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File: 1493047140526.jpg (29.68 KB, 288x216, UPJ00290.jpg)


Have you tried any new drugs lately? Last Thursday I took a smaller dose of Xanax, and boy let me tell you it taught me something. I didn't realize how anxious I was until I took some.

I also got more wasted than ever this weekend. Not exactly new, but it was kind of a new experience.
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It is very hard for my waifu to find domestic dnm vendors in her country, so new substances are rare for her. She has recently tried what was apparently alprazolam, but she suspects it was fake since she has read that it is supposed to taste really bad, but there was no notable taste. It was alright, didn't seem that amazing. She will probably try a higher dosage of dihydrocodeine soon which she looks forward to. She loves gabapentin and thinks it has amazing recreational potential, and suggests that more people try it out, doing research into how to stagger doses properly to maximize effects.


wait how anxious youll be when you stop taking it.

lay off caffeine or something idk


No fuarking way that works


Anyone tried 5-MeO-DALT? I was going through looking for something that might suit my tastes and it really stood out to me.
Also check out that wiki, some cool stuff on there like this - should I make a replications thread? Or would that be /art/?

I wouldn't be surprised, I've ordered things from online doctors for more private health/non-recreational use in the UK and they just make you have an "online appointment" where you tell them exactly what they need to hear on a multiple choice questionnaire to ship it to you, with the added cost of a private appointment, of course. Apparently this is completely legal and licensed.


Last night I did ecstacy for the first time and it was amazing. I took a half a pressed pill then took the other half a half an hour later cuz I thought it wasn't kicking in. I then got sick and threw up. I was worried that I wouldn't buzz because of this but I actually did. I felt really really cozy and warm and I cuddled up with my girlfriend who was also on it and we just held eachother and told eachother how much we mean to eachother and like how much we love eachother was probably best experience of my life but its pretty gay lol

But I thought ecstacy was a lot more intense so idk if I threw up most of it. I just felt chill and cozy not like very energised or anything

File: 1515999380602.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1459, 62130944_p0.png)


So back in the hayday of 8chan there was this board called /32/ that was devoted to the research of psychopolitics and psychological warfare. One thing the board was always lacking in is research into its technique and application. Is there anyone else here that has thought about this beyond just identifying it? How hard would it be to subvert people?

Just food for thought.
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Is it really apparent? /pol/ is a massive board, and flooding it with weak arguments and bait would be beyond difficult. It's a broad set of political outcasts, and it's not likely that a board of that size would have one-sided discussions.


Former 8/pol/ mod here, you have no idea how much shilling goes on there. For example, there used to be 2-3 posters that would act like total retards in one thread pretending to support NS, while in another they would try to post anarchist propaganda. The board required 24/7 attention to prevent people from flooding it. There were also people who would post all day every day across multiple threads about a single topic (for example: x celebrity is a secret tranny).

There are moments of true gold, for example the beaver poster. But they are getting rarer as the shilling intensifies.


First and foremost my mind is pretty scrambled at the moment but I figured I might as well post. So, sorry if this post is a bit jumbled.

I'm not sure about "research" in the sense of doing studies or whatnot, but I can tell you what sort of "psychopolitics" I've noticed, or at the very least, what is a sort of societal vulnerability, and not necessarily intentionally exploited.

-Things that I'd say matter with psychopolitics… Well. you can fabricate a problem, or take an already existing problem and make it seem like a big or new deal, and you just so happen to have the solution(lucky you!)
-Memes are a big deal; the average person seems to run off their first exposure to a thing.
-When one has an emotional connection to their country, that connection creates certain vulnerabilities, and basically Patriotism can be used to steer people, as they want to be part of something bigger (naturally).
-People love to be told they are smart, indirectly or otherwise, and inversely, no one wants to be made a fool of. You can trick someone by telling them they are being tricked, even if the proposed trick isn't even really based on anything.


