I was looking up to the power cables and took shelter by a truck. It wasn't too strong and after it ended people got back to their business, but it being a dream, I wanted more. So I ran to a big plaza nearby (and while I was in my way, actually, another minor earthquake took place), but when I reached the plaza, it was like a switch where I said "okay, now I'm ready", and a really strong quake started to happen. And it lasted a really long while because I wanted it to last. But despite all of this, there was no damage whatsoever.


i remember a dream i had a few years ago. for some reason i had walked into my grandmother's house, and all along the couches were all my friends, plus an ex girlfriend. (ugh) they were listening to a bunch of stupid mumble rap music and everyone was completely out out character, nobody acted how they usually do. (they were also throwing around really weird slang that didn't make sense) as this goes on,more and more voices appear. where there was my 8 friends sitting on the couch, i heard three times as many voices. all text i could see turned into moon runes (it was probably japanese or chinese) also, everyone was eating odd stuff, like raw green onions by itself.

File: 1501037306590.jpg (2.36 MB, 3212x4811, Osaka Ally- thepoj.jpg)


Last night I had a dream that ate tainted food and it caused me to be sick. The taste of the food I was eating was so tangy like vinegar and had an awful texture. The sick clogged my throat and tasted just like sick. These feelings continued after I awoke.

The line between dream and reality is blurring.
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File: 1509232007905.jpg (1.63 MB, 900x1500, 47614806_p0.jpg)

I've experienced that before. I only speak one language, but an original score is not nothing. The human subconscious has always fascinated me, and it amazes me just how much the human brain can accomplish on its own sometimes. I think we just have a far more complex understanding of music and rhythm than we consciously realize, and our dream state most certainly smooths the rough edges and fills in the gaps, making it sound far better than it may actually have been, were we to somehow record it


>The line between dream and reality is blurring.
What line, Alice?


I once dreamed that a weird insect attacked me and entered my body above my ribs. When I woke up the pain was still there for like 5 seconds and a weird feeling for like 30 sec.


Music is matematics. If you're good at matematics probably your good at music too, and anyway the brain works a lot during REM fase, considering how realistically it can simulate the real world, it wouldn't suprise me to discover that it can make music as well.

I remember once i was on the stern of a boat listening to the loud sound of the water moved by the motors when suddenly it transformed into a melody like strings. I'm sure it's not something i had listened before cause i was child and didn't use to listen to music and because it lasted like 15 minutes and was a very slippery music (more or less lile Goldberg variations, to explain myself better), almost impossible to remember all.


I once woke up at night and ate a can of tuna because it was all I had (impoverished at the time). I went back to bed and the taste of tuna still was in my mouth. I dreamed that I was horribly ill (I looked like I had the black plague) and I was projectile vomiting. I could taste the combination of tuna and morning breath in my dream.

Glad to share that particularly vile story with you guys.

File: 1510804629080.jpeg (151.5 KB, 550x550, paisley.jpeg)


There are two worlds: the world of Impression, and the world of Conception.

The world of Impression is George Berkeley's world, a world made of the impressions of our senses, of Kant's phenomena. It is ever-changing, complex past the point of human prediction, and subjective (although it can seem to take on an objective quality when multiple people see the same thing). It can act beyond logic sometimes, and branch off into dream-worlds and psychedelic dimensions, although the conditions for these events are more-or-less predictable (i. e. one falls asleep, drops acid or has a psychotic episode).

The world of Conception is not quite like Kant's noumenal world, or Plato's world of Forms. It is the world of thought beyond sensation, and of reason, but unlike the noumenal world it is not a place full of "things-in-themselves", and unlike the world of Forms it is not a place of objectivity or perfection. It, like the world of Impression, is subjective, but people can conceive of things in this world that match up with other people's conceptions, and then it seems pretty objective. It is the psychological landscape in which numbers and abstract thoughts are as real as lumps of wax, and where things are not merely "as they seem" but actually "as you think of them".

Everyone carries around these two worlds in their heads, and uses one to corroborate truths found in the other. As long as the illusion of objectivity in both worlds is maintained (that is, as long as we imagine that everyone can see the same things we see and think the same things we think), it's business as usual. It's when people's impressions don't match up that we get confusion: did she dream the whole incident? Was that a trick of the light? Is this eyewitness account reliable? It's when people's conceptions don't match up that we get disagreement: are we talking about the same person? How are you defining that term? Do you share my values?

