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I feel like people are reading my thoughts and are purposefully tormenting me. Is this called being a targeted individual? I don't have people come to try and kill me, but i really feel like my patience is being tested. Am I ill? Is there a hive mind that anyone can tune into like a radio?


No. Some people are extremely good at reading body language, you could be telling people stuff without them knowing it.


>Some people are extremely good at reading body language,
It's funny to compare the skills that I and my siblings were taught as kids, compared to the skills my friends' parents taught them. My friends would get really good at things like woodworking, or fishing, or playing the guitar, or cooking, or fixing cars - skills their parents had, and were eager to share with their kids.

My parents (now retired) were both cops.

There were basically three skillsets that they taught to their kids: nonverbal/nonphysical intimidation, reading other people, and preventing other people from reading oneself. Imagine the end result of the evolutionary process of a house of two sharp cop parents and three sharp kids, refining all those skills over 20+ years under the same roof.

It's a lot of fun being able to turn otherwise calm and controlled people into nervous gibbering wrecks who telegraph their every thought, just by looking calmly at them. (It helps that we all have eyes that are the same as Cillian Murphy's.) It's like a having a real-life superpower.


File: 1568245748574.jpg (171.75 KB, 1024x1540, 1497828854305-1.jpg)

you plan to take that path as well? and be a cop that is.


Oh heck no. My little brother did, and he's good at his job, but the working hours are totally chaotic. I went the path of accountant-by-day, wannabe-cyberpunk-by-night. Not terribly exciting but the hours are predictable.

Sis became an executive chef. She rules over her kitchens like a drill sergeant rules over his barracks. Makes a big bro proud.


Sounds like you'de be a valuable friend to have, while good luck with life and all that.

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