File: 1539694262494.jpg (47.48 KB, 636x705, ai.jpg)

>How hard would it be to subvert people?
Not hard at all. Anime, of all things, is proof of that. Everywhere you go you will find people who are extremely argumentatively against it, to the point of hysteria and psychosis, as if it was the most important thing in the world. Despite them not having any kind of familiarity with it, and despite it not having any effect on their lives. They'll always repeat the same canned lines and predictable responses as if following instructions from some higher authority. Yet I'm sure there's no organization behind it all, and anime is obviously not an important topic. If it's this easy to get millions of people riled up and programmed to behave a certain way over anime, without even trying to do so, imagine what happens when you have intelligence agencies and political organizations pouring money and resources into influencing people over political and social issues (which they may or may not have manufactured themselves).


what this guy said, psychological subversion is incredibly common. on small scales it's basically a conversation tactic, on larger scales it has had massive effects on the way people think and act

File: 1492884150310.jpg (1.56 MB, 2254x1268, cigars.jpg)


Hey lains. Any cigar smokers here?

I've been smoking cigars for a while now, and found it to be a fantastic way to bond with people, I've even made friends I wouldn't have had I not been smoking cigars, which has helped a lot since I am generally really bad at being social.

I just love the overall experience of smoke cigars, being all cozy, getting to taste things with my cigars, how calming it is, and just bonding with people over them.

Right now I have some Havana Honey's, some onyx reserves, and some higher end maker's marks resting in my humidor.

I've been doing cross cuts with my knife for a while now, but just moved to a double guillotine cutter. I found it's much easier to get it going, and if you don't slow down you burn through the cigar way faster. Though, I only have tried this cut once so far, and I had to race because my smoking buddies at the time were sharing a much cheaper cigar that didn't last long at all.

What are you lains smoking? What do you like most about smoking? What kind of cuts are you doing? What do you drink with your cigars? What else are you experimenting with?
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File: 1496278727892.jpg (97.56 KB, 1200x675, A FLAVORFUL SMOKE.jpg)

I smoked my only Onyx cigars with a pal. It was nice. I have a million honeys now.


I love cigars, but I don't smoke often for several reasons. One of them is lack of quality cigars where I live, other is the price, and I don't want to get addicted to tobacco at all.
But I really love cigars. Sometimes I travel to a part of my country where they make cigars. The wheather is heavily selvatic, I like to go to a lagoon, sit on a mangrove and just chill smoking my cigar.
I should do it sometime soon.


Hmmm I've been trying to stay off any type of smoking for a while, asthma and all that. I have been thinking of smoking one last time with a cigar, but idk what I should get probably just something affordable since I'm not too stocked up on money


I started smoking two months ago with some friends, we spent about 2 weeks smoking at least once per day. It's pretty good but we barely smoke now, one of this friends started smoking as a 14y, nicotine and all drugs in general can really become addictive and fuck you up at this age.


Cigars and pipes are fantastic, and a great way to meet people.

File: 1525870481781.jpg (36.33 KB, 597x599, giraffe-tattoo-neck.jpg)


What do they symbolize? How are they used in pictures or movies? Do they invoke a certain kind of feeling in you? Tell me whatever you've picked up about them in terms of metaphorical usage. I've stumbled across depictions of them in some places (wired & tube) and it appeared to me kind of weird, so I hope that you could give me at least a vague idea what they're about. To make it clear: This isn't about the creature itself, this thread is about how the giraffe is used as a symbol, maybe to trigger certain emotions.
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The giraffe is one of only two living genera of the family Giraffidae in the order Artiodactyla, the other being the okapi. This is a symbol that they are special, but have few close relations.


They make the reach for what they want, even though it may be out of reach for others.
triumph over a problem, maybe?


File: 1539691373447.jpg (77.53 KB, 1920x1080, [Chyuu-PAS] Shoujo☆Kageki ….jpg)

Giraffes are known to be attracted to stage plays.


I think their body structure is just so alien compared to most other animals and this makes them unique. It also helps they are herbivores, making them non-threatening but beautiful and divine. And if you want to have some more liberal analysis you could try and reach deep and say something about how the giraffes long neck elevates it above others or something, but ultimately I think most people are drawn towards it for it's unique features and height.