There is something found in the world of Conception that one might be surprised to find, especially in the mind of a materialist or physicalist thinker: spirits. Here is a definition of the word "spirit", chosen specifically for its proximity to animist conceptions of living rocks and trees, or to the ideas of ghosts, angels, demons or gods, but not identical to the way your average spiritual person would define "spirit". Imagine that you perceive a dog. In the world of Impression, the dog is visibly wagging her tail and paPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1509808477382.jpg (71.26 KB, 603x339, 05b5ee1724cda93805500654f2….jpg)


Do you dip, Alice? Use smokeless tobacco? Got a lip full of dip while reading this? Got an ex who dipped, and now you're disgusted by the practice? (Hey, me too, for a little while!) Tried it once in high school, got really sick, and never did it again? (Hint: You're supposed to spit!) Got a favorite brand/blend you want to share? Whatever your experiences with dipping tobacco are, or just smokeless tobacco in general, this is the thread to share them.

I started with Skoal long-cut Apple (in fact, I've only ever used long-cut dips) after I had to ask an ex of mine to refrain from smoking around me for a little while while I was recovering from a cold and asthma issues. They responded by switching to dipping tobacco (I had no clue what it even was at the time), and offered me some. The first lip of dip I ever packed, I nearly kicked a friend of mine in the head out of pure joy. I mean, I was literally jumping around and soykaf. The headrush was intense, unlike anything I'd ever felt.

A note to any beginners looking to try it out: Don't start with Grizzly or Copenhagen. Start out with something like Skoal, as it has less nicotine and you'll need to work your way up. And, if you don't know how to use dipping tobacco altogether, look it up on WikiHow. Get something long-cut.

And, yeah, smokeless tobacco general. I don't have much experience with any smokeless tobacco products outside of dip, myself.


File: 1509814765764.jpg (887.26 KB, 1168x1732, 1503440933574.jpg)

I consider myself the easily-addicted type, so I'll be doing by best to steer clear


Congrats, Alice. Dipping tobacco is indeed highly-addictive and just as carcinogenic as cigarettes, if not moreso.

I don't know why you felt particularly compelled to post that in this thread, but yeah. Congrats.


Just making conversation. Don't mind me.


There's a bunch of evidence out there that swedish snus does not cause cancer.


Then link this empirical evidence supporting your claim.

File: 1505506078210.png (526.7 KB, 609x806, Capture.PNG)


Old/new mixes, best chems?
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no it definitely improved my function.

the oxy kept down my stresses and the methylphenidate drastically improved my brain function.

it's literally the most perfect speedball you can get. feels very pleasant but it's extremely habit forming. it's hard for me to think without some sort of stimulant/downer in my system at this point. I fucked it up for myself by using opiods I.V.

the irish coffee fits the same niche really the stimulation is kept low and the depression is kept low but the positive effects from both classes of drug are very salient



I actually have a very similar stack, but use GHB instead of oxy. Using GHB instead of an opioid still provides stress management and some euphoria, while allowing the methylphenidate to do its job relatively unhindered in terms of memory and cognition.


sugar, caffeine, and sleep deprivation


You're probably lowering your mental ability with a stack like that alice, sleep is essential to quality cognition no matter what drugs you're putting in your system.


I am a fan of Noopept, Adrafinil, and Pramiracetam. I couldn't find moda easily, but adrafinil is great and I would recommend. I have noticed tolerance building over time with this, so I have limited myself to a few per week.

My general purpose stack:
350-400mg L-Theanine (I empty a little from a 500mg capsule to make room for the rest)
15-25 mg Noopept (hard to eyeball)
50-100 mg Adrafinil (depends on how much energy I need)
200-300 mg Pramiracetam (depends on how much focus I need)
Taken with strong coffee or 200mg caffeine capsule

Also, 3 x 150 mg Wellbutrin throughout the day for depression, overall low energy, lower back pain, and smoking cessation. This is actually a silver bullet for my main physiological ailments - I was extremely lucky to get prescribed this a few months ago. Interacts STRONGLY with caffeine, alcohol, nootropics, and pretty much anything because it's amplifying my Adrenaline and Dopamine responsiveness. I have learned after losing 20 pounds and dancing with some heart palpitations that this is not to be taken lightly or abused - this soykaf is strong.