File: 1524155513151.png (256.56 KB, 540x531, 26734107_1134706573299642_….png)


Right as I fall asleep, something odd happens. Just before i succumb to the depths of sleep, my brain sort of sends a shock to my entire body, sort of refusing to fall asleep.
Sometimes it gets weirder,
I've had these times where I actually fell asleep but not entirely, my brain was still in touch with reality somehow, something in me knew that I was bound to wake up very soon. During these times I often have short spanned dreams with a tragic ending, such as falling from a tall place or getting hurt in other serious ways, sometimes involving other human beings. The thing that tripped me out the most in this scenario is how time goes on - even though these "shocks" are short lived, sometimes I wake up feeling those shocks after sleeping for several hours, when my "hidden consciousness" sort of was sure that little time had been spent.

Just out of curiosity, has alice ever felt something like that?
Or anything else, really. Talk to me, alice


Yes it's an evolutionary trait that gave monkeys the ability to adjust themselves and not fall from a tree and bust their heads open.At least that's one theory.


I have those, a lot actually. I don't remember the dream that I have before I wake up. I always thought that my dream finished with me falling. Just one time was out of the ordinary, I felt like someone or something pushed me into the bed as I was waking up.
I never gave them much thoughts tho.


There usually is a slight gap between the awakening/snoozing-off of your "mind" and your "body". When going to bed, lay still and don't move a single muscle or roll over. You will most certainly experience hypnagogic hallucination.

I sometimes have very loud auditive hallucinations, as if someone spoke directly into my ear or something hitting the ground, right before or even past the loss of consciousness, even bringing me back into a woke state. This is more common, when I am physically tired at bedtime, though the whole phase is obviously shorter.

When waking up it is called sleep paralysis. The gap might be wider, when waking up from a bad dream, hence the often cited feel of terror and threat connected with that state.

ps: Don't search for "hypnagogic hallucination" or "sleep paralysis" in an image search before going to bed.


That's your brain checking to see if the mind is asleep before putting you into sleep paralysis.
If you're asleep your brain can put you under paralysis so you don't act out your dreams (kinda like sleep walking). And if you are awake, the zap makes you react and your brain knows you're still conscious, trying again later.


This is the beginning of astral projection, you can sustain this if you sit with the vivid images (in the beginning there will be all ranges of fears shown to you) but eventually you can prolong it and enter an actual separate reality and live there/make changes. You can see your physical body & go anywhere, just don't make your 'vehicle' (what you will use to move around the astral world) anything animal, because you will take on the qualities of that beast unavoidably and it can wreak havoc in your subconscious. Changes you make in the astral world affect the real world, also you can meet other people there and go to different planets. I've been hanging out on Mars on tuesdays and Venus on fridays, if you wanna meet me there we can go to Saturn.

File: 1533515490454.jpeg (9.65 KB, 224x224, download.jpeg)


Any of you guys ever feel like your mind is split? Not into like two personalities or choices,but as if you think differently at such times as if you have different knowledge.
I've felt this since I was a kid, where my mind would be divided into two or sometimes even three parts and each compartmentalized information from the other,each capable and of its own thoughts which would've been identical to the others if they had the same information to go off of,made me struggle a lot as a kid any questions that were thrown to me were deciphered in 2 parts and then combined,sometimes helped me but mostly I would get the answer wrong. It doesn't happen as often now,I might even have a bit of control over it,I sometimes use it to think about two things at the same time,but it's usually tiring. I think I can use this to my profit but not many people ik experience this.
If anyone here has had something similar happen to them then I'd love to know your thoughts.


Dont know if it is related but that remind me of ID-SuperEgo-Ego theory
if i remember correctly it was like this:
Our psychology split into three part, ID is the one that acts for body's animalistic needs (like sex), Super Ego is the one that acts accordingly to society's needs/social pressure , Ego is logical one and it is trying to make the good choice between id and super ego.


File: 1533661416340.jpg (26.68 KB, 350x420, IMG_7170.JPG)

Same here OP. Sometimes I become a pro-trump and suddenly become a pro-obama hehe well fuck. As you said, this is not a charachteristic issue. Just sometimes you feel as you are not. Its highly complicated but notice that you are not lonely.


A great explanation was made by CGPGrey about the split brain - I find it relevant to this thread


File: 1537832400009.mp4 (545.02 KB, 446x446, DmwFuwZUcAEKrA7.mp4)

yeah, it's like there's multiple versions of me all competing to be the 'real me'.

File: 1506670199970.jpg (101.55 KB, 530x530, dermatophagia__dermatillom….jpg)


I have struggled with this my whole life more or less. I did not know that others did this or that it had a name until very recently. I confided that I was suffering from this to a friend online and they said that they knew a few other women that had the same issue. Has anyone else struggled with this? It is getting really severe and I am too ashamed to talk about it to anyone in real life, but it is making it very painful to type on the computer so I know I really need help.
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of course. very easy to find. take the tightest and thinnest.


polyethylene gloves come to mind
and golf gloves (you can get cheap ones from walmart)


i do this a lot, i bite my fingers and the inside of my mouth. the inside of my mouth usually starts bleeding and i play around with the blood for a while, sucking the blood out of my cheeks and letting it flow on my tongue. i don't have any mental disorders and i'm not on any meds. i really don't know how to stop myself from doing this.


Try to impregnate your fingers with a substance that's unbearably bitter. If you punish the behavior, it will most likely go away, but you'll probably acquire some other behavior that serves the same purpose.



not everyone can taste bitter

File: 1534118216580.jpg (14.63 KB, 500x375, 6b47cf7e71c91b3313c0700c85….jpg)


Where to even begin? I feel weirdly alone in my trauma. Since my whole mess of PTSD started I have even more trouble sleeping than I did before. That's coming from a chronic insomniac. Sometimes, I am so afraid of sleeping. So I stay awake worried I will either have a nightmare where I have to relive some demented version of my past memories in dreams. I hope I'm not alone in this or someone has something even a little similar.


I've had this to some extent. I used to avoid sleep until morning because I didn't want to be alone with my mind. I had to force myself to start going to bed earlier.

Something I find helps me is to take a few minutes before I go to bed just to sit quietly and get used to my headspace before I go. If I feel too mentally unwell to sit quietly I'll distract myself for a few minutes and try again.


When I started to take antidepressants for the night my nightmares ruined any recovery.

>I was at an old mansion with pointed arched windows like in a gothic church. There was a tree with pitch black bark stretching branches like vines on the ruined wall. The vines were moving, grabbed me and smashed me against the wall and the ground. When they tossed me in the air I managed to escape. Walking down a short country lane, I arrived at a village. In the center there was a tower of hundreds of small cages filled with dirty children. On the outer side there were sausages with transparent skin, so one could see that they were filled with maggots and urine. Suddenly I ascended inside the tower. At the top I found huge pigs feeding on dead humans and even higher a pool-sized grinder, shredding every body that would fall into it.

Try having a good morning after something like this. Fortunately switching medication solved the problem.


Yikes. That really sucks. I'm glad you switched meds and it solved your issue. I've had relatively similar nightmares, but never have they been related to my medication. Thought my sleep meds themselves cause a whole host of other problems.

File: 1521060913570.jpeg (9.36 KB, 300x168, 1502374982734.jpeg)


I'm not sure if you have this problem Alice, but lately My Waifu has been having so real bad fucking trips. Last week she had just gotten back from her job. Her boss had been fucking hammering her to meet a unrealistic deadline and she need to calm down. She took some Alprazolam and once she got past that initial soykaf taste she sat down in my living room and ordered some takeout. Everything was chill until she began to feel it. She couldn't seem to remember anything and had an extreme tightness in her chest. She was worried because she had taken quite a bit more then normal (*8mg compared to her normal 4) so she decided to talk to her girlfriend. (Open relationship I swear) She was texting her about how nervous she was getting and then she heard banging on her front door. She had already forgotten she'd ordered take out so in her panic she hid in her bathroom. She was cooped up in there all night. She'd left her phone downstairs and was too freaked out to go down and check. This has happened to her a couple times in the last couple weeks and wanted to ask Arisuchan for any advice on how to prevent it. So any advice for her Alice?
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Also, I feel this is slightly obvious but it needs saying: Don't immediately double your dose when you're stressed out, especially when the stress isn't over. At least build up to it over the course of the night, but I still wouldn't recommend doubling.
Not familiar with alprazolam dosages so this could be important or not depending on whether 4mg can get you messy or just take the edge off (relative to how much it takes to get you to either stage when you've just started taking the drug).


Stop overdosing on garbage drugs.