File: 1509866399769.jpg (115.94 KB, 640x960, mikoto.jpg)


Tried dabs a few days ago for the first time; it felt way closer to a lowkey lsd trip than smoking bud. I would definitely go as far as to describe the experience as a trip, not as getting high. Is this normal / what I can expect from dabs?


It really depends on the strength of your wax, what kind of bud it was made from, and your own tolerance. You'll find your second dabbing session will get you way more high, but you can build up a decent tolerance quickly. My natural tolerance is high though, so I can't really tell you exactly what you'll experience.
I used to dab a bit because smoking makes me cough and it's too hard to control the onset of edibles. I've since quit cannabis almost entirely though, and I only get high maybe twice a year.

File: 1509225616287.jpg (94.1 KB, 799x674, 4610572_p0.jpg)


So, I just passed out from what is presumably vertigo, fell out of my chair and whacked the back of my head so hard on the floor that my eyes are pounding in their sockets. Since this is the board for altered states of consciousness, what does Alice have to say about treating severe headaches that make it hard to even think straight? Really don't want to go to sleep right now, but is there any other way to shake this?


Go see a doctor. randomly passing out is not healthy


Sounds like you just brained yourself, possible concussion and even internal bleeding if you did a really good job.

Go see a doctor.


OP here, I am a-ok now. I already have a parent with vertigo problems and after a severe cold the fluids in your ears become really susceptible to things like that. I had stretched, leaned my head back, and everything started spinning and fading before being awakened by a thud as I landed on the floor. It's textbook vertigo.

My head was pounding and I was a bit unsteady after hitting my head like that but an hour later my symptoms were all gone. I appreciate the advice, but I am fit as a fiddle now. No worries. On the bright side, I've been telling myself to try something new everyday. Now air know what severe vertigo can do to you

File: 1496821516165-0.png (591.89 KB, 1002x966, test.png)


when do you guys start thinking addiction is a problem? for me it's when i get the urge to use more than once a week. I tend to be more lenient when I know the addiction isn't going to fuck me over e.g. cigarettes, but I'm super paranoid about getting addicted to coke or opiates.

Anyway, addiction general, share your experiences relating to addiction.
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It becomes a problem as soon as it starts affecting your health (mental & phys), which is why it's important to have good friends that will tell you when that starts happening, cause when you're fucked up everything seems fine.


File: 1506648947114.jpg (48.41 KB, 500x702, alcoholispoison.jpg)

I'm addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. I'm what some people might call a "functional alcoholic" but I don't like it. I mean, I get everything I need to do done; I'm successful in my career, but I'm constantly broke from buying more alcohol and smokes despite making a decent amount of money.

Alcohol is one of those things that can creep up on you since it's so socially acceptable to use and before you know it you're downing 14-16 beers a night during the week and who knows how much on the weekends. You wake up feeling like there's an electric octopus inside your stomach and someone is hitting you in the head with a bat, but there's always coffee, the other socially acceptable substance. Let the dog out, go outside, have a few smokes, maybe weep quietly for a bit, and then get ready to go to work.

By the time work is done you're feeling somewhat human, and the liquor store is on the way home anyway, so you might as well stop. It's been a bad day and you really deserve this. Get beer, get smokes. Stand at the counter and hope your card goes through this time. They know you there and you don't want to get a bad name. Drive home and start again.

The dog is so happy to see you. You've been gone nine hours, which is like ten days in dog time. Put him out, go outside, crack a beer again, have another smoke. I refuse to smoke in my house, even in winter. Play around with the dog for a while, he's the only other interaction you might get today. Dogs don't judge. The dog gets tired, so you bring everyone in and keep going as well as you're able to.

Maybe it's time to go out and get some interaction. Don't do this every night. Pretend that you're a normal person. The bar is about two blocks away. Might as well walk, even though the cops would never come this far out of town. Blow $80 on bar beer talking to people you don't even really know. They're just acquaintances, people you talk to that really do the same thing you do. We're all putting on a good face.