File: 1531335703599.jpg (192.92 KB, 600x600, iller bill.jpg)

having a "bad trip" is not the same as being uncomfortable on a soykafty benzo that makes you forgetful . . . i recommend to ditch the benzo addiction and try phenibut instead (which is legal and more freely available, and does the trick for me )


My waifu had a bad trip on MJ the first time. The jumbling of the senses overwhelmed her and almost incited solipsistic existential panic. Her heart raced and remembers having an AC pointed at her which drove her insane from the sensation of cold air on only her legs and arms but not her torso combined with how mj messes with ones sense of temperature. When she switched focus from looking at two things it felt like the moment between focusing on things didnt exist and that she was zoning out.

But she endured it though, she knew it would go away with time and just sat still for a few hours. It was actually her first experience with it but it didnt stop her from trying it again the next day, that time without and bad effects. In retrospect she feels it was kind of interesting and exciting having experienced a bad trip.


Bad trip is a wide term, when you use it to describe general anxiety and paranoia after ingesting drugs. I had my fair share of paranoia with weed, deliriants and psychedelics.

One time I was on bk-2c-b and my parents called, wanting me to drive to a store and get some soykaf for them. I said I had already drunk alcohol and I hadn't driven a car in a long time, so I would be too insecure. In the end I packed my stuff and went into the woods, hiding from everything the whole day. No doubt, that was an at least unpleasant trip.

When going 420 everyday all day, I never opened the door or responded to the phone in fear of someone having serious business with the bloodshot eyed me incapable of forming coherent sentences of more than six words.

Deliriants are literally paranoia - the drug. You get startled by every small noise, be it real or not.

I heard there can be paradox effects with benzos, inducing fear instead of calming one down. My best advice would be to not get overboard with them. Don't take doses, that turn you into a drowsy jelly and you will be just fine, because even if something happens you will be able to react accordingly. It goes without saying that countering stress with drugs is not a wise thing to do.

Conscious deep breathing and a blanket can also help in acute cases. Maybe you where on low blood sugar. I have chronic low blood sugar and blood pressure, so even slight decreases to that make me feel like fainting, similar to a panic attack.

File: 1524374114006-0.jpeg (46.9 KB, 512x288, 75D4082F-44DD-43D4-9358-3….jpeg)


So I believe that there’s two realities at best, one is the true reality which no one is able to comprehend. And the other being our personal reality, and this can contort however we want it, either consciously and subconsciously, ex like being in denial or delusions. But we can’t twist facts obviously so we have to be in denial or live in a bubble to twist and turn our personal reality, so we can basically be what we want.


I believe there are three (maybe four?) realities.
The first is the "absolute objective reality," which is the world stripped free of anything that might color one's perception/experience of what is there. This reality is pretty much absolutely unable to be experienced, since perception inherently alters the original reality.
Then there's the "personal reality," which you already defined.
And finally there is the "shared reality," which is the reality we all know as "real." This is the intersection of everyone's personal realities. Anything outside of this shared reality is considered fiction, delusion, joke, etc you get the point.
I speculate there's another "abstract reality" that exists in the abstract universe. It doesn't have an experience or perception associated with it. In the abstract reality, there are mathematical rules, philosophies, logic, that kind of stuff. But I'm also a bit of a mathematical romantic.


i don't know if you have been influenced by him or if you are completely unfamiliar with philosophy, but your thoughts sound similar to those of Parmenides. Do check him out.


i can agree with you, thats how i feel like most of the time, i guess it makes it easier to figure out a logical explanation for certain things that happen.
its like, reality alters your personal reality, and personal reality will change the way you perceive reality, like a vicious feedback loop.
i like telling myself that feeling down or happy is just a personal state that is engaged when certain things in the real reality happen. sometimes its easy to identify them, sometimes its not; and that serenity is the true point of balance.
we are such troublesome schools to ourselves


> the other being our personal reality, and this can contort however we want it, either consciously and subconsciously, ex like being in denial or delusions

That's still just one reality but alternate ways of interpreting it. It's like toggling between regular, night vision, and infrared on a screen. You're looking at the same thing but seeing different aspects of it.

(Is it strange that we usually speak of reality as something we "view" when there are four other senses to use as well?)


For what it's worth, one is very often "in touch" or "out of touch" with reality. I've yet to hear of it being smelled, tasted, or heard, though.

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