Stumble home at the end of the night. Maybe you'll have something to eat, maybe you won't. It's irrelevant at this point. Sit on the couch and watch some TV. Or, fire up the laptop, go on the internet and see if anyone else feels like you do. Get tired, pass out. You might be in your bed, you might be on the couch. The alarm goes off either way so you can repeat the cycle.

Honestly, I've been trying to wean off alcohol with kratPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wow, Bill Maher actually said something intelligent lol

My poison of choice is definitely pornography. Even if I use only 3 or 4 times a week the fact that I lack the willpower to resist the urge leaves me feeling miserably powerless. been trying to quit for a while now.

Honestly more people are addicted to porn than you'd think, and I roll my eyes every time someone says they use it every day or even more than once each day but they're not addicted. Every addict tells themselves they could quit if they wanted to, but denial is a powerful and pervasive sentiment, that's for sure


Take care, talk bad about porn and you're going to get assaulted. This is how you spot an addiction.

I try to avoid looking at explicit porn (because I realize I take absolutely no pleasure to it and only curiosity and the impulse to do something stupid drives me to it) but to be honest life is so gray I feel miserable if I stay away from all form of eroticism. I just try to build a "tasteful" collection of images as a quality alternative.
Accessible porn is new, it wasn't here before the age of high-speed internet. Now it's everywhere as a free drug.


Believe me, I'm used to getting a lot of flack. People have developed such a knee-jerk reaction to hearing that pornography is bad because they hate conservative evangelists telling them what to do that they won't even listen to you when you make light of its very real consequences.

Like you said, readily accessible pornography is very new and it's all thanks to high-speed internet. The sheer novelty and variety is a sensory overload tapping into one of the most powerful and fundamental motivators in humanity's existence - sex. It's one hell of a drug, that's for sure.

As for what you do, that's actually a good idea. I might try that myself to at least start the weaning process. Keeping yourself from accessing the "full-package" so to speak is probably far healthier than indulging in the explicit and letting your psyche be convinced that you're satisfied.

The best thing I can do right now outside of that is work on my life in general. If I truly want to kick this addiction I need to do what I can to fix what's leading me to it in the first place.

File: 1494611993271.jpg (11.11 KB, 480x480, serveimageFVTECZJD.jpg)


When I go for more than about half an hour without significant and productive mental effort or non-mundane information intake my emotions start fluctuating and I crave mental stimulation. As I learn more and more its increasingly difficult to find information that I can get rapidly enough to satisfy this. I have tried getting my fix through focusing my thought on high speed maths and logic problems, but this is like the synthetic knock off sold in Chinese back alley off licenses that has been watered down to squeeze more money out of the sorry fucks who can't get their hands on the real thing.

As the night goes on I start to get serious anxiety. My actions get violent and sporadic, I start doing myself physical damage to stimulate myself and keep myself focused on reality. At this point I no longer have the focus to even seek out information, all I can do is flail, gesticulate, and slur. I've taken to locking myself in my room when I start feeling deprived, because it makes me want to be in the open air, but I know if I'm in public in this state I'm going to do some serious damage to myself and others.

Does anyone else have experience with this or something similar? Do you have advice? Stories? Lament? Maybe you just want to offer your camaraderie plz ;–; ? Any even vaguely relevant replies are welcome.
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Have you tried chess?


Is there a place you know to get infographics?

I've been making a stash but its too small so far.

I used to like memorizing information as a child. Since I didn't have Internet growing up I would read high-school biology and chemistry books or whatever I could get my hands on. I would memorize all the jargon.

Now I have a stash of random PDF's I've collected over the years, so when I get a craving I crack one open.

What you're describing sounds fucked up though. Perhaps you should seek a therapist. Just a thought


i'd recommend to start reading some hard to understand pieces - like research papers, math theory(e.g. reed-solomon codes, general relativity…)



I have the same thing, the worst is when i'm trying to sleep. So most of the time i listen to documentary or read until i fall a sleep.


I would recommend yoga. you need time and space to process and integrate the information you're getting; it'll also help with managing anxiety.